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James Milner

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James Milner (22.4K)  James Milner  James Milner (25.1K)

Position Midfielder
Born 04 Jan 1986, Leeds (England)
Height 185 cm
Weight 78 kg
International Caps England: 5 U21, ? Youth

Club From To Apps Goals Sold for
Leeds United 01 Aug 2002 02 Jul 2004 54 5 £3500000
Swindon Town 03 Sep 2003   6 2 on loan
Newcastle United 02 Jul 2004        
Aston Villa 31 Aug 2005       on loan

Leeds Career League FA Cup League Cup Europe Other
Season Apps Goals Apps Goals Apps Goals Apps Goals Apps Goals
2002 - 2003 1(17) 2 0(4)   0   0   0  
2003 - 2004 27(3) 3 1   1   0   0  
Total 28(20) 5 1(4)   1   0   0  

Jabba's Comments

16-year-old midfielder who has impressed with the reserves and was handed a debut as a sub at West Ham. He went on to become the youngest player ever to score in the Premier League with a goal at Sunderland and left Marcel Desailly on his backside when he scored another against Chelsea. Looks very confident on the ball, well-balanced and strong for his age and is now a squad regular and made his first full start against West Ham in February.

For 2003-04, Peter Reid said that he didn't want to throw the player in too early and ruin his confidence or cause him long-term injury problems, so he played him as a substitute rather than as a starter while he continued to improve his strength and his skills. Once Reid had been sacked, Eddie Gray used him more and more, and his performances were the source of most of the positive thoughts and good memories about the relegation season. After turning down a move to Spurs, it looked like he would be able to fulfil his pledge to help Leeds back up into the top flight, but with cash still leaking out of the club and more debts needing to be paid, he was sold to Newcastle United.

Scott says: He's never as good as Wayne Rooney but will still be a star as going to school with him

Chris Hobson says: I go to boston spa comprehensive school and on a wensday the academy come in. To our suprise i noticed milner amongst them ill get his autograph next time.

Chris says: ermm this guy called scott is not a leeds fan but a liverpool fan he should be banned and yes milner is a future legend

Neil "Balls Of" Whyler says: go 2 school with James Milner 2, Hey hobson,house n any1 else !!! Milner a good guy seems little quiet but looks like a tough kid !! 100% leeds from what i heard good look 2 the guy shud become a leeds legend !!

Next_Gordon_Strachan says: No!This can't be true!A direct young English right winger in the Leeds squad!It muct be a dream

hales says: hiya!! just wanted 2 say i think ur well fit!! av bin 2 a few games at home n i think ur class!!

Scott says: After seeing him he looks good but isn't as good as Wayne Rooney

Steffen says: Well. He beat wayne rooney and became the youngest goal scorer ever in premier league. Wayne rooneys record didn't even stand a whole seaseon yo. James Milner took it out by a few says.

Tim Reynard says: James Milner is the youngest player to play in the FA Premiership. He must be well good. I saw him hwne he scored a hat-trick in the reserves. He's well decent and class.

Ricky says: Now hes scored 2 goals and broke Rooneys young scoring record what ya saying Scott. Hes a f***ing class act and hes gonna b a legend for Leeds!!!

efc84 says: not being biast but rooney is a far better talent just look at his game against bolton. it was the rooney show

Kirsty says: Hi James milner is gonna be a true Leeds Player and we are all gonna love him. well Done and keep on scoring Milner! We CAN'T get rid off him. :-)

lizzie says: there's no doubt that we will see milner for a long long time to come. the lads nearly 17 and has years of brilliant football ahead of him, good luck to him and i'm looking forward to seeing his game mature and him becoming a massive star

Zulfikar says: I'm an Indonesian. "Dia akan jadi bintang dan sejarah buat Leeds" (He will be star and legend at Leeds.

nikki murphy says: hey james well done, we are all proud of you! love kat cook & nikki murphy.. (horsforth school)

Casillas says: James Milner is a million times better than Rppney and hes shown that by beating his record

Ricardo Gomes says: Great Player.... I love James Milner.... Go.. on.. keep you foot on the ground... I'll wait for all your action..... Show me that's you're better than Michael Owen... Milner must be the best.........

Rachel says i'm from the u.s. and i play soccer so i watch epl on tv- i just wanted to say that i think milner is an amazing player, especcially for his age and his pretty uhh good looking too.

Bee says: Well, I'm a big fan of Leeds United but my problem is i'm in Florida, United State now so i'm not able to watch football from england so much. And i don't even know who he is. The point is he's only 16 and he just made score in chelsea game. That was make me exciting in himself. Would you please send me information about him or his picture. I really want to know what he looks like. I guess, he must be same with Smith. I mean he must hot in every games like Smith!, isn't he?

kaycie says: Im not a real soccer fanatic, and rarely watch it (watch football, basketball and esp. baseball instead.. but im getting into soccer), but I've seen him, and if hes only 16, and is good...hes going places!!...don't care what you (haters) think.(scott)Do you know any 16 year old thats that good at ANY sport?...didn't think so. I don't know any of my friends that know anyone like that either. So leave him alone and let him play!! (plus!!.. he's pretty hott :)

bungle says: Milner looks like a good prospect for the future and maybe even on the left wing for england, which we desperately need

Trung Thanh Duong says: What will you be think about career football player in the future ?

Sarah says: I thought I'd say ur 1 of da best players ur boss!!! All i can say is look out 'wonderboy rooney' cuz Milners on da loose!!! And all da Arsenal lads better look out cuz wer back now, better dan ever!! Come on da Whites!!!!

Jamies #1 fan says: milner is sooooooo better than rooney! the lads gonna be a star, well he's already a star,I know it's becoming something of a cliche but he will undoubtably be a legend!and its not just cos he's cute!

lee says: WOW!!!! this is exciting! a future legend if we look after him, exactly wot we need- a winger! wayne who?

Scott says: Milner is an amazing young talent for leeds and he will be an amazing legend in time to come

laura says: james milner is good, but comes second to wayne rooney. that boy is already a legend and milner has a lot 2 do 2 match the evertonian

Bee says: I love this guy!! He's so good in every game!!! James Milner, Will you marry me???!!!?? hold on, is he got a girlfriend???

James says: James milner came to my school i got his autograph and everyone got to see leeds this weeekend

Rich says: Just came across ur site! I'm quiet impressed. I met james threw my cricket club (Horsforth CC), we used 2 open the batting 2gether and he wasn't bad at cricket either! Also he's a really nice chap, level headed and down 2 earth! Think he got all A's or something like that GCSE's, quite a talented lad u could say! All i'm gonna say is that he's gonna have 2 work on his golf swing cause u can't be a superstar footy player if u pump at golf eh James?!

kevin says: yes i did see him play he is the best youngerster in the world

kurt cobain says: Brilliant goal against chelsea, left desailly eating grass. well done jimmy lad

James milner's babe says: I think that james as got a massive future ahead of him + is soooooooo flippin fine keep up the fitness and gud luck!!

donna!! says: Wayne hu? James Milner LEEDS the way people! hes the nxt alan!!!! so there ya have it!

Donna *smithys number1* says: well first thnx 4 signing the contract cos we need players like u n ure so gunna b the nxt Bats or Smudge (which are gd things) And Mr the next gordan strachen wasn't Lee Bowyer our right midfilder and now taking his place is the brilliant alan smith? yep thort so so keep it quiet eh?! neway bk 2 the original subject james no1 had heard of ya last december when i went 2 see ya at glanny park n now ure like a star! We all knew u were gunna b something but no1 expected a few days l8er 4 u 2 leave Desailly eating grass! Your very skillfull and you know exactly what your doing and ure just damn good!its really hard 2 beleive ure just a lil older then me if i cud play or do nething or have a talent like ures in neway id b delighted!!!i know your family r really proud n that but we r 2!!!! ure a v gd playa James keep it up m8 cya soon Marching on 2gether!!!

Leeds_fan_17_handfull says: too Bee, dontcha no what james looks like? ive got a pic of him in my bag lol(my m8 fancies him)!!!!! personally i dont think hes yano the best lookin guy but hey hes a leeds playa! Btw i dont no what ya ment bout smithy but james looks nowt like our alan alan is undoubtedly the most gorgeous football playa on the planet! lol i can tell ya bowt smithy if ye want lol!!! O btw dus james have a g/f? im just curious!!!

mark says: hes a brillant young one hope 2 see 30 a season nxt year

Lauren says: Hey James darlin. Just wanted 2 say tanx 4 the autograf. I went 2 Leeds rserves vs Bolton n wen e wah subbed I wah chasin im down pitch tryin 2 get im! Wen e wah signin mi season tiket mi m8 wah shoutin stuff like Milner her there fancies u and wens ure weddin! So nar I bet e tinks am a r8 weirdo! (I'VE GOT 2 SAY THO I DO AV OUR WEDDIN PLANNED OUT!) Also ladies he smells MAS MAS nice! A mixture of swet and Daz washing powder! LOVELY! n after a bit he went and sat wiv is mam n dad. God he looked gorge! Anyway being serious nar. Milner has the potential to go far n wide. He's a home grown lad and a big fan of the team. Wot more cud u ask 4?! He amazed me at the Chelsea match. I thought 'a seventeen yr old, leaving top premiership players on the arses! Class!' Keep it up Jimmy lad. Ure guna b betta van Smithy!!! (TO LEEDS FAN 17 HANDFULL. MILNER IS WAAAAAAY BETTA VAN R ALAN!!! LOL!) Loadza luv Laurenxxxxxxx p.s Gud luk on Satday gainst Boro!

jade says: I dont know him myself, but hes was going out wiv a girl called Amy and now someone apparently going out wiv a girl called Rachel Harding dont know for sure. does anyone know??

lara says: he went to my school, although i am 4 years older then him!!!!

kalvir says: Milner is as good as rooney but he should start more games him and smith would be deadly

James Coulson says: well i used to play football with him at leeds and at club level (rawdon juniors). just got released from bradford city myself! went out for a meal with his family in january and they are good friends and we still keep in touch. he got me set up with a bird from horsforth so i owe him one? he will have a good career but im still better than him!?

Evertonian says: Where was 2 goal wonder, precious Milner in the England squad? I don't see the press eager to interview his mates and find out every bit of info on his life. So Milner broke some record, Rooney broke Owen's record does that make Owen rubbish? When he scores wonder goals against all the biggest sides, turns a whole team around and plays the opposition on his own for England, then I might believe you bunch of whingers.

Mariea says: I really dont know what 2 write but anyway he is a great player, oh an James Coulson u were probley 2 good 4 bradford anyway but soz 2 here about ur release, good look 4 the future kid!!!!

Boxy says: I can't believe you even compare him to wayne Rooney!!!! I think he'll be a good player, which is good for england, but with Rooney you are speaking about a player who has the potential to become the very BEST IN THE WORLD!!!!

Elly says: James Milner, is proper fit! i never used to like him, but now he has gone soooooooo fine! he may just be the next Lee Bowyer!

Sarah says: HA yea rite boxy!!!

gorgeous says: james is such a cutey i love him and fink he's a great talent

lucy says: hi !! just want to say james is a great football player! i went to see leeds res against liverpool res and milner was there!! just want to say hes quite fit!! does ne1 no if he has a gf? ne1 can email me if there want to at

Adam Milner says: im his brother

Girlfriend's Friend says: Sorry ladies, I have first hand knowledge that he has been dating for some time now. Who he is dating remains confidential as if he wanted his fans to know I'm sure he would have showcased her by now. So, unless you know her, as I do, you'll just have to keep guessing!

Anthony says: Wayne rooney is the most exciting prospect. im a liverpool fan but i think wayne rooney is the best striker in the premiership. how can milner be better than rooney. the only reason he scored was because leeds started him every game. and if he is better than rooney whay isnt he playing for england then.

charlotte fallows says: i was talking 2 him on the phone

moyesboys says: rooney plays for england already, he has already proved himself. stupid milner has scored about twice thats it

charlotte (shybabe) says: I talked to him on the telephone and he was nice, he was friendly, he was laid back and he was really cool. He said sum funny stuff and seems to hang out with the stars hes really nice and fun I think hes gonna be a star GO JAMIE!

lisa warner says: he's suha talented boy fer the liverpool. he was grown there and do so much exercise there he must be more fostered.

*Tamberina* says: at is all this comparison between milner and rooney? they don't even play in the same position. thats like saying who is better Cudichini or Van Nistelrooy?

daytripper-one way ticket. (ya) says: i agree, milner doesnt deserve unfair comparisons to that bald headed scouse beast. They get all the comparisons because they are roundabout the same age. good talent. ive said my peace

Adam Milner says: hi my name is adam milner i was born on the 02 01 1989 i have seen james milner play and seen his goals for the leeds team and i want to know why he isn't in the first team

couls says: milner if you read this answer your blummin phone and get back to us?

Sarah says: heya Adam!da reason y James isin't plain in da 1st team is cuz he is on loan for the season.he is wit Swindon to get him used to 1st team football cuz he wasn't been played wit us!ur rite he is top class he's rapid man!!! Jabba says - errr...actually he was only there for a month and is now back with Leeds.

Adam Milner says: hi james r we related

Annabel&lee hate chelsea says: I have not seen milner play nor have i met him in a pub because he is 17!!but i suppose he does come from leeds and they all drink up there(with the exception of smithy)and the motor would have probably been stolen.No only kiddin,i love you peeps from up north.Leeds are my 2nd team after Derby cos Seth J is great.Hey milner hows your Under20 england team going?Lee camp behaving himself???good luck for fridays game,You and Lee will make the team the greatest.Im gonna ask all you peeps up leeds to hate Chelski with me cos they wanna buy my boyf(lee holmes)but he dont wanna go.Just before i go wanna say that our U19 lads beat yours 3-0,we scored in 45 secs on april 12th at baseball ground

sheep s**g army,up the rams,derby says: my mate laura is a HUGE leeds fan and loves leeds more than owt so just wanna say hi and next time we go to a match we will win cos everytime i take you we never win!we never win anyways(derby by the way)so nobody let her go to elland road cos she'll bring more bad luck!but her&smiffy say hi to the players.CHRIS MOYLES FOR MANAGER.

Down wiv Liverpool's 2nd best team says: Moyesboys- wat the hell u sayin?! Milner may have scored only 2 goals (it's more than that now!!) but he is well betta than Rooney. He is not fat & he's not ugly. Plus he aint big-headed + he has more talent in his iccle fingernail than Rooney has in his whole body- he just hasn't had much of an opportunity 2 show it yet!

Laura, Burton says: Annabel&lee hate chelsea. oooooh. wat r ya tryin 2 say bout da boooootiful ppl of leeds. haha. yeah u can shut up bout that match. how embarrassing- i was the only leeds fan there + avin 2 sit wiv the derby players families. god- awful. just heard wat u sed bout me bein a bad luck thing- huh. u r such a lier. i don't care if it was a nice message- i think we wud win if i was there. rememba i av the power! yep moyles 4 manager! how cool wud that b??!! y cudn't u av sed summat nice bout Milner. him + lennon (+ smithy) r the future of Leeds + Elland Road. woo hoo.

Rams fan says: Its only derby who are meant to have 16 yr olds playing for them!!

Leanne says: hi i just want to say that my whole family support leeds and we have all got leeds tops and i think milner is gonna be the best player ever he is only young aswell well done for winning

Lauren 'future Mrs' Milner says: Marry me!!!! Well done 4 ure goal against Charlton darling! Luv u loadz xXx

"leeds united contacts" says: milner hasnt gota gf!!

kylie says: i met james at the northern ireland milk cup in 2002. i'd never seen a young lad play with so much confidence against lads who were 2 or 3 years older than him.i managed to meet james, martin woods and jamie winter after a game. james was slightly quietier than the other 2 but they were all top class lads. they went on to win the milk cup at under 16 level and i actually managed to get milner's autograph.hes a great lad and a great talent with a bright future. i'd like to wish milner, woods and winter a great deal of luck for their careers their top lads. luv kylie x x x x

***sarah*** says: james is such a nice guy hes ace! ive met him a few times @ leeds reserves matches and i asked 4 his autograph and he came over gladly and signed it 4 me!!!!! he's dead nice i mean theres some players who when you ask 4 their signature they just pretend they havent heard you!!!! he's a top lad so genuine and i think he's better than rooney! he's certainly faster and better luking aswell!!!! i've fancied him since he started playin 4 the reserves!!!! i think that he's goin 2 stay as a leeds lad and isnt goin 2 move away! i luv him 4 ever and i hope he does well in future!! MILNER 4 ENGLAND!!!!!!!! luv ya xx

Jack says: Hi James! Saw your runners on the Leeds Leeds Leeds magazine, they are soooooooooooooooooooo cool! Like where did you get them?

louise says: hiyaa!! i met james last night at the newcastle leeds match! i think hes a very good player for his age and leeds are lucky are luck to have him! i got my photo taken! i follow his career and even though i support Newcastle, i follow Leeds as i think they are a good side!

James Milner says: Milner ure wicked!!!!!! i have the same name!!! milner 4 england!!!

holmsys missus says: milner-you friends with ben parker?in leeds academy.saw him play in nottingham for eng U17's playin in shirt number 3.he was very good,could be the next you!beware.has a great arse.

sarah** says: no1 cud b the nxt milner- hes unique!!!

Paige says: my best friend is his his cousin or something she is called Georgina Milner

james's babe says: james,u r a great talen 4 da future n i fink ur so gorgeus.marry me gorgeus!

Soraya'LaSusu'Ghandour says: hey sexy!my name is Soraya and i think ur pure talent,keep it up!ive been to a few games,i think ur fab,ive supported u from the start....and u keep on making me and ur supporters proud so please dont leave us.....and P.S:im mad about u!focus on ur i said ur talent....

leeds-thro-n-thro says: james milner is a decent lad. hes down to earth n his REAL girlfriend is a great laf. believe me im her boss!!! so girlies eyes off james hes commited.

adam milner says: as ani1 got msn n by da way james milner dnt leave da club

samie says: james milner is so sexy 'n' plays sooo good at all his games!!! i love u milner!!! 38 rules

Ashley says: I'm a girl all the way from the land of OZ, and your performance for leeds shows nothing more than advancing talent. Im sure your got your loads of fans but there's nothing like the true Aussie's support. Keep up the good work, and im confident to be seeing a lot more of James Milner...

julie-ann says: jamesy is way better dan rooney! milner = god

Scott says: I used to play with james for westbrook wanderers under 12's, we won the title that year and seamus is the king! Saw his mum & dad at Sunderland when he scored, top lad and really nice family

leeds-thro-n-thro says: just a quick message for james's babe n lauren'future mrs milner' GET A LIFE!HE WONT EVEN LOOK AT U2 TWICE LET ALONE MARRY U. oh n charlotte (shybabe) if u spoke to him on the fone u will know that he HATES been called JAMIE n lastly "leeds united contacts" need to get their facts straight. milner has a lady so sorry all u little irlies out there!!!

lauren says: milner is soooooooooo fit on and of the pitch and am so happy that he's thinking about staying with us no matter what!!! no 38 rules and so does milner xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Symone says: I would just like to say that James Milner is a brilliant football player. He is one of our best and we'd all like to thank him for all the effort he put into this season. (THANK YOU) Plus we all hope he wont be leaving the club, but if you do we will all still be right behind you b'cause you have a real talent and you shouldnt waste it. ps: This page is for people who support football, and their players?? not desperate tarts that need to bag a football player!! To (james milner's gf) i would knock them all out if i were u xx

dean H says: leeds thro n thro. u r sad. wot's it got to do with you who james's goes out with or who fancies him? is it because he doesnt go out with u? he will always have fans because he is a semi famous football player! at the mo. he will be big one day but wont look at you? or your employee, coz many nice ladies will be interested in him. make u n your "employee" look like troll's, mmmmm

zoe luvs ya says: hiya i met james milner at st james hospital in december n he gladly signed an autograph 4 me n he even posed 4 a picture bless him he's well sweet n is the new mr leeds thruw n thruw

becky horsgorth says: james used 2 go 2 the same school as me he was in the year above he was still fit then in his uniform.he is so fine and really good at football betta than rooney lol x x x

leeds r goin up says: james miner is by far better than rooney. we got 2 keep the 38. he is sooooooo fit. u got 2 luv him. xxx

scouser says: Wayne Rooney proved himself in Euro 2004. He is England number 9. Milner will soon be leaving Leeds, who were RELEGATED, remember. And no one gives a stuff about how many people fancy Milner... And records mean nothing - someone could bring a five year old on and they'd get a fluke goal, it doesn't make them the best ever footballer...

Sarah Jane says: James you will always be a Leeds player to me! You should never have been sold and I will always support you! You are a great young player (much better than Rooney!)and SCOUSER! Fluke goal!? Did you see the goal he scored against Chelsea in 2002-2003! Fluke Rooney is too fat to do anything like that he looks like SHREK! James I love you and always will and I hope you do excellent at Newcastle! All the best from all TRUE Leeds supporters!

Hev says: We're sad to see you go James thanks for everything your always welcome back at ER.Good luck we'll miss you

Helen Magic Milner says: james, jus wana say thanks for everyting u did for leeds. i no u dint wana go, but good luck playin for the geordies. you'll be bak at leeds b4 u no it! love ya loads xxxxxxxx

Chloe says: I saw James Milner play at Charlton and he scored. He is utterly gorgeous and he'd beat Wayne Rooney any day. 4get it Beeif u wanna marry him u'll av 2 get past me 1st

Smith Lee says: Milner should have been in the England Squad and so sad to see him play for Newcastle.

james says: rooney is much better than milner! who played in euro 2004 and scored some cracking goals for england and still continues to score?Who was sold for 20 odd million? there is no doubt about it, Leeds rule but Milner is poor compared to Rooney

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