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Brian Clough

Brian Clough - (52.9K)  Brian Clough - (22.7K)

Born 21 Mar 1935, Middlesbrough (England)
Died 20 Sep 2004
In Charge 31 Jul 1974 - 12 Sep 1974
Honours Won None

Jabba's Comments

Old Big Head had never liked Revie's Leeds team - and had been characteristically vocal about his views. So it was a bit of a surprise when the Brighton manager was picked as the Don's successor. Clough's brilliance on the field (251 goals in 274 games) had been followed up with a great career as a manager, leading Derby to the League title in 1971/72.

He arrived in a whirlwind of publicity and blew away quite a few of the players - many of whom had been hoping that John Giles would have been offered the chance to take over. Duncan McKenzie arrived from Forest, McGovern and O'Hare joined from Clough's old stamping ground of Derby. But after just 44 days in the job, "player power" allegedly forced him out - Manny Cussins deciding to back the team that had brought home the cups for the last few years rather than the man he had hoped would continue the success. Clough left with his contract paid up, and could afford to take a drop down to Nottingham Forest where he went on to win the League, League Cup and European Cup in the same period that Leeds were slipping further and further from the top. Would he have achieved the same at Leeds if he'd been given the backing? Probably - but we'll never know....

mozzy says: Leeds missed out on a great opportunity with Clough.Don't do the same with Terry Venables.

Andrew Smith says: It is a great regret that Cloughie didn't work out at Leeds. He would have helped the club continue their then wonderful run at the top of British Football. N'mind Brian.

Stuart S says: I considered the appointment of Clough in 1974 as inexplicable. He was surely Leeds' most outspoken critic, and let's face it, that's saying something... and his way of attempting to win over the players was something like, "Chuck all the medals you've won in the bin, as they weren't won fairly!"

Clough was still quite young, 38 I think, and how he thought he'd rule over such powerful personalities as Bremner, Giles and Hunter I just can't fathom... it was the worst thing Leeds could have done, and it showed after 44 days.

Steve Pearce says: I thought it was the daftest appointment we could have made. Cloughie, and I do not use that name affectionately, had been a bitter opponent of anything to do with Leeds United. He apparently detested Don Revie and felt none of our cups had been won fairly.....who in their right minds would then go and have him as manager? Presumably the feelings of the fans had no sway as far as Manny Cussins was concerned. How humiliated I felt when the announcement was made. At least Bill Shankly, a real opponent, grudgingly acknowledged Leeds as the best team in the country after we were beaten in all 3 competitions during a ridiculously overcrowded schedule. Clough never ever said anything approaching praise....An utter waste of time..wrong man, wrong team, wrong time.

Chris Bettridge says: He should not have been appointed in the first place given everything he said, but having appointed him he should have been left to get on with it. If he had then maybe we could have had the same sort of success as Forest, who were a joy to watch!

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