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Aaron Lennon

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Aaron Lennon (28.0K)

Position Right winger
Born 16 Apr 1987, Chapeltown (England)
Height unknown
Weight unknown
International Caps England: 1 B

Club From To Apps Goals Sold for
Leeds United 01 Jul 2003 15 Jun 2005 43 1 £800000
Tottenham Hotspur 15 Jun 2005        

Leeds Career League FA Cup League Cup Europe Other
Season Apps Goals Apps Goals Apps Goals Apps Goals Apps Goals
2003 - 2004 0(11)   0(1)   1(1)   0   0  
2004 - 2005 19(8) 1 1   0(1)   0   0  
Total 19(19) 1 1(1)   1(2)   0   0  

Jabba's Comments

Promising and pacy young winger who has been performing well outside his age group and will be getting some reserve team football this year - and maybe even the odd bench appearance as he works his way into the first team.

Became the youngest player ever to appear in the Premier League when he made his first team debut at Spurs at the age of 16 years and 129 days.

Danny Reed says: I've played against Aaron for Middlesbrough academy and he is top quality ! i went to the middlesbrough game against leeds today and he got on as a sub, and he took someone on with a trick on the bar line, and he looked very sharp !!

sparkster says: Was great against Boro today (30-08-03) turned the game around once he came on. Well done!

Robyn Hirst says: my cousin kirsten went to school with aaron lennon at city of leeds he is mine and my sisters new hero love robyn and catrina

James says: my cousin is best friends with him on he is a top quility player an a great person aswell

Chongie Juice says: He iz da SSSSHHHH. im da only hungarien who know him and i know his da bomb. 16 year old prodigy! Wayne Who? OK so Rooney is my boy too but Aaron is da real deal. He can do it all at 5'5. Props.

Anon says: i have played football with him and he is not as good as them make out if he made it i can

meeees says: ah now anon i tinks ders a bit of jealousy there don't u tink!

aarons no1 fan says: Aaron is fantastic, my cousin has played with him and says he is top quality and ez gone b fantastic

nathan says: went 2 school wot him his sister is f**kin fine

aaron lennons future wife!!! says: aaron lennon is sooooooooooooo fine!! es only 2 yrs olda thn me!! yey!!!! hey aaron or if ne1 who knows aaron tel him es wel fit n i luv him lots mre thn ne1 else!!!! im his numba 1 fan ! keep up the good wrk aaron ur a **star**!!!!! hey does ne1 know if he has a g/f????!! luv sarah x

Bob Marley says: e shouldnt be playin for leeds yet. at 5`5 hes a weed.he only looked good cos people were scared ov wher hes frm. (chapeltown) when he played amateur. it wil show in the premier league where he wil get shown up.

aaron lennons future wife!!! says: oi bob marley shut it u ur just jelous coz aaron is so succesful. e isnt a weed at all he is realy fit . so wat if hes 5'5 it dont make him ne less of a playa or any any less lukin! ur stupid ppl werent scared of him bcoz of were hes frm! ive got 1 word 4 u JELOUSY?!?!?!?!? i luv aaron n always wil!

Pelse Mesa says: I think that Aaron lennon is a wonderful player. he has his whole career ahead of him He is the english freddy adu I want to see the 2 of them play against one another in the futur hey, lennon you might be the youngest player ever to play in the EPL but Freddy adu will break that record.

minxy "D"xxxxxxxx says: heard Aaron is really fantastic!!!! however my son is the up and coming best, and upmost gifted and talented watch this space and remember this name"RENNAL EDWARDS"

KiTtY says: Yea i kno aaron. an dat gal whos talkin bout bein his future wife u got no chance

aaron lennons future wife!!! says: kitty how on earth do u no

Gabriel Borges Nerys says: hi... i went to the same school as him, Blenheim prymary school... i was at year6 and he was at year5... but at lunch time i use to play at the year5 team... i don't think he will remember but my name is Gabriel, i'm brazilian and i lived in leeds for 4 years... i just wanted to say that i was glad to see him on the internet... becoming the youngest player in the premier league and all... if possible... i would like to ask for whoever runs this site to pass on this message to him... just to say that he's got a fan here in brazil that also plays football really well and would like to someday, go back to england and try to play for leeds united. i would like to be answered on my e-mail because i think i have enough skill to become a football player... i'm now 18 years old... 1metre 73centimetres(5foot 8inches) 62kg... i would really like to know how can i try to become a leeds united player... at this moment i live in goiania and play for Goias E.C. at the juniors team... please pass this message to aaron lennon and answer me back on my e-mail address (tell him that i am that brazilian boy that use to hang around with radley henderson, i think he will remember) i hope to be his partner soon at leeds united... leeds will only gain with my football skills... please answer back...

leeds lass says: aaron is an amazing player and im sick of people giving him n james a hard time who gives a dam about em bein compared 2 wayne Rooney or if they rnt as good as people make out they are doing a brilliant job i meen aaron's like 2 days younger then me for gods sake hes doing brilliantly! and james well did no1 see the fulham game? Aarons a class player and give him half a chance and he'll show ya ure a gd ld aaron keep it up hun!

zoe says: none of you have a chance to play for leeds because none of you will be as good as milner and lennon because their cuality

aaron lennons future wife!!! says: i neva sed i'd hav a chance

toblerone n skittles says: to aarons future wife stop been a div n ur makin a show ov ur self i no him n he wunt want a desprate girl like u and wat hes a footballer big wow 4 all u no he could b a big ding from toblerone n skittles xxx

Lewis Clowe says: Aaron Lennon wat a player hes a bad ass player, i saw him play 9 or 10 times this season, if eddie grey is readin this, play this gangster week in week out cuz bro leeds r doin crap and they need this lennon 2 do this bizzness like rooney did 4 everton.

aaron lennons future wife! says: i aint a desperate girl actualy get it rite, n ive met aaron n es a nice lad so e isnt a "big ding " lewis clowe i agree aaron should be played, but i think it would help maybe if we put him on loan first !!! hes an ace player very speedy aswel!

karla says: ye i giv him credit hes a nice lad and nice 2 tlk 2 am happy 4 him n 2 all the h8rs u all need 2 get a life

lil kirsten says: i luv u aaron i think ur a great footballer n i would like to come and see you play but i cant afford it. its kirsten ur faverite skool m8. can you please get me tickets for a match so i can see you in ur shorts running around

kirsten says: hiya this is kirsten n i did not put tht bout i cant afford it shurrup darryl n i av a boyf so i dnt wana c aaron run around in his shorts thanx he is a nice lad by the way n he dun gd 2 b a footballer

Aaliyah says: hey! i no sum1 dat went 2 skul wid aaron!i think he is jus sooooooooo finen gorgus n sexy!! he is a wkd player n deserves 2 do well!! xx

Soraya'LaSusu'Ghandour says: mate,nearly 17,and amazingly talented,what more can i say,keep it up and ull b flying high....Soraya xXx

Rehana Khaliq says: I went to high school with Aaron Lennon i know aaron since high school ive fancy him too in high school .

aaron lennons future wife!!! says: just wanted 2 say happy 17th birthday to aaron for friday! mwah xxx

LaSusu says: hey gorgeous just wanted 2 say happy birthday for the 16th april......good luck with everything,xXx

jordan mays age 4 says: good luck in your career aron any tips you can give my lad would be gratefull he is 4 years old im just gonna let him have fun at the moment see where it takes him

Cantona says: Hey, Im from Egypt. Its really nice to see Aaron playing the Premiership. Aaron has an older brother, Anthony who was also a very good footballer but for some reason stopped..

Leedsman_Glasgow says: Aaron - quality player, huge talent keep his head down and hopefully he'll get his chance next year and take Div One by storm. Leeds for Premiership, Aaron is the man.

Danny says: Spoke to aaron in town he couldn't give a sh*t bout leeds said he wasnt bothered bout leeds getting relegated cause he still gets 5 grand a week. he is also a scum fan!!

aimee says: i saw aaron lennon in leeds n he is sooooooooo fit!!!!n a gr8 footballer

paul says: can i just say he wasnt born in chapletown it was little london and he's lived there ever since

Niki McKenna says: I lived on his street when he went to Blenhiem Primary School(me and my sister went there as well.) He was in my sisters class .Played in the school futtie team with him-my dad trained us.My dad was Chair of the School at one point and my family knew his very well.I remember from about 40yards out he took one step and whacked it into my top corner-unbelieveble.

catrina says: hiya its catrina hirst agen i just wonna say hi sinead ur ma best m8 lol innabit ME XOXOXOXOXOX

immy says: yo lennon wats going on its imran how is jordan and stacy and anthony doing well i hope there are all fine i havent been the for time im looking foward to meet you again by the way yo sister is sooooooooooo coming to leeds next week.come pick me up from the coach station.theres someone i wont you to meet course this bret is getting haps over you.anywhere peace out chapeltown say hi to carl and its immy the one who use to ask you for yo autograph.i use to live top of your street 7archery place but i moved to london course i now play for arsenal keepup the good work.

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