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Tommy Burden

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Tommy Burden

Position Wing half
Born 21 Feb 1924, Andover (England)
Height 173 cm
Weight 72 kg
International Caps none

Club From To Apps Goals Sold for
Wolverhampton Wanderers 01 Aug 1941 01 Nov 1945      
Chester City 01 Nov 1945 01 Jul 1948 82 40  
Leeds United 01 Jul 1948 01 Oct 1954 259 13 £3000
Bristol City 01 Oct 1954 01 Jun 1961 231 20  

Leeds Career League FA Cup League Cup Europe Other
Season Apps Goals Apps Goals Apps Goals Apps Goals Apps Goals
1948 - 1949 35 3 1   0   0   0  
1949 - 1950 42 1 5   0   0   0  
1950 - 1951 39 6 2   0   0   0  
1951 - 1952 40   5   0   0   0  
1952 - 1953 42 2 1   0   0   0  
1953 - 1954 40 1 2   0   0   0  
1954 - 1955 5   0   0   0   0  
Total 243 13 16   0   0   0  

Jabba's Comments

Tommy Burden had played for Major Frank Buckley at Wolves during the war, and the two were reunited at Leeds as Buckley started to rebuild the side that had been relegated to Division 2. He was wounded in the D-Day landings, but that did not affect his long-term fitness and he was team captain for 4 seasons, making over 250 appearances for Leeds. He died at home in Taunton in late 2001.

OzWhite says: It was with sadness that I read that Tommy died in 2001.He was one of the nicest men I have ever met.As a very young primary schoolboy I knocked on his house door and asked him for his autograph.He asked me in,signed my new autograph book and asked if I would like any other Leeds players autographs. "John Charles",I asked hopefully.He smiled and said "leave it with me". I went back several times and he always had an excuse for not giving me it.At the end of the season,he gave it back to me.It had the autographs of all LUFC players,and their opponents including Arsenal,the Compton brothers et al!Can you imagine any of today's players doing that? I saw Tommy play many times,he was,for obvious reasons,always a favourite of mine.He was the Captain and a fine leader and example to all.

John laight says: Watched Tommy play for Bristol City foe the whole of his time their. Brilliant wing half and inspirational captain. One of the best non capped players I ever saw. Towards the end he even managed to do it part time with no obvious loss of commitment..

Caspiano says: Living in Street in Somerset I was aware of the local man who played football for Leeds United but did not see him play until staying with relatives in Leeds. An uncle took my cousin and me to a match where we saw him captaining a Leeds United match with John Charles in the side. Can't remember much more about the match but was surprised by the huge numbers attending compared to local games in the west country.

A few years later I joined the local cricket club in the village and there was Tommy in the team where he gave plenty of encouragement to us younger members of the club.

During those years he played pro football in the winter and worked for the local shoemakers, Clarks, during the summer.

He had two children, Margaret and David. Margaret was a lovely young lady just a few years younger than myself and I enjoyed her friendship.We went out together for a while but I got into real trouble with Tommy when we arrived back at her home at about 3 a.m. where we found Tommy waiting up for us. I later lost touch as I was working abroad but heard that Margaret had married and continued to live in Street. She had inherited her Father's sporting genes, played hockey the South West of England and was on the verge of the England team when, not long after her wedding she died in a road accident on her way to work as a PE teacher at Yeovil.

This was another traumatic experience for her family as her grandfather had died in a garage accident.

Clarks were very understanding and provided Tommy and his wife with the opportunity to get away from it all and assigned Tommy to a position within the organization in Australia for a few years. Following this they returned to Somerset where Tommy retired near to his son who was also a local sporting stalwart on the cricket field and perhaps football too but I'm not sure about that.

Tommy was a local lad done good and I'm proud to have known him.

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