Leeds United FC FA Carling Premiership
Game 14: Saturday 21 November 1998

Leeds United 4 - 1 Charlton Athletic

(Half-time: 1 - 0)

Crowd: 32487
Referee: R Harris (Oxford)
Charlton Athletic FC
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Match Facts
  Teams Unused Subs
Leeds Martyn, Hiden, Molenaar, Woodgate, Harte, Bowyer, Halle, Hopkin, Wijnhard (Smith 59), Hasselbaink, Kewell Haaland, Wetherall, Ribeiro, Robinson
Charlton Athletic Ilic, Mills (Mortimer, 58), Powell, Rufus, Tiler, Youds, Redfearn, Kinsella (K Jones 76), Robinson, Hunt (S Jones, 68), Mendonca Barness, Royce
  Scorers Other Info
Leeds Hasselbaink 34, Bowyer 51, Smith 67, Kewell 87 Smith comes on as a sub for his home debut and scores again
Charlton Athletic Mortimer 65  
  Yellow Cards Red Cards
Leeds Hiden, Wijnhard, Bowyer  
Charlton Athletic Youds, Mills  
Match Statistics
  Leeds Charlton Athletic
Corners won ? ?
Fouls committed ? ?
Hit woodwork ? ?
Offsides committed ? ?
Shirt numbers of goalscorers ? ?
Yellow cards ? ?
Red cards ? ?
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vs Charlton - Nick Allen

Well aren't we beginning to look like an attractive attacking side?

True, apart from a 10-15 minute spell early in the first half Charlton never looked up to much, we probably didn't let them. In that spell they worked themselves through into good shooting opportunities, getting between Hiden and Bob, only to fluff the shot - or in one case, Dive Mendonca went through onto a beautiful reverse ball that left our two defenders static, he was in the box, goal side, and he waited... for Bob to get close to him, and then took the worst Gordon Watson I've seen since... well... Gordon Watson. Surely a killer striker would have prefered to shoot for goal!

Anyway onto us. Kewell had his best game for ages - absolute dynamite. Playing just behind the front2, picking the ball up running, turning the defence, finding his men - setting up 2 and scoring the 4th. One example - he picked up the ball from a clearance just outside our box, and ran at full tilt, to the edge of their's, beating several lunging tackles on the way, before sliping the ball to Clyde who spooned it into the South stand.

In the first half Hopkin looked like the commanding midfield player they've been trying to convince us that he is. Winning tackles, good - yes that is good - distribution, he faded a little in the second, but it was promising from Plug. Bowyer was all that you'd expect including a soft booking. Martyn made one terrific save going down late to his left on a shot from the edge of the box, that came through a crowd of players - when it was 1-0 to us.

The only players off the pace were Halle, who contributed nothing at all, and Clyde who contributed a lot of sweat, and nothing else.


1-0 - a long cross field passing session, ends with Hoppo about 10 yards outside the box, Rhand side, he turns in onto his left foot and realises that he can't use it, and so he sets off across the top edge of the box, dodging the odd lunge. On getting to the other corner of the box, he spins round and doubles back on himself, flicks a quick ball into Clyde in the box. Clyde stops it with his left, and spins nto hit it with his right, he slices it horribly straight into the path of James - who knocks it home first time, with his left from the penalty spot. Just like a natural finisher should.

2-0 - Again good passing and movement, down the left, Harry jinks inside. The defence have lined up on the edge of the box, so Harry flicks it up and over two CHalfs straight to LeeBowya's feet. He traps it, steps forward throws a dummy with his right, which the keeper buys and promptly sits down, Lee flicks it round him with his left cool as you like. Boy did he look pleased.

2-1 - Their goal was a good'un. Throw in down by the corner flag on the left. Mortimer receives it with his back to goal, and with his first touch flicks it up over Halle's head, as he spins round Halle the other way, collects the ball in the box, drags it round another defender, before smacking it into the top far corner, Nigel nowhere.

3-1 - 2 minutes later. Best of the game. Young Smith stars again. Great move down the left. Again Harry comes inside, rolls the ball across to Smith, he pushes it first time onto Jimmy's feet on the edge of the box, Jimmy backheels a one-two, to Smith who hammers it home low from twenty yards with his left foot.

4-1 - assorted ping pong ricochets on the half way line - including a hand ball by a Charlton player, and a bounce off the ref - which fell to Bowyer in our half - 10 yard pass straight through to an unmarked, and suspiciously offside Harry - he runs it into the box one on one with the keeper, another dummy, keeper on his arse again, goooal.


MARTYN -7- great save - not a lot else - missed a cross and bloke behind us christened him raghands.
HIDEN -7- Very comfortable at sweeper.
MOLENAAR -7- cutting out the errors, looking solid.
WOODGATE -7- will have to watch his octopus tendencies - otherwise great.
HALLE -3- the shirt came out, but there wasn't a footballer in it.
HARTE -5- low profile.
HOPKIN -7- a vast improvement
BOWYER -8- another top performance
KEWELL -8- MOTM. Outstanding
JIMMY -7- works better with support.
CLYDE -5- Its not working is it... bless him.
subs SMITH - looks good - nice finish - looks to have a nasty little attitude too.
Kelly and Lucas have to come back into this team yet.

New style Leeds on the right track - Timothy Collings

Copy from Football Unlimited of 22/11/1998.
Read the full report in Football Unlimited

Three spectacular goals, combined with one from the slapstick school of goalmouth laughs and a rocket from their opponents, endorsed Yorkshire optimism that David O'Leary is succeeding in his efforts to turn Leeds from efficient spoilers into elegant entertainers. Playing in a progressive 3-4-3 formation, they comprehensively outplayed Charlton to extend their unbeaten streak to six league games and shake off the shadow of George Graham's stewardship.

After three successive draws and four games unbeaten, Alan Curbishley's team were seeking not only to extend that stabilising run, but also to improve on a poor record of only one clean sheet at Elland Road since 1945.

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