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Kevin Hird

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Position Midfielder
Born 11 Feb 1952, Colne (England)
Height 170 cm
Weight 66 kg
International Caps none

Club From To Apps Goals Sold for
Blackburn Rovers 01 Feb 1973 01 Mar 1979 132 20 £357000
Leeds United 01 Mar 1979 01 Aug 1984 200 21 £0
Burnley 01 Aug 1984 01 Jun 1986 83 23  

Leeds Career League FA Cup League Cup Europe Other
Season Apps Goals Apps Goals Apps Goals Apps Goals Apps Goals
1978 - 1979 13(1)   0   0   0   0  
1979 - 1980 39 8 1   2   3   0  
1980 - 1981 32(1) 4 2 1 0   0   0  
1981 - 1982 35(3) 2 2 1 2   0   0  
1982 - 1983 30(9) 4 1(2)   2(1)   0   0  
1983 - 1984 16(2) 1 0   1   0   0  
Total 165(16) 19 6(2) 2 7(1)   3   0  

Jabba's Comments

Leeds made "Jasper" the most expensive fullback in the country when he was signed in 1979 - and then used him in midfield most of the time. Opinion on him is a bit divided - either you see him as a 100% bloke who gave everything to the cause, or you see him as a clumsy plodder who had somehow stumbled into the dressing room one day and found himself in the team. I'm in the former camp, but he did manage several famous cock-ups that cost Leeds goals but on balance he proved a good buy for the club and we could have done with hanging on to him for his experience rather than letting him go back over the Pennines to Burnley.

Craig Wilson says: Jasper was great! Often he'd play crap for 89 minutes than score a brilliant goal. He scored the first Leeds goal I ever saw (v Conventry in the cup) and also the one that meant most to be (at the time) - the winner against Brighton, which I thought would save us from relegation. Of course it didn't.

ian edmondson says: i went to lord st school in colne with kevin in the 1960's i thought he was born in 1954

Stephen Chew says: I played with the man at a club called Kelbrook fc. he is probably the most geniune men i have ever met. He is still playing ther now and he still scores some lassy goals. He once scored from the half way line for a team called Barnoldswick United the thing was he didnt just do it once either. He is also a nutmeg king.

Marcus Hird says: My Grandad was Kevin Hird's cousin and my dad played with him at Barlick Utd for 3 seasons. Kevin was right-back and my dad was left-back,and he nutmeged more people than kevin did.My dad says "i can't believe he is still playing as he was 62 when he camt to play for Barlick Utd". If you read this Kev please get in touch.

Mark Hindle says: I think the problem with Kevin Hird was that the management didn't quite know where to play him - he had a decent shot, could dribble a bit, but didn't seem to be able to tackle with any consistency, and for me his best position was on the right of midfield. Although he made inconsistency an art form, he could always be relied upon to give 100% effort. Apart from the goal against Brighton in May '82, I will remember him as the only player on the pitch who cared enough to try to make a game of that woeful 0-0 draw with Coventry in January of that year.

Rachael Baldwin says: This is my friend Jessicca Hird's Father and we love Kevin Hird!!

Matt Smith says: your daughter Jess is well fit, she lights up my life!!

Jessica Hird says: Hi Dad its jess! If U R reading this it means we got tha internet 4 my birthday. Im at college at the mo! Ne way cu when I get home Luv From Jess! P.S Whoever Marcus Hird is, he seems to think your 62?

Simone C says: This is my mate Jess' dad we luv ya!!!

Jessica Hird says: On behalf ov ma dad thanks for tha comments. I told him about you all. Unfortunatly we dont have the internet at home so I will say thankyou for him.

Marus Hird says: Hey Jess its Marcus eya ask your dad if he knows anyone called albert hird he should do any way my dad was having a laugh with your dad as they were mates.

Anon says: Hi Marcus Who are you are we related or summat? Oh R8 I wondered Y you thought he was 62! Ill ask him 2nite and get bak 2 you.

marcus says: hey again i dnt know if were related but do you have msn if you do ill give you my adress its

Stephen Tattersall says: hi kevin this is steve, i went to school with your son, sam, my name is stephen tattersall, it would be great if u could get him to contact me, CHEERS

Marcus says: Hey Anon I said he was 62 because it was sum kind a joke they shared between them but im not to sure get in touch asap

Dave says: Dear Kevin, Your son Sam told me you used to play for Chelsea and then moved to Leeds. I think you should spend some more quality time with him...

Matty Hebditch says: Jasper once scored a rasper at home to Cambridge in '83. His last goal for the club. Absolute screamer! Must admit, as I only started watching Leeds that season, I remember him being a bit useless. It was sometimes like watching an old rickety bloke huff and puff down the wing but I'm assured he was a very reliable campaigner. I have mates from Burnley who hold him in very high regard despite him being an ex-Blackburn player. Most expensive full-back in the country at the time? Jeez! Decent penalty taker, I'm led to believe... By the way- I dont think he looks anything like Jasper Carrot. Kev's far uglier.

j ideson says: i followed kevin hirds band for a short time i think they were called visage. he played guitar.

kevin hird says: my namesake, loved it at elland road when everybody sang my name. good luck kev,,

Dan says: I have played against Kevin heard. He is playing for a side called Kelbrook. We beat Kelbrook but he was a class player. Nutmegged me at least 3 times! He did have a shot from the half way line but didnt score.

kathryn says: Hi ya jess auntie kath ere hope ur ok & college is goin well maybe see u at xmas lol

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