Leeds United FC FA Carling Premiership
Game 27: Saturday 28 February 1998

Leeds United 0 - 1 Southampton

(Half-time: 0 - 0)

Crowd: 28791
Referee: K W Burge (Tonypandy)
Southampton FC
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Match Facts
  Teams Unused Subs
Leeds Martyn, Maybury (Matthews 86), Hiden, Molenaar, Harte, Halle, Hopkin, Ribeiro, Kewell, Wallace, Hasselbaink Beeney, Jones, Jackson, McPhail
Southampton Jones, Dodd, Palmer, Lundekvam (Hughes, 46), Le Tissier (Richardson, 78), Oakley, Ostenstad, Dryden, Beresford, Benali, Hirst (Williams, 86) Todd, Moss
  Scorers Other Info
Leeds   Martin Hiden makes his debut
Southampton Hirst 54  
  Yellow Cards Red Cards
Southampton Palmer, Le Tissier Palmer 76
Match Statistics
  Leeds Southampton
Corners won ? ?
Fouls committed ? ?
Hit woodwork ? ?
Offsides committed ? ?
Shirt numbers of goalscorers 0 ?
Yellow cards 0 2
Red cards 0 1
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Da Rev Land of the Gods Calling
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vs Southampton - Nick Allen

Another truly appalling game between two clueless, unattractive teams. Both sides deserved to get no points from this. You have to question GG tactics for this one - we had a flat back 4, Halle man-to-man on Le Tissier, and Hopkins playing some sort of holding/central midfield role. We're the home team. We should be looking for the victory. Soton are not such a potent attacking force that we need lose sleep over them, these are teams that come to your home ground and you feel cheated if they scrape a draw. So after 70 mins. Le Tiss goes off, Soton are 0-1 up. Surely now Halle goes off, job done, and on comes a youngster, a forward/attacking midfielder, with 20 mins to go and a chance to make a name for himself. No Matthews came on with 4 mins left...

The only Leeds players that I would say were not awful were: Harte, who was superb at LBack - tackling, heading, positioning, and some excellent distribution down the wing, which put Rod and Jimmy through a couple of times each. Himan: was good in the air, less confident on the deck but by no means bad, and generally steady - how skinny are his legs? : and Bruno in patches - the only one in our midfield capable of passing the bloody ball to another white shirt. He put the forwards through enough for us to be comfortable winners had they been up to taking the opportunities. And he had one run in the second half from half way, drifting around 2 or 3 tackles, followed by a long range chip that just drifted over the bar with the keeper stranded... but it wasn't to be.

The goal was bloody awful - it came back into the box, Nige came for it, didn't get it, Egil turned a defender,shot across the goal, and fatboy Hurst toe poked it over the line - He had hit the bar with the hardest header you'll ever see, in the first half.

As for Carlton - the only light relief of the day - he was shit, and he was a stupid bastard to make that reckless challenge on Harte when he was already on a yellow card - hope he gets in more trouble for what he was giving to the ref as he got sent off.


MARTYN -4- not much to do - didn't do it
MAYBURY -5- lots of effort, running, overlapping and crossing - to little avail
HARTE -7- excellent - beats me why he isn't a regular
MOLENAAR -5- never really with it
HIMAN -6- good in the air - worried about how he'll cope with the physical side of the game.
HALLE -5- out of the game due to tactics, which aren't his fault - but a waste of a shirt, because FattMatt isn't the threat he was
HOPKIN -3- bloody awful - every forward move broke down around him, consistently failed to pass to his team, always playing passes behind the man, and little enthusiasm for the fight. Plus how can a 3.25m man fail to take half decent corners...
RIBEIRO -6- some touches of genius, good tackling - but is he really expected to be "our midfield" this year
HARRY -3- was shit - might as well not have turned out.
WALLACE -4- a little better, but only a little.
JIMMY -5- at least put himself about a bit, got some good crosses in from the by-line, but missed a golden chance with a header.

GG -1- for appalling tactics, at home, against that opposition.


Land of the Gods Calling - Da Rev

The pub was quiet. The lasagne gave me the s*its! Voice was in the pub making promises that he'd shut up about Sex Case if he had a bad game (how bad do you want Voice?). The ground was dead - 28,000, with 2 car loads in the corner being heard far too regularly for my liking. Some bizarre shout of `get into em' from near us, in an Irish/Devon sort of shrill - simply surreal and made the whole of our area giggle. It was nippy! Football was dire in parts. Hiden looked OK - a couple of dithers early on, but then started to looked quite commanding. In the second half he attempted an overhead scissor-kick from a corner and it went much closer than a typical Palmer pass does to it's intended target. Early days, but yeah, he looks the part. Molenaar was MOTM again - no question. Harte, whilst better than Robertson and the provider of some excellent down the line balls for Rodney to squander, isn't Permiership class. Luckily, for most of the game he was up against an equal on that front - the great Octopussy himself. OK, the first booking was harsh, but the 2nd he deserved. Best moment of the game was when Hiden simply knocked him over - it was like an accident in a liquorice factory with legs and arms flailing everywhere! He deserved to go, and remember who predicted it??? Yep, although I thought it'd be for fouling Bruno. After starting off down the tunnel he came back to 'applaud' Harte, presumably for getting himsent off - on this I AGREED with Palmer, cos I too was applauding! The Kops 'Where's your rapist gone' was harsh, but fair I think even Voice would have to admit?? He didn't like it up him did he? Hopkin had another typical game i.e. pathetic, and it can only be a matter of time before he's a full-time reserve player - enough is enough - he simply can't pass the ball in a straight line. Up front we were limited again, and why the f*** GG only gave Matthews 4 minutes, when we persisted with the long ball for most of the game is anyones guess? I'd start with Jimmy and Matthews against Spurs on Wednesday - he's got to become a part of the team and now is as good a time as any! Everyone else was average to poor. Southampton were crap - Ostenstad seemed to have the same turn of speed as Fat Frank, and looked unfit. Hirst has seemingly started to model himself on Fred Elliot, the big fat get! We desperately need to win a couple of games, otherwise we'll end up amongst all the dross! And in the bus queue that lasagne gave me some tremendous farting ability, with some poor unfortunate behind commmenting "that that smells like a coking plant!". And by gum he was right - beware the very explosive Adelphi lasagne!

PS Palmer was dross, but he seemed almost average cos of the dross around him! He actually didn't look up for the game either, lolloping around like a freshly born giraffe, although he didn't have the ball control you'd expect from the giraffe!


View From Next To Voice - Dave Woolmer

It was always gonna be a Carlton-focused day. In t'Adelphi myself and Maggie extracted an agreement from Voice that if Carlton was crap today, of all days, then he would finally acknowledge he crapness. After much negotiation on how is performance would be judged (many of us were unconvinced as to Voice's ability to give an unbias assessment strangely), it was decided that The Sun Would Decide. Can any lister therefore tell us how this journalistic rag rated the gangly one?

Anyway, I took my seat in the MNES alongside the eager VoF. The most striking feature of the first 10 minutes was SexPests failure to even get near the ball. For the first 15 minutes (which was the only period we played decent football) GanglyArse was out of his depth.

Then the game descended into a mindless scrap, and thus Carlton emerged, a man in his element.

Notable LankyTwat contribution of the 1st half was an appalling headed clearance straight to Ribeiro on the edge of the area. Rather than hitting it first time, Bruno decided to take the piss out of Carlton by beating him. He then somewhat spoilt it with a crap dive.

Voice finally grew animated when his idol weas booked for a brutal, nasty and vicious hack on Halle. Screams of no way, and it was a 50/50 ball came forth, but the unpalatable truth of braindead clumsiness would not sink in.

Approving murmers and muted cheers from next to me every time Carlton touched the ball and it stayed on the pitch (which was about 55% of the time - a Carlton record).

At least in the first half you felt we were close to doing some good things - invariably through Bruno, who is our one shining light. The second half was a cold, miserable, pathetic excuse for a performance.

The fountain of knowledge beside me opined "it's got 0-0 written alll over it". Within a minute Nige came charging out for a ball he could never possibly get to, and the ball wound up in the net.

With Leeds looking incapable of scoring there was only going to be one possible source of joy in the snow. And sure enough the brainless oaf obliged.

Harte, a saintly innocent to Carlton's sick philanderer, collected the ball on the left and played a regulation ball up the left touchline. An age passed. Still we waited. Then from the side CartHorse steamed into him, nigh on dismembering him. Harte, wounded, collapsed to the truf, and the die was cast.

The ref, who had seemed an astute and wise man all afternoon, quite rightly reached for the pocket and the Deviant was off. A foul that merited a red card, custodial sentence and heavy fine in itself.

Apoplexy next to me. It was a truly wonderful sight. Truly words cannot describe...

Whenever I have a bad day at work now, I will simply close my eyes, and think of the disbelieving horror on the face next to me, as the donkey was put out to grass by wise Mr Burge. Maybe not better than sex, but certainly better than an obscene grope in The Square.

Whilst the rest of the MNES chuckled heartily and looked forward to us being crap against 10 men rather than 11, Voice looked a broken man.

Has the reality dawned, has Voice spotted that CartHorse is a clumsy prat who nearly cost his team the match.....?


Hirst hurts shamed Palmer - John Wilford

Copy from Football Guardian of 01/03/1998.
Read the full report in The Football Guardian

The Saints aren't the soft touch they used to be. Wins over Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool and Blackburn are testament to the new determination engendered by Dave Jones. They won here without too much fuss despite losing Carlton Palmer, dismissed for two offences - the first dissent, the second a foul.

George Graham's ambition to see Leeds finish in the top six is looking a shade ambitious. They may have to rely on the FA Cup to bring a smile to their season.

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