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Tomas Brolin

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Tomas Brolin - click for larger image

Position Midfielder
Born 29 Nov 1969, Hudviksvall (Sweden)
Height 172 cm
Weight 82 kg
International Caps Sweden: ? full

Club From To Apps Goals Sold for
Leeds United 18 Nov 1995 01 Jun 1996 25 4 £0
Crystal Palace 01 Jan 1998 01 Jun 1998 13 0  

Leeds Career League FA Cup League Cup Europe Other
Season Apps Goals Apps Goals Apps Goals Apps Goals Apps Goals
1995 - 1996 17(2) 4 1(1)   2(2)   0   0  
Total 17(2) 4 1(1)   2(2)   0   0  

Jabba's Comments

Tubby Tomas Brolin was one of those inspired signings that had the stamp of Bill Fotherby all over it. He was a player who'd done well in Italy and was a star for Sweden in the World Cup but by the time Leeds became interested in him he had suffered injury nightmares for some time. Leeds splashed out a massive £4.5 million on signing him and then tried to figure out what to do with him. He managed just 25 appearances in 18 months with the club and just 4 goals, and is streets ahead of the field in the "worst signing of all time" stakes for Leeds. He played against Leeds once for Palace and gave us all a good laugh with his wallowing around and then with the dodgy bandage/hairband he ended up wearing after a clash of heads. He returned to Sweden where he seems to have got involved in the shoe trade, and the last time his name was mentioned in the news it was because he'd hit an elk while driving his car. It's not known what happened to the elk either...

Boryana Yordanova Stanislavova says: I think that Tomas is a great player!

K says: I met Tomas in Los Angeles after a hockey game in '97 and we had a great time together running around LA. He is a fun and honest man. I only saw him play football one time, but I know now he was a great player! Sorry if that is too boring for you.

Willard Robinson jr says: Tomas was an amazing soccer player. Didn't you see the 1994 World Cup? How he play, especially against Brazil when he gave that pass to Kennet Andersson to score. and also he made a great duo with Martin Dahlin

Mr:Jackson says: tomas brolin is the greatest player ever!!!! soccer is to much focused on def. now a days

Max says: Have you forgot that Leeds didnt let him play on his best position on the midfield?...the position that he made it into the 1994 World Cup-Team. The manager didnt like him. Brolin scored 3 goals in one match and even then the manager didnt want him. Beacause of Brolin, Sweden one the 3:rd place in the 1994 World Cup. Imagine if Celtic put Henrik Larsson out of the team? Leeds manager was even more stupid when he didnt let Tomas Brolin play. Tomas Brolin is voted as one av "Parma" (Italy) best player ever. What do you say about that? Jabba says: looks like you've missed my point entirely. He did well enough before he was injured but after his injury - when he was at Leeds - he was a total disaster.

Max says: I agree that he wasnt as good as before hes leg was broken, but then, he didnt really get the chans beacause he and the trainer didnt get along. So he destroyed him...

luke fairmaner says: i saw him in a video and he fell over and someone kicked it against his head and he scored! he was a quality player! NOT, he was a twat

henrik lindahl says: I havent met him! BUT World Cup 94!!! Need to say no more!! Still give me a shiver all over my body!!! Was only 14 yeasr old at that time!

Annalisa says: Once I met Tomas. It was in 1992, in Parma and I remember him as a very nice person. He was a great footballer too. He played very well in Italy. Everyone still loves him in Italy! Ci manchi troppo Tomas!

Kieran Spillane says: Tomas Brolin, once the young, sickingly talented swedish footballer of a generation who oversadowed the Brazilians in USA '94 - then a string of injuries and now a vacuum nozzles salesman. Sounds bad? Not so. Through an unlikely sequence of events that only ever could have happened him, the likeable, pleasant and consistently charming Tomas has had a kid, married a former Miss Sweden and is an iconic figure the world over. I, for one, am glad that unlike so many players who waste their talents this is not another sad ending.

James says: i once saw him in a pub in otley which is about 10 miles away from leeds he had just joined leeds and he looked very depressed and home sick so i went to talk to him but when i tried to talk to him he hit me breaking my ribs and giveing me two black eyes

"tim" (aka the James who posted above) says: super Tomas Brolin

Anon says: i live next door to tomas he is a very good freind of mine i have known him for about three years

johanna says: Hello tomas brolin was the best player in the world!!!

Harry M says: It's a bloody shame that Leeds didn't give him a chance, He had an exceptional character and talent but his style of playing was to individualistic for Graham. What I can't figure out is why Leeds didn't sell him sooner (and could have gotten a lot more for him than they did) when they obviously weren't gonna give a chance to FOOTBALL and instead forced him into some perversed tactical, ultradefensive ballgame. Under Graham,Leeds could just as well have played on a Yorkshire mudfield.

shady says: I remember many moments with Tomas playing the main role, but the most i remember the game against Bulgaria won 4:0 by the Swedish team and a free kick, where Tomas hid behind the opponents wall and as the ball was played to him everybody was shocked, because no one noticed him as he stood behind them. And he scored the goal from the sharp angle. It was a masterpiece.

mick friar says: Did brolin play for juventus

tom says: last week i saw tomas in leeds i am unsure why tomas was in leeds but i saw him in heaven and hell night club in leeds he was danceing in heaven on the stage wearing a leeds shirt!! there were rumours that he may be moveing back to leeds to replace paul robinson in goal!!!!!

Dani says: Brolin was a keyplayer until he broke his ankle while giving Martin Dahlin a easy score. Then battling with injury rehab. The move to Leeds was a unlucky part in his comeback, a team wich got a new manager that already stated in his arrival to Leeds that Brolin services along other players in the squad (Palmer, Yeboah etc..) was not needed in his plan to make Leeds a great team. This couldn't motivate Brolin to go out and do a great game. I think, if he had been given confidence from the manager he would have been closer to perform like he did in Parma and World Cup 1994. I wasn't found of Leeds before and this misstreatment of players gave me no reason but to hate more. A shame for fotball management.....

papin says: brolin is the only reason i love football!!!!!!

Robert says: In 94 Tomas Brolin was elected to be the second best midfielder in the world and he made the world team in soccer. I think that is the position that Zidane Or Figo has today, suck on that one all of u doubters

simon bralot says: Sorry my english is not well. I can not find any sites on the internet about tomas. Except, of course, this one. I think it is very kind the way you speak of him, he would be very proud!

Marten in Sweden says: He had extraordinary talent and agreat but short fotball-career. ut unfortunately the footingery and also his irratic temper hampered him in his further quest to glory.

Tommy "Da Bro" Broline says: y nickame, and Dj name is Tommy "da Bro" Broline after the great man himself (I know I spell it differently) as a sign of my respect. Damn, even my e-mail address is Actually, it's because I wanted to be a porn star when I was a kid and I thought the podgy face, blond hair and fact that he was Swedish made him a very likely candidate for the same industry. Also I'm called Thomas. Also I'm cool. db.

Pablo says: He was great player but tell me where is he now????

Eda says: Hi! As a fun of Mr Brolin and I want to interwiev him. This interview can be published in a homepage for all of Thomas Brolin fans. There for I would be glad to have his e-mail adress. Can sb. help me pls?? thanks (my mailto: Krizantem_ _at_ or essass _at_

Thomas says: I think Graham was an idiot. Its as simpel as that. Someone in a team must have the responsibility to take on a newcomer, to make him relax and feel welcomed. Its praxis throughout Europe. But they failed with that and particular Graham failed heavily not only because of that but also because he promised the man a free role on the midfield before the signup. Promises that were just lies. Therefor Mr Graham is the man to blame for the worst signup in Leeds history. So all Leeds fan in my opinion have the rights to call him anything or everything. Jabba says: George Graham had nothing to do with Brolin's signing - he was signed in the Wilko days.

Leila from Iran says: Tomas was the most favourite player of mine.I will never forgive george graham,he sacrificed Tomas for his selfishness.

Dar says: Brolin was a clas act in his prime and one of my favourite all time players because of his enthusiasm and flair. But to be fair to fans of Leeds and later Palace he was knackered by the time they got to see him. Injuries (especially the broken album) saw his career sort of tail off but between about 1992 and 1995 he was one of the top players in Europe without any doubt.

Mike says: I live overseas from Europe. Even there Brolin's name was known. I saw him play for the first time at USA 94. He was amazing footballer. I don't know what happened to him afterwards though. Did he even get a farewell match or something? He was one of the top players during the early 90's and it just kicks me that he is forgotten like this. This is one of the very few websites i could find with something related to Tomas Brolin besides just an incomplete statistical info.

Pippo from Sweden says: Once he was KING !! Now he's a vaciumcleaner salesment and a resturant owner.. Sorry for my bad spelling..

Dave Dudding says: I'm a Palace fan and I can assure you that Brolin was overvalued when we got him on a free from Leeds - by sthat stage he was a complete waste of a lot of space. Mindy you, that gane against Leeds where he got injured and ended up wearing a neadband was one of the funniest things ever seen at SElhurst Park. Not his fault, but asad end to what was obviously a once great career

Aaron says: I'm from the same town as Tomas and i used to see him every summer when he played for Parma & Leeds when he was home on vecation. I've watched Brolin from the begining of his carrear and he was truly an exeptional player. When Brolin came to Leeds he had had heavy injurie problems, and then he get into a clash with Wilkinson and Graham. It's sad that Brolin had to end his career so early and i consider him the best swedish player ever. Right now he run a restaurant in Stockholm and some other company's along with his father Rune. And as the rumors say, yes, he have gained some weight. Brolin is not the smartest guy who've ever lived, but none of you are that either. When he was young he had an extraordinary determination and was very obstinate. But after the injurie he loosed some of the will and lost some of the determination that was the base of his whole ability together with his talent. If you had treated hi, better in Leeds i'm sure you would have recived more for your investment. Even if he was on his way down, but he was youn though, only 25-26 when he signed for Leeds... Between 1990-1995 Brolin was WORDCLASS! Nobody can deny that.

Daniel Castro says: I am spanish, for me, He was the best player that I saw in a field, but I don't know how get videos of him

Ste says: People are basically right about Brolin - he WAS class before we signed him but some parts of class never die - the touch etc. Whats 'anon' talkin about - oooh he's my next door neighbour - i wouldnt trust anon anyway - ive read some poetry of his - and its shit. As for Daniel Castro - i know where u can get video's of Brolin - ask your Dad - Fiddell!! As for the Swede that destroyed the turnip - he'll always be special to us - and he shouldve started at Wembley!!!

Ronaldo T Willemski says: Loved his compulsory celebration after scored. I have slighly varied it for such occasions when a jump and twist in the air is needed. Tomas Brolin, Ronaldo T Willemski salutes you

Vinnie Breda says: One of the biggest failures to have walked on the Elland Road pitch. What a waste of money!!!!!

Ste says: To Vinnie Breda - The same manager that signed him used him inappropriately! It takes 2 to tango and Wilko wasted Brolins talents as much as the 4.5 million he paid for him.

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