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George McCluskey

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Position Striker
Born 19 Sep 1957, Hamilton (Scotland)
Height 180 cm
Weight 76 kg
International Caps Scotland: 7 U21

Club From To Apps Goals Sold for
Glasgow Celtic 01 Jun 1977 01 Aug 1983 130 54 £161000
Leeds United 01 Aug 1983 01 Jun 1986 86 17 £0
Hibernian 01 Jun 1986        
Hamilton Academical 01 Jul 1988        

Leeds Career League FA Cup League Cup Europe Other
Season Apps Goals Apps Goals Apps Goals Apps Goals Apps Goals
1983 - 1984 24(8) 8 3   3(1) 1 0   0  
1984 - 1985 13(6) 5 1   0(1)   0   0  
1985 - 1986 20(2) 3 0   2(1)   0   1  
Total 57(16) 16 4   5(3) 1 0   1  

Jabba's Comments

George "McClumsy" never quite got it together south of the border despite a successful career with Celtic that included two Championship medals and the winner against Rangers in the 1980 Cup Final. He was even brought into Scotland's World Cup squad in 1982, but never made the step up from U-21 to full international. He would occasionally show a great touch of skill at Leeds that made his apparent lack of commitment and enthusiasm all the more infuriating to the fans, and it was no great surprise when he returned to Scotland after three unimpressive seasons with Leeds.

Natalie McCluskey says: Dont agree with ur statement sorry!!!

Ashleigh McCluskey says: Hey,thats ma da ur talking about and im not that happy with ur comments. What have u ever done in football eh? ma da was a great player and could still beat u wae his eyes shut!

michelle 'the coach' power says: well ive seen george mccluskey play on many of occassions and ive also seen many, many topclass world players and i must say mccluskey comes out on top. He had so much technique and skill and was far too good for the english league i suppose thats why he returned to scotland. to add to his success he is a very handsome man though he has a dodgy nose concieved from some dirty players from the english league of course (bastards) a liked his nose the way it was. anyway u wanna see a skillfull performance then george mccluskey is that man to watch well on video cos hes a bit rusty noo!!!

big jim the bradford tim says: i saw george mccluskey play for celtic on many an occasion he always gave his all for celtic leeds fans blame george for a lot but your team wasnt exactly doin the biz then were they

Scattienattie says: On urself big man jimba

RosscofayMoscow says: personal i would have to say that Ashleigh your comment was terribly feeble...your "da" simply didn'y have the skills to succeed at a "upper class" level. Plz stop talking nonsense and tell your father he is nothing compared to the king himself...jinxy Minghawk..AKA "Tyson" of rs

Ashleigh McCluskey says: Is that right RosscofayMoscow. My Dad could cut it at the "upper class" just Leeds arnt exactly upper class r they??

Keith McCluskey says: George is my brother and I have to agree with most comments here. He was a clumsy on the ball and often didn't put the effort in. Ashleigh you need to stop kidding yourself, hen. When George and I were young, I used to skin him all the time down the sandy. He had bow legs and poor touch.

rosscofaymoscow says: well ashleigh..once again you are backing up your father...but in my days of watching him..he was,in one word.."guff" need to start crying over this..tell him personally from rosscofaymoscow that a want a 1v1 game with him at football one day. p.s thats if he still has it in him...cough cough

Ashleigh McCluskey says: Ok..u guys daddy was a failure and a very big flop..I hope u guys are happy with yourselfs now because i feel as thought i want to run away as the truth has finally come out. I would also like to say that i recently went to stuggart to see the beach boys live, and it was in word "fanTASHtic"

Ashleigh McCluskey says: U r all sad pathetic wee ppl...get a life. Keith a hink a wud no if a had an uncle in an Mental institution n i dnt hink i wud write pish likeOk..u guys daddy was a failure and a very big flop..I hope u guys are happy with yourselfs now because i feel as thought i want to run away as the truth has finally come out. I would also like to say that i recently went to stuggart to see the beach boys live, and it was in word "fanTASHtic" cos ma da wisnae a failure just face it ur club is a failure.....ul nvr win nething ever again!!!

Keith McCluskey says: ASHLIEIGH don't speak like that to yer uncle, hen. Ya daft rooster. Maybe when you get the shaving utensils out you can start talkin some sense. Get they teeth fixed aswell, yer dentures are pathetic ya stiggy beaver,

Ashleigh McCluskey says: wish u were ma uncle mate....fact is ur a sad pthetic little man whith nothing btr to do wae his time than think up stupid wee fantasies

Ginger says: I just met George in Munich this past Wednesday, for the Bayern v Sellick game in the CL. Leeds fans reading this may be confused - CL is 'Champions League'. Its a big European competition... ;-) Anyway, George seemed like a nice bloke, that's all I know.

Anon says: George McCluskey was a cracking player. a very down to earth alround good guy,who is at the moment operating Celtic soccer school and doing a very good job

barrymccluskey says: all i can say is that u r not a bad footballer if u r the top goal scorer in the scottish league 2 year running sorry

Chalk McCue says: Cracking player , cracking guy , nuff said. Hail Hail! FTQ!

Devon White says: George was a great player. So much talent. It was just that he played in such a poor Leeds team. A bit like Giggs would be in a (even more) crap team. He'd beat three men with his skills and then pass to the (non existant)winger for a throw in. He is also part of one of my favourite football moments. Away at Charlton at the Valley in '84, their attack broke down. All the players except George, one defender and their goalie were in the Leeds half. Mervin Day kicked the ball out while George sprinted (??!?) into their half. The ball hit him on the back of the head, knocking him face down in the mud, while the defender cleared. I don't think I've ever laughed so much. Great memories George - glad to see you're still around.

Mochael Serevena says: From what i know, he was a good player, and probably still is! George McCluskey rates highly in my view. Even if he didnt quite make it in England and didnt get to full International, he was still a bloody good player!!

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