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Tony Currie

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Tony Currie (40.4K)

Position Midfielder
Born 01 Jan 1950, Edgeware (England)
Height 180 cm
Weight 80 kg
International Caps England: 17 full

Club From To Apps Goals Sold for
Watford 01 May 1967 01 Feb 1968 18 9 £26500
Sheffield United 01 Feb 1968 01 Jun 1976 313 55 £250000
Leeds United 01 Jun 1976 01 Aug 1979 124 16 £400000
Queens Park Rangers 01 Aug 1979   124 16  
Torquay United 01 Feb 1984 01 Jun 1985 16 1  

Leeds Career League FA Cup League Cup Europe Other
Season Apps Goals Apps Goals Apps Goals Apps Goals Apps Goals
1976 - 1977 35 1 5   1 1 0   0  
1977 - 1978 35 3 1   5 1 0   0  
1978 - 1979 32 7 3   7 3 0   0  
Total 102 11 9   13 5 0   0  

Jabba's Comments

Tony Currie was born and brought up in London, but was rejected by Chelsea when he was on their books as an apprentice. A brief spell at unfashionable Watford brought him England Youth caps and he soon moved on to Sheffield United. He gained his first England cap while at Bramall Lane and when Leeds came in for him in 1976, he continued his fine form at Elland Road, helping to fill the gap left by the departure of Johnny Giles.

He was a regular for Leeds over the next 3 seasons, and his skills and commitment made him a firm favorite with the fans. When he left for QPR in 1979 (his wife had never really settled in the north and wanted to be back in London), it left a huge hole in the Leeds midfield that was never adequately filled, and the failure to find a similarly inspired midfielder was a major factor as Leeds' form crumbled and the team dropped down to Division 2 a couple of years later.

At QPR, he helped them reach the 1982 FA Cup Final, but persistent injuries were causing him problems. He subsequently moved round a variety of clubs over the following 5 years, including a brief spell in Canada playing for Toronto. Towards the end of the 1980s, he returned to Sheffield United where he worked in a community and administrative role.

Tommy Perkins writes: Currie was my childhood hero. I was that excited by his skill I saw him make his debut at 4 different clubs and to me and many other Blades fans he was simply known as God.

Kevin Smith says: Tony Currie was the most supreme artist to grace the English game in the 1970s. Sheffield was possibly not the best place for him to have gone after Watford, but for those of us in Sheffield who supported the Blades in those years, we shall go to our graves knowing that we were privileged to witness, for a few years, a genius at work. No-one has ever come close for their mixture of artistry, audacity and showmanship. FA Cup 197something against Bristol City. Goal kick for Bristol. The ball drops into the centre circle. Currie steps forward, leans forward, lifts his right leg up behind hem as if doing a calf stretch so that the studs face up, and flicks the ball forward over his head. Like the entire crowd, the Bristol defender with him was gobsmacked.

Marty Lee says: I'm a Newcastle supporter and as strange as this may sound to any Blades or Leeds fans Tony Currie was my footballing hero as a kid and the only thing I regret about TC is the fact Newcastle never signed him! Can anyone out there help me as I'm trying to collect as much video footage as I can on the man.

Brook Stevens says: I saw T.C. play for many years at Bramall Lane, he was a god. It was the worse day of my life when he signed for Leeds. I had the pleasure of meeting him a few years ago during his belated testemonial year, when he posed in my pub teams kit for a photograph! It struck me how shy he was, not at all the the extrovert he was on a football pitch. To me he was better than Hoddle, Brady, Bowles and the rest.

John Nicholls says: My favourite memory of him was warming up at Carrow Road - he knocked the ball about a bit to entertain the crowd and then chipped it from the half way line to knock a policeman's helmet off. Summed him up, perfect skill and a cheeky chappie.

Kim Johnson says: I'd have to say that, as a Leeds fan since 1972, and a regular follower of the team from 1975 until 1989 (moved overseas), TC was in my opinion the greatest Leeds player I saw play. We've been priveliged to witness some of the great British players wearing the white shirt at Elland Road, but Currie's talents outshone them all. He was just unfortunate to have played on some of the lesser quality teams. I remember that amazing bender he scored at the Kop end against Southampton in 1977 (I think). Sheer genius.

John says: I remember Currie from when Sheff Utd signed him to selling him. Easily the saddest day of my football life. Quite simply the best player I've seen and I've even heard Wednesday fans say the same.

Michael Walker says: I remember first seeing this player as a 10 year old in 1976. This was my schoolboy hero. What drew me to him was the mannaer in which he playedthe game. He had confidence, grace and skill. This guy was the one who started my love for football. For me, this was the complete player. He could pass, dribble and really take hold of and control a midfield. I was able to watch him more closely when he joined the team I support, QPR. He was one of the very few players who could really work out how to play on that awful plastic pitch.

I have only seen one English player in the last 20 that has matched this player for all round ability, Paul Gascoigne.

I am quite baffled as to how such a player like Tony never really reached the heights that matched his ability. I don't think he really played for teams that would have bought him the success his ability diserved. I know that he has his share of injuries, but I keep wondering, did he like Paul have some sort of self destuct button. I don't think that we have really seen this player in his full potential.

England never really knew how or where to play him. 17 Caps for a player of that class when lesser names have treble.

He didn't win enough, or get the chance to play enough for his country. He should have played at a bigger club. Maybe if he had moved to Europe he could have acheived a lot more than he did. But for me, he is still my footballing idol.

PS. Where do we find video footage of Currie? Any info will be muched appreciated.

Ollie Cargill says: Tony Currie had it all shooting, tacking, drippling, passing and heading. he was amasing. top player for and many other Leeds and England supporters.

Billy Currie says: tony was a great player but he came from a great player too our dad bill currie a great man who sadly has passed away now but looik out for more curries on the horison me nephew darren is already well known but watch out for christopher and adam currie they are doing really well my brother pall darrens dad had a brief spell with sheffield utd and brighton also my brother dave played for wimbledon in thier early days me i played cricket bye for now billy currie.

Jon says: Oh yes the best. Better than Best!

Don Cargill says: Tony Currie is a genuine legend. I remember all of his games at the Lane. To me he was the reason I fell in love with Sheffield United and I'm so pleased that he is till involved with the club.

Jeff says: After one almost successful attack against Man City Tony Currie was making his way back down the pitch when a supporter chanted his name. TC turned to the supporter and said: 'What's up?'

John Marshall says: Sad as it may seem, but I chose to university based on going to watch TC. Despite being a Sunderland fan. My abiding memories are of him against Derby ( 3-0 I think) - Todd & McFarland and he made them look below average. If he struggled, which was rare, he just laid it off to Woodward with a 30 yard ball and he could do a pretty decent cross as well

Linda Stokes says: I saw him score won of the best goals I've ever seen in my life. It wasn't even on the TV. He was playing for QPR (my team). The ball was knocked out from the oppositions defence (can't remember who) It was coming down about half way between the center circle and the edge of thier box, I could see the way Tony was shaping up he was going to hit it first time on the volley, the momemt it left his foot I knew it would be a goal. What a player. QPR only had him for a few seasons near the end of his career, but I'll always feel privleged to of seen him play for us. I even forgave for giving away that needless penalty against Spurs in the 1982 FA cup final.

Edu says: I'm a Spanish football fan, so sorry for my bad English. I saw Currie only 1 time, vs. Brazil (friendly 1978) and he really impressed me. Good dribling, intelligence, great vision, good shoot...a great midfield player. I supposse that if England have participated in WC or EC during 70's he would be more famous now.

andy smith (worm) says: i thought his name was tony tony currie like new york so good they named him twice. i've been watching leeds since 1977 and he is without doubt the best player i've seen play at elland road

Sarah Lewis says: My name is Sarah Lewis and I think Tony is my mum's cousin! Her name was Rose Currie and her parents were Sarah and Albert Currie, the latter being the brother of Tony's dad, Billy. I have an old newspaper cutting of my grandparents' marriage in London and there is reference to Tony being a famous footballer. Recently I have been talking to Alan McDonald who remembers cleaning Tony's boots when he was at QPR! My grandparents are both dead but mum is interested in compiling a family tree and would like any news/info about the Currie family. Anything would be appreciated! Thanks.

Barry Reed says: Believe it or not, I was the other midfielder in the Watford youth side with Tony before he went into the first team. By far the best player I ever played with. I became a lawyer in the U.S. He became what he was born to be, a football genius. I thought I had a future in the game until I played with Tony. I decided education was a better bet. I just wasn't in his class. My best recollection is that it was 1966-67. He had been rejected at Chelsea and it took a while for him to get his confidence back. His feelings were hurt. Remember he was only 16. Watford figured out what they had very quickly. He was the golden boy of the youth system and deserved to be. We also led the S.E. Counties in hair. We both had a lot back then.

Ade Cox (Scotland) says: I'm a Leeds fan, and I have to agree with Kim (above), that Tony is one of the most skilfull players to have played for Leeds. He had real creative flair, someting that's rare these days. I remember some cracking performances and wonderful goals Tony scored for Leeds, and I think I remember a fantastic volleyed goal he scored for England. I was at school at the time, and worked hard over the next few days in the playground, trying to emulate this goal! Fond memories.

Donna Morfitt says: Tony opened the new B&Q in Sheffield earlier this year and I was gutted that I didnt get his B&Q apron as I was working there at the time

Sue Scott says: I used to watch Tony Currie play in the Watford Juniors team on the fields in S Oxhey. He was outstanding,even though he would skip rather than sprint! I won a bet at school that he would play for England.

Ryan Cox says: i met old tony currie when i served him a cd at work,i got nervous and i wasnt even alive when he was playing! me dad says he was a brill player and only george best could match him in the 70s. a good bloke and im proud he played for Sheff U. na na na na hes a bade n hes a blade.

mark coulter says: my only real memory of tc is the bender kim johnson recalls on this page all i can remember is him scoring the goal turning round and blowing a kiss to the fans.classic.

Alastair Fawn says: I'm a QPR fan, brought up in Watford, I saw TC at age 17 and he was something special even at that age. Two things I remember from his time at QPR- one was him beckoning some big lumbering defender towards him, can't recall who or which team it was but this guy wasnt having any.TC wasn't going to pass the ball, and this guy stood off him for what seemed like a minute and then could resist no more, charging over to Tony, who nutmegged him, leaving the guy sprawled all over the floor! Second thing was during a game when TC had been struggling to get going and had been dispossessed several times. This QPR fan in the very back row of the stand had been on his case all day, and when the ball came to TC in space he yelled "Now f***ing DO something Currie!!!!" TC stopped, put his foot on the ball and yelled "Why dont you do something? F*** OFF!" I think everybody in the ground heard that one - TC had a big gob on him! Absolute legend.

JG says: Been a Leeds fan since 1967. As a kid, I had TC's picture up on my bedroom wall (Shoot! magazine, he was with Sheff Utd at the time). Great great day when we signed him. Two favourite memories - one was a nothing league game at Highbury (oh to have "nothing" league games like that again!) - TC and Chippie Brady tried to outdo each other all game. Brady scored a 20 yard curler. 2nd half, TC takes the ball to the goal line, everyone waits for the cross but he smashes it straight into the net from a crazy angle. Right in front of the North Bank - to their credit, they clapped him. 2nd memory was after a crap game v Everton. I said to a mate that TC was great as usual and he said, dead serious, "Nah! He gave the ball away twice". Years later, I played snooker on the next table to him in a North London club. That was the closest I'll ever get to God.

Lee Verity says: I went to Sheffield University in the 70s and watched United's home games throughout the '74-'75 season. I wasn't too impressed with TC at first, but -if I remember rightly - he was carrying an injury. After the first few games he was so good it was unbelievable. I remember United's manager said TC was the best player in the world at that time - I'm sure he was. I remember the excitement in the crowd every time he got the ball. I remember the great game with West Ham that Sheffield United won 3-2. TC scored twice - the second goal was one of the best I've ever seen. TC dribbled the ball from the halfway line into West Ham's box, beating man after man, before rolling it into the net using his left foot. The game was on Match of the Day and John Motson screamed "that was a quality goal from a quality player!" It certainly was! I was so excited it took me several days to calm down after that match! Can anyone tell me whether a video of TC's career has been produced?

stephen taylor says: How come nobody has commented on his goal of the month / season when he bent the ball like I have never seen before or since. Is there any footage of this goal?

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