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Mick Jones

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Mick Jones (17.4K)  Mick Jones  Mick Jones (33.2K)  Mick Jones (31.7K)

Position Centre forward
Born 24 Apr 1945, Worksop (England)
Height 177 cm
Weight 74 kg
International Caps England: 3 full

Club From To Apps Goals Sold for
Sheffield United 01 Nov 1962 20 Sep 1967 149 63 £100000
Leeds United 20 Sep 1967 01 Oct 1975 312 111 £0

Leeds Career League FA Cup League Cup Europe Other
Season Apps Goals Apps Goals Apps Goals Apps Goals Apps Goals
1967 - 1968 25 8 5 2 0   8 2 0  
1968 - 1969 40 14 2   3 2 8 1 0  
1969 - 1970 32 15 9 3 3   8 8 0  
1970 - 1971 40 6 3 3 1   9 1 0  
1971 - 1972 24 11 5 2 1   0   0  
1972 - 1973 27(1) 9 8 1 4(1) 3 6 3 0  
1973 - 1974 28(3) 14 4 1 1   3 2 0  
Total 216(4) 77 36 12 13(1) 5 42 17 0  

Jabba's Comments

As a youngster, Mick Jones was an enthusiastic and regular visitor to both Hillsborough and Bramall Lane, watching whichever of the two Sheffield sides happened to be playing at home that week. But it was with the Blades that he made his reputation on the pitch, forming a successful striking partnership with Alan Birchenall.

Mick Jones became the first 6-figure player signed by Leeds, costing £100,000 in summer 1967 - but with his goalscoring record for Sheffield United to back it up, the board agreed to part with what was then a huge amount of money.

He was top scorer in the League as Leeds claimed their first title in 1968, and when Allan Clarke came along to partner him the following season, Leeds seemed to have found the perfect pairing. Jones said: "Allan [Clarke] and I developed a tremendous understanding... I took the knocks and he finished it all off." Many people will remember the 1972 FA Cup Final, when he dislocated his shoulder but insisted on being helped up the steps to receive his winners medal in the Royal Box. Three England caps was a criminally low total for such an accomplished striker, but that was all he got.

After the title win in 1974, he tried to rest during the summer to sort out a knee problem, but an op was required and his rehabilitation involved serious physiotherapy and daily trips to St James' Hospital. By February 1975 he had reached a plateau and the medics gave him the go-ahead to resume light training. He played in a friendly match and also turned out in a handful of reserve games, but during the Central League match at Anfield, the end came. The knee was giving him considerable pain no matter what he did, and it was back to the doctors. This time there was to be no recovery, and he was finally forced to throw in the towel at the start of the 1975-76 season at the tender age of 30. He went back to his native Worksop to do the traditional footballer thing of running a pub.

Neil Jeffries says: In a forthcoming interview for Leeds Leeds Leeds magazine, Mick tells us he was signed for 99,999 - not 100,000. Does anybody remember any explanation for this at the time? Mick didn't offer one!

Sam says: Mick is my twin sister's father in law. He has a son, a daughter and two grandchildren.

Dag Running says: In the late sixties, English soccer games came to Norway. TV had one channel and every Saturday there was an English 1 div. game. I was seven, and became a huge Leeds fan. I was dead fascinated by the style of Mick Jones; how he managed to always look so cool and elegant through the toughest fights.

Tony Coleman says: Mick is a friend....I have a number of Leeds postards signed by Mick...... including centenary postcard showing Mick's medal on one showing Mick with Fairs Cup. 5 each.

Paul says: Mick was my footballing hero as an eight year old and even now, some thirty years later, I have never seen a more elegant and accomplished centre forward. It is a crime that he does not have dozens of England caps. If you ever read this Mick - thanks for starting a lifetime's love of this fabulous game and wherever you are, all the best.

Gerard Haan says: In the 60's Mick was in the youth team & an appretice for Leeds. Came to Groningen in Holland & stayed with us. I always wondered what happened to him . How can I contact him ? Gerard Haan.

Andrew Edge says: Mick was from the old school of great players; he was a powerhouse and a subtle player, all at the same time. His combination with Sniffer was the start (and the end) of an era. What would happen if Beckham had two great forwards like those to accept his passes? When will managers learn that you need a steamer and a yacht to guarntee a winning side? What power, and majesty!

Sudhir says: I was just 12 when I started to follow Leeds in 1970 and the player I most admired was Mick Jones. A great player. Any idea if he is still involved in football? Does he still live in Leeds like many of the Leeds legends of that era. I still follow Leeds and am a proud member of the Local Leeds United Supporters Club in Singapore. If in Singapore come join us at Lot Stock & Barrel.

Mick B - Sports Lover says: Yes, I saw Mick Jones play many times for LUFC. Never in all the years of watching football have I seen a player with the ability that Mick had to simply hold a ball, more often than not with his back to the goal, until support from team mates arrived, enabling defence to turn to attack. He was the original, definitive 'target man'.He was always in the thick of the action and although he took some 'real clog', I never once saw him roll all over the pitch in agony nor retaliate. To add to this he also scored some screaming individual goals. What an unsung hero, today he would be priceless. Well done Mick and thanks for those treasured moments in sport.

Floop says: I see Mick around Worksop from time to time.

Tex says: MICK JONES was integral to the SNIFFER legend, without Mick the Sniffer would not have scored anywhere near the amount of goals he did, even if he was one of the best strikers of all time. Although Jonesy was quick he never seemed to be in a hurry - he seemed to make time slow down the way he could hold a ball up until help arrived! And let's not forget that he was one hell of a striker himself! Pure elegant class! He was a genuine hero and I hope he's well and enjoying life.

Jackomo says: In response to Neil Jeffries query as to why Mick was signed for £99,999 and not £100,000, I don't know the truth but I know that Trevor Francis signed to Forest for £999,999 and not £1m in order to remove the pressure of being the first £1m signing. I've seen this happen with other big money signings. Could it be that Mick was signed for that figure so he wouldn't bear the pressure of being LUFC's first 6-figure signing?

Ray Marsden says: I live just a few miles down the road from Mick.Ive decorated his bungalow,and been to see him once or twice.He is fit and well but he told me that the old knee injury that finished his career still gives him a bit of trouble.I am eight years younger than Mick and attended the same school the Worksop Priory.I watched him play many times for Leeds ,he indeed was a fantastic player and a nicer bloke you will not find.

Rob Mathieson says: I lived in the same street as Mick - Carr Manor Road, Leeds 17. He lived at number 100. I'll never forget as a 9 year old, the Saturday after the 72 Cup Final. I called at his house with my mate Phillip, and his wife said that he was resting. A voice then called out of the living room, "It's OK love, they can come in!" What an excitment! Mick was in his armchair, watching Grandstand, his poor, brave arm in a sling. We were tongue tied, in the presence of an actual hero. A week before I had been in tears of joy for the victory, and such pride in the bravery of this man as he made his agonising way up to the Royal Box to receive his message from the Queen. I don't remember much of the conversation but it doesn't matter. He showed us his medal and gave us his autograph, and minutes later, two little lads were bombing it back up Carr Manor Road to tell everyone of our dream visit. Well done Mick, I'm still proud of you. Shame today's game doesn't contain such sporting gentlemen anymore. Good luck to you mate!

Dennis M Sutcliffe says: In 1968 my family moved to Leeds and i am so glad i had the oppertunity to see Super Leeds.Don Revies team were so ahead of their time and so very entertaining. I would just love to roll back the clock.

Gary O'Hagan says: It is my best friends (Derrick) 40th in August. He is Leeds United daft! When we were very young we had a football team on our estate and we all wore the Leeds 1972 football kit. Remember those sock tassles? Well, Derrick was always Mick Jones. I was wondering, does anyone know how i could get a signed photo of Mick with the words "happy 40th Derrick" on it? Iam willing to pay or donate to a charity for this.

Paul Beahan says: Great site!Please could someone settle an arguement,was Mick Jones the first #100,000 transfer in Britain between two British clubs when Leeds signed him?

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