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Vince Hilaire

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Position Right winger
Born 10 Oct 1959, Forest Gate (England)
Height 167 cm
Weight 63 kg
International Caps England: 1 B, 9 U21, ? Youth

Club From To Apps Goals Sold for
Crystal Palace 01 Oct 1976 01 Jul 1984 255 29  
Luton Town 01 Jul 1984 01 Nov 1984 6 0 £100000
Portsmouth 01 Nov 1984 01 Jul 1988 174 27 £190000
Leeds United 01 Jul 1988 01 Nov 1990 51 7 £0
Stoke City 01 Nov 1989   5 1 on loan
Stoke City 01 Nov 1990 01 Sep 1991 10 2 £0
Exeter City 01 Sep 1991 01 Jun 1992 33 4  

Leeds Career League FA Cup League Cup Europe Other
Season Apps Goals Apps Goals Apps Goals Apps Goals Apps Goals
1988 - 1989 42 6 2   3 1 0   2  
1989 - 1990 0(2)   0   0   0   0  
Total 42(2) 6 2   3 1 0   2  

Jabba's Comments

Vince Hilaire was a talented forward/winger who had made his name in a length spell at Crystal Palace before enjoying further success on the South Coast with Portsmouth. Hilaire was one of Billy Bremner's last signings, and although Wilko did continue to use him in his first season, there was no place in his squad for Hilaire as the team pushed for promotion back to Division 1. Vince was released first on loan and then on a free to Stoke, but he didn't see much action, and after a season with Exeter he retired from the professional game. He now does media work, commenting on Portsmouth games for local radio.

Danielle Hilaire says: well I've got a dodgy story he's my dad! and he's a bit heavier than 63kg now!

Graham Bennett says: I only had the pleasre of watching him from the television but Vince Hilaire was so talented yet so underated as was Laurie Cunningham.

Julian Hilaire says: Vince had the chance to join Arsenal in the early 80's had he been given the chance to go I think he would have been an international star along the lines of John Barnes was. He was smooth, and a quality performer although I am slightly bias I am sure Palace and Pompey fans who saw him at his very best would agree

Terry O'Donnell says: I played against Vince in the Representative games for Southend U16 v SW Essex, Mid Essex Schoolboys v Newham and can honestly say he was the best player I ever played against. I went on to play for Southend Utd professionally but never saw a player like him. What is he doing now??? I would love to know. I am the same age as him.

Clive Parry says: I grew up in South Norwood during the seventies, and am, proud to have seen 'Vince the Prince' play for Crystal Palace. I remember as a ten year old, football dominated every waking hour of my life. We played before school began, during breaks, at dinner time and even after school. World Cup fever was rampant. Every kid on the pitch thought he looked, or played like a foreign Superstar. Forget that ! I knew we had the real thing, on a Saturday afternoon at Selhurst park. When Vince got the ball, I promise you, people expected him to skin one, two or three of their players alive.The crowd would roar when it came off, and yet still cheer when the little tricks didn't quite work out. Vince used to attempt the things that you secretly wished you could do. Why pass it square, when you could sprint down the wing, daring defenders to get the ball off of you. I admit I may be looking back on things with slightly rose coloured specs, but I can assure you that he was one of the most gifted players i have seen. Good Luck Vince in your future.

Lauren Harris says: Vince is my mate Danielle's dad and we were surfing the web and come across this web site! Danielle was mortified! She said she wrote that ages ago! We thought it was funny though! hahahaha!

danielle hilaire says: hes a good man and a good dad and i take back wht i sed i never thought it would come on the internet i hope he dont see it! he was a good player also and wish he still played but as he now says "hes too old and too slow!"

Lauren Harris [again....] says: I just thought id tell you vince what your daughters are like on the way to school, your youngest always makes a fuss and refuses to do what danielle says, it is so funny!

marc bultitude says: I remember watching Vince Hilaire from the Holmesdale End at Selhurst Park 79/80 and the chant went "He's here He's there He's every f***ing where He's Vince Hilaire Vince Hilaire.He was the first player I saw that played "The Beautiful Game" A true Palace Hero.

vinces daughter says: i didnt mean wot i sed b4 bout my dad hes lovely and beyonce u didnt have 2 tel him wot i wrote!!!!!!!!!!

Michael Huggan says: What 80's Song Featured a referance to vince Hilaire in.

Dave Harkin says: I watched Vince play many times for Pompey, and when he got hold of the ball there was an air of expectation. He was very very good at getting penalties as well!!

Darryn Spagg says: Saw him on his debut for Stoke on loan, he took 4 Brentford Player on before slotting home, lives on in the memory! Great goal

kane little says: e gos in my dads bar and he go some way claiming he will be two minutes but he dissapears

kane and dave says: my friend is a pompey fan and he knows vince, he says he a great man

kane little says: i does his football course and it helps me to become a bettere all round player, and got stronger in goal

callum davies says: he just moved house and i had to look after his suites

simon webbe says: vince rulez

Richard Payne says: saw Vince play for Pompey between around '84 - '88. On his day he was superb, but he could have off days. Pompey had a drinking culure among their players at that time and Vince was rumoured to be too much of a night-clubber - maybe if Vince had played under an Arsene Wenger-type coach then he could have been world class.

Barry Atrill says: Vince sometimes makes guest appearances as a commentator on 'The Quay' Radio Station (local Pompey station) and always shows off keen sense of humour.

Pete says: The 80's tune that mentions Vince is 'Hello' by The Beloved. I went to the Steve Kember testamonial at Selhurst Park last week. Vince played in a verterans 11 with a host of other ex-palace names. I used to watch him as a kid on the Holmsdale during the late 70's early 80's and he's pretty much the reason I'm a Palace fan. He was my hero ! He had a great afro too....

Ian says: Genius! My favourite player of all time. He was a joy to watch, dancing down the touch line, making fools of the opposition. Should have played for England. Was a man out of his own time is ome respects, his fancy footwoork would have gone down better nowadays than it did at Palace in the 70's

Scott Campbell says: The Beloved - Hello .....featured Vince's Name in the Lyrics and if you combine that fact with the amount of Pannini 1984 football sticker doubles of Vince I had....well the mans a LEGEND!

william says: i was a lucky boy seeing vince play from the homedale end having to jump up and down to see vince flash down the wing was great felt like we would never be beaten with vince on our side and our first season in the old first division was great forgot how many time i lost my voice shout out goal, great times great player.

Robert Parbery says: WE played together for the same junior team in Forest Gate back in the seventies, FORESTERS.He was some much better than any of the rest of us,he was also a top cricketer.

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