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Gary Kelly

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Position Right back
Born 09 Jul 1974, Drogheda (Republic of Ireland)
Height 172 cm
Weight 73 kg
International Caps Republic of Ireland: 52 full, 5 U21

Club From To Apps Goals Sold for
Leeds United 24 Sep 1991        

Leeds Career League FA Cup League Cup Europe Other
Season Apps Goals Apps Goals Apps Goals Apps Goals Apps Goals
1991 - 1992 0(2)   0   0(1)   0   0  
1993 - 1994 42   3   2   0   0  
1994 - 1995 42   4   2   0   0  
1995 - 1996 34   5   8   4   0  
1996 - 1997 34(2) 2 4   3   0   0  
1997 - 1998 34   3(1)   3   0   0  
1999 - 2000 28(3)   3   2   11   0  
2000 - 2001 22(2)   1   1   11(1)   0  
2001 - 2002 19(1)   1   0(1)   3   0  
2002 - 2003 24(1)   4 1 0   6   0  
2003 - 2004 37   0   2   0   0  
2004 - 2005 43   1   3   0   0  
2005 - 2006 44   2 1 0   0   3  
2006 - 2007 16   0   2   0   0  
Total 419(11) 2 31(1) 2 28(2)   35(1)   3  

Jabba's Comments

"The best right-back in the country" as described by Jack Charlton a few years ago seemed to go off the boil for a while, but his speed of reaction and turn of pace meant that he was not often beaten. For a while he played a slightly more advanced role, but he returned to play at right back after missing over a year with an injury picked up in a pre-season game.

At the start of 1999-2000, he found that there was no place for him in the starting line-up, with the newly-arrived Danny Mills being given his chance. Mills started well, but then had a couple of dodgy games, and so Kelly was finally given the chance to restart his career. He was generally been pretty solid: he doesn't have the pace he used to, but he's learnt a lot and uses his head more. His crossing and distribution have improved, but he's still not developed the best of understandings with the centre backs - which has led to a couple of goals that we really shouldn't have conceded, but it's nice to see him back, fit and making a major overall contribution to the side.

Another injury in 2000-01 gave Danny Mills the chance to reclaim a place in the starting line-up with the result that Gary has been back on the bench or only taking up the right-back slot when Mills was switched to the centre of the defence. He's still doing pretty well, and deserved the testimonial he got in 2001-02, and he was widely praised for donating the proceeds of the match against Celtic to cancer charities - a cause close to his heart following the untimely death of his sister from the disease.

In 2001-02, Danny Mills was clearly the first choice right back, and Gary found himself on the bench at best. However Leeds suffered yet another injury crisis, and that gave him the chance to come back into the side in midfield, where he played pretty well and put in some of the best crosses he's managed for years. Danny Mills managed to get himself a lengthy suspension due to his ever so slightly brittle temperament - which gave Gary the chance to re-establish himself in the first team while Mills sat on the sidelines, and his performances did enough to convince Mick McCarthy to pick him for the World Cup where he turned in a creditable set of performances.

Summer 2002 saw him linked with several clubs - Celtic and Sunderland among them - but he remained at Elland Road and fought to get back into the starting line-up. With the injuries and player sales in 2002-03, Danny Mills was forced to fill in at centre back on occasion, so Kelly has had the chance to operate at right back once more, as well as producing some good matches on the right side of midfield. says: I first heard and saw Gary Kelly during the 1996 world cup. I was in Dublin while the boys were in the states. I was immediately smitten by him and... well, still am. I just wanted to wish him a very happy birthday from his biggest fan in New York!!!

Charlotte Smith says: HI. My dad did Gary Kelly's roof on his new house. Nice house Gary. Very trendy. That's my claim to fame and I thought I would share that little fact with you!

Sean says: he inspires me never to give up. He is strong in defence and confident in attack. Leeds fans should be grateful they have such a player. To me he is the best right back Leeds and Ireland have had.

Priscilla says: My Dad told me that he knew Gary Kelly because he had done a few drawings of him. Anyway the last match that I went to, he was signing autographs and to my surprise he called my Dad's name out!! I couldn't believe it!!! Then as my Dad and I were walking out of Elland Road Gary Kelly slowed down, waved and then drove off!! It was a really exciting day!!

Paul Reynard says: Gary Kelly is a lovely man. He oooozes sex appeal and is a very friendly warm young man. He is a god and we all love him. Give us a cuddle !!!!

Antony Davies says: I met Gary Kelly in Majestyk around 5 years ago. He was such an arrogent f**ker and he had me thrown out. Not such a nice guy.

Emma says: Gary Kelly's the best thing since Roy Keane! Not only can he play like a dream, be a typical Leeds player and kick the s*** out of the mancs but he's the best looking player on the team! Danny Mills needs to watch his back cos if Kells keeps playin like this he'll have his place back! Keep it up Gaz!

Fiege says: I first saw Gary Kelly scoring against the Germans on May 29th 94. Since then I loved watching Kelly playing for Leeds and Ireland. During an exchange program at the LMU in 1999/2000 all wishes came true... I could watch Gery Kelly live at Elland Road. He is definitely the best rb in the world

edelle says: I think that gary kelly is georgous.

"Rio Ferdinand, ur a w****" says: ITs time 2 leave Gary! Danny boy is there 2 stay! Good luck

blgoc says: kells is so cute so are his kids lee and laura i love him he is so funny kells 4 ever

Emma says: I love Gary Kelly and i know loads of his relations, sisters and nieces. Hes the nicest fella ever and SO down to earth. You couldnt find a nicer person than Gary Kelly.

The Queen says: Gary Kelly is my hero . give me his phone number - please

Emma says: GARY KELLY ROCKS!! I met him and hes the nicest lad that ive ever met in my whole life! Hes a brilliant footballer and ALWAYS does us proud. Luv him to bits

Sarah and Emma say: Hi everyone!!! We just wanna say that we love Gary SOO much and hes the best rb in the world. We are from DROGHEDA and know loads of his relatives and everyone is so nice and down to earth, just like Gary! Hes our hero and his kids are SOO cute, the image of him. He even opened a cancer support centre in Drogheda on the north rd. Gary youre the coolest ever and well always love you. Hope you see this. xXx

Sarah says: Hey every one, Well done u played real well yesterday(25-1-03)We are well proud a ya. It was unfortunate the way the game went we deserved more we had a good few shots on goal in da 2 nd half. Good luck against chelsea on Tuesday (we'll kick ass!!!) & we'll be behind ya's all da way! Love & God bless Sarah xXxXxXxXxXxXxXx (Drogheda)

nicole says: Well gary. just wanna say that i think that ur brilliant. u had a great world cup too. im jst after watchin d video of it and u made some great crosses. esp d 1 against sadia arabia wen robbie scored. love you loads and loads and u hav a heart of gold. xxxxxxxxxxx (",)

Jordan - Jones says: Gary Kelly - The coolest bloke in football.I wrote up to him at leeds , and asked him to sign my shirt , he wrote back and told me he would . I sent it to him and he signed it . now if he aint the collest bloke in the world - then i dun know who is . so back off and leave kelly alone - eny arguments - phone me

julie says: just wanna say that i totally agree with ya Jordan-Jones, garys the coolest ever. i wrote to him before last yr and he wrote back and gav me his autograph. love him loads and loads

Geri says: luv you Gary. i think ur fine and i heard u hav a great personallity too. never met u b4 but maybe...hopefully, 1 day i will. good luck in all ur matches coming up sorry 2 c u wernt playin against scotland. luv ya and i'll alwayz be supporting u forever Geri x x x

Sarah says: hey every1!!! great goal gary it was brilliant and congrats that u's are still in the FA cup.well done.i think ur great and i luv u to bits.if u c this wil u plz tel me when ur coming home again cuz i wanna meet u SOOO much.thanx anyways. loads of love, Sarah xxx

Sarah says: y Gary, Well done the other day you did all of us in Drogheda well proud;you captained us,scored 4 us & got man of the match. You won't feel the next 8 years going by!!!!Well good luck on saturday may be you can make a habit of scorin a few old goals now and again,eh?! Concentrate on the defending and don't let Kewell,Smith and Viduka off too handy!! Talk to you soon, Love and God bless, Sarah xXxXxXx

Geri says: hey every1.jus wanna say hard luck gaz against newcastle yesterday.i knew it would be tough 4 u's. well good luck anyway love you loads geri x

hursty says: i love gary kelly to bits i think hes the best player ever

Sarah says: Hey Gary,Everyone's congratulating Ian on da birth of new Baby Ciara (including myself) but I thought I'd congratulate you on becoming a "gran-uncle" for the 1st time-sorry if it makes you sound old! Well done and hope you stick with Leeds your a quality player and we're honoured to have you! Good Luck with Ireland on Saturday-we'll win no bother! Take care and God bless, SarahxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXx(drogheda)

sharon says: I wrote to gary kelly asking for autographs almost 3 weeks ago and he hasn't wrote back! :(

Sarah says: Good man Jordan u show 'em who's boss!!!

Sharon says: when you wrote to him looking for an autograph how long did it take for him to write back? I'd really like an autograph from him, cos like wat Jordan said He's one of the coolest blokes in football

Sarah says: hey gaz,i just got word that ur pullin out of Irelands nxt 2 matches.. georgia and albania i was dissapointed to hear dis but u take it easy and make sure you recover fully and be back in top gear in september!! see you n lansdowne den!! love and God bless,

louisa loomes says: i met gary kelly in a niteclub in Portmarnock dublin and asked for his autograph for my sister who loves him to pieces except i was quite drunk and i got him mixed up with another guy from faircity who my sister also loves.i called him the wrong name and made a general asshole of myself.i woke in the morning and realised what happened and i wanted to shoot myself.i dont know what i was thinking because i really liked him too.

Sarah says: woohoo!!!!!!!! up da bhoys in green missed ya loads Gaz c ya in september! x

Sarah says: i didn't hear any rumour linking ian with Parma!! what is this all about? hey ian i havn't seen u a lot coz u wern't playing for ireland in a while, hopefully u'll be back soon enough. i can't wait to see u on tv again! luv ya lots, xxxxx

Laura C says: Gary, I first became a fan of yours 9years ago. I thought the world of you then and nothings changed since, I still think you're the best! Your family are the salt of the earth and you're such a nice person as well as being a brilliant player! hope the golf classic goes well and you raise loadsa money coz its a great cause. really missed you from the Irish squad and hope you'll be ok for the Aussie match. love you loads Gary xxx P.S love ur comments sarah!

emma says: heya Gary!!! im only home from my holidays but just want to say what a pet you are for raising all that money in the golf classic for the cancer centre. its wonderful to see something like that. well done again and really looking forward to seeing you play in september. luv ya so much xXx

Mel says: I cant believe Kells has retired from Ireland its not fair that he doesnt get picked!

Sarah says: hey Gaz, I was sad to see you leave the Irish squad,but after i thought about it i tink you made the rite decisions I mean u can't play wit Leeds every sat nd den fly out 2 dub of a monday 2 play wit your country on a wed i mean what kind of life is that,ur better off enjoying your football now your at your best! I know now u can concentrate on Leeds a hundred per cent this season nd do ur best to keep us up der and competing with the best of them after all wen Leeds ar in form we are up there wit the best of them!keep up the good work Gaz your doin all of us at home here proud what ever your decisions are. Thanks for your more than generous contribution to the Irish squad over the last number of years and I know u wil keep contributing to it not as a player but as a fan,thanks for all the memories with Ireland and I'm looking forward to more over the coming season with Leeds, Thanks for every thing Gary. Love,best wishes and God bless. Sarah xx x x xx x (Co.Louth)

ina says: is he married?i would love to be ur wife,honey!

Jen says: I saw Gary Kelly play tonight and he was fantastic and brilliant as per usual, against Cambridge United. keep up the good playing. XXXXXXX

rach says: ne1 no how old his kids are?

Sarah says: hi ina yea he's married wit 2 kads1 rach yea his girl is bout 7 nd his son round 5!

Sarah says: hey Gary!!! hwz a goin!thanks for all your contribution 2 da leeds squad we just wouldn't be the same with out ya!it's tough being a leeds fan but knowing the players are as hungryfor victory as we are makes it rhat much easier nd i'd like to thank you for that!fair play to ya keep up da good work we'l always be behind you-no matter what! lova nd best wishes Sarah x x x x

Marc Cole says: I meet Gary Kelly and got his autograph in cineworld in bexleyheath when they were down to meet Charlton this autograph is up for sale for a £1 and above

Mary says: You're a so lucky to be related to Ian Harte coz he has thee sexiest body eva! N he's savage and when he scores, he also makes sure it's an absolute cracker!

adam robinson says: gary's kids are called lee and laura. lee is 4 laura is 6 gary does notawant a pay cut, hartey wants smudger to stay

Ste says: The little crazy Oirish mad man made it into my all time team - versatile and mental, stood the test of time and shades it as Super Leeds all time best 'roit back, so he does! Oh be Jesus hie nephew was SHOIT though'

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