Sheffield Wednesday FC FA Carling Premiership
Game 2: Wednesday 13 August 1997

Leeds United 1 - 1 Sheffield Wednesday

(Half-time: 0 - 2)

Crowd: 31520
Referee: P A Durkin (Portland)
Leeds United FC
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Match Facts
  Teams Unused Subs
Leeds Martyn, Kelly, Robertson, Wetherall, Wallace, Hasselbaink (Lilley 86), Ribeiro, Bowyer (Haaland 86), Hopkin, Halle, Molenaar Beeney, Kewell, Laurent
Sheffield Wednesday Pressman, Atherton, Nolan, Walker, Carbone (Donaldson 83), Booth, Di Canio, Blondeau, Humphreys (Oakes 58), Stefanovic, Collins (Hyde 58) Whittingham, Clarke
  Scorers Other Info
Leeds Ribeiro 36, Wallace 7, 62  
Sheffield Wednesday Hyde 70  
  Yellow Cards Red Cards
Leeds Kelly, Molenaar, Hopkin  
Sheffield Wednesday Di Canio, Carbone, Stefanovic  
Match Statistics
  Leeds Sheffield Wednesday
Corners won 6 3
Fouls committed 11 3
Hit woodwork 0 0
Offsides committed 4 8
Shirt numbers of goalscorers 8, 8, 10 12
Yellow cards 3 3
Red cards 0 0
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Gav Plenty of Passion
Ian G United are Back
Maggie Rust City Rampage
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The Electronic Telegraph Two-goal Wallace walks tall as Leeds take off
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Plenty of passion - Gav

It was a tremendous performance at Wednesday last night - as much as we would expect from an away game against a team which, last season at any rate, was half decent. In the first five minutes Wednesday were all over us, but thereafter, we got the better of them very comfortably. Di Canio and Carbone tried hard to be creative, but ended up resorting to stroppiness and diving about. Our first goal looked a bit scrappy, but I gather it was a free header from Wallace. Now if little Rod Wallace is getting free headers a yard or two from goal, there is clearly something up with the opposition defence; normally a good header from Rod merits a round of applause anywhere on the pitch. The next two of the goals looked brilliant - Ribeiro's in the first half and Wallace's in front of our end in the second. Ribeiro's was powered in from the left - a bit like a rever-angle of what Hasselbaink did to Arsenal on Saturday. Wallace's second was a one-two with (??)Jimbo and slotted away very neatly indeed.

The defence held up well most of the time. Robertson looks fine at left back, Wetherall's looking back to his best too, I'm glad he's back to the starting line up. Molenaar did fine too, but I think I can see why he's not first choice at the mo - he charges around with a great deal of enthusiasm, but often appears less calm and controlled as a result. His death-or-glory charges look great when they work, but are just a bit too risky compared to the smoother skills of Radebe.

After being 2-0 up at half time I was wondering whether we'd revert to the George Graham stereotype of close down the hatches after going in 2-0 at half time, but this was not the case: we were as up for goals in the second half as the first. So much for the steroetypes. Last night was as good an away performance as any last season, and a lot more exciting to watch. United are back, United are back (allo, allo).

Later on we began to look knacked - or was it just being smug at three nil up? Whatever, they got one back, but it didn't really matter.

Crowd stuff. Big Leeds contingent as usual, by far the noisiest part of the ground. Yes the wooden seats have gone, BUT the plastic ones can still be banged up and down lot, and a lot of people banged them up and down. However the volcanic erruption type noise which we used to generate isn't quite as powerful any more, more of an usually loud fart in the bath.

Half time afficionadoes will be relived to know that WATC-COE lives on. It was slow starting, but when the teams ran out for the second half, it had built up to a creditable head of steam. The next most enjoybale chant of the evening was probably taking over the Wednesday theme tune - the one the band belts out and everyone sings "der der derrrr, der der derrrr, der derder der derder der derder" and bellows WEDNESDAY at the end. You know the one I mean don't you. Anyway, as a lot of Owl-fiends starting leaving the ground early (and who can blame them), there was the usual "we can see you sneaking out", but THEN someone hit on the idea of using the words "time to go" to the der der ders, and substituting "Wednesday" with the words "FUCK OFF". It works a treat I can tell you.

At the end of the match the reception for the team was tremendous, and the team spent more time acknowledging the fans than I have seen them do for quite a while now. They deserved it, we deserved it. This match was a joy to be at - forget all the boardroom commercial trickery, the rip-offs, and the hype - this was a passionate, exuberent game, exactly the sort of thing we long to see when we turn up week after week. The team left the pitch with every Leed in the ground roaring Marching On Together.

Jimmy. As Niggy G spotted, Jimmy no longer has 'Jimmy' on his shirt, he has 'Hasselbaink', though of course when you see him at an angle, it looks like 'Hassel' or 'Elbaink'.

Oh what a night.


United are Back - Ian G

Well, what can you say after a performance like that last night? Without going over the top, we were simlpy awesome for 70 minutes, and flagged a bit in the last 20.

Packed stand of very loud Leeds fans - we never stopped for the whole match - watching some seriously enjoyable football. Never mind the Blades, we cut em to pieces. Highlights for me were:

Bruno's delicious finish and growing stature on the pitch. This guy is good. I noticed MOTD labelling him as 'potential bargain of the season at UKP 500k'.

Hopkin - a true Colossus. Hardly puts a foot wrong, sensible distribution, and tons of energy. He charges around the pitch and makes those vital tackles / interceptions all night long. Bowyer was hardly noticable next to him.

Flowing football - I'd forgotten what it was like! Whole team really worked at it.

The Leeds fans ruled the roost last night. Top chants included:
- United are back, United are back whoah... (at end)
- Georgey Graham's Barmy Army
- this one was really funny... to the tune of Wednesdays only song (that 'oh-oh oh- o o o o o oh, o o o o, o o o o, o o o o o o oh Wednesday' fackin thing), we sang for the last ten mins as their fans were sneaking out early:

Oh time to go
Time to go time to go time to go
Time to go-oh, time to go-oh
Time to go o o o oh Fuck Off!

Round and around, Deleriously happy Leeds fans.

After the final whistle, Hopkin grabbed a few Leeds players who were heading for the tunnel and shoved em towards the Leeds end. Man, this was special, Hoppers took the full team up, and they applauded us! The place went mad. Everyone was buzzing on the way out - it really felt great to be a Leeds fan.

There ya go. Definately going to more away games this season.


Rust City Rampage - Maggie


Well, we had one hell of an unpromising start. Myself and AdieT were refused entry to the meeting pub because of the bouncers taking exception to Adie's list top (and yet they later let Gav et al in wearing their colours - moral: bouncers are thick fucking morons). So on we went to some depressing, empty dive and discovered the uncanny properties of Adie's Lard shirt as a Leeds nutter magnet. More wandering round Sheffield (the most soulless concrete hellhole this side of Coventry), eating fish and chips that somehow managed to taste even worse than those that you can get down here in Nottingham, followed by yet more run-ins with drunken loonies (I kept smugly telling Adie, "You see, THAT'S why I don't wear colours") left me in a very bad mood. "The match is going to have to be bloody good to make up for this trauma", I tetchily intoned. Which, of course, it bloody well was.

The team showed the same fight, passion, organisation and skill that had been evident at Elland Road on Saturday, and the fans responded to this new-found belief and commitment in ear-splitting kind. In short, it was players and supporters in perfect harmony. But let's not get too carried away - the season is but a mere screaming baby, with it's arse freshly slapped by the strapping midwife in knee-length sensible socks and a heaving bosom (mmmaammma!). If we can maintain this kind of form for the next ten games, then I'll become truly optimistic.

Points of note:

- Robertson still fails to convince me.
- Wallace and Jimmy are looking on fire so far. Jimmy's flick for Wallace's second was just sublime - could you imagine Deano doing that ever?
- Bowyer has made a very poor start to the season. He is simply trying too hard, and ought to look at Hopkin as an example of how to do the simple stuff well.
- I though Graham should have brought on the subs much earlier, as we looked knackered towards the end.
- Halle was very accident prone, as I delighted in telling Oystein sat next to me - not that he probably heard me, as he was in a fit of Norwegian-White ecstasy, saying, "Oh, this is great!" about every five seconds! I hope he and Rob W. found somewhere to stay last night (there was no late train back to London for them).
- We haven't half got some scary fans. Thank god they're on our side.
- The train back was a hoot (pun semi-intended) thanks to some blathered Chesterfield Whites ripping the piss out of the Weds. fans at the top of their lungs. Aaah, Leeds awaydays! What would we do without them? And to think there's so many of you out there that never even bother. Come join us, brothers and sisters.


Wallace and Ribeiro rip through Wednesday's defence - Guardian Byline

Copy from Football Guardian of 14/08/1997.
Read the full report in The Football Guardian

They'll be shouting "Bru-no! Bru-no!" at Elland Road for the rest of this season, but they won't be watching big Frank being dumped on the seat of his pants by some American heavyweight has-been. A knockout blow by Portuguese new boy Bruno Ribeiro, coupled with a deadly double from new dad Rod Wallace, led to a sad night for David Pleat's Sheffield Wednesday.

Leeds boss George Graham, in what must have been a bout of pre-season kidology, clearly undersold his side judging by the way United ripped through Wednesday's shaky defence. Wallace sparked the Leeds celebrations with an 8th-minute opener followed by a game-killing 62nd-minute third, his goals sandwiching Ribeiro's first goal for the Elland Road club.

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