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Just a few words of thanks and attributions to the folks whose software and efforts contributed to the production of my web site.

Graphics by The Gimp The GNU Image Manipulation Program - the GIMP - the best way to produce your artwork for the web and the real world.
Powered by Linux My home system runs Linux. It's free. And it works. And I've got the source code so I can fix problems. And....
The Perl Republic The Pathologically Eclectic Rubbish Lister, the Swiss Army Chainsaw - call it what you want: it's the most versatile scripting language in the world and it runs a large part of my machine and manages my web site. Thanks Larry.
Demon Internet Demon Internet - my ISP.
Slashdot - News for Nerds The best news source: find out what's going on in NerdLand here.
Freshmeat - the latest releases The best place to keep track of new software releases.
O'Reilly and Associates O'Reilly and Associates for the Camel, the Rhino, the Koala, the Flamingo and the rest of the bestiary. Buy their books now!
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Best viewed with any browser I've tried to retain some degree of backward compatibility here. The graphics don't look great in 256 colours but are usable. I've created a text index to give Lynx users a more simple way to navigate the site, but I'm afraid that the one thing I don't really want to give up is the tables, so until I get a few minutes spare to knock a couple of Perl scripts together to process the tables into pre-formatted text, that's something you'll have to live with - sorry!
Netscape I've tested these pages with Navigator 3.01, 4.08 and 4.5 on GNU/Linux in 640x480 and 800x600 so grab one of those if you're having a problem. Compatibility notes: NN 3 has *very* limited support for style sheets (and you really must use HTML 4-deprecated stuff like <center> and font colour selection just doesn't work). I've tried to pick combinations that work well despite that, but I'm not going to spend an aeon writing <font color=blah>....</font> just to cope with this.
Microsoft I've tested these pages with IE3 and IE4 on Windows-95 in 640x480 and 800x600 so grab one of those if you're having a problem. Compatibility notes: IE 3 has problems with table row backgrounds so I have to say bgcolor to it. IE4 picks a bigger font than is ideal, so a bit of a rethink on some tables was required.
Tina Last, but by no means least, my wife Tina. For her forbearance, cooking, general indulgence and not complaining too loudly when I get to bed at 0130 because I've been updating my web pages.

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