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Ken DeMange

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Position Midfielder
Born 03 Sep 1964, Dublin (Republic of Ireland)
Height 175 cm
Weight 74 kg
International Caps Republic of Ireland: 2 full

Club From To Apps Goals Sold for
Liverpool 01 Aug 1983 01 Sep 1987 0 0 £65000
Scunthorpe United 01 Dec 1986   3 2 on loan
Leeds United 01 Sep 1987 01 Mar 1988 20 1 £65000
Hull City 01 Mar 1988 01 Jun 1991 68 1  
Cardiff City 01 Nov 1990   5 0 on loan
Cardiff City 01 Mar 1991   10 0 on loan

Leeds Career League FA Cup League Cup Europe Other
Season Apps Goals Apps Goals Apps Goals Apps Goals Apps Goals
1987 - 1988 14(1) 1 0   3   0   2  
Total 14(1) 1 0   3   0   2  

Jabba's Comments

"He's a Liverpool player so he must be good," they said. A youngster who had impressed in his native Dublin before signing up (but never actually playing for) Liverpool, he only spent 6 months with Leeds before moving on to Hull. He never did much to impress the fans at Elland Road, and when local lad David Batty made the breakthrough into the first team, his chances of getting a place were ever more remote.

Beef says: Scored a cracking diving header on his debut I think against Man City, I do believe he made his debut along with Jim Melrose that day. Shame he lost it after that.

Lordy says: Ken de Mange - what a legend. Him and where's jim melrose. Eee them were days lad!

Deano says: Hes a legend. A myth. My mates from Hull and moved up north and told us stories about Ken De Mange. Turns out I kinda adopted his name and have been called Deano De Mange by everyone ever since! Wonder what he's doing now.

Enda says: I saw Ken DeMange come on as a sub for Ireland in a friendly against Brazil in Dublin in May 1987. A special Liam Brady goal was enough to beat Brazil for the only time on their European tour.

Kenneth Toucan says: I am a Hull City fan and used to live opposite Ken De Mange.He was a crap player but had a very exciting life.He was a notorious drinker and womaniser with one hell of a temper.Throughout his time in Hull but allegedly something mysterious and suspicious occured whilst on loan with Cardiff and soon after returning to Hull left the club and the country to make a new life in America.What a fuching loon!

Dave says: I went to school with Ken. He was a fantastic footballer in our eyes back then. He stood out head and shoulders. He used to play for one of the big Dublin teams Tolka Rovers as a schoolboy. We usen't have a soccer team in school it was Gaelic football that took precedence over everything. Then one year we all lobbied for a soccer team and in the first season reached the Dublin final. School sports day was a waste of time turning up, he won everything from the 100m to the mile(tho me mate Red gave him a great run one year in the mile) He was a big Doors fan (before it was fashionable). I remember him signing for Liverpool, I think he got on the subs bench for the first time against Burnley and him remarking the extra money he got that week. Then when he signed for Leeds and scored on his debut, diving header against Man City. Jaysus a dream come true for him and us, coz he was a mad Leeds fan in school and I could brag to me workmates that one of me best school mates had scored for Leeds on Saturday. I know he played a couple of seasons in League of Ireland and Irish League (nth of Ireland) after leaving UK. He had this special trick of being able to turn his eyelids inside out, not something to impress the girls I grant ya, but hey skule days best days of yer life !!!!!!!

Anon says: played for limerick fc in the irish league. brilliant player

Derek Lynch says: To my knowledge he finished back were he started with Home Farm, and he played schoolboy first with Stella Maris not Tolka Rovers playe for Home Farms first team while still on the schollballs team.

Dave Kelly says: Yeah, I too went to the same schools as him in Ireland - Ballygall, on Dublin's northside (Sacred Heart and St Kevins). Also happened to live around the corner from him. As previously stated the guy was a legend (schools sports days were a waste of time). But unfortunately for him, he never had a chance of making it 'cause of his temperament. Having a huge ego isn't that big of a problem, when you're a big fish in a small pond, but it didn't help when he landed at Liverpool and Leeds with something needing to be proved. One class moment I can remember was him once running off the pitch during a schools final in tears 'cause his team were losing.

Gary says: Ken was a class player while at Limerick FC. The year he was their he helped them to win the league cup and keep them in the top 6 of the premiere division. He was also selected for the league of Ireland all star team that year. He is now currently working for British Airways in Heathrow.

macca says: i saw the game in dublin that day and i live in leeds and just barely recall him. errr something to tell his grand kids eh....

Stephen says: Does anyone what became of Ken Demange? I am trying to write a book about cult heroes of footballers and this site is the nearest thing I've been able to find ot about him, is he still working at Heathrow? Would be interested in some information

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