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Here's a selection of books about the greatest team in the world and the greatest game in the world. I've got all of these myself, and many of them were used for fact and stat checking in the production of this website. If you like the sound of the book, why not follow the links below and buy the books from Amazon. Quite a few of these are out of print now, so keep your eyes peeled on Ebay for a bargain.

  Title Content and Comments
* Football Yearbook 2003-2004 The seminal reference work for sad stattos everywhere. No longer a "Rothmans" publication, but the same folks and the same attention to detail.
* PFA Footballers Who's Who 2002-03 Appearances, stats and brief bios on every player currently playing the professional game in England. Top reference work on everyone from the stars to the one-match subs. The 2003-04 edition should be around soon.
* The Leeds United Story: Martin Jarred, Malcolm MacDonald An updated version of their earlier large-format book of the same title. Plenty of words, quite a few black and white photos but no stats in this book. Certainly the most up-to-date of all the similar books, and definitely the most comprehensive when it comes to background info and narrative on the history of the club right up to the arrival of Terry Venables in late 2002.
* The Essential History of Leeds United: Andrew Mourant A well-written run through the Leeds City days and 80 years of United, with profiles of 50 great players and almost as many stats as I've got on this website. Puzzlingly stops halfway through the 1999-2000 season.
* Leeds United - A Complete Record: Martin Jarred, Malcolm MacDonald An excellent reference book containing all of the facts and figures about Leeds United and Leeds City from their creation through to 1996 - now out of print.
* Inside Leeds United: Don Warters Don Warters - the YEP's soccer writer for many years - produces an officialish story of the club's 1999-2000 season.
* The Leeds United Cup Book 1920-1991: Martin Jarred, Malcolm McDonald A detailed look at every cup game played by Leeds United up to 1991 (also covers Leeds City).
* The Hamlyn official illustrated history of Leeds United 1919-1997: Paul Mourant Pretty thorough with its lists of fixtures and teams, but not very much on the players. Decent written history and some good pictures, but not easily available anymore. A 1919-1996 edition was also produced.
* The Unforgiven: The Story of Don Revie's Leeds United: Rob Bagchi, Paul Rogerson An objective look at the Glory Years of Elland Road, which manages to praise the excellent skills, dedication, fitness and team spirit of Revie's side, but balances it with a look at the criticism that was levelled against both manager and team. A worthwhile and successful attempt that explodes several pro- and anti-Leeds stories perpetuated by blindly loyal Leeds fans and hate-filled envy-monkies like Emlyn Hughes.
* Leeds United FC - The Official History of the Club: Don Warters Written at the end of the 1970s, this looks back over the key events and characters of the previous 60 years. Useful reference with many old black and white photos.
* The Elland Road Encyclopedia: Paul Harrison A-Z of Leeds United with brief pen portraits and black and white snaps of many of the most significant figures and events in the club's history, although players before the Revie days don't get much of a look-in.
* Leeds United FC - The 25-year record 1970-1995 Stats from a 25-year period that encompassed the highs and lows. If you can't take my web-site with you, a handy reference :-).
* Looking for Eric: Rick Broadbent Partly "where are they now", partly a look back at events over the last 20-30 years by the people who were involved. The stars speak out at last! Well-written and interesting book by one of the Times' more balanced football reporters.
* Jack and Bobby - The Story of the Charlton Brothers: Leo McKinstry A very well-researched volume that looks at the lives of the two most famous brothers in world football, and shows how their paths and lives diverged and remain far apart to this day. An absorbing and insightful read - highly recommended.
* Leeds and Scotland Hero: Peter Lorimer with Phil Rostron A candid, honest and engaging life-story from the man they called "Lash". From his boyhood in Scotland, turning down Man U's money and through his apprentice days at Leeds, Lorimer reveals what it was like inside Don Revie's Glory Years team. Stands alongside Eddie Gray's book as the best and most revealing of the autobiographies.
* Marching on Together - My Life with Leeds United: Eddie Gray All-time Leeds great Eddie Gray tells the story of nearly 40 years as a player and manager at Elland Road.
* David Batty: The Autobiography Leeds-born star tells it like it is. The story of his career from promising schoolboy to England international told in his typically honest and open fashion.
* Leeds United on Trial: David O'Leary DOL sets the record straight about the court case, the Champions League game and a whole bunch of other things in his time at Elland Road.
* Bremner! The Legend of Billy Bremner: Bernard Bale Authorised and thorough biography that covers the life, times and motivation of Leeds' greatest ever captain. The book was written during 1997 and as such records the last thoughts of the man who even today symbolises Leeds United to the fans at Elland Road.
* King John: The True Story of John Charles: Richard Coomber A well-written - if brief - biography of the greatest ever Leeds player.
* Strachan Style Autobiography of the wee man that stops in 1991, so with a Championship and his time as a manager to add, could really do with an update.
* Vinnie: The Autobiography Get to see the real Vinnie Jones and realise that he's not quite as one-dimensional as football writers and film critics would like you to think.
* Sniffer - The Life and Times of Allan Clarke: David Saffer Decent bio of the great goal-poacher and FA Cup Final hero by noted Leeds author David Saffer.
* The Life and Times of Mick Jones: David Saffer Saffer gives Allan Clarke's strike partner a similar treatment to that received by Sniffer. Useful and interesting reference, without really revealing any deep secrets.
* Jack Charlton: The Autobiography Big Jack sets a few records straight in the story of his long and successful career in football.
* Leeds United Football Club: David Saffer, Howard Dapin Book full of black and white photos and brief text from 1919 to 1999.
* Leeds United Cup Kings 1972: David Saffer, James Clarke A look at Leeds' successful FA Cup campaign of 1972.
* Leeds United in Europe: David Saffer, Howard Dapin Black and white photos and brief text illustrating the club's great European nights from the 1960s to the end of the 2000 season.
* Leeds United Expert: David Saffer, Howard Dapin Quiz book with over 1000 Leeds-related questions from the well-known authors.
* Marching on Together: Leeds United in Europe 2000-01: Richard Sutcliffe A fan's-eye view of the 2000-01 season with the Champions League run. Rang a few bells but I can't help but think there could have been a few more engaging stories about the good times we've had and interesting locals we've met on our jaunts across the continent.
* If you're proud to be a Leeds fan: Tom Palmer Disappointingly bland look at the personal motivations and demons that drive a Leeds fan as he follows the team through radio, TV and occasionally actually going to games. Focuses too much on minor incidents of off-field aggro and takes a fairly negative view of the attitude and behaviour of fellow Leeds fans.
* Official Leeds United Supporters' Pack Face paints, stickers, pictures and a glossy book with a few pictures but not much substance.
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