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Paul Okon

Australia flag

Paul Okon

Position Central midfielder
Born 05 Apr 1972, Sydney (Australia)
Height 177 cm
Weight 84 kg
International Caps Australia: 37 full, ? B, ? U21, ? Youth

Club From To Apps Goals Sold for
FC Brugge 01 Aug 1991 31 May 1996 72 1  
Lazio 01 Aug 1996 31 May 1999 19 0  
Fiorentina 01 Jul 1999 05 Jul 2000 11 0 £0
Middlesbrough 05 Jul 2000 12 Aug 2002 30 0 £0
Watford 09 Jan 2002 22 Apr 2002 15 0 on loan
Leeds United 12 Aug 2002 30 Aug 2003 21 0 £0

Leeds Career League FA Cup League Cup Europe Other
Season Apps Goals Apps Goals Apps Goals Apps Goals Apps Goals
2002 - 2003 15   5   0   1   0  
Total 15   5   0   1   0  

Jabba's Comments

An experienced Australian midfielder, recruited by El Tel primarily for cover just before the start of 2002-03. After starting his career in Australia with Marconi Fairfield and although he spent 10 years playing for some decent teams around Europe, he was never a regular starter for any of them. After joining Boro, he played at centre back, taking a key role in digging them out of the relegation pit in 2000-01 and obviously impressed Terry Venables at the time.

After taking a few months to recover from injury and regain match fitness, he's looked to be a solid midfielder, doing a lot of the defensive work - if a bit suspect for pace. As the 2002-03 season wore on, he was finding himself caught out of position and lacking in pace far too often - although he was by no means the only Leeds player to be guilty of those offences. When Peter Reid took over from Venables, Okon was frozen out as Reid made a bunch of changes to try to keep Leeds in the top flight.

Okon's prospects for 2003-04 don't look too good: he's been told by Socceroos manager Frank Farina that he needs to be playing first team football to be considered for the national side, but he played with the reserves in the pre-season games and was released to Vicenza in Serie B in Italy before the transfer deadline. He lasted five months in Italy before a deadline-day move to KV Oostende in the 2nd Division in Belgium.

Matt says: Paul is a superb working midfielder. He has a very accurate passing game and moves into space extremely well. he looks for incisive passes, but very rarely forces them, and keeps possession and momentum in the midfield nicely. He is a strong defender in midfield, and some watchers think he is a better sweeper than midfielder. Also, he is the current Australian captain and has been level-headed and reliable in that role.

Norman Bates says: I went to school with Paul Okon, he was in my commerce class, we went to Fairfield Pats high school. We used to muck around a lot at school, Paul played tennis as well as soccer at school. He is a good friend, but I have not seen him since 1988, it would be good to say hello sometime to him, only if I can contact him at the club he is playing for.

Naz! says: I think that Paul Okon is totally HOT!!!! I would go out with him any day!

Naz says: Hi it's me again! my mates think that i am MAD for likeing Paul Okon! Is it just me that fancies him or does anyone else out there like him? Does anyone know if he is married or has a girlfriend?

Naz!!! says: Am i really the only one that likes Paul, oh well at least i don't have to share him with thousands of other adoring fan's! Yeah i no somethimes he can be a bit of a psyko on the pitch and not no wot he is doin, but he is a quality player, and i think he rocks and is one of the best palyers Leeds have had for a long time! I LUV YA PAUL! (p.s. i even named one of the goldfish in our science lab at skool after him!!!)

Mike F says: Is it just me or is he a poor mans David Batty ? Why play him when we have the real thing kicking his heels with the reserves ?

trap says: i think paul is agreat player that does a lot of work in the background nothing flashy but very reliable and does the simple things very well ,he is agreat asset to the team

Jason King says: My gaffer says he is the worst Leeds player he has seen, cant pass, head or even move.

MattD says: The position that Paul is playing for Leeds is a key position but does not really enable him to gain the plaudits. His job is to clean up the mess and pass the ball to teammates in space. I would like him to back himself more and show what he really can do for Leeds. He is playing well for Leeds, doing the role asked by El Tel, but Leeds may be under-utilising his attacking talents (IMO). I agree with Trap in that alot of his good work goes unnoticed.

Matthew Bauer says: Paul Okon is the worst player that I've seen in a Leeds shirt since Gary Hamson. Does he actually do anything on the pitch? He doesn't pass, he doesn't tackle, he doesn't move forwards at all.......although he does do a good impression of Jamairoquai's dancing even bigger waste of space than Barmby, who is also invisible for 90 mins. Why are Batty and Johnson rotting away while this rubbish gets in the 1st team?

Naz! says: Why are you dissin Paul, not only is he a great player, but he is gorgeous too, so he can't be all bad. I don't see you dissin the really pants players like Dom "own goal" Matteo so think before you diss!!!!

Me says: Hey who u calling Dom "own goal" Matteo?! He's my man!

Naz! says: Well, maybe i think that Dom "Own Goal" Matteo is a complete MINGER!!!! Paul Okon is WAY better lookin than him! Any way at least he dosen't help the other team WIN!!! so shut up alright?

Cube says: I think Paul 'the joke' Okon is up there as one of the worst players ever to grace our beloved Yorkshire Club!!! I agree 100% with the other ppl critising him sure he does something but What??? Sign Back Olii anyday.....I luv my club and these type of players are making leeds united look like a 2nd div side!!! Oh by the way why the hell did we ever sell hasselbaink ??? instead weve got Viduka .... i think that sums up our club at the moment!!!

Aniekeme Andrew Etokimo says: I got to read about him sometime last year.I will like to know much about his genealogy - who his parents are and where they are from.(Don't you get me wrong here. I ain't no racist. Ok!) His name sounds very African. Can I have his contacts; like email? 'Am writing from Lagos - Nigeria

Adi says: Okon is a prime example of what is wrong with our midfield at the moment. When we've got the ball, there's no width, there's no flair and nobody gets beyond the strikers. When we lose it, we don't close down to win it back. Okon is the worst, he just stands around and waits for the ball to come to him.

Naz says: Will you STOP being so out of order about Paul please. He is a really nice guy, and he plays football really well, yeah, i know he does have his bad moments, but dosen't every footballer? So please can you just Stop with the nastiness? THANKYOU!

Nosedive says: Paul's dad is German, his mum is Italian and he's from Australia, so he's a multinational kinda person. I think he is one of the most underrated players at the club, and will be hugely important in stabilising the team as we rebuild. Anyone who captained Lazio must have something special about them! says: This Team Sux Now!!!! I luv Leeds but the way they play its more suited to Div 1 than the premiership much to defensive orientated .... but we seem to concede goals anyways how ironic , Sadly we have now the WORST MIDFIELD in the league with the exception of smith who really is a striker...funny how we where in the champions league 3 years ago and finished in the semis we may have had the best midfield in England....... this OKON twit is ruining our side and if you gals think hes so Hot try to convince him to model instead of playing this game for men!!!! Hes gotta be in the top10 Worst players for Leeds!!!!

Patrick says: Goodbye Paul Okon. Okoff.

MattD says: I am sick of this ill-informed attacks on Paul Okon. He has played solid all year and coped an unfair smorgasboard of criticism. I know he is suited more to continental football where tactics and developing the play are at the forefront, not booting the football forward like the english love to do. I will be happy to see him move on to another club where he is appreciated. Leeds have had a disaster of late due to many factors - a back four who struggle to hold position, backs playing in the midfield /wings and the crown jewel of Leeds - Harry been injured for the past month. Blaming the current situation on Paulo is way off base.

dogman says: you poms just can't hack being beaten by the aussies. if hes so bad, why is he captaining a country that beat you.

Big Dave says: good point mate

Vinnie says: Those of you who criticise Okon, you'd better get a brain transplant.

Mercury says: I'm a fc bruges supporter and what can i say about paul okon? He was the greatest central defender that we have ever known.Got the golden boot( the greatest individual award for a player in belgium) for his season performance in 96. This guy is a top class player where i'm sure he will get his best level back if he doesnt get injured (like in his italian periode) and plays a lot of game. Great personality on and off the pich also. No wonder he has been playing for lazio. Please don't doubt about this guy! It's a great transfer and u'll soon enjoy his magnificent talent.

Bernie says: For all you w****rs out there who think Okon is s***. You have no idea about the game Just because he doesn't score goals and kick the s*** out of players like david Batty doesn't mean he can't play It just means he is much more smarter and let his ballwork do the talking I've seen him play so many times and he is class just because he is not a typical pommy midfielder like Vinny Jones. He style of play is very similar to the A.C milan midfield star Redondo If you tossers know who he is!!

Vinnie says: RE: "Just because he doesn't score goals and kick the s*** out of players like david Batty" well, mr okon actually captained a team that did kick the s**t out of the england national team. Btw, not bagging the England team - just stating a fact!!!!

Bridget says: excuse me... paul okon is the captain of the Australian Socceroos!! you don't get to be the captain of a national team by being a sh*t player!! would you guys let just anyone captain the england team?? i didn't think so, they need to be able to have superior playing skills ASWELL as a successful leadership style. paul okon is the australian captain because he is able to pass the length of the field with deadly accuracy AND make killer (but clean) tackles AND is a great leader because he is able to read the play and organise his team fantstically :P so hah! you should be STOKED to have him at leeds!!

"peter reid" says: Please get rid of him......sell him to an oz club well even pay for his move and wages ...mmm... 500 a week! Hey vinnie one more thing that was a "friendly" haha and i know redondo ...hes a hasbeen!

Sean Young says: Not many people realise the quiet job that Paul Okon does in the midfield. Sure, he wont score you goals and rack up a shitload of assists, but he will organise the defence, start plays off and inspire the team. Claude Makelele does a similar job for Real Madrid and no-one slags him off

Adele says: Paul is a great player and he has played the game for many years .even though i am his cousin i still feel that he still has a lot more to offer to the game.

Kim H says: Hi kim harte here, i really dont think Paul deserves all the stick he is getting, nobody becomes Captain of an international side without having the skill and Ability to produce good football give him a break, and open your eyes to the world around you! I dont see the rest of you doing as well as he has done, and nobody can take that from him! Best of luck Paul.....

b-lo says: Hey Naz...well you seems to like Paul very much...hahaha...I can understand you...cause I know him for about 8 years or more now...I used to live in Europe and we used to love eachother, yes it's true...for a moment but circonstances in life kind of forced us to take different ways in life...but we still talk...Paul is a good football player and a lovely friend to have...

SJ says: Hey S.j here... I really don't think people's comments should be dissin someone that has made it to the standards he has reached now... I ain't disagreeing with your comments towards him, but really us people cannot talk much about how good or how bad he plays his sport. As a NSW Squad and NSW institute trialer, Paul Okon is talked about all around the NSW soccer Federation...For us to say bad comments to him is not write as many of you should understand... He has trained, daily, for most of the weeks and months in a year, to reach the high level he has come to.. Marconi Stallions, honour a man like him... they cherish every moment he has played for them, so for me, i agree that he is one of the best Australian players...

spacemaster says: I can't believe how Leeds think they are smart by replacing Terry with Reid whom every team he managed is going down to division 1. We'll see what happen to Leed Utd defence and midfield without Okon this season. I am not suprised if we will not see Leed next season at premierleague. GOOD LUCK to all Leed fans!

Naz! says: Cool! you really went out with Paul! I really like him! In my view Paul is a brilliant player, and i don't care if everyone else thinks he's rubbish! Oh yeah, and he's 100% gorgeous! You are so lucky b-lo!

b-lo says: Oooooo yes Naz I did go out with Paul...and believe me it was not a peace of cake...I'll go soon visit him in Italy. About his origins, he is not african...or so...he is part german and part italian...was born in Sydney...Keep on supporting him...

Stephanie says: Hi everybody! I'm new. I would have to say Paul does have three different types of nationality (Australian, German, Italian). I think people shoul try to let him have a shot at scoring. I am even doing an assignment on him!!!

spacemaster says: Hey! Whoever critised P.Okon. Now look at Leed+Batty without Paul. from the day that Reid replaces Paul for Batty (to please the fans), he has no idea of what he going to get. take a look at Leeds performance with Paul Onkon and Leed now. Sometime One can see things (will happen) but others don't.

Kelso says: Okon is a brilliant passer of the football. He may not have that attacking flair that we all love to watch, but he is a hard player who organises the midfield extremely well. Australian soccer could not be in better hands.

Karel de Vriese says: Paul Okon started his carreer in Europe for the Belgian champions: Club Brugge, I saw him playing there weekly and he played mostly outstanding and got the "golden shoe"(player of the year in Belgium) Than he moved to Lazio Roma where he was elected by the fans as "best player of the team" but unfortunately after these periiod he was (to) often enjured

Ross says: I have nothing personal against paul but i dont like the way he plays & i think david batty is far better in the ancorman/def mid position than him. Okon goes out & is invisible for 90 mins wheras batty gives 110% the entire game & gets in the thick of the action winning balls & tackles. I think terry greaseball venebles was wrong to replace batts with him & i believe there are far better australian internationals than him ie. viduka who should be captain.

spacemaster says: Check the league table now with batty, and when Paul was there. Not supprise when the new Leed manager told batty to go off.

PaulisaGod says: The Paul Okon story i would like to clarify his current playing predicament.. he left Leeds for Vicenza who are in 'serie C' no success there couldn't snatch a single game for the 2nd 11....subsequently due to the extreme pressures of 'serie C' he then decided to move abroad to Belgium well renowned for??? Errrrr anyway he tryed his luck in division 4 in belgiuim for Antwerp 2nd 11 squad, good luck mate things are looking up if u continue to think optimisticly and incorporate ur divine agility and ur sublime tackling style into ur play this prodigal talent could get regular games for the div 4 2nd 11 antwerp team, the incentive of course is it will give him the opportunity to captain the hookeyroos again.

Jason says: Karel de vriese nice one mate are u a close friend of Paul? Actually some of ur comments are erroneous, yes he did in his prime win the infamous " Golden Shoe " but that was due to his quirky ability to run laterally for the majority of a game he also had the freakish ability to spin 360 degrees in the middle of the pitch and pass the ball back to his keeper or make a another enthralling lateral run...the Belgium ppl couldn't get enough of this crowd pleaser... Best player in Lazio??? weren't Hernen Crespo andjuan veron there? Yes he did recieve a prestigious reward in Rome it was " Player who was most absent from Seria A " yep Paul has come from Obscurity to play for the current euro powerhouses this current day ...antwerpia 4th division 2nd 11

Marconi Chick says: My cousin went out with Paul's brother Klaus for a long time! Paul was always so popular with the girls. He was soooooooo good looking and he knew it! The girls at Fairfield Station used to die over him! Another thing I remember about Paul - his house was the only house with a green roof!

B. Contreras says: Since Paul came to play Belgium again (2004/, i see him a alot, he became one my friends... I think he's a great guy... He' s playing very well at Ostend (2de devision). And yes, he's still very popular by the girls...

deborah says: hi , i am an ostendfan and i see paul every day of the week , he is a great player en the funniest person i've ever met , he is amazing , en he's really really hot !! i even danced with paul on a table at a party, he was drunk , but it was really fun. i hope he plays another year with us , if he goes , i'm really gonna miss him.

Ste says: I HATE Paul Okon and everything he stands for

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