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Robbie Fowler

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Robbie Fowler - click for larger image  Robbie Fowler - click for larger image

Position Centre forward
Born 09 Apr 1975, Toxteth (England)
Height 180 cm
Weight 74 kg
International Caps England: 26 full, 1 B, 8 U21, ? Youth

Club From To Apps Goals Sold for
Liverpool 23 Apr 1992 29 Nov 2001 330 171 £11000000
Leeds United 29 Nov 2001 30 Jan 2003 33 14 £6000000
Manchester City 30 Jan 2003   13 2  

Leeds Career League FA Cup League Cup Europe Other
Season Apps Goals Apps Goals Apps Goals Apps Goals Apps Goals
2001 - 2002 22 12 1   0   0   0  
2002 - 2003 2(6) 2 0(1)   0   0(1)   0  
Total 24(6) 14 1(1)   0   0(1)   0  

Jabba's Comments

A Liverpool lad all his life - born there and with the football team since his youth - Fowler is one of the most naturally talented strikers to have played the game and his goalscoring record in nearly 10 years at Anfield is superb. He had a few run-ins with the authorities in the past - notably when he did a "line-sniffing" celebration after a goal - and following an altercation with everybody's chum Le Saux faced sanction from the FA, but he also gathered plaudits when he told the ref to turn over a penalty decision after he'd been tackled fairly in the area at Arsenal.

In 2000-01, rumours of his departure from Anfield started to circulate as he failed to secure a permanent place in the starting line up, but he still played a vital part in Liverpool's Cup treble. In 2001-02, a much-publicised bust-up with coach Phil Thompson resulted in an apparent reconciliation - but when Leeds came in with a bid, Gerard Houllier and the Liverpool board surprisingly decided to let him go. At Leeds he was an instant hit with the crowd, and - with a solid run in the first team - has got back on the goal trail with a vengeance. He formed a decent partnership with Mark Viduka and he played himself back into the England World Cup squad, although a late-season injury knocked the edge of his sharpness and he was not used much in Japan and Korea.

At the start of the 2002-03 season he picked up a hip injury in the pre-season games that looks set to keep him out of the first few months of the season. After gradually coming back into the team towards the end of 2002, he was offered to Manchester City as the debt problems mounted at Elland Road, and just when a £7 million move seemed set to be sealed it collapsed because the player didn't seem to think that the Maine Road board supported his purchase. A week later it was back on - for a million quid less for some reason and he had obviously been convinced by Kevin Keegan that he would enjoy a renaissance in his career playing alongside Nicolas Anelka.

Venny Saarce says: Robbie Fowler is my favorite soccer player...I know he plays for Leeds now..but he is the one who made me love Liverpool. I think he is a wise person at least when he is on the field (playing).What can I say. HE IS MASTER OF STRIKERS. And I hope Leeds won't let me down like what Liverpool did by putting him on the bench. FOWLER RULESSS!

Denis (Russia) says: Robbie Fowler - You are The best!!! Please come home in Liverpool!

Jen the EVERTONIAN says: Alright Robbie lad, I live in Liverpool but I'm actually an Everton supporter. I saw u on the box when ur little daughter Madison was there - how cute is she. Anyway I just wanna say what Liverpool did 2 yer was s***e like and i hope u KICK ass at LEEDS mate xxx

Mark Vasey says: Robbie Fowler u r the greatest striker 2 grace a football pitch, well up up there with Alan Shearer. Newcastle United Fan.

Lydia says: Robbie, Yer the greatest Stiker ever, give all yer best at Leeds, my dear.

Willzy says: Robbie is a great addition to the team and still Mr O'Leary wants more, why , Leeds are THE greatest in da WORLDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!! Goodday.

Liverpool HATER!! says: Phil Thompson really sux to have sold him to Leeds. Just imagine how good he was! I think Gerard Houllier should sack Phil Thompson!

Louise Hannan says: What can i say? I hope you come back to haunt us, you deserve it. Have a great life - I used to love you now I can't!!

Laura Crowdle says: Very very good!


Neil McKeag says: robbie is the best striker in the country no-body can match him not even michael "wonderkid" owen.

Nic Fowler says: robbie is a great footie player, i met him at whsmith in leeds in jan and he is so nice. with him we will show liverpool how good he will be in our team. i luv him!!!

Nic says: i am like da biggest leeds united fan, robbie has made a huge difference in da way dat we have won more games coz ov him, he is my fav player, i met him in leeds once and he signed an autograph 4 me. i luv him

Simon says: Robbie is the best striker in the Premiership.

Sarah says: met Robbie at W H Smiths in January and I think he has really made a difference to the club and I think we have scored more goals

BiG dave says: Robbie fowler the toxteth prowler! you are the greatest striker to ever wear the white shirt, leeds and england!

laura hyde says: i think that robbie fowler is great he so didnt deserve to be treated like that i am a diehard lfc supporter and i only supported them because of fowler i hope he carries on to play like the player he has always been and always will be robbie your the greatest you deserve every chance of happiness that you get go show them what your made of!!!!good luck for the future laura your biggest fan ever!!!xxx

Anon says: He is the best.England are stupid that they dont play him

Narayan says: Hope to see you and Keane at the top in the upcoming season! You rule!

RALPH THE GREAT says: he's a great player !!!! robbie most play in the english squad !!!! not just to be sitting on the banch !

FOWLERNUM1 says: A fantastic player who always shows admiration in his games! English football lacks players of such quality! Also he should have not been on the bench for England! Nancy boys such as Beckham, belong on the bench! Robbie you are truly fantastic! Keep up the work! Do all ur true fans proud!!!

sonic02 says: boombastic player that i know is you fowler.i love Liverpool but i will support you forever. good luck and have nice day 4u..

Yourfan says: I have always watched robbie play and he is my favourite. No one can compare to his scoring ability when he is at his best. People always talk about Owen but what has he got? PACE- thats all. Robbie is different......he is a real talent and can score goals left and right foot, with powerful header and exciting goals........and the best about him is he has got warm personality and the kops favourite

Scott says: Fowler is a great player for leeds i won't to know when he is coming back

Anon says: Liverpool = Robbie Fowler + Cork up
Liverpool - Robbie Fowler = Cork up

Jimmy says: Robbie ,good luck at Leeds

Jules says: Did he fall or was he pushed?? Liverpool were stupid to let go! Do your best at Leeds Rob! Just don't score against us at Anfield!!!!!

callum says: fowler is the best robbie fowler the toxteth prowler

Matrik says: He is the best lad i have ever seen in my whole god damn life.He is better than Heskey,that for sure than why should he sit in the bench?so much for erickson's england choice.For Fowler,keep going man.

guangguan from china says: Robbie Fowler is the best striker in England ,i wish he could rocover from injury rapidly.many chinese fans support you forever.

siobhon says: hi my name is siobhon. i am robbie fowlers biggist fan in the whole world. i love him so much. i am so glad he has recoverd from his hip injury. my english teacher miss l mann said she used to hang out with him. please please robbie if you see this please email me all my love your biggist fan siobhon briggs xxxxxxxx -

Natasha Wheatley says: Robbie you are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am your biggest fan in the world!!!!! Luv u lots stay in Leeds

donna smithys number1 says: Rire robbie this is ure chance we need u more then eva now our micky is injured again bless him u need 2 pull ure sox up n do sumthing about the team! ure old enuff 2 boss em all around so do it!!! score sum goals 4 gods sake and work with smithy wat hapende 2 ya rob let every1 see u relly are the best finisher in the premiership we nee dure help rob n quick!

Doddsy says: I am so glad Fowler didn't go to Man city. Keep banging them in for Super Leeds. Fowler is pure class. Not another striker in the league with his predatory instincts. Also him snorting the line was the funniest thing I've ever seen on a football pitch!

Anthony Spillane says: Robbie,You are the best player in the whole wide world. You made a right decision not to go to Man City. PPPPLLLLLEEEEEEAAAAAASSSSSSSEEEEE write back to me.

adrian urais says: iam mad at liverpool for getting rid of fowler, i think he would have brought great football for the clup.

siobhon fowler says: i love robbie fowler with all my heart

Kevin McKeag says: robbie is magic

Smithys number1 *leeds utd 4eva* says: thats it i sed it once and ill say it again robbie fowler you are pathetic wheres this point the eh? well u sed u were gunna prove a point 2 us b4 u went isee no point robbie! youve really let me the club and the fans down you pushed keano out n now we havent even got you! manchester city are welcome 2 u don't expect any welcome back to elland road from me!

lucy says: I am Robbies biggest fan, i have followed him around all his clubs but unfortunately i have never met him. please make my dreams come true Robbie!! i love you x x

Susan Barker says: Robbie Fowler is the greatest natural striker in the premiership . I applaud KK who has had the vision to see that Robbie can soon be back to his best, and together with Anelka he will strike fear into the defences of 19 other teams. I supported Liverpool FC for 40 years, but I will not back them again until they get rid of the 2 traitors houllier and Thomson ( neither of whom is fit to lace Robbies boots up!) . We love you Robbie -- good luck at Man City for 2003/4 season.

Martin fowler says: robbie fowler is the man. Live the dream! Love him like a brother

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