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Brendan Ormsby

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Brendan Ormsby - click for larger image

Position Centre back
Born 01 Oct 1960, Birmingham (England)
Height 180 cm
Weight 74 kg
International Caps England: ? Youth

Club From To Apps Goals Sold for
Aston Villa 01 Oct 1978 28 Feb 1986 117 4 £65000
Leeds United 28 Feb 1986 01 Jul 1990 57 7 £0
Shrewsbury Town 01 Jan 1990   1 0 on loan
Doncaster Rovers 01 Jul 1990 01 Aug 1992 78 7 £0
Scarborough 01 Aug 1992 01 Jun 1993 16 1 £0
Wigan Athletic 01 Aug 1994 01 Jun 1995 2 0  

Leeds Career League FA Cup League Cup Europe Other
Season Apps Goals Apps Goals Apps Goals Apps Goals Apps Goals
1985 - 1986 12 1 0   0   0   0  
1986 - 1987 33 4 4 1 1   0   6 1
1988 - 1989 1   0   0   0   0  
Total 46 5 4 1 1   0   6 1

Jabba's Comments

Hero, ex-Villan and villain all in one. Brendan Ormsby was an experienced centre-back, picked up by Billy Bremner towards the end of the 1985-86 season and his solidity at the back did much to help Leeds on their FA Cup and promotion challenge the following year. Neither of those chases succeeded, and both games were to prove painful for Ormsby. In the FA Cup semi-final at Hillsborough, it was his attempt to shepherd the ball out of play that allowed Coventry to score a crucial goal, and in the play-off final against Charlton, he was carried off with a ligament injury that kept him out of the game for two years. He was fairly popular with the fans and very solid at the centre of the defence, but he didn't fit into Wilko's plans and was picked up by Doncaster on his release. Although he continued to play in the lower divisions - and had a brief spell with Waterford in Ireland - he was dogged by persistent injury problems until his retirement from the game in 1995.

Paul Ormsby says: Hello, I'm Brendan's nephew. I used to get loads of respect at school because my uncle used to play for Villa. I was a centre half myself for school & sunday league & like my famous unc I used to get stuck in to the opposition, taking no prisoners, but fair with it. I really admire him for what he achieved, although he wasn't high profile I thought he was an excellent defender & deserved more success.

Chris Ormsby says: My son's name is Brendan Ormsby. Our ancestors came from Ireland. Brendan is a percussionist and Music Therapist. He lives in Brooklyn, NY.

Paul Surplice says: He's part of my family! I have never meet him but I am trying to locate to him. His uncle and aunts are my mothers half brothers and sisters! If any one could help please do. Thank you

aimee kingscott says: hello my name is aimee kingscott and brendan orsmby is my uncle his safe and me moms bro.ask him if ya dont believe me.

Poppy-May Cole says: hi my name is poppy-May and i was brendans girlfriend is school i was hes first propa gilfriend and i had i my firdt kiss in the cloakroom with brendan.Bren if ur reading this i still love ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Andy Ormsby says: Just thought I'd join this thread. Brendans dad (Pat I think) is my Dads cousin. Never met him, but watched him play on the TV a few times. There's only United, and they wear red. Andy. Manchester.

Glenn Ormsby says: Brendan's my uncle and here in Australia I'm very proud of him. I was really popular at school because of him (despite having red hair!) Love the website too!!

Mark Kingscott says: hello my name is Mark Kingscott and Brendon Ormsby is Grandfathers brothers son-in-law.

Martin Edwards says: I was the kid in the crowd that Brendan celebrated his QPR goal with, he grabbed hold of me and we celebrated on the fence at the front of the kop

Kev O'Flannagan says: My neighbour's cousin's boyfriend's sister's boyfriend's uncle's mate Trevor saw him at Villa reserve game in the 80's.

Phil Rudd says: I used to Referee in the Birmingham Boy's League, and remember Brendan very well, playing for Northfield Terriers and Villa Boy's I think. Quality at that age stands out a mile, as it did for Gordon Cowans (Villa & Bari) and Steve Lynex (West Brom & Leicester).

Jonathan Sapier says: I used to walk my dog at the same time as him on the same field and he is a friendly and amiable fella. I saw him in the centre of Leeds today 16th Dec 2003 and we had a brief chat.

Ina Smith says: Brendan is my little brother his the youngest of 9 brothers and 4 sisters he used to be a proper little rogue always cheeky and happy wen i see the size of him now its hard to think wen i used to change his nappies.

Shashi Jina says: I played with Brendon when he ws at Ladywood Comprehesive in Brum. I made my debut at Centre Half becasue he had to play for England U13 (or sometihng like that) We played together for about 3 years and he was the best ever in the air. I think my last game with him was in a Semi Final of some School Cup where he got sent off. Do you ever remember playing against Goerge Dixon School at their ground when their team chased us near the Bus stop. We lived to tell the tale!! Glad to hear you had a great career. I now live in the USA and have two boys

faif says: hiiiii, my mate aimee is brendans neice!i have no idea who he is but i do no e was down the villa the uva day commentatiin!

Simon Williams says: Hay brendon it little willo. What you up to still in Finland are you going to come out and see me play with my Dad? Tomo, Luke and Mark says hi, Tomo is still practicing his headers. See you, you perfert

Adam Ankers says: hello, Brenan Ormsby is my uncle and i just want to say i am proud of him and so is the whole family.

Steve Marriott says: Well well,Mr Ormsby!Or should that be REG?????? Of course I'm only presuming that you might occasionally read stuff on this site,if so great maybe I'll get an e-mail from you???I only recognise one name amongst the above and that was Shash Gina,hiya Shash how's it goin bud??For anyone else who's wondering,I went to the same secondary school as REG and played in the same school team for 5 years and attended many trials with him plus our Sunday side Ryland Star.Great days!!!!

Liam Ormsby says: hi i am liam and i am Brendon ormsbys son. just seen the site and i am very proud of him.

Simon Williams says: Hay Brendon it's little willo, i have no trainning today because i am injured, so i thought i would drop a line on your website. I want to tell everyone about that sporney goal brendon scored for the Villa against West Ham about 15 years ago, i was only 4 so i dont reamember it, but my Dad tell's me the west ham defender cleard the ball from the edge of his box and it went to brendon 5 yard on his side of the half way line and he broughtit down on his cheast and hit it first time and went straight in the top corner, and that was the winner, My Dad says brndon walked of because he thought it had gone no were then he herd a cheer and it he looked up and saw the players running toward him and heard the crowd roawing and realised that it had gone in and he ran of celebrating, but come on Brendon you can tell me it was a clerance right? My Dad swears by it as well. And the funny thing was tha it was the winner can you imagine how big headed he was after that, well i know my Dad told me. See you Bren take care

Liam Ormsby says: hey simon its liam ormsby how u doing in finland it was not bloody spawny it was a great goal against west ham good luck in finland and brendon looks forward to seeing u playing for some great finland side

Fact Hunt Baggins says: Quality player....... well for us in them days,..... and now sadly these too my dads brothers nephews friends mums sons best mate saw him play a few times...... ang on! thats me innit

natasha says: hey im tash brendans friends dad gary williams who aslso used to play for leeds i fink!! anyway hey wooo and liam fancies me mate katie hamilton

Liam Ormsby says: iv dont fancy katie hamilton

Kev Smallman says: Ryland Star.I have an original program from waaaaaaaaaaay back when !...done in felt pen and original purple photocopy. My Dad (George Smallman), was the manager, my brother Alan (who I believe was recently in contact with Marriot the DJ),also played and we still have a photo of him receiving a medal. I remember (I'm the younger brother by the way of Alan), when I was tiny being put in goals by my big brother and saving most of Brendan Ormsby's goals....I think. I also have two of the little medals presented to the team in the loft... somewhere. The program is near enough mint(ish) and lists all the players on what I think was a cup final which they won ? Have to dig it out !

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