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Jody Morris

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Position Midfielder
Born 22 Dec 1978, Hammersmith (England)
Height 165 cm
Weight 64 kg
International Caps England: 7 U21, ? Youth

Club From To Apps Goals Sold for
Chelsea 01 Aug 1995 19 Jul 2003 173 9 £0
Leeds United 19 Jul 2003 06 Mar 2004 12 0 £0
Rotherham United 13 Mar 2004 15 May 2004     £0
Millwall 02 Jul 2004        

Leeds Career League FA Cup League Cup Europe Other
Season Apps Goals Apps Goals Apps Goals Apps Goals Apps Goals
2003 - 2004 11(1)   0   0   0   0  
Total 11(1)   0   0   0   0  

Jabba's Comments

Combative former England U-21 midfielder who was Peter Reid's first signing for Leeds in July 2003.

He became a regular on his arrival at the club, but after being charged with a serious sexual assault, he dropped out of the reckoning for the first team. Although no charges ever came to court, his return to the side was brief and transitory, and he was released from his contract early in March 2004 with - undenied - press reports stating that his contract was cancelled after he failed an alcohol breath test at a training session.

Naz! says: Jody is Fit!!!

A fan from Hungary says: I don't know, what can Jody do on the pitch, but I hope, he'll help the team, and in a few years Leeds will be the Premier League champion! :)

Mick says: Is it just me or does anyone else believe Jody is well overated? I'm sure that he's just an over-sized rat! Maybe he'll prove me wrong but on the evidence of his first few games he's not a combative midfielder, just an annoying little animal

jim says: I hope you didnt do it. If you did, then you can f*** off

Fred A says: Agree with Mick: he's well over-rated, unable to command the midfield, and dragging Leeds back into the spotlight for all the wrong reasons despite a pledge to reform. Seriously hope they get rid ASAP cause we really don't need his sort.

safe says: Fred & Mick wat r u on about? in the few matches that Jody has played 4 us (wen he's not bin suspended or wiv the police) he's played quite well. He's gotta lotta bite 4 such a small guy. We need a bit of rough back in our dismal midfield. soz guys but it's the truth.

Sarah says: hey jody i luv ya even if des f***kers don't keep it up lad luv sarah x x x

Fred A says: Sadly, the inclusion of Morris as a first team regular is indicative of how bad things were under Reid, likewise Okon under Venables. Gray has done the sensible thing, brought back Batty and hopefully we can look forward to the return of Bakke, both of whom much more talismanic presence for the club. To consider bringing him back will be a backward step both on and off the pitch.

Michele says: Jody is so sexy

Ross says: i am a big fan of leeds united & chelsea. i was glad 2 see chelsea finally get rid of this usless b*llocks who cant shoot, pass or tackle with any accuracy or skill. I almost cried when i found out leeds signed him. If we let a filthy *alleged* rapist remain at our club then i think it shows that we are desperate. Jody u disgust me & u belong in prison with all the other low lives of society.

Naz says: Hey Ross that was a bit harsh wasn't it? I think Jody is a great bloke, and if you believe EVERYTHING you read in the papers then you must be a bit of a fool.

Naz! says: Yay! Jody has been cleared of all charges!!!!!!!! I love ya Jody! And i always knew you'd never do anything like that! Your too nice!

Ross says: Look nazza jody is just a burden on the leeds united wage bill. Seth johnson is 10 times the player jody is & he doesnt bring the club bad publicity. He has no chance of dislodging a fit again Bakke from the team, mcphail is SLIGHTLY better than him, olembe must surely be further up the pecking order and if need be Milner could push in to the centre and Sahko could play out wide. Why is he still here???? Just a waste of space.

Naz! says: Hay Ross! look, i think Jody Rocks!! I have nothing and i mean nothing against Eirik Bakke, cos he is my favourite player, but the Seth Johnson thing you wrote is totally untrue cos wasn't it Seth who was caught drink driving a couple of months ago? so don't u think you'd better get your facts right before you go dissin other players?

Ross says: Well well well nazzie babe. If ur precious jody is so good then why was he released???? Ill agree wit u that Bakke is a good player but Jody is finished. Jody will be lucky to find himself a div 1 club. Did u see Seth johnson against Liverpool & Man U????? He won more tackles in those games that Jody prob has in his entire lifetime. Keep up the good work Seth & dont listen to that small pathetic minority of the Leeds fans that have been boo-ing u. They obviously dont know a class player when they see one.

Naz! says: Look, Ross, Jody left by mutual consent, that means he CHOSE to leave, and i dunno why that was ok, but all i know is he is a wicked player, and whatever team he goes to next, he will go far and do well.

jody morris's biggest fan (woteva!!!) says: im glad jody ha gne if its true tht he turned up to training drunk. i feel so sorry for his kids a s*** prat of a father like tht.

Naz! says: Hey "Jody Morris's biggest fan woteva!" waht you just said about Jody and his kids was totally bang out of order, he is a really great father i happen to know, and he is a really sweet guy and wouldn't do anything to hurt anyone, so i suggest you shut-up and get your information right before you go round Bitching about Jody, and leave his kids out of this argumant, cos if you wanna start on Jody it also means startin on me, and i won't stand for that, so you'd better shutup, ok?

Ross says: I agree wit u "jodys biggest fan(woeva". Naz read the facts jody had no choice but to leave since he turned up drunk. Im sure rotheram will see sense soon & release him lol. If batts cant get a game at leeds then jody would have had no chance anyway. Id rather play carson or duberry in midfield than him lol.

chelseafan says: i didnt know he had kids?how many?i think hes gone off the rails quite bad, i mean he had such a promising career then its just all gone wrong.

John says: My brother went to a youth club with Jody Morris when they were both 13 to 15ish and he says that he was a bighead and a fool back then. Quite frankly I think that he is a fantastically average player who has had his five minutes of fame and should now go back and crawl into the gutter where he belongs.Just because they couldn't get the charge to stick dosn't mean he didn't do it.If I was his manager I would kick him out into the street...guilty or not.If I was paying someone the wages he gets I wouldn't want the negative publicity he brings. Another wannabe who just couldn't hack much talent but so little brain.

carmel says: jody morris said ur all idiots! and 2 get a life. peace

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