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The famous photo of Vinnie Jones and Gazza - buy this great signed (by Gazza) photo now from BigBlueTube!

Position Midfielder
Born 05 Jan 1965, Watford (Wales)
Height 180 cm
Weight 74 kg
International Caps Wales: 9 full

Club From To Apps Goals Sold for
Wimbledon 01 Nov 1986 01 Jun 1989 77 9 £650000
Leeds United 01 Jun 1989 11 Sep 1990 53 5 £700000
Sheffield United 11 Sep 1990 01 Aug 1991 35 2 £575000
Chelsea 01 Aug 1991 01 Sep 1992 42 4 £700000
Wimbledon 01 Sep 1992 01 Mar 1998 177 12 £500000
Queens Park Rangers 01 Mar 1998 01 Jun 1999 9 1  

Leeds Career League FA Cup League Cup Europe Other
Season Apps Goals Apps Goals Apps Goals Apps Goals Apps Goals
1989 - 1990 43(2) 5 1   2   0   4  
1990 - 1991 1   0   0   0   0  
Total 44(2) 5 1   2   0   4  

Jabba's Comments

When Wilko signed former hod-carrier Vinnie Jones at the start of the 1989-90 season, it sent out a message to the world: "We're going for promotion and it's going to be a kick, elbow and bite drive. Nothing will stand in our way." And such it was: Vinnie's fearsome reputation from Wimbledon may have caused a few sleepless nights for Division 2 attackers, but in that season he controlled his aggression to perfection, only picking up a couple of bookings as he stood firm in the centre of midfield. With promotion secured and Gary McAllister signed, it was clear that there would only be limited opportunities for Vinnie in the first team, so he was sold at a profit to Sheffield United and has always had a great reception whenever he returns to Elland Road. He finally retired from the game to concentrate on his acting career after the success of his appearance in "Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels", and his main sporting interest these days seems to be greyhounds, with his dogs making the final of the Greyhound Derby in 2000 and 2001.

Louisa Mason says: I think that Vinnie, is the fittest footie player, to ever step onto a pitch!

Emma says: I think that Vinnie is the best. He woz phat at football and I've watched all the films he's been in and I think he makes an excellent movie star. I'm one of Vinnie's biggest fans and think he's really sexy. I was wondering could you help me cause I really want a Vinnie poster so where can I get 1 from. thanx

Emily says: I love Vinnie Jones!! Why is he so damm fine?! Well it's actually his awesome sportsmanship that draws me to him and then there's his acting talents, not too shabby, but its all about his eyes. VERY, VERY LOVELY MAN. Sorry Mrs. Jones, but he is.

Danielle James says: I have never met Vinnie but I think he is the most gorgeous man in the whole world his wife's sooo lucky. Anyone agree?

Chris Papapetros says: Hi i'm from Greece and i'm a fan of VINNIE JONES because is the best in the movies he have the style and i liked this.VINNIE JONES if you come in Greece send me e-mail where are you to meet you ok.

James H. says: I Love Vinnie's mean ass! He needs to be in more movies. Increase the exposure.

john says: where can i find a list of vinnies bookings for wimbledon and can i have a picture of him squeezing gazzas nuts thanks alot.

Laura Dunn says: Vinnie is just the fittest man in the world I love all his films. His wife is the luckiest woman in the world! I have a signed pic! Hahahahah! Can anyone tell me where I can get a poster?

Elle M says: i love vinnie jones 2! and i kno wot u mean about his eyes! Tanya is one lucky woman!!

Deano Michieli says: Vinnie is my favorite actor. Hes so bad ass. Come to whistler canada for a few pints and the best skiing. I got your back

Danielle Paranto says: Dear, Vinnie I am Danielle Paranto I am your biggest fan. I tack you as a real actor even though Iam a kid I have seen all your move's . I was wondering if you could call me at 3841842 or 2511576 and ask for Danielle . I also was wondering if I could be in a move with you my address is 1096 Dealse Drive. Sincerely Your Biggest Fan Danielle Paranto PS Plaese CALL please.

Matt says: re can I find a larger version of the famous photo of Jones and Gazza?

Baz says: you rock vinnie!

Ian says: as far as im concerned vinnie jones is not a villian or bully .ok hes got a temper well who has'nt and besides theres a lot of players jelouse of him . at least he dont do advertisments dressed in a womans frock with a bag of crisp in his hand . hes a 100% fella and i know for a fact he loves helping charities especilly kids charities,tell you what vinnie should be priminster he would kick ass.i could just see him in parliment swinging that mace round his head .imagine this vinnie as priminster at a europian summit someone says something to upset him vinnie jumps over the table and smacks them one .hope its a french git .they dont like us anyway.i have never met vinnie jones but hes one of my hero's and would love to shake his hand .good on ya vinnie that fella on the plane must have said something to upset ya .happy christmas Leeds united .my step son does last year he lived for leeds united he was only 38 and he was burried with all his leeds united memorbilia god bless him also thanks for the beautiful flowers leeds united fans club sent for his funeral.god bless you all.

Anon says: what a lad vinnie is. he is a role model to all.he is a on vinnie!!!!!!!!!!

the formanator says: legend fullstop

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