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Position Centre forward
Born 06 Jun 1966, unknown (Ghana)
Height unknown
Weight unknown
International Caps Ghana: ? full

Club From To Apps Goals Sold for
Leeds United 21 Jan 1995 01 Jun 1997 66 32 £904000

Leeds Career League FA Cup League Cup Europe Other
Season Apps Goals Apps Goals Apps Goals Apps Goals Apps Goals
1994 - 1995 16(2) 12 0(2) 1 0   0   0  
1995 - 1996 22 12 6 1 7 3 4 3 0  
1996 - 1997 6(1)   0   0   0   0  
Total 44(3) 24 6(2) 2 7 3 4 3 0  

Jabba's Comments

Tony - Tony Yeboah - Tony Yeboah - Tony Yebo-o-ah! The chant that rang around the grounds of England for two great years. The big Ghanaian joined Leeds from Eintracht Frankfurt for £3.4 million at the start of 1995 and soon got about the business of terrorising opposition defences. At the start of 1995-96, he had more or less wrapped up the goal of the season competition with a cracking 25-yard volley against Liverpool, and several other world-class goals showed us what a gem we'd got. A hat-trick in Monaco in the UEFA Cup proved it again. Unfortunately, that proved to be the high spot. Injuries - several picked up while on international duty - restricted his game when he played and kept him out of the side on too many occasions. And when George Graham took over, the dour Scotsman couldn't put up with the fact that he wasn't the biggest man in the club, so Yeboah had to go. He returned to Germany and was still playing and scoring for several years after that.

Robby Mitchell says: Tony was an excellent player and it's a pity that he didn't stay in the league for longer.

Sukhjit Singh says: I worked with Antony Yeboah's cousin, Glenn Yeboah. This was for Work Experience at Somerfields, Leicester.

Peter Ellis says: Tony Yeboah is a legend and should be remembered at Elland Road for many years to come. He was amazing when he was at Leeds. It is worth paying just to see the man play. LONG LIVE TONY YEBOAH!

Bob McCalmont says: Tony was a great player we miss him.

Anon says: I have a Ghanian friend who met Tony Yeboah, years ago when he was playing for Ghanaia Blackstar.

Lynden says: my teacher Mr Achampong from Ghana was good friends with Tony when he was young.

Michael Ackom says: h my wounderful tony, for so many i have been looking forward to meeting you. i like everything about you please do rigth to me . my name is michael ackom a ghanaian.

I L O V E Y O U .

andrew transvers says: i love you yeboah.great goal against the pool.

mike asks: Is there a Video of the wonderful goals that Tony yeboah scored?

Tom Wright says: I think Tony Yeboah is a legend because of some of the goals he cracked home for leeds, but most famously for the goals of the crossbar!!!! "LEGEND"..

Leicester White says: I personally thought he was crap. Scored some great and very memorable goals, but his all round play was KAK. Looked fatter than Mark Viduka does now.

Tony Forrester says: i love tony yeboah

Michael Duker says: Tony is a wonderful player with great goal scoring skills.

ali grice says: Hate george graham love tony yeboah

Rossi says: He amde me cry he were so bloody great. I MISS YOU tony super leeds!

Kieren 'Zulu Army' Hennessy says: im a birmingham city fan but i just want to say YYYYEEEEEEAAAAAAAABBBBBBOAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Joe Poyzer says: that goal goal against liverpool ding ding, with that celebration. the cross bar king.

Henning Hormann says: As a die-hard Hamburger SV Fan, I celebrated the day Yeboah joined our club. He was one of the greatest strikers I've ever watched playing. He proved his skills not only in Germany, but also in the Premiership, which is even superior. I will always carry his name in the web, combined with his final jersey number in Hamburg

emmanuel yeboah says: tony yeboah is better then maradona i have seen yeboah as a young star when he played in cornerstones he is the best player in all time

tom vickers age 13 says: he is a very good player one of the best finishers in the premeirship in his time with leeds

jona yeboah says: hes my father

Luke Cartwright says: Tony Yeboah is the chief man!

taynia yeboah says: congradulations!!!!! from america!!

kevin mcfadden says: Why did he leave he should come back he's a Elland Road GOD

Rob McLean says: I once helped him with his cruciate knee ligament problems by batting him in the knees

Anon says: tony as been the best player who has grace a leeds shirt

bob marley says: we love u tony

big chris says: In a time when it had become obvious that we had not become the force we belived we could be after the title big Tony provided some of the greatest moments ever seen from a leeds player the 3 1 kicking of the scum that christmas eve and the hat trick in monaco are tales i can tell my grandchildren about quite simply a god

Jonty Rees says: Did you know that his nephew, Freddy Adu, is a 13yr old phenom in the US. Plays for the US U17 National team, and is scoring many goals against full pro teams from the MLS in practice games? Watch this kid - he could lead the US to great things in World Cups to come.

sean says: where is he now ?

Matt says: Tony was my favorite player for Eintracht Frankfurt and it was really sad to see him go (another manager Jupp Heynckes thinking he is bigger than the club). Did enjoy watching him for Leeds though. Believe he is playing in Qatar now...

Liam Flesher says: yeboah a simply class act that is all i can say about this guy.

Alex says: What a talented player, an absolute legend.

Andy Lythe says: I have the Leeds yeboah video. Its worht just seeing liverpools/Wimbledons/Monaco's and many others faces as the legend Yeboah canoned the ball into the net. We won't forget Tony!

carl 'auntie' tyler says: tony yeboahs goal was the best goal ever scored in any english league and i cant be byass iam a man utd supporter yreboaaaah 4 england watch ur back mr helewell

Powell says: 25yd stunner against Liverpool, if you see this goal you'll understand what a quality player he was. And this is coming from a United fan.

paul fox says: anyone who knows anything about football knows he was a world class player,he should have gone on to be the best ever leeds player until graham foced him out but i was there that warm monday evening against liverpool to witness the best goal ive ever seen!

tony yeboah jnr. says: tony was a god, his half way line goal is a portrayal of the greatness of the English premier league, and his head chest knee volley from the edge of the box was almost superhuman. LONG LIVE THE LEGEND!!

Innocent Bystander says: Tony Yeboah once picked up a building with his foot and tossed it into a raging river to save a village that would have been flooded by it!

Matt says: I love Tony Yeboah, he's cool! I want his babies in an erotic way! And his babies will all score legend goals

craig danish says: I love yeboah he really is a legend cos of hes goal cracking in off the bar and his special celebration

Dimple Crew says: wa wa yeah yeah, yeboah is the main man, cained it in off the crossbar, wagged his finger as if to say 'im the man, noone can touch me' YOU KNOW THIS

Peter Reeve says: Anyone know any players who've played in england, italy and spain?

Irvine says: Tony Yeboah, Tony Yeboah, Tony Yeboah is my father, iiii, Tony Yeboah is my father. The greatest footballer that ever lived! bar none!

Kev says: Tony's rocket against liverpool is a one I'll never forget.

billythefish says: yeboah was a genius, that goal he scored against liverpool was unbelivable!! yet have you seen his birthday? 6th June 1966. Maybe he left the Premiership to take on the Nazarine in another titanic battle?

Oxbenji says: Genious Player! And that goal. Will stick in the mind forever. Not even a leeds fan! Great Player.

Jon Boy says: Made the whole world sit up and take notice with his stunners against liverpool and wimbledon, i have never seen 2 better strikes in my life. My school folders will forever be adorned with his name. YEBOAH!!!!!!

Michael Um Bugler says: Tony Yeboah is my favourite player of all time. I remember watching his famous goal while munching on a chicken kiev, priceless moment in my life.

Robert Wilson says: tony yeboah- the worlds best player, i love him and i always will, remember a **star** for the future freddie adu(yeboah 2) his nephew..... wow i wish he was me!!!!

Aussie Football fan says: There was one goal Tony scored that matched - even surpassed that classic volley against Liverpool. It was against Wimbledon in the same year I think (It was No. 1 of the Top 10 goals in the Premier League that season)and a very similar goal in the fact that it hit the underside of the crossbar before it went in - except he juggled the ball past 2 defenders before he took the shot(I remember Leeds won the game 4-2) It was THE best goal I have ever seen and probably will see and a memory that will stay in my mind for the rest of my days. Brilliant stuff

Melon Terrence says: I once met Tony and he told me that football was like a drug to him. I love Tony Yeboah and rumour has it Freddy Adu (the young prodigy) is his nephew!

Jem says: Nov. 12th, 2003 A dark hour in the history of Leeds United as our chances of Premiership-survival look very slim. I miss you Tony Yeboah, please come back and save our club!

Ronny Cleasby says: I f**king loved tony yeboah, he should never left. Thank you please.

Matt Condon says: Marc told me that he was Adu's uncle and Marc is a Leed's fan at the end of the day, for the lads

Sajjaad Rashid says: Absolute star, some of the best goals I've ever seen came from this man. The hat-trick against Monaco was unbelievable! FA cup against Derby at the Baseball Ground, awesome game! We could do with him now!

Attakora Yeboah says: He is simply the best.he is my uncle

dan fillingham says: Tony Yeboah is a great idol to young children all around the world and i think his thunderous bar and ins against Wimbledon and Liverpool were the goals of the century, and 1 last thing TONY YEBOAH FOR EVER

Victor Bonsu-Prempeh says: I remember that shimmering star;muscled and sweaty with unpredictable aura. His moves whilst with the ball is like concord in the sky and the satisfaction emanating from his goals is like honey nectar downed in your throat. The goal against Ivorian team during the African cup of nations in South African is my most memorable goal of him. He is the best goal scorer Africa had ever produced.Tony, I am in the U.S and Also a student at Connecticut. I hope to see you thrive forever .

shane parry says: wot a legend

Tom from York says: Tony Yeboah has got to have been the ULTIMATE player ever!!! Through his years at Leeds he must have had the BEST goal ever scored in football history where he was over 30 yards out and he hit the under side of the crossbar and it then went in. Its all Howard Wilkinson's fault he left. What ever happened to Tony? Jabba says: Tony left when George Graham was manager, not Wilko.

Dave Duff says: Tony Yeboah! what a class player he was!! Best goal ever for me against Liverpool when i was younger ( and im a Liverpool fan ). Only a 1 season wonder but would have been a premiership star only for george graham to spoil things! King of the Crossbars ;)

ryan says: i really wanna know what squad number Yeboah was wen he was at leeds, coz i am getting a leeds shirt with his ame on it, can anyone help me! Jabba says: Tony carried the number 21 in his time at Leeds.


Fred A says: Remember watching the Monaco Yeboah hat-trick game: happened to around at my parents neighbours in France at the time and remember telling them before the game that Yeboah would win the match for us. Lo and behold, though can't really remember much detail tho seem to recall there was an overhead kick involved. French TV did an v amusing pre-match chalkboard analysis of the team game plans, Monaco's involving a million dots and arrows going in no discernable direction, Leeds' consisting of 3 dots and 2 arrows going from goal to midfield to goal! :-) Those were the days!

Kingsley Addai-Boateng says: He was one of the best and I'm absolutely surprised he was not included in Pele's best 125 living players list!

Ajide Yeboah Akinfenwa says: yeboah is a true legend ild love to see him back in english football playin for a Div 3 team or maybe coaching at some club... YEBOAH IS GOD

joe says: i was wondering if anyone had that goal against liverpool as a screensaver because it would be awesome.

HeCtIc 'Zulu Army' says: im a blues fan, this geezer alone would have kept you up, wot a player. Every club needs a player like him, someone that will pop up and bag you a wonder goal out of nowhere. But youll just have to hope being as he wont want to come to you once ur in the div. 1 will he lol lol. (Come on Bruce sign him up, not f***in heskey')

Neil says: Only Lorrimer was better, Yeboah may have only been at Leeds for two years ( thanks george you **** ) but he is an Elland road GOD

Al Lunn says: Tony yeboah was the life of Leeds three years. one of the greatest players to grace Elland Road. Hail to the big Ghanaian.

kwasi says: He was a very good player, but the fact is he was surrounded by not so good players.

kronus says: greatest goal scorer ever to emerge from the continent of Africa, best striker Leeds ever had until Graham f***ing spoiled it. F*** Graham!!!!

adu-pako says: hey guys, no one ever said he was joint goal king in germany for two seasons while at eintracht frankfurt. he's the world's best ever at scoring beautiful power laden goals that had crack goalkeepers running for cover, and was once rated no. 9 in the world. HE'S STRIKER OF THE CENTURY!!! pity leeds let him go, such a gem!! such boffoonery!!!

Tom from York says: I can sum Tony Yeboah Up In 2 Words - PURE CLASS where is he now?

Chris Daley says: Tony Yeboah was an absolute legend, and I still rate that beauty against Liverpool as the best ever Premiership goal! Who agrees?

Gaffer says: That ball is still travelling now. What a goal against Wimbledon. Remember his first touch for Leeds?. In the back of the Man U net. Long live the king

Piers Hunday says: his goal against liverpool was the greatest i have ever seen and was lucky enough to see it live, the man is a legend, such power and skill,i was only 10 yrs old when i saw that goal but i will never forget it, come back to us tony as a coach or anything, im sure you can teach our strikers how to score in the 1st division! we need your help!!!

Ike says: A God given Goal Poacher of all times. Tony,you are the greatest.

Adam says: Tony yeboah was my fave ever leeds player i know his two hat tricks at the back end of the 94 season persuade my dad to get a season ticket for him me and my brother he was amazing wen he got the ball u jus felt he was gonna score truly amazing my best footballer ever and the goal against liverpool scored on the day my youngest brother was born was unforgettable i can remmember the atmosphere today bring on back the old times or even 2 yrs or so later champions league leeds oh how i miss dem days well im still leeds through and through and now first division here we come! Were going straight up ;-)

Ghanaman says: Tony Yeboah payed his dues to Eintrantcht Frankfurt and Leeds but when it came done to the National Team ghanaians had to get down on their knees to see him perform. Watch out for Isaac Boakye of Aminia Bielifield who is following in his footsteps...arrogant but delivers.

Carl O'Gorman says: Tony Yeboah was my favourite player when I was growing up. It's a shame Leeds United didn't keep him for longer...

Ste says: EXPLOSIVE! Brilliant - crazy finnisher - African hitman with a Yorkshire torch and he made it into my all time team - WELL DONE Anthony!!

Paul Goodwin says: I loved Tony, he was my idol. I saw him once, it was the best day of my life. Life is so empty without him.

Simon Doran says: I was right behind the volley against Liverpool(at crossbar height). When he was playing EVERY forward move was as dangerous as hell to the other side. He was the man.

Arsenal fan says: Still long i didn't hear about yeboah, but i always remembered him as one og the best player ever seen. LONG LIVE TONY YEBOAHHHHHHHH!!

Yebooooooooah!! says: They may have got Cantona, they may have got Rio, but they weren't daring enough to even ask for Tony. Long Live the legend that is TONY YEBOAH!!

mark oram says: Tony Yeboah, what a player. Now were in Div One surley there is hope of the man coming back, we need you tony....yeboah yeboah yeboah

Jim says: A underestimated Ghanaian superstar, he didn't have much pace but he had a bullet of a shot. He'd pick his spot and fire them home! I love Tony Yeboah and what a goal against the scousers!

steven says: He is one of the footballing legends who we will all miss.

tom says: Tony Yeboah is one of the most overated players ive seen. He did'nt deserve to wear a leeds shirt.

Todd James says: Tony yeboah will be remembered for many things and one thing for sure is those two goals !!!!

Micky Charles says: I interviewed Yeboah when the black stars of Ghana played against Morocco in a world cup qualify in Kumasi,Ghana.

Wak says: He is, and always will be my favorite Leeds player.

danny seals says: tony was a ledgend he was such a gr8 player it was sad to c him leave leeds united if he hadnt of left we wud have won the champions league against Valencia long live ledgend YEBOAH

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