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A moan about LUFC - Bucky

There seems to be a ball park figure bandied around Elland Road of £77m owing to the bank manager. This figure remains in place no matter what transactions are made in or out.

The whole Robbie Fowler fiasco (and, I fear, Woodgate's likely move to Newcastle) has made me stop to think about HOW this reported debt has built up.

By the admission of their own official website, Leeds United's transfer fees paid since the start of 1999 totalled £89,700,000. However, and far more fascinating, the same site tells us transfers monies IN totalled just short of £66m. Taking into account the 'nominal fees' received for Alan Maybury from Hearts and Lee Bowyer from West Ham - that pushes it to about £66m on the nose. This results in a net "loss" of £23,700,000.

However, lets take into account other monies coming into the club since the start of 1999. These are, of course, all "reported" figures, but we are looking at -

£13m from BskyB
£10m from Nike
£5m from Bulmers (Strongbow sponsorship)
£15m from our run to the Champions League semi final

A total of £43m, easily eclipsing the £23,700,000 shortfall on transfer activity.

Now I'm no economist, but how does that suddenly equate to a £77m debt?? Answers on a post card please, Mr Ridsdale. And while you're at it, please also let us know the position regarding our new stadium/Elland Road redevelopment - remember that one?

A little more food for thought. I am a season ticket holder of twenty years standing. For the first time I am seriously contemplating not renewing next year. This is partly because of the lack of ambition or any business acumen displayed by our Chairman. But this only tells half the story. After all, during those twenty years I've supported some real dross in that white shirt and remained loyal throughout.

However, it's got to the point where I am sick of tired of being lied to and told non and half-truths by the powers that be at Elland Road.

Maybe if someone (Ridsdale, preferably) just came out and said "Look - we've made a right old mess of this and we're having to dig ourselves out by whatever means possible" they may gain a bit more grudging respect and understanding.

And I may just renew my Season ticket.

But that's me. There's going to be many more who definitely won't go along - the glory hunters for starters. The attendance of 34,000 against West Brom on Saturday told it's own story.

You are creating a team people don't want to watch, Uncle Peter. You have a manager with one arm behind his back but you are very successfully diverting your flak towards him which is sickening.

Even if you can't do anything else, please come out and tell the fans just what the hell is going on - they will respect you a lot more.

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