Leeds United FC Coca-Cola Cup
Round 2, First Leg: Wednesday 17 September 1997

Leeds United 3 - 1 Bristol City

(Half-time: 1 - 0)

Crowd: 8806
Referee: G Poll (Tring)
Bristol City FC
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Match Facts
  Teams Unused Subs
Leeds Martyn, Kelly, Robertson, Radebe, Wetherall, Wallace, Hasselbaink (Ribeiro 84), Hopkin, Halle, Kewell, Molenaar Haaland, Beeney
Bristol City Welch, Carey, Bell, Paterson, Taylor, Tisdale, Hewlett, Owers, Goater (Goodridge 88), Torpey, Tinnion Cramb, Doherty
  Scorers Other Info
Leeds Wetherall 20, Hasselbaink 70 pen, Ribeiro 90  
Bristol City Goater 77  
  Yellow Cards Red Cards
Bristol City    
Match Statistics
  Leeds Bristol City
Corners won ? ?
Fouls committed ? ?
Hit woodwork ? ?
Offsides committed ? ?
Shirt numbers of goalscorers 6, 9, 10 ?
Yellow cards 0 0
Red cards 0 0
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Mark Kitching Match Report
DRB A view from the West Stand
Nick Allen vs Bristol City
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Match Report - Mark Kitching

Well, the result was average and the game was average. It was not the complete show of total apathy we usually reserve for lower division teams and at times it was good (well, for about 10 minutes into the second half) but at times it was also really bad.

I think we deserved three goals but they didn't deserve the one they got, they were playing one up front and trying to pass their way round us but had the same passing ineptitude we have this season and at points the game resembled a pinball machine. In the first half both teams were poor, we played exactly the same formation which started on Sunday and hoofed the ball long, almost no good scoring chances were created apart from a few crazy crowded penalty area moments, most offences created by the exuberant Harry Kewell. The goal came fairly out of the blue, I nearly missed it as me and my brother were doing the programmes' ccc quiz. A Kelly corner found a rising Wetherall who found the top corner of the net, the usual Wetherall fair. Strange Bebeto type goal celebration with Jimmy, one of them's just had a baby.

Second half we played a different formation, Halle and Molenaar spread to the wings while Radebe - who had a great second half, moved into midfield and actually run at the defence. Kewell moved centre, Robertson and Kelly pushed further up. Strange to describe really! But nevertheless Robertson found his feet (well nearly, he slipped 3 times) and played the best game I've seen, attacking full-backs, reaching the by-line, some good crosses even! A 10 minute spell of great football saw great chances spurned and a penalty appeal turned down, a great volley by Jimmy was straight at the goalie and a Kelly header (yes, at the right end) was saved well. Then, after a great move and cross by Jimmy the most clearest ever penalty appeal was given, Wetherall climbed all over 1 foot from the goal line. Jimmy stepped up and side footed to the keepers left.

The game went dead then and the only real defensive work of the game left Wetherall with a header back to the keeper which he fluffed for Goater to stoll into the box and slot in - now we were suddenly in trouble. Thankfully this didn't spark the 2nd division team into life which normally happens and we managed to contain them. Jimmy was replaced (much to his obvious disgust) by Rebiero who had one touch in the first 8 minutes and with his second took one touch in the centre of the pitch just outside the penalty box and twatted a low curler past everyone and nestled in the corner, the goalie was stood still, he didn't even see it, a pearla to end the evening.

Scores please :

Martyn : 6 : Made a great save from a good free kick, didn't do anything else really (except let another one in!).
Halle : 6 : Looked good at the end running at the defence but otherwise did nothing.
Molenaar : 6 : As Halle really.
Wetherall : 7 : Some great tackles, a good goal and well played for the pen, but he fucked up for the goal.
Radebe : 8 : Probably the best player, ran at defence, good tackling and hassling, only good passer of the ball, good game.
Kelly : 6 : Good running and better corners than McJudas but no penetration.
Robertson : 7 : Better, much better, more confidence and skipped past their fullback with ease, this is his level!!!!
Kewell : 7 : Great first half, plenty of enthusiasm but got lost in midfield in the second. Erm, can't shoot for toffey I'm afraid.
Hopkin : 5 : Hello? Hopkin? Are you there?
Jimmy : 5 : Not right good I'm afraid.
Wallace : 6 : Same old Wallace, runs around a lot, shoots a bit, tonight was his odd game where he doesn't quite pull the strings!


A view from the West Stand - DRB

A few quick comments on last night's WIN.

A reasonable performance producing a reasonable scoreline. We played well in parts, and ok in others, can't say we ever played badly. Teletext last night said "unconvincing" and the third goal "flattered" us, but I don't think that was true. We never looked like we were going to loose, and didn't have that air of fragility that we've had so many times before when playing lower division teams.

Others must have posted stuff about the action so I'll just sum up my thoughts.

We did what needed to be done, a little bit more at times, but no less. Some individuals had good games, others just played ok. Hopkin was very anonymous, Halle was better, Molennar less of a liability, and Wetherall (apart from the unfortunate misqued header that led to their goal) very solid. Kelly did well getting forward, and put in some good crosses, one in particular that was from near the corner, which curled majestically over their penalty area to be met by Molennar steaming in from the half way line, who headed just wide - it was a pin-point cross - the move deserved a goal. Robertson was most assured, and probably played as well as I've seen him, beating his man and finding space. Both Kewell and Wallace caused real problems with their pace, but Jimmy was dissappointing. He complains too much, but to be fair to him, also berates himself when he knows he shouldhave done better.

Overall I'd say a competent performance, and can you ask for any more? No one got injured, they did the job, and never looked like doing anything else. The match stats said Bristol had 5 attempts on goal, one must have been the goal, Martyn made one other save, I don't know where the other three were. They never looked like scoring, and only did so from a spawny misheader.

Worst thing about the night was going in the West Stand. Sat on the back row near the centre circle we were flanked by a fat Bristol City fan and three old grannies the other side of Mrs DRB. An old codger sat in front of us, and giffers all over the place. I couldn't move and couldn't swear. The stewards wouldn't let us move back to the kop (which we'd foresaken on this occassion fearing it too loud and busy for the heavily pregnant Mrs DRB - hah!) at half time so we sat opposite the goal line which was a different perspective at least, and the people round us jeered and jumped up when we scored instead of politely clapping!!!!

Overall a most enjoyable night, the Bristol fans were pretty friendly although I think singing their songs in the Peacock is a cheek, they got a goal which prabably made the trip worth making, and the atmos, considering the poor crowd, was pretty good.


vs Bristol City - Nick Allen


8,806 people

40,000 seats... 8,806 people

That's 1 person for every 5 seats... and some dozy pillocking couple came up to us (there were 4 of us), 2 minutes before the game and said, "You're in our seats !!!". There was no-one near us for 10 seats all round. For fucks sake a sense of perspective here guys...

City : They came, they organised, they frustrated.
Leeds : they came, they disorganised, they frustrated.

for 30 mins we were completely incapable of passing to another white shirt. Our defence tried to play the keep-ball-pass-it-around-amongst-ourselves game, except that they are a bunch of talentless donkeys who look like they've never seen a football before in their lives. Passes were going into touch, flying off shins, it was painful. Molenaar and Robertson proved that they can't really defend against strikers from the lower divisions either - although Robertson did have a few useful attacking runs in the 2nd half. They both seemed very good at falling over. Kewell looked lively going forward, and provided good cover for Robertson when he got caught out of position. Radebe was in charge in midfield, in Hopkin's absence. Our forwards looked lively when given the chance, but the ball was mainly humped in the air at them, which is the kind of ball that City's defenders will deal with week in week out.


Our first came from a corner won by Jimmy after a good ball into his feet from Wetherall. Kelly took the corner, Wetherall powered in at the back post.

2nd; Jimmy jinked and turned in their box got to the by-line, clipped it to the back post where Wetherall was flattened by their defender. There was only going to be one guy taking this kick. Jimmy ran around pointing to himself, making sure everyone knew that it was his, he grabbed the ball, argued with the ref. about where the penalty spot was... and slotted home cooly.

3rd; and all hail Lucas. He won a blistering challenge in the middle, carried the ball through 2 more city players, slid the ball sideways to Bruno who'd just come on. One touch... ane fired home with a low left foot shot from 20yards.

Their goal came from a sliced header from Wetherall straight into the path of the forward, who took it into the box and put it past Nige.


MARTYN-7- One flying save from a free kick in the first half.
KELLY -6- OKish going forward, decent corners.
HALLE -4- Steady defending, bloody awful distribution.
WETHERALL-6- not bad all told, unusually involved in everything that happened last night
MOLENAAR -3- shite on his feet, nearly as bad on his fat arse. Mind you the St.John's men didn't fancy trying to stretcher him off.
RADEBE -8- elegant, hard, efficient
HOPKIN -4- who ?
ROBERTSON -6- best game for Leeds, but look at the opposition.
WALLACE-7- lively again, but less effective
HASSELBAINK -5- a lot of effort, alot of waving arms about, cool penalty.
BRUNO - good goal, also began picking the ball up from defence and carrying it forward, far better than than Halle.

I am increasingly pissed off by our inability to keep a clean sheet, no matter what set of dobbins line up against us.

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