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Harpal Singh

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Position Left winger
Born 15 Sep 1981, Bradford (England)
Height 170 cm
Weight 64 kg
International Caps none

Club From To Apps Goals Sold for
Leeds United 01 Aug 1998 24 Mar 2005 0 0 £0
Bury 11 Sep 2001 11 Dec 2001 15 3 on loan
Bristol City 07 Mar 2002 25 Mar 2002 3 0 on loan
Bradford City 07 Nov 2002 17 Dec 2002 3 0 on loan
Bury 31 Jul 2003 09 Nov 2003 19 1 on loan
Bury 06 Feb 2004 09 May 2004 11 1 on loan
Stockport County 18 Feb 2005 24 Mar 2005 4 0 on loan
Stockport County 24 Mar 2005        

Leeds Career League FA Cup League Cup Europe Other
Season Apps Goals Apps Goals Apps Goals Apps Goals Apps Goals
2001 - 2002 0   0   0   0   0  
2002 - 2003 0   0   0   0   0  
Total 0   0   0   0   0  

Jabba's Comments

Promising young winger who has done well in the reserves and impressed the locals during a spell on loan at Bury early in 2001-02. He's been on the bench for the first team - and folks who regularly see the reserves tell me he deserves at least a few minutes on the pitch in the Premier League to show what he can do. He also had a loan spell at Bristol City and although he made a similarly impressive start he failed to settle in the West Country and made a swift return to Leeds.

Realistically it looks like he's not going to make it in the Leeds first team, and 2003-04 has seen him farmed out on loan to Bury again - although Peter Reid said he will consider recalling him if he plays well. Unfortunately, Harpal suffered a dislocated shoulder while on loan at Bury and looks like being out for the rest of the season.

avey says: I think Harpal is a promising youngster who should be given a chance in the first team.

P Mattu says: For Harpal Singh to play Premiership football would do great justice for Leeds United. Not only would this be an addition to the efforts of Peter and David in repairing the recent damage to the club, it would improve community relations. As for an Asian Sikh to be given a chance to play for a top club as Leeds, would allow other young Asians wanting to follow an ambassador in his foot-steps. I hope to see Harpal playing in the first team sooner than later.

Siddhartha says: I wish I was at least born in England so that I could also play like Harpal, but being born in India I had to subdue my love for soccer.

Paramvir Bhogal says: I feel very proud to find that a fellow Sikh has made it to the first team of a top premiership club. I also hope that this will be the start of serious Asian presence in the footballing world. Hats off to you Harpal Singh!

Louise says: I am a Bury fan and Harpal was a credit to Leeds while he played for us. Cracking little player with great speed and some great finishes only wish we could have kept him, would have helped us through our trouble stop at the mo. He will do great at Leeds.

Varun Gopalakrishnan says: I am a Leeds United fan and I am from India. Many other Indians like me who watch English Premier League will be proud if they watch Harpal Singh come and play for one of the top class teams in the EPL. Hope he will do great.

Amandeep Singh says: I was really proud when I saw Harpal Singh in one of the soccer magazine. From that time onwards I started to follow on the latest of Harpal. HARPAL SINGH PLEASE MAKE US PROUD

Dilly says: Harpal Singh!! Damn too bad he wasnt born in India, him and Bhutia (india's maradona, BURY FC FORWARD) could of done some damage, India was a point away from 2nd round world cup qualifying. But India will be there in 2006! good Luck

Ashwin Chandrasekaran says: I think Harpal Singh should play for the indian national team. They may not be good right now but who knows? with players like him joining the indian team we might even manage to qualify for the world cup in the near future. I also think that he will get far more recognition in the indian team than if he plays for england

Jitesh Patel says: I'd like to know if anyone knows wether Harpal is doing a law degree? Someone told me that he is and I'd like to know if he does. it is difficult to juggle a degree and professional football.

Gurdit Dhaliwal says: I saw him play in a 7 a-side tournament in Singapore in 2001. He did well although he got injured after just the first game. From the little that I saw, I am sure he has the potential to go far...only question is his determination. I think he is THE player who can help Leeds undo their PR mess with him being Asian and all. Wish he was at man Utd, my favourite EPL team.

Punam Kalirai says: Harpal Singhs my dads cousin

SRC says: Harpal singh to play first team football, would be a huge benefit to the asian people. This would encourage more asian kids to play. good luck to Harpal.

Przemek says: think that Singh will be new star from Leeds attack.I played 'Championship manager'. He was the best in my team

Indranil Aich says: Harpal Singh should definitely play for Indian National Team - along with Bhaichung Bhutia,as a striking force.India would soon become a powerful team in very near future.

Saptarshi Chakravorty says: i am an avid follower of premier league.All indians would love to see harpal/michael play in the premiership.He should be given a chance and fast!!!!We can't wait!!!!!

S Deol says: Harpal - when are we going to see you play for the first team? And how long are you prepared to wait???? Rooting for you

Barry from Somerset says: Harpel came down and played a few games for Bristol City last season, he`s a good little player who i`m sure we will see a lot more of in the future. I have sent his picture to you for this page if you need it.

Rajinder Singh says: Harpal Singh hes a class palyer he my cousins mate

Iqbal Singh says: I saw Harpal make his debut for Bradford on saturday and he has loads of potential...stay off the paratais Harpal.

Asees Mann says: man i sure can't wait to see an indian kick @$$ in the priemereship, we already rock at cricket,gulli danda, kabbadi. I guess footie is next on the list. don't worry ya all in another three years ill b joining the priemereship and then me and guys like harpal sure can kick @$$!!!

Jaspal Singh says: I'm a Wolves fan and I've seen harpal play. I think he is a speedy little player and I hope he signs for Wolves 1 day. DO US ALL PROUD SINGH!

Shaun Hobson says: I used to play with Harpal for Leeds City Boys when we were younger. I would like to add that he is a great friend and when he is on that field one day in the 1st team. I honestly feel for the opposition.

Harry Singh Lota says: Harpal. your the best player and just come back to Leeds. kidda paji.

Santosh says: Why aren't u playing we r waiting...!!

gng gravesend says: It's about time Venables picks Harpal, just like he has with some of his other youngsters like milner, he'll take his chance, just needs to be given one. hello to the albion lads - bradford.

Ali Ahmed says: I wish i am wrong but i don,t think harpal singh will play in the premiership because i believe there is a bit of racism there, i mean how long does he have to wait, he ain't getting any younger

Onkar Shergil says: Well done Harps.... Any day now we will see the first asian footballer to make it big time! Vennebles needs to read all these messages!Singh means Lion and Harpal plays like one!!!

Mark Wilson says: Alright Harpal, saw u & Caleb at Creation last a couple of weeks back! hope u get a 1st team appearance soon.

Raj Thakkar says: What were Harpal's performances like at Bradford - does anyone know? Did he do himself justice? Anyway, I hope we sign him for Leicester - Walkers Stadium is bound to packed.

Harpal says: This guy iz da man, he will pave the way for other Asian players. Jus hope he will get in the first team.

Kulvinder Singh says: Harpal is the best ever he will break into Leeds 1st team soon!!!!!!!!!!1

Gurminder Dhoot says: harpal keep on giving it your all, coz its only a matter of time before you'll be in the permiership making people like roy Keane look stupid!

John Foster says: With the current crisis in Leeds attack - Bakke playing up front - sureley we can give Harpal a 15 minute run-out. What is the point of having a reserve squad if not for crisis like these?

Taldeep Singh says: I know you will do us proud singh!!!! Can u giv me any advise in2 getting noticed by a club???

Rav Sohi says: I followed Harpals spell at Bury from their website and match reports. Clearly an asset to Leeds. Well done fella. Just seeing Singh on the back of your shirt is an inspiration for young Sikh lads. Perseverance is the key and I'd put money on him breaking out in the premiership. All the best. PS. Glory Glory Man Utd!

Sunny Singh Gill says: although i'm a liverpool supporter i would just like to say tere sade ke! hope you make it into the premiereship and do us singhs proud. been long time waitin for a asian to make onto the scene. best of luck brother!

Tania says: Surely Peter Reid should give this speedy, sexy Indian a chance up front. I thought he was amazing at Bury and it is just racist managers in his way at the moment!

R S Bains says: A message to Mr Reid, it looks like your Premiership safety is assured. What better time to experiment. Harpal Singh is young, English AND left sided. Give him 10 mins at least, your gonna help make history, cheers. p.s if nothing else, think about all the extra t.v and replica shirt sales money you would generate in UK and Indian sub continenet if Harpal got a

Aussie_larakin says: Mr. Reid, u have just taken over from terry veneables and u could become a hero at leeds if you let harpal have a go with the english premier league. he's a promising young winger and also plays on the left hand side. Harry Kewell is a superstar on the left hand side but if u give harpal 10 mins each game im sure that harpal can get used to it. And also there have been talks of Harry Kewell going to Spanish Giants Barcelona or German big guns Borrusia Dortmund so after he leaves you would have a lad that is capable of playing on the left hand side..... Im australian and i realy dont like harry leaving neway... lol

Punam Kalirai says: haps shud play 4 leeds cause he's sharp and has got loads of skill. Even though he's my cousin, i think he's much better than Wilcox, who looks like a stick. GO HARPAL . We'll be chanting your name soon!

Smithy's number 1 babe says: I think Harpal is c**p. We should sell him !

Shamya Dasgupta says: Hi. Am writing from New Delhi, India. Really want to know how good Harpal really is and what he has done for Leeds and/or Bradford and Bristol over the past year. He sounds good. But is he that good actually? What do the records say?

Tarndeep says: I am a goalkeeper playing in Seattle, USA and reading about Harpal Singh is simply amazing. Maybe in the future we could have more Asian players who have idols like you. Hats of to Harpal Singh!

Sundeep Singh Chamkila says: Harpal is a true G!!!! and deserves to b treated like 1 that includes playing in the premier league!!!!!

Naz says: There are only two words that can describe Harpal, WELL FIT!!!

Johnny lord says: if harpel dont make it there will be a small section of leeds fans who were at a york pre-season who'll not forget him - HARPEL GIS THE BALL HARPEL HARPEL GIS THE BALL - and he did. top bloke

Abbas Ahymed says: Harpals great and should be given a chance, iplay 4 preston f.c. iv sin him......he is awesome in my eyes!

Aman says: Well done Harps 4 getting this far. I hope that u break into the 1st team @ leeds and score a couple past manutd. P.S. watch out for me in the future because i'll be breakin through the 1st team @ chelsea!

Sudhir Patel says: Why on earth should Harpal Singh play for India, given that he is British? Hasn't India got nearly a billion other people to find a decent player from?

scotty wright says: he is a big man wotch owt 4 him dont sell him leeds my e-mail adress is millomsheep@yahoo.comif eny 1 wonts 2 e_mail me by

Dav Singh says: Harpal Singh is doing the Sikh Community proud. He should consider seriously about staying at leeds though. Maybe he should show his talent at another club and get his chance to play in the premier league. UPANA PUNJABBBBBBBBBBB!!!!!!!!!!!!! BRAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!

dave says: you should of let him play leeds united

indy says: i'm 16 and i play for bradford city u16's, i'm a sikh just like harpal!!. i hope to follow harpal's footsteps i become a proffesional!!

Kyle Mistry says: I know Harpal from my cousin Chetan Mistry who went to the Leeds academy but got knocked out by Harpal and Harry Kewell

jo says: excellent black player

Jamie says: I think that harpal singh is a good player, i am a bolton fan researching him for some homework. I think he has a exciting future ahead of him.

frank bond says: you are so brave

Anon says: harpal singh u make me proud i love watching you play...make us proud!!your my mates cousin.good on you

harpal says: he is fit!

anand thapa says: i this is thapa from sikkim..its good to hear HARPAL SINGH doing good ... best of luck mate .. make ur INDIAN roots PROUD..Come to INDIA once a while to jam up with BHAICHUNG BHUTIA

Kal Heer says: I met Harpal Singh when he first came to my house with his brother to sort out marriage with my sister. I didn't know who he was, but knew he played football. He's a sound bloke, who is very professional.. i mean the man never had a beer or a bacardi n coke!! He even skipped on the spicy samosa's and sabjee incase he couldn't perform in training.. dedication.. fair play!! Just waiting for the invite to go and see him play.. or will probably have to wait till after the wedding.. maybe leeds will be playing division 1 by then against my team.. COVENTRY!!! Good luck Singh.. and see you at the wedding..

pav says: went to school with singh.. he wasnt anything special and to be honest i still don't think he is, plenty better at leeds that could be given a go..

bally x says: hey!! would just like to say..i love leeds with all my heart..n im proud of them having a sikh in their team..even tho he doesnt get played in the first team...hopefully eddie gray will see his abilities n make his dreamz come true..... p.s i dnt see no manu or liverpool with n e singhs so they cn f off!

g' says: i have never seen harpal singh play but heard alot about him. he sounds like a good player but leeds aint playing him. look at the leeds team now they have a young team and wheres harpal at bury. if leeds rated harpal highly they wud have bought him back from his loan and played him.

jorden says: hey harpal come on man join the national squad no we got abt 3 pios here u too have to 2 from us 1 from brazil and sweden

Jack Roberts says: Im leeds on championship manager 01/02 n got harpal singh playin im 5 seasons in2 da game n singh is definetly da best left winger in da game. hes worth 13 million in da game and iz playin on a regular basis 4 england. iz dis not wot it shud b like in real life? not 4 india dey ent got no potential. says: We all at think Harpal Singh is a fantastic player. A great asset to Leeds FC and an inspiration to all Sikh youth. We wish you the best of luck & happiness in your future.

B. Neogi says: Wish you a successful carrer. PLease encourage Indian players also. Awaithing your relply please.

Rohit says: I think Harpal Singh is a fantastic winger. Needs to play for Indian National Team.

Heman J Arora says: Harpal is my idol....i play for the Arsenal u/18 's and i am 16...Harpal gave me an advice to stick to soccer and keep at it...his advice has helped my out so much....a couple of seasons ago i didnt even start in any of my own age group i play 2 years upper and i always start...thank you HARPAL...maybe we could be england internationals in the future....from your biggest fan Heman James Arora

jatinder says: i was at the shaeed walsall tournaments on the weekend, der were rumours flyin about that you was playin for smethick sikh temple, is dat tru?if dat is da case, dont u fink dat is bringin out the rong impressions,dat ur bein brang down to such a low standard of football, n sayin u'l neva make it as a established playa in da preimership??

gaffa says: harpal singh is set to play for smethwick sikh temple in the saheed tournaments at derby and birmingham watch out gsa, smethwick r no 1

X says: Im a friend of harps and he didnt play in walsall tournament, it was just rumours. He never plays in any of the tournaments

Gurdas Maan says: You are a credit 2 punjab, and I hope to meet u very soon come back stage at my concert I would be blessed to meet you, you've done the Sikh community pround and I hope you make it through to the first team.... judging by your talent and the amazing support you get it shouldn't be to long, sher bhan! ta Rabh Rakha

Mandi says: cnt w8 2 c u on the first team harpal cus u deserv it sooo much, keep ur spirts up u got the whole of punjab and evry sikh in the world behind u!!!! all we need nw is 4 u 2 support more asian kids into teams... good luk and im sure all ur hard work will pay off!!! p.s. this site gives me jkes... sum ov the comments r so funi, wt ws the 1 about harpal singh came 2 do my sistas ristha... wt dats gt 2 do with nethin? lol...p.p.s i would love 2 meet u, i want 2 go in2 journalism so hopefully in the future i'l b writing articles on ya n mite evn get 2 interview u... woah... neway gud luk with ur career

Amar (female!!) says: well done to harpal singh for being the first asian sikh player-fantastic news! i only hope that his potential can be observed in reali big matches so he can do the sikh and asian community prouder!!

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