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Position Left winger
Born 27 May 1971, Halesowen (England)
Height 182 cm
Weight 81 kg
International Caps England: 8 full, 1 B, 8 U21

Club From To Apps Goals Sold for
Torquay United 31 May 1988 10 Jun 1988 16 6 £185000
Manchester United 10 Jun 1988 14 Aug 1996 265 36 £4500000
Leeds United 14 Aug 1996 25 Mar 1999 37 6 £250000
Sampdoria 01 Nov 1998   5 0 on loan
Bradford City 25 Mar 1999 12 Aug 2002 66 4 £0
Portsmouth 01 Feb 2001   17 0 on loan
Exeter City 12 Aug 2002   4 1  

Leeds Career League FA Cup League Cup Europe Other
Season Apps Goals Apps Goals Apps Goals Apps Goals Apps Goals
1996 - 1997 26 5 0(1)   3 1 0   0  
1998 - 1999 2(2)   0   0   1(2)   0  
Total 28(2) 5 0(1)   3 1 1(2)   0  

Jabba's Comments

As Leeds' most expensive signing, a lot was expected of Lee, but his time at Leeds has been beset by injuries to himself and uncertainty in the team. He didn't play at all in the 97-98 and never regained his place in a settled and increasingly attractive forward line-up.

When David O'Leary took over, it was made clear to Sharpe that he didn't really have a future at the club, and he signed on loan to Sampdoria for the rest of the season. That didn't work out, and on his return he went to Bradford on loan to help them to promotion. This move became permanent in the summer for £250,000. He didn't do much for them either, and spent a spell down on the south coast on loan at Pompey.

In summer 2002 he was reported as being on trial at Grimsby, trying to win a place for the new season but in the end he signed on a match-by-match contract with Exeter. After being released by Exeter we he turned up at Icelandic side Grindavik in early 2003, and is now back in Leeds with Garforth Town for 2004-05.

Kerrie says: I first met Lee 13 years ago outside Russell Beardsmore's house in Salford. I've been a dedicated follower ever since. I actually had to take a week off school when he left Man United! I couldn't stop crying! I've met him loads of times since and every meeting brought the biggest smile to my face-thanx Lee. xxxxxxxxx

Dawn says: Just wondering if anyone knows where there is a biography of him on the net? Is he married?

Messiah Owen somewhat bizarrely says: I remember all the time that you stay at manchester united missing you. Have a good job my hero.

Michelle says: When Lee Sharpe is remembered in years to come, one thing might spring to mind, the spectacular back heel against Barcelona. And what a celebration as well!!!!!!

Vikki says: Lee used to go to the 'Bull's Head' pub for after-match drinks with the rest of the Man Utd posse & make my heart swell! Thanks Lee for giving me confidence as could lip-read/hear what they were saying!

Nikki Little says: I used to be in Lee's fan club when he was at Man Utd, and was his number one fan, he's a babe and would be interested in what he's up to now.

anon says: kerrie girl you need help you sond more like a stalker than a fan!!!

keziah says: have met Lee lots of time, I used to see him out all the time and watched him played every games, while he was here. We had some great time together in the nightclubs. I wish him all the best, if he signs to Americal, or whateven he do in the further. x

Michelle says: hi i meet Lee a couple of times and got lots of kisses of him i was also in his fan club when he was at Manchester United and i even went to see Bradford City play just to see him.

Lee Win Sharpe says: He is the best player in the world!!!!!!!

jeff says: lee sharpe ,exeter,who? lol

pou says: he could have been a great player at man utd, what a pity........

Lesley Pigram says: I don't think he is that brilliant a player and he'd do better thinking about going to study for a management post at a University.

Jason says: I just got done reading the roy keane story and he said that united let sharpe go because he was always out on the town, football, he wasnt hungry enough to be a manchester united palyer,he enjoyed the benifits that came with the job to much.....

Jon Srensen says: All united fans still thinks of one of the best players on englishsoil GO LEE GO LEE

Narisara from Thailand says: I love Lee Sharpe verry much

Asgeir Valgardsson says: Lee Sharpe is here in Iceland and its possible that he is gonna be a player with a team called "Grindavk"

Sibbi the snuff says: It would be fantastic if Lee decided to give Iceland and the team Grindavik which will play in the uefa-cup next season, a chance. Lee, you wont regret it, I promise :)

Pete Waterman says: ive seen the almighty lee sharpe in a small town called clitheroe behind the counter at woolworths..what a tremendous help he was findin me my cheeky girls tape.....THANKS LEE.XXX

Xeter says: What a slump in his career if hes gonna end up playing in Iceland, for a nobodyknowsorevencareswho team!!

Dav Oddsson says: Now Lee Sharpe is a member of Grindavik team in Iceland. Everybody in Iceland loves Lee Sharp and he will be a hero here in Iceland.

mr q says: Nikki Little: if you was wondering what he is up to now, he is off to Iceland to play there for a while, the reason i know this is because i know his Dad and his brother jon sharpe, and jon plays for the same football team as me TIPTON TOWN, and his dad told me thats what he's up to at the mo. check out our website

gem says: can anyone confirm he was in sugar reef on sat

Grindavik fan. says: Welcome Mr.Sharpe. You wont regret going to Iceland for the summer. Everyone is looking forward to your arrival and the league promises to be very exciting as Arnar Gunnlauigsson and his twin brother Bjarki have joined Reykjavik club,K.R. It wont be a walk in the park and this summer could be a new start for Lee Sharpe. I wish him all the best and his decision was a brave one.

Matt Hellawell says: I've known Lee for many years through the moves from Man Utd and beyond ...If only they gave him a chance at leeds...this guy is an amazing Player and Gent...I wish him all the best in Iceland... Keep Positive and make it happen...

Alex says: I know it's sad but I have a poster of him that I kept from his early days at Man Utd in the cupboard I keep my hoover in!!! I thought he was gorgeous when I was a teenage and still do! Saw him play a couple of times at Old Trafford and last year saw him outside Tiger Tiger in Leeds. I may have to get myself over to Iceland now!!!

Lisa Fox says: I have always loved Lee Sharpe, watched him from the early days at United. After he left United it wasn't the same so gave up season ticket but now back again as a Steward. Still have his picture on my desk. Love you forever Lee x

Arnepoparne says: Lee Sharpe could have been a star player like Giggs is today. He deserves more than playing for a crappy team in Iceland.

lin says: Sharpey I never forget you. you taught me how amazing football is. Always love and miss you. keep fight.

Lee Sharpest says: Hehe, Lee Sharpe wasnt good enough for that "crappy" team in Iceland Mr. ArnePoparne, where are you from anyway Arne? Norway maybee? You dont play that attractive football over there do you? :>

Sean Paul says: Lee Sharpe was a great player and still has the potential to play some great football-wish him the best-he should have came to Killie though.!

Scott Symonds says: I met Lee Sharpe about 6-7 years ago, wen he was playing fo Man Utd.He came accross as a great guy as i'm sure he is.I also think he is one of the best players we have had. I support Man Utd. He is a great fella,and i wish he hadn't hung up his boots. I think it is a shame that an england Football Club doesn't want a good player like him.

A realistic United fan says: Who needs Lee Sharpe when you have Ryan Giggs? One main reason United could afford losing Sharpe is Giggs! Giggs has more skills, is faster, is younger, can play on both wings. Sharpe was an average player, nothing extraordinary. Why do you think the guy only has 8 caps?

Steve says: does anyone know what his autobiography is called and when it due to be realeased?

Nick says: i saw him play a few times for exeter city, he wasn't half bad-better than the load of donkeys he was playin with-shame we had to let him go. finance pressure i think.

Michael Carrick says: Ive just got two words for the man!!!!!! ABSOLUTE LEGEND!!! He was a player i followed and looked up to as a young lad, and also the reason i left newcastle and am here at westham today.

she'amanufan says: Lee Sharpe was a very talented player who it had to be said was the better crosser of the ball than Giggs. - But Lee what went wrong? You could of played more for England. all the best lad you were a class act and i hope you can shine again where ever you are.

Mats says: Any news on Lee what he is going to do after Iceland ??

K says: Met Lee when he was here in the States a few years back...great kisser! Really nice guy, too, glad I got a chance to see him play

Alan Dixon says: Sharpey, what a top bloke. Used to be in his fan club, followed him from the start. Met him 3 times and was my idol growing up. Seen him on Soccer AM this wkd, watta legend!

respati says: lee's mr. popular in his heyday.

Andy Gilbert says: I went to the same school as Sharpey: Hagley R.C in the West Midlands (his brother John also went there) Lee was at the hight of his career at the time playing for Man Utd. Many was the time when he would turn up at our school with another Man U player (often to catch up with our P.E master Mr Shannon) and when word went out he was about, we would all pile out of our classrooms and he would spend hours signing autographs. In the late 90's our school was beset by tragedy when the school minibus crashed killing a number of pupils and one of our teachers and in the aftermath a football match was organised to raise funds for a fitting memorial...Lee was the captain of a football match held at Kidderminster Harriers ground. Not to mention the countless signed shirts and balls he donated. And if I'm not mistaken he even donated one of his England shirts to the school. I read an article in The Times in March this year about him joining Grindavik. It was not a particularly nice article about a guy who in my mind was an outstanding talent of his generation and although he has'nt stayed the test of time as Mr Beckham has done but from what I know of him he is a great bloke and I wish him well for the future wherever he plays or whatever he does. And I'm sure I speak for many people when I say that.

col says: I dyed my hair blond for the summer once, then went to see Leeds vs Wimbledon away. on the train one of the Leeds lads was telling everyone he'd "met sharpy at the airport, telled him he wasn't scum now, and would smack him if he kept idling about in a white shirt". The fat get then turned to me and said "that goes for sharpy lookalikes an all"

ed says: gooners 2-6 united...nov 1990. sharpe hat trick...right foot, left foot, header....the only perfect hat trick ive ever seen...

Christoffer says: Hi there!I am a 16year old boy from Norway.I wanna thank Lee for putting pen to paper off my football career!He is and will always be my idol!thank you Sharpe.....

dan says: lee sharpe is still a god in my eyes

GirlFromMars says: Bugger!! I miss him so badly..Can anyone tell me what is he up to at the moment? which club he is playing for? Btw, he married right? Cant remember which year was that!

rachelle says: where can I stalk him and please let me as Im a very needy woman

ACHK says: I live in HK and he was one of the soccer Pundits for the w/end premiership games for ESPN based in Singapore. 24/05/2004

Robert Frazer says: Lee now owns a Pub in Collingham, near Leeds and is married to Joanne

Steve says: Do you know what the pub is called??

Ben says: played against lee sharpe in my five a side league in leeds last wee, he megged me around 18 times he was mint, but i did muller him in a corner, he took it well though. think he considered a sharpy shuffle after his 8th goal but he didnt bother

Michelle says: the pub is called the old star and its in collingham

Exeter City Fan says: When Lee Sharpe came to Exeter many fans where in disbelief but it only took 90 minutes for him to show you why he was hear. He was lazy and un willing to work for the ball, a sad thing for what could have been a great player. Injury harshly booted him out of football but all the same he's a great guy who just wants to play the game. I wish him all the best in his next career move.

TEM says: I can't believe that he got married!!!!! Oh no - he was supposed to wait for me!!!! Who is Joanne anyway - is she a celeb??? WHen did this all happen? Am i the only one who finds it so unfortunate that shows about purple dinosaurs and the smurfs and people who sing about barbie dolls have official web sites BUT Lee Sharpe doesnt have one. He doesnt have a fanclub, a website .....a biography....whats happening here. I wish i could get a group of people so we could start something going. Like a few previous people (above) asked - i too would love to know - Does a LS biography exist????? If anyone knows, please help....please. Another thing, anyone here know anything about Lee's days at WInston Massage Parlour. DOnt know if what i heard was true. ALso heard that he used to go to the club Back to Basics. Is that true? Is his brother older/younger?? Is he cute too?

Hector Tiwana says: He was the best left winger. No one today could be like lee was when he was at man utd and leeds. thanks for the memories lee...wish u all the best. Man Utd made the biggest mistake selling you. I am a die hard man utd fan and i know that it was a huge mistake. look at England now, No Lee Sharpe...No left winger.

Garforth Town and ICFDS says: Lee Sharpe has just signed to Garforth Town FC, the club owned by Simon Clifford and Brazilian Soccer Schools. It is hoped that Lee can bring much needed attention to this club as we have great ambitions, to spiral up the leagues and promote our Brazilian Training method. Visit for Brazilian Soccer Schools info and - date 7/9/04

Tim says: I've never met Lee Sharpe, I only know about him from a profile I read in The Observer about two years ago.I realy felt for the guy. Sounds to me like he had a raw deal one way and another. Hope it works out in Iceland. I also think he'll be a lot happier when he comes out. But the tension between the desire to play professional football and the wish to be honest about who you are is a fairly difficult palce to be. Good luck Lee.

Steve Swales says: Lee played today for Garforth Town FC in Leeds, where he will play for the year. He was excellent today and drew a big crowd. Get over and see him play.

TEM says: I read an article on the net last week. Lee was interviewed by Small Talk and in it he is asked if he is seeing anyone and he says that he's single. Was i confused or was i confused????? He also said that the name of his pub is Half Moon or something.

anon says: lee doesnt own the old star according to an interview in the guardian a few wks back he owns the half moon at collingham and is single playing for garforth

Erik says: im a really huge lee sharpe fan from norway, and have been since 1988. me and some friends are wondering to travel to england to see garforth town and was wondering about the possibility to meet sharpey. is he game?

Antony says: i saw lee sharpe in action in a pub in Chamonoix Switzerland earlier this year, when I was on a snowboarding holiday. He still had all the old magic, all the moves, and a flock of women around him. Him actually started talking to the girl my mate had been working on for about an hour in about 2 minutes. LEGEND!

derek says: fantastic player his career which was sadly faltered by niggling injurys lee had great skill and composure i remember when man u beat barcelona in de kuip feyenoord lee was outstanding i thought the move to sampdoria would be great as the game would have suited his abillity sad that he isnt playing at the top level but lee sharpe legend remembered

Jean Baz says: Sharpe to solve Englands left sided problem!

phil howard says: I once met lee when i went with my dad to old trafford. he took me out on the pitch and passed me the ball and let me score in the stretford end of old trafford! it was absoloutly wicked, i still think he is the best left winger england have had in the last 15years

ManRedM45 says: Lee Sharpe was one of the best talents I've ever seen in 20 years watching Man United. Shame he couldn't stay away from the high life, that's what ruined his career and why no-one will touch him. No matter how good you are (and he was fantastic) people know! Good luck anyway Lee it was a pleasure to have seen you play before the money came in!

anon says: I played with Lee in Iceland and it was a pleasure. You should have seen his attitude. He practised twice a day and you could strongly sense that this guy LOVES football. Unfortunately he got injured and only played about five times. Playing with him is something I'll cherish and will never forget,since he was one of my greatest heroes when I was growing up. All the best,Sharpey!

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