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Welcome to Jabba's Links Pages!

On this page, you can see my favorite Leeds United links. On other pages in this section, you can see links to news sites, to general soccer sites and every club gets its own page with the results of every game they've played against Leeds plus a few links to web sites for that club.

Finally, on to this page: I could try to provide you with the most comprehensive and wonderful list of Leeds sites on the web, but Dr. Gary has already done an excellent job. These are the Leeds web sites that I use myself - the places I go when I want to browse Leeds-related things that might not be covered here. They should contain up-to-date (or, if historical, accurate and complete) information, provide real content - rather than a list of links, a couple of pages of current stats and a couple of pages wrapping news sources from elsewhere - and (usually) there are no nasty browser-specific tweaks. Well, none that make the site unusable anyway. If you think your site has what it takes to be included, send me an email to tell me about it.

Leeds United have their own site at I no longer provide a clickable link to them because they have chosen to remove the links that they initially created to this and other fan sites. Go there if you want to buy stuff (support the club!), but if you want news, history or information, this site, other fan sites and TeamTalk and the other news providers give you a lot more.

  Site Name Content and Comments
* The new home of various Email List activities on the web.
* Dr Gary's Leeds Site Home of the Leeds Web Ring and the most comprehensive set of links to Leeds sites on the web. The Ex-Pat's Guide to surviving in exile, the Free Real Audio Finder and the Leeds United Fashion Retrospective. Now includes the Marching on Together chat forum after the demise of that website.
* The Square Ball Online The Square Ball Fanzine (that I wrote quite a few match reports for in days gone by) on the web. Lots of current content and good feedback and input from a whole bunch of fans. A little less strong on historical info and stats, but definitely worth a visit. Regularly updated, with lots of good graphics and an excellent design.
* Nigel Sykes Leeds Site Nigel's excellent site features club badges, regularly updated wallpaper and screensavers, and all the latest video captures of goals and incidents from Leeds games.
* Leeds United World Features on Tony Currie, songs, magic moments, player info and this season's stats. Revamped and improved recently, with a section on the club's history (and particularly the management changes we've seen). Well thought-out and presented and works well with text browsers but is a bit graphic-heavy on the first page.
* Leeds United - Dawn of a New Era New site, set up towards the end of 2000, with a good clean look and the some good content. Needs a bit more effort in keeping up-to-date though...
* Gav's Leeds List page The former listowner showcases the personalities, activities and err...pubs that inhabit the Leeds United Email List.
* Leeds United Against Racism There are still a few of the idiots about: this is what we're doing to try to get rid of them.
* Geese, Biscuits and Leeds United Stotty's excellent match reports plus various fun bits of Flash and Shockwave animation. Play Nut-a-Red! Try the LUFC Photofit!
* ToEllandBack site, so a standard layout but good quality content.
* Leeds United Australia The spiritual home of Leeds fans Down Under. Great info for all exiles - good site.
* Leeds United Supporters Club - Singapore News, photos and meet details from the Singapore branch of the Leeds United Supporters Club.
* Leeds United Supporters Club - Scottish Branch How to join, who they are and what they look like - top blokes.
* Leeds United Supporters Club - Hampshire Branch Hampshire Whites - the people to see if you need to keep the faith when surrounded by Saints and Pompey fans.
* Leeds United Supporters in Iceland Lord alone knows what it says but it looks like a pretty good resource for our friends over there!
* Leeds United Supporters Club of Scandinavia If you live in Scandi-land, this is the site for you: news and info from the Supporters Club in Norwegian.
* Leeds United Supporters Club Denmark We're a bit popular on the other side of the North Sea, ain't we? Danish website with news, match reports, player profiles.
* Leeds United Supporters Club Finland Another batch of Scandi supporters, another website.
* LUFC Chat Message boards and discussions about our favorite team.
* Terry Cooper's Tags As featured in LeedsLeedsLeeds, memorabilia, old stuff and one man's hunt for a missing Terry Cooper sock tag!, Click the logo to go to the free soccer only search engine.

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