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Rio Ferdinand

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Rio Ferdinand - click to view his website

Position Centre back
Born 08 Nov 1978, Peckham (England)
Height 187 cm
Weight 76 kg
International Caps England: 36 full, 5 U21, ? Youth

Club From To Apps Goals Sold for
West Ham United 27 Nov 1995 26 Nov 2000 154 2 £18000000
Bournemouth 08 Nov 1996   11 0 on loan
Leeds United 26 Nov 2000 22 Jul 2002 73 3 £29100000
Manchester United 22 Jul 2002        

Leeds Career League FA Cup League Cup Europe Other
Season Apps Goals Apps Goals Apps Goals Apps Goals Apps Goals
2000 - 2001 23 2 2   0   7 1 0  
2001 - 2002 31   1   2   7   0  
Total 54 2 3   2   14 1 0  

Jabba's Comments

Bloody hell that's a lot of money.

A couple of years ago Rio looked like one of the best young prospects around. In 1999-2000, an early injury troubled him and he was less impressive, but with several clubs alerted to his possible availability "for the right price", he made an impressive start to the 2000 season. An excellent performance in an otherwise nondescript friendly in Italy followed by another good outing at Elland Road that was instrumental in West Ham winning for the first time in over 20 years saw Peter Ridsdale break the bank - and UK transfer records for any player and the world record for a defender - to land his target.

Rio has seemed more comfortable in a 3-man defence in the past, and with Jon Woodgate and Lucas Radebe around, that could be the way that DOL decides to shape his Leeds defence of the next 2 years. Rio has a lot to do to justify the fee, but his promise and DOL's ability as a manager and all-time great centreback could be the perfect combination. As it is, a shortage of other fit centrebacks and the fact that the team look much more comfortable has meant that he's been playing in a normal back 4 to great effect, and in the end has justified his transfer fee with performances that did much to take Leeds so far in the Champions League.

In 2001-02, he was made club captain and his performances have gone from strength to strength. With the return of Jon Woodgate Leeds have got what looks to be a world-class centreback pairing and Rio is one of the few players who can have few concerns about the World Cup - his name is one of the absolute certs on Sven's teamsheet.

It was to nobody's great surprise that he suddenly found himself "unsettled" after the World Cup, and Leeds pulled a world record fee for a defender from ManU to capture his services at what could be the very peak of the transfer market.

Andrew Greenway says: I've seen Rio play quite a few times now and I think he is the best buy since Nigel Martyn or Lucas Radebe.

Steph says: don't know about his ball skills but he's very sexy!!!!!!!

Anonymous says: come on Rio - bring the title to Elland Road and lead this club out of the shadow of Don Revie and make them talk about you as the greatest centre half ever to have adorned Leeds' colours! There is 11 of you but you are the instigator.

Anonymous says: whilst on holiday in Cyprus (Ayia Napa) he was a big hit with the ladies so we nicknamed him Rio 'Bird in each hand'.

Chelsy says: him n woody best defensive partnership 4 Leeds AND England!

Mudzunga says: Hi Rio - You Should remember me I came to visit you from S.A.! I am the tall black guy with blonde hair! I wish you a good new year and hope you do well in all the cups you take part in! Say hi to Dick for me and to the rest of the players especially mark and robbie! I look forward to coming to play for leeds one day! I am 16 and I'll be there in about 6 years time! I have applied for a soccer scholarship at a school in London! Bye

Anonymous says: Not only is he a fantastic centre back but he is also damn fine. All those people who voted him one of the ugliest footballers must have been blind.

Michelle Hughes says: I received a signed photo from Rio last week. I don't recall writing to him. I wrote to Michael Bridges over two years ago, he replied with a signed photo and personal letter. But the thing is I don't remember ever writing to Rio. Maybe he had my address off Mike but that seems a bit strange to me!!

Dayn Charles Mocodompis says: he is good player in England I like him.

Anna Green says: I think that Rio is realy sexy and I think he plays a great game.

Ian from Shrewsbury says: You are brilliant. Best centre back in the world. You're worth double your price. You should be wearing the captain's band for England!!!!

Alan says: I met Rio, along with three other Leeds players at Sunday's old firm game and although it is unlikely, I would love to see him at Ibrox. And he's massive!!!

Denise says: what can i say the man is QUALITY!

long time admirer says: hello rio remember me from aiya napa to be more precise in the female toilets at "black & white" club!!!

Natasha Perry says: To be honest i have never really paid that much attention to football - until one saturday morning when i got up to watch Live And Kicking and saw a Mr Rio Ferdinand on it, ever since then whenever he playes i'm the one in the front seat nearest the telly shouting out for the camera to go on Rio and ignore all the other players.

Spanrod says: Rio is fit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sue says: i seen him in a pub on friday and was talking to him

Anon says: no actually i look him i had a lot people asking me for autograph when i was in Spain for hollidays and back here in England

Emma says: Rio iz soooooooooo fit

Hollie and Hanna say: e and my mate hanna luv Rio and we print pictures out off the internet and we watch him play. We think he is really gorgeous! Luv ya Rio!!!!!!!!

Deb says: MMMMMMMMMMM, dont ya jus wanna suck dem lips!!!! Dont care wot me mates say, I think he's delicious!


BiG dave says: Rio is the best centre back in the premiership, and 18 million is a bargain!!!!

nadia says: Rio is sooooooooooooooooooooooo fine!! i luv him sooooooooooooooooooooo much!!

Dolly says: rio is da best. DONT I JUST WANNA SUCK DEM LIPS!!!!!!!!! He is da SEXIEST footballer in da world and hopefully will be MY HUSBAND (IN MY MIND ANYWAY!!) Peace and love RIO!!! in my heart allways!!!???? xXxXxXx

Nige says: Come to Old Trafford Rio, and we'll stop thinking your average

Jasmin says: Rio is sooooooooooooooooo, sooooooooooooooooo, soooooooooooooooo, sexy!! I love you LOADZ Rio!! Plz e-mail me!!

becky says: i ve meet rio he is so fit i ave his autograph mmmmmmmmmmmmm fit

Miss.M says: I think Rio is so fine! he's gorgeous hunni! he's a hevy player n so sexy i luv him! peace Rio! xxx

Ugo says: Rio is the cutest, hotest and the most sexy guy in the world.


Charlotte says: rio is the best!he can play plus hes the sexyest thing on earth!

Mary Levocz says: I jus want to say how great of a player Rio is!! he is amazing and is such a honest and sweet person!!!He is THE finest player ever to play soccer/football. I follow the game and i love watching him he is so handsome! i would marry him if he asked me right know!!! I love u Rio!! GO ENGLAND!!!!!!!

Danielle says: HOT TOTTY OR WHAT!!!!!!! Its got to be said, Rio's the hornest footballer around!

Katie says: Rio iz just totally wicked! His performance so far in the world cup iz outstandingly amazing, & i'm sure there's more of that 2 come!!! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK RIO!!! i'm now his biggest fan, i'll follow him 2 every club he goes 2, it'll be good 2 see him @ Man U?? xxx p.s. he iz just sooo incredibly sexy 2!!!!!!!

Aimi says: he is an ace footballer wiv gr8 prospects, his defending skills against argentina helpd us on our way to victory....england cudnt ask for more, our team at the moment is strongest its been for a long time, an wot i say...girls want to date him, men want to be him and at 18 million leeds r lucky to have him....

Nikki says: Rio is 100% fit! HE'S A TOTAL BABE! Keep on kickin sex bomb! Rio is a turn on ain't he galz?

BOVRIL says: My good friend Steve Lomas tells me Rio s****ed Hell's Bells from soccer a.m. before the show when he was at West Ham.

sarki_head says: He is soooooooo FIT. I LUV HIM!!!!!!!

ryza says: hes a goffy f!"%$^ dick sh*!.he is a very good footballer but why do you girls fancy him.

Dawn says: I have been a football fan for a long time but for some stupid reason i havn't noticed Rio until now. He is very sexy but most importantly a fantastic footballer!!

Lauren says: rio is the sexiest football player in da world n da universe beat that n id give n thing 2 see him face 2 face!!!

Char says: I love Rio Ferdinand! He is sex on legs and is the finest thing ive eva seen. Mwah! He is so yummy!

amanda says: I am just in love with him, even if he gets lousy at football, im sure he is perfect at being what he is supposed to be... a man.

Shaz says: omg!!! i love him sooo much!!! he's sooo sexy and gorgeous!!! and he is brilliant @ football!!! - obv!! lol, i love him soooo much u dont understand!!

Heajean says: Rio is really FINE! and also a great Defender. Keep it up in the World Cup! Hope to meet him one day!!!

Alys says: Good looking, talented, rich, can any one be so perfect? If he has any flaws I'd like to discover them!

dolly again!!! says: hi-ya rio? it's dolly again!! what u up2? missing u allways..and great defending (keep it up!) carnt wait to c u play on satday! good luck, behind u all the way!! ur biggest only fan... dolly... p.s. love u allways.. xXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXx

Beryl says: Hello I just wanna say i live in sweden and before the fifa world cup i had never heard about rio but now i just wanna say that Rio looks hoooooooooooooooot....ojojo.. Honey you look so goood...haha......Hugs and kisses

Kendrick says: His one of the best defence players i've ever seen since i started getting hooked on football.

Helen says: Rio iz PROPER sexy an ill love him until the day i die!! I love you Rio!!! ur FIT FIT FIT!!!

Angie says: I met Rio Ferdinand after a footie match and he's soooo gorgeous!! I think he looks better in person than he does on TV! He's a really cool guy aswell and I got an autograph and also he signed my shirt! Cheers Rio!!

Azra says: oh g*d.....this guy is so...theres no word 2 describe the guy....hes such a wicked player...hes so great.....hes amazing...and i have 2 say hes bloody fit!...cant stop droolin wen i see him.....GO RIO GO RIO GO RIO....I NO THERES NO USE SAYIN THIS...BUT WILL U EMAIL MOI?...MERCI ;)

Iva from Croatia says: i've seen him play today against denmark...he was absolutely fantastic!!! great player! i hope england will win brazil!! goood luck Rio!!

Jeany says: He's a great good looking Defender ... but sure he's married with 5 kids ... Go on Rio and kick their asses Love & kisses Jeany

Danniella says: Rio ferdinand is the sexiest thing ever to walk the planet. But, more importantly, I happen to think that he is single handedly building up England's reputation in the World Cup. He is a great player both psychologically and physically.

Cassie says: Hey i think rio iz a wkd player n i hope he scores friday!Gud luck all da best luv cassXxXxXxXxXxX

Sarah says: He mite b a leeds player bt it dnt stop him bein an amazin centre bak and downrite gorgeous 2 go wit it. come 2 old trafford - plz.... we luv u!!

Kayleigh says: I've been Rio biggest fan since for ever! i've got he autograph so many times i don't remember how many i got! He aint just a sexy, fly man, he's a well class player!!!!!!!!! Go Go Rio

Mrs.Ferdinand says: i love u rio

Penny says: Man!Rio is the sexiest,fittest,most gorgeous man in the World!I love him so much.He is the best defender in the World.I won't stand it if he moves to ManU.I luv him sooooooooo much.He has everything a woman wants.It's such a pitty that he has a girlfriend!HEY,DOES ANYONE KNOW HIS E-MAIL ADRESS OR HIS ADDRESS????If Yes,PLZZZZZZZZ answer me!

Deb says: Rio, if you ever look at this page, e-mail me.

abi ferdinand says: i luuuurve rio soo much. hes da best player in da whole world not 2 mention da sexiest. i am determined in ma mind 2 marry him one day xxx

Natasha says: rio is reallyyyy sexy and a great player, wiv out him we'd be out the world cup, thanks rio!!!

mad leeds fan !! says: Rio.... Please stay at Leeds !!! we need you, you have developed into one of the best centre backs in the world, Who else could teach you more that David O'Leary, he was a quality defender himself during his playing days. You were by far the best player for Leeds last season... being From Deptford i love the thought that a bloke from down the road (Peckham)is playing for the team that i love dearly ..! come on please stay !

lauren passmore says: i love u rio. good luck rio your are hero. you are horny. please get us the world cup. good luck you sexy beast love lauren passmore from torquay and the maths class.

Hannah says: rio u r sooo sexy! u played really well in the world cup!

homesy says: Rio has played so well in this world cup. He is most definitely gonna be one of the world's top defenders. And he's also very cute too!! So rio, if you're ever bored and want a night out, email me!! Hehe!

kim n lindy says: He's gorgeous and ours so stay away! WE LOVE RIO FERDINAND HE'S A BABE!wel playd b4, but shame we didnt win! beta luk nxt time! Cya l8r fitness! Luv ya always!

Rios fan says: Well,i guess im stating the obvious but rio is SO fit n cute and any girl (or boy for that matter?) who thinks hes even the slightest bit 'not good looking' is either lying or a traitor to the world.We love u rio!!!!!!!Mwah!


faithD says: I'm italian and I really gotta say that OH MY GOD he's soooooooooo damn cute!!! and he's scorpio (wild craziness...) just like me... GO RIOOOOOO!!! kiss kiss

Gazza says: Rio Rio Rio we love Rio

Lic says: It's just enough to enjoy nothing but his sexy lips

Charlotte says: Hi ya Rio i bet u don't even read these messages do ya. well anyway I think your a great player keep it up all my love charlotte p.s i don't know how u can be voted 1 of the ugliest footballers coz i think your gorgeous!xx

Charlotte says: Rio u played the best against Denmark u should be captain i won't say how fit u are coz u probably know it already anyway best of luck at Leeds char xxxxx

Sarah says: Rio is the best defender England has to offer and he's only 23. He is a gorgeous bloke but i love him for his football!!!!!

Miss C says: i werent really into football until the world cup so i've never really noticed u but i think your a really good defender and i hope to see u at Arsenal one day and while your not playing football! all my love sexy xxxx

Char says: im sure your gutted about your defeat in the quarter finals but your young so look forward to the next world cup and have fun coz your gorgeous and you'd get any girl u want including me xx

sexy cinderella says: I Think Rio is Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Fit n' Sexy!!!!!!! I really wanna meet up wit him!!!!i i think im in love!!lol!!i love his lips!grrrrrrr baby!!

stephanie says: hi i come from mauritius ,and i'm an england & man united fan.but i want to say that rio is the best.heis so incredible sexy,great can't explain.plz come and play at old want to know if he is married.see him on sky news with a nice girl.tell me .it will b hard but it's life .if it is not the case. "rio will u plz marry me":):)bye see ya luv & kisses stef

Emma Green says: Rio is buff, ive got a leeds season ticket so i cant wait 2 c him every other sat at ellend rd

Anna Ioannou says: Rio is sooooo good looking! The first time I looked at him, I was like 'Damn he's fine!' i love him so much and I think he is the best player. He's an excellent defender and played really well in the World Cup! I love you Rio!!!!

John Lavender (uncle) says: well done rio you done your family proud and your country. stay at leeds if anything have a months loan at millwall your local club

Becky says: I used to rio in a pub called the shoulder of mutton! when he first moved to leeds!

Kate says: hihi!!jus to say i haven;t notice rio before this worldcup!!he jus so sexy!!and i do hope that he e-mail mi!!that will be my greatest brithday presents on earth!!

Mandy says: I think Rio was the best player for the world cup his the best and he is soooo sexy i hope you can go to man u.luv Mandy

Sara says: Can anyone buy him......?I.m sure I could get a loan!!!!

Symren Panesar says: Hey all! Just wanted to say that i find Mr Ferdinand sooooooooooooooooooo sexy! And i love the way he dances! (denmark World cup). If i saw that in a club............... Keep up the good work Rio, u do ur family and fans proud, u sexy monkey! =)

Bran says: my all time fav. soccer player is Ronald but when I see Rio, I was blown away...the way he moves make my day and night

Stefanie says: I Love Rio he sooo coooooool!He is the best deffensiv player of the World!

linzi says: One day I was watching the world cup and I really wanted 2 see Beckhams the most but when i saw Rio Ferdinand I thought Phwoarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Katie ******** says: hey girls!!! hands off, rio is mine!!!! i have met him before and had a kiss on the cheek from him, and his autogragh, so i think i am going to become Katie Ferdinand very soon!!!! ha ha ha ha hee hee hee!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Louise says: Hi!!! Well done England for all your hard work in the world cup! Rio did brilliantly and his goal against Denmark was ace! He ain't just a great player he's well fit and the best looking on the England team! Luv ya xxx :-)

Rio_Luva says: hi, does any1 kno the adress where i can write to Rio? Thanx loads if any1 can help Hes the lushest player eva n i luv himxXxXXxXXXx

Louise says: Well done in the world cup! Rio u were brilliant! I'm pround to say I'm English. :-) Rio is well the nicest player on the team. Luv u and keep up all the good work!

Lucy says: Rio is the sexyist footi player ov all time, stay wid leeds n ull go far. if i had a few mill put away id av im no questions asked!!!

ifrah says: well RIO wow he's fine whata good-looking guy and what a player he's just great i knew who he was but got to really he's stuff in the world cup. well i hope he stays at leeds cos it's next door city to where i live. AGAIN he's just sooo sexy!!!! and Rio if you read I would LOVE to see you in person bye XXX
RIO RIO RIO that's all i can say these days he is so sexy'n'hot wow i would to love meet him it would be a dream come true you probably don't even read this 'RIO' but i still think it's worth writing something as what can't you not say about a top notch footy player as well as being so fine hot sexy fit gorgeous bloke.

anita kennish says: i think rio is the best defender in the world and he is gorge

Jen says: Gosh - Rio is so damn yuuuuummyyyyy! Never saw more sexier lips than his AND hes a hell of a football player...looking forward to a lot of great games - Come on Rio!

smiti says: jkz man hmmmmm ne1 else get da feelin dat gurls rely like rio? haha well if ya dont ill tell u DEY DO! so do i hes bare buff dya tink he actualy reads dis........ hmmmmm.......wud b jkz if he did i is likin da ri bird-in-each -hand ting is jkz man i is likin da ri bird-in-each -hand ting is jkz man rio hevi playa (in mo wayz den 1) nah jkz man i wud like 2 meet him 1 day 2 coz i rely respect him wud b hevi 2 b his m8 HINT HINT if u readin dis rio man cum ma skool plz (yea me stil in skool o well) it all gurl im sure ud b well popula haha ye man mst ma teachas gay thou so deyd cum on2 u ma m8 jus told me he met u ROUND DA CORNA 4RM MA HSE @ athletics club da 1 wer romeo s slids lil bro goes das outtaz how cumz i woznt der!!! newayz if ya get bord 1 day e-mail me ill intr u 2 ma m8 osama b jkz l8ez keep smilin! :D class playa

JJ says: rio ferdinand well i do not know who the hell voted him as one of the most ugliest footballers but i think hes the fittest when england played int he world cup he was the reason i got up so early 2 watch it and that dance i think that was gr8!!! n e way i think u r 100% well wat can i say rio!

Ifrah says: wwwooooooowwwwwwwwwww RIO u are the best!! ure soooooooo fit and sexy. i can never ever stop thinking about him. 247 it's rio rio rio. my books, planners and walls coered wid him. he is one hell of a footy player and if u do read this I WOULD LUV AND IF U EMAILED ME! I WUD GO CRAZY IF I MET YOU COS I JUST ONE THE BEST PLAYER AND FITTEST IN THE WORLD. WOOOOWWW I WANT TO KNOW HIS EMAIL ADDRESS SO IF ANY1'S GOT PLZZZ TELL ME !!!! once again i think he's a gorgeous guy. (i bet if he did this he'd be rollin in laughter) but THAT'S JUST THE WAY IT GOES HE'S SOOOOOOOOOOOO FINEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE AND SKILLEDDDDDDDDDDDDDD MAN. (BY THE WAY STEPHANIE IF U READ THIS RIO IS NOT MARRIED HE HAS A GIRLFRIEND HER NAME IS REBECCA ELLISON)BUT THAT'S LIFE AND IF THERE'S A fit guy like rio ON THE GO he's sure to have girlfriend HE'S IRRESISTABLE!!!!!!! again i would love to meet rio i wud lov it if u emailed me or even came BRADFORD as it's not far from leeds at all. WELL RIO GIVE WITH ALL YOU'VE GOT THIS COMING SEASON I KNOW YOU'RE GONNA BE GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mikal says: He is soooo Sexy!

serian says: he is so cool!!!

Frances Phillips says: Rio Ferdinand Is my man and I think he is so fit and I also think he should go to man u he would do so well luv u rio babe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lyn says: Rio is the man. I have been to Manchester and didn't run into him. But would love to take him out when I'm in town. GO RIO!!!


Kayley says: omg i dont believe it... my friends and i only recently discovered the oh so sexy rio after watching the world cup and hadn't yet found anyone else who agreed! but wow there's loadsa Rio fans out there but rememebr girls hands off he will be mine!!mwa ha ha

carly watson says: rio u r the most finest footballer i no u r so fine! u r the best footballer n u r my hero!!!!

Stephanie Riley says: I think RIO is BEAUTIFUL and only a few men are that good. He deserves every good thing he gets coz he plays football with major skill and is a damn fine cookie. keep up the gr8 football baby.

kim says: apart from bein a babe- hes the best defender in the premiership. utd are a bunch of t**ds-my bf rubs it in everyday that hes moved.

agus "salihamidzic" ferdinand says: after the worldcup 2002 over, i always want to know about soccer, even my hair cut now is look alike beckham, rio, veron, or luigi dibiaggio. hehehe. i love this game. thank G*D we have a soccer...

SB says: Rio- your scum and you know you are!

jade.R (Rios secret lover) says: Hay all those Rio fans,i wana let all da ladies no dat he is my man and always will be.i wana congratulate him on movin on2 bigger and better fings such as da greatest team eva (man.u) Well done Rio,u r a great playa.u done really well in da world realy proud of ya me.

JESS says: How could u Rio??? I would say good luck at Man u but I hope u fail ur a traiter and u no u are!!!!! We dont need t@@ts like you on a star team!

*sam* says: Rio has class, he deserves to be somewhere where he can excel further and win silverware=man u

lu b and geo say: Rio is so fine! he will be mine although lulu b is gonna marry him! oh i have pics of him near me bed he sends me to sleep gives me sweet thoughts in me head! go geo and lu b we want u rio comon!!!!!

dolly AGAIN??!! says: rio is da SEXYest player in da world. i hope ur enjoying playing for man.u.. i'll still support u all the way! peace and nuff love ur future wifey.. xXxXxXxdollyxXxXxXx

Smithy says: Rio Ferdinand looks like Marge Simpson

lauren says: rio is the best player ever he is so fit i love him!!!!!!!!!love laurenxxxxx

Abi says: I lurrrrrrve ya Rio!!!!!!!!! I av a poster of u by my bed!!!!!

Jayne says: Rio is soooooooooo sexy I would luv 2 meet him I sit and talk bout him all the time I luv him nd I'd luv 2 meet him plz let me

jenjen says: rio was my 1st boyfriend at school,we still talk now but i dont even like him!he always rings me up and i cant shake him off.if u knew him u wouldnt like him

pippa says: jenjen shut up rio wasn't ur boyfriend at school u wish coz I went out wit him for 5 year nd he's really nice I love him still nd still see him from time to time rio u no who i am xxxx

Nicki says: Hi Rio. I have never been in to footie, I'm a avid rugby fan but when I saw you for the first time I thought, no more rugby for me, give me HIM anyday!! I think you are sex on legs, and what a pair of legs, and you are sooooooooooo horny that you make me completely horny too!!!My mates think I'm nuts, but I just tell them that I am nuts about you! Luv ya loads and look forward to your next game. Nicki xxxxxxx

I think rio is a gud player n i luv him 2 bits ive got 97 pics n a massive poster of him n ive got a cup wit him on it!. id luv 2 meet him n id like 2 say well dun n keep it up! also dat ur fit!

hayley says: wow! how many fans have u got! wot am i on about of course uv got loadza fans ur god damn gorgeous and not only that but ur very talented!!!! i am very envious of ur girlfriend! i was so chuffed wen u signed over 2 my fav team manu! i am in the middle of readin ur biography, V interesting! u r very good lookin and seem like a nice bloke, so if u finish wit ur girlfriend look me up ;)

Hannaa says: i think rio is soo fit and but i dont go round acting so sad like all those other girls.I am soo Jealous of his girlfriend rebecca ellison but thats life cant always get wat u want.i also think he is a very good player and always will be.Keep up the good work.

RG says: You are all so Sad. Will you look at how UGLY the guy is. He had a hairlip. Big ears and bad teeth and looks like Plug. Grow up girls.

R.Catherine says: Rio is the BEST!!!I love him very very very very very much!!!!! I really think that he is very handsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love him forever!!!!!!!

Kelly says: i was sooooo happy when ya came 2 MAN U please don't eva leave. luv ya 4eva Rio p.s pllleeeeeaaaaassse e-mail me xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

alinor abargil says: rio is soooo sexy rio you drive me crazy i am sooo love you

Jenny says: Rio is fit n sexy me n my best mate lauren luv him ta bits!

sexe rachey says: i luv rio 2 bitz!!! he is sooo fit n sooo talented! i luv his footie skillz! e wud b even betta if e played 4 Chelsea! lol! but hey! he is still da fittest footballer player around - even betta than beckz! n datz sayin summat! my heart goes out to sexe ferdinand 4ev@! xxx

Phillipp Mahler says: Sali Rio. Ich bin ein grosser Fan von dir!!!

Sharon says: Rio Ferdinand izzz sooooo fit as hell, those lips of his are sexy like hell!!! i Bet his got all dem gals after him out der, and i think his the bestest defender in the world, not to mention that fine toned body of his. I would sooo love to meet him, better still marry him and have loadsa kids with him, With unusual names.PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE email back or something.

shez44 says: rio,what can i say,you are a credit to your team,you are a lovely person,very easy going and after watching you on sky one a couple of weeks ago i feel proud having a fro which wasnt half as bad as yours as a child,ha ha.keep doing what you obviously are exceptionally good at and i hope to see you out soon in manchester,along the locks,wont name the place.godbless and take care buddy.

Loran says: i think he is well fit but arent ne of u gutted dat he moved 2 man u

Gail G says: Ever since i saw Rio Ferdinand play in the England football team i have fallen in love with him i know i am his No.1 fan EVER he is gorgeus and sexy and has a great personality i no everything about him and some of my friends think im mad. i dont support man united but i aklways wil support Rio.Love gail g

natalie says: hi rio natalie again i no everyone ses that they love u sooooooooooooooo much but i love u more than everyone eva in the world i fink u r totally gorgeous and evn tho im an arsenal supporter im more of a rio suppoter coz u r the best so all u ova gals that think can have you..... they can leave off coz he is mine ...... rio will u marry me love ur biggest fan EVER

natalie says: Rio my name is natalie and i think you are absolutly the sexiest man ever alive on this planet.I'm no stalker but i am absolutly cazy over you and i think you are sooooooo fine

Kel says: Rio ur the most gorgeous man in the world an i luv ya loadz ur the gr8est futy playa eva and muvin 2 Man U was gr8 news 2 me.I luv ya more than anyone please neva leave the Reds.I AM UR BIGGEST FAN EVA.

saimah says: io iz the sexiest man on earth no one could b better oooooo them LIPS SOOOOOO gorgous aswell as the body and the footballing skills . rio please email me back

saima says: does anyone no whether rio has a girlfriend and whats her name if he has one

Nicole Pierre says: I'm not a big footie fan, but I saw a documentary on sky about Rio and I thought...mmm. I dont think I belong on here though...Rio...your nice.

gemma coombes says: rio's nan joan iz rad i know her she lives on da isle of wight

Dobbie! says: RIO is soooooooo fit, im always glued 2 the tv wen he is on, i really wont to marry em, he is also the best footie player. good luck 4 the furture Rio, hugs and kisses always xxXXxxXXxxXXxx

thatwuldbtellin says: I seriously think i met his brother! Does anyone know if he has a younger brother and if yes whats his name?

Mrs_Rio_Ferdinand says: yeh he has a younger brother Anton Ferdinand! (jabba adds - he's an England Youth international on the books of West Ham).

Bex says: I'm backing Nicole Pierre - I saw dat documentary - really portrayed Rio as a top down to earth bloke. Has a love for good tunes too. All da best. Bx

monkey boy says: Wat school did rio go to? I was talking to an old friend and they told me that he used to go to my school in Lee SE London. is this true? Does anyone know?! says: Anton Ferdinand........YUM!!!

carly piggott says: i think rio is so fit an i have posters the lot i think he plays great for man united and i just love him hes so fgit and fine i just watch every man u match 4 him i do support man u and have his name on the back of all my shirts commmmmmeeeeeeeee ooooonnnnnnnnnn rrio ferdinnnannndf

charles wigglesworth says: a loser

anna says: oh my god!!! i saw him play for my team ,man.utd, when he first signed up, i took no notice. Iused to live in peckham, and i've been told that Rio.f. lived 2 blocks, he was the goofy kid i used to like but had the pi*s taken out of me for it. he is like totally ffffiiiitttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!! now anyway. why did i give into pier pressure??? luv you always Rio, love annabella polowski NYC

Dave says: Ferdinand is a plonker. He gets paid shed loads of money, so he should take his responsibilities seriously. It's not difficult to remember to turn up for an appointment. The drugs test rules are there for his and every other players and youngsters benefit. They are seriously important. It is right he is banned from playing. If the rest of the squad go on strike, let them be banned from playing Internationally as well.

natalie n cally say: rio ferdinand is 1 sexy boi

Lindsay says: Rio is the best! He is da best defender i have seen and he has da looks 2 go with it!I have got loads of sexy pictures ov him! I don't care what the newspapers print about Rio cuz i still love him. Just because he misses 1 drugs test everyone has 2 go dissin him. Well i have only got 1 thing 2 day 2 dat. FIX UP! and i will c Rio when we beat villa in da last game ov da season! xxx

zoe (rio lover) says: i think they r well out of order for bannin rio, i have got no reason to wotch man u now. he is so fit and i love him

baby dee says: rio is just SO fine 2 the point dat it makes me sick man!!!...his lips, need i say more??...he's just buff man, and he knows it too!! haha ;) keep doin wot u do rio!!!

kelly says: rio i jst wanna say i fink ur so gorgeous, i've liked you from the moment i first saw you. my whole family tells me when your on t.v!!!!!your lovely babe! xxxx

pinky says: rio ur soooooo fine u jus blow ma mind from da lvly zaima

Naomi Palmer Wilkes says: i am the biggest fan ever of rio ferdinand!!!! none of you lot!!! iv kissed him before and iv got his autograugh! hes my sexy rio not your's

Siobhan says: I saw Rio at a the Wolves vs West Ham game 2day in da directors box. I thought i waz c in things @ 1st but it waz him!!! Anton Ferdinand waz playin 4 West Ham 2day so maybe he waz there 2 c him play! He hasnt got much else 2 do naw has he??!!!

ms ferdinand says: rio im the 1 who works @ utd ground i saw u wen u bailed i feel sorry 4 u they make u sound as if ur a playboy. i reallllllllly love u but my friends hate u. ur on my books my walls everything. i even cry 4 u i live in old trafford and i saw u in hulme moss side. good luk wid rebecca and i hope u always stay happy

Rio says: Bloody Hell - whats all this bull about from these girls? Isn't this site meant to be about football and footballers? Whats all this "wot e duin now, gud luk u sexi boi"? Christ, can you lot not spell? If you can write and talk sense, carry on playing with your Barbies you pathetic kids.

shaz says: i love rio sooo much and i am gonna kill his girlfriend if hes got one i met him in a music store he kissed my best mate i was sooooooooo jelousce

rachel says: rio u would not even boter to read tis but...are you married? Please tell me that you are not. You are a fantastic football player.

Luiggi says: rio is the beast...i am from brazil no understand english perfect...i like futbol at england...

sola says: his a nice player

Danielle says: Rio Ferdinand is da best and sexiest footballer in the world he's got a georgeous body and i would marry him if he asked me too, He is a great footballer i think about him always and dream about him

Tinkerbell says: Ladies Ladies Ladies ! Rio is a football player do you know what that is! he is a great player and you also got to remember he is a married footballer too! so that mean's none of you have a chance of getting him so wake up and smell the coffee!and remember he does have a brother who i must admit is just as nice as him plus of what i have heard he is free and single and there for the taking !

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