Leeds United FC

FA Carling Premiership
Game 26: Saturday 20 February 1999

Leeds United 1 - 0 Everton

(Half-time: 0 - 0)
Crowd: 36344
Referee: D J Elleray (Harrow-on-the-Hill)

Everton FC
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Match Facts
  Teams Unused Subs
Leeds Martyn, Halle, Wetherall, Radebe, Harte, Haaland, Hopkin, Bowyer (Jones 85), Korsten, Hasselbaink, Kewell (Smith 69) Wijnhard, Granville, Smith, Jones, Robinson
Everton Myhre, Dunne, Materazzi, Unsworth, Ball, Oster (Weir 75), Dacourt, Grant (Bakayoko 61), Barmby, Hutchison, Jeffers (Cadamarteri 61) Watson, Simonsen
  Scorers Other Info
Leeds Korsten 54  
  Yellow Cards Red Cards
Leeds Haaland, Hasselbaink  
Everton Barmby, Dunne  

Match Statistics
  Leeds Everton
Corners won ? ?
Fouls committed ? ?
Hit woodwork ? ?
Offsides committed ? ?
Shirt numbers of goalscorers 7 0
Yellow cards 2 2
Red cards 0 0

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vs Everton - Nick Allen

I guess being refereed by Ellery is similar to what women tell me about childbirth, time fades the memory, until the next time and you remember just how truly painful it was. The display of refereeing on saturday was a disgrace. I could write reams about the wrong decisions but I won't, I'll just illustrate with a few examples - Jimmy, offside from a defender's backheader - Smith runs away from a defender on the wing after the defender has nearly had his shirt off, Ellery plays advantage and when the move breaks down goes back and books the guy, so far so good, but when the scene is repeated two minutes later with the same players involved he gives nothing. Consistency. Not.

And Jimmy, dear dear Jimmy. He had a quietish game, due mainly to poor service, then Smith comes on, sets him up with an absolute sitter 8 yards out, all the time in the world, and he blazes over the bar, in a moment that shall henceforward be known as "Rev's Revenge". But right at the end he headed clear off the line, something which obviously earned us three points instead of one - what a team player.

I thought Everton - with a special mention for Hutchinson who is a dirty bastard - were bloody awful and dragged us down to their level. We were uninspired and once again afflicted by the inability to break down a team who came to defend, until Smith came on for the last 15 and caused havoc down the Rwing, just because of his speed.

Korsten had a good first half, runs at defences with speed and skill, and seems to swerve away from tackles at the last second. His final pass needs work, having got himself into good positions he often scuffed it, or gave it away. He tired in the second half, resorting to passing the ball when he received it, rather than setting off on a run. The main problem as far as the team is concerned is that he covers the same kind of area as Harry, so Harry was pushed inside and forward a bit, more alongside Jimmy, which meant that Harry was more marginal than recently. But he took his goal well, and could easily have had another with a bit more composure.

Lucas was magnificent - again.

The rest of the team had so-so games - Bowyer was worrying me in this game, he went down on his ankle 4 or 5 times, O'Leary really should have taken him off, to rest him for Spurs.

MARTYN -5- poor game, flapping at crosses - or not coming for balls that were by rights his.
HALLE -6- steady, quiet - nothing came down his side from Everton, which says something.
RADEBE -8- commanding - particularly loved the sliding tackle, on one forward followed by juggling it over the head of second, on the edge of our box. He thought about letting fly first time as the ball came out from a corner - that would have been a laugh. - glad SAfrica have seen sense and are letting him stay for Spurs.
WETHERALL -7- solid.
HARTE -7- another good game
HAALAND -5- waste of space again
HOPKIN -6- not as bad as Alfie
KEWELL - 6- out of position, or form
KORSTEN -7- Good in spells, nice finish.
HASSELBAINK -7- good battling performance, leading the line well.
BOWYER -7- the main drive in midfield again - worried about the ankle though.

subs - SMITH came on and was dynamite.

BlueScouse Review - Barjinder Singh

Could've have played better but still it's 3 points and we're looking like we'll put a run together before then likes of Arse/Scum/RedScouse hit ER.

Ref : I soon as I saw Ellery I knew it was going to be a difficult afternoon for us; don't forget he was the one who completely ignored Shearer's "assaults" (GJ's words) on Jimmy at St James's last season. Now most dudes reckon that Rennie chap is S*it but this guy really did surpass him and most of the East Stand agreed, as not once but three times Cheeterazi pulled back Smith and to add insult to blindness; the linesman was about 2 feet away. Shocking to think that this dude is/was England's rep ref for WC games.

Martyn 6 - Didn't do his usual 1 howler a game but still looks dodgy on crosses (Cheaterazzi's header) and kicks.

Halle 6 - The only player who wins more than 90% of headers coming his way. A few stray passes but covered pitch very well.

Lucas 8 - Superb reading of the game as usual. Would have loved to see where the ball would have gone if he had a crack when that ball came to him from the corner.

Whethers 6 - Won everything against a very physical bunch of cheats. Ellery did not help.

Harte 6 - Average game from yer man. Got forward enough but looked tired from the start.

Hopkin 8 - MOTM for me. Yeah he did his usual stray passes but when we were getting run over he saved us many times. Gave 100%.

Bowyer 5 - Didn't look fit. Got pushed out it (literally thanks to Ellery) unlike Hopkin by the Everton midfield.

Alf 6 - Makes good runs but nobody seems to pass to him. Got stuck in very well though.

Korsten 7 - Gave us in the East Stand a treat first half with some awesome control and pace. Unlucky not to add to his tally and scared their defence like Kewell normally does.

Kewell 6 - Drifted in and out of the game too much. Like Harte looked a bit Knackered.

JFH 7 - All I can say in his defence at the miss is that at least he was there; 5 games ago he would have been outside the box somewhere waiting for it. Playing with high confidence at the moment which is probably why he missed when he had time to stop the ball.

As people have said, just like GJ the week before, Everton came for a draw and not to concede a goal, which should give the team a boost for Wednesday's game knowing Spurs will employ similar tactics.

King Willem's strike halts Everton's surge - Ed Jones

Copy from Football Unlimited of 21/02/1999.

Under-par Leeds did the bare minimum to keep alive their European quest but it was a case of back to normal for unlucky Everton - too many squandered chances ending a promising week on an all-too-familiar low.

For virtually the first time this season, this week had belonged to the blue side of Merseyside. As the Reds were losing to struggling Charlton last Saturday - the joke locally is that they lost deliberately to put pressure on the old foe at the bottom of the table - Everton hit back with a 2-1 win over Coventry in the FA Cup; 'at least we've still got a chance of silverware this season' was the retort.

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