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Harry Kewell

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Position Striker
Born 22 Sep 1978, Sydney (Australia)
Height 182 cm
Weight 74 kg
International Caps Australia: 17 full, ? Youth

Club From To Apps Goals Sold for
Leeds United 23 Dec 1995 09 Jul 2003 242 63 £5000000
Liverpool 09 Jul 2003        

Leeds Career League FA Cup League Cup Europe Other
Season Apps Goals Apps Goals Apps Goals Apps Goals Apps Goals
1995 - 1996 2   0   0   0   0  
1996 - 1997 0(1)   0   0   0   0  
1997 - 1998 26(3) 5 4 2 2 1 0   0  
1998 - 1999 36(2) 6 5 1 2 2 4   0  
1999 - 2000 36 10 3 2 2   12 5 0  
2000 - 2001 12(5) 2 0   0   6(3)   0  
2001 - 2002 26(1) 8 0   1 1 7 2 0  
2002 - 2003 31 14 4 1 1   5 1 0  
Total 169(12) 45 16 6 8 4 34(3) 8 0  

Jabba's Comments

First appeared for Leeds at left back/left side of midfield, occasionally slotting in as a winger and playing alongside Rod Wallace up front. Talented, pacy player who can put in a mean cross and at the time also showed he can tackle back as well. A lot was expected of him, both for Leeds and internationally.

For most of the 97-98 season, Harry tended to play up front in a twosome/threesome with Wallace and Hasselbaink and proved more than a handful for the opposition defences.

He looked a little jaded at the start of the 98-99 season, but his performances from December onwards were considerably improved, and he started to take more of a central attacking role (although he's by no means a 'classic' centre forward), popping up with some useful goals and coming third in the PFA Young Footballer of the Year poll.

He's now recognised as one of the best players in the Premier League - and is a regular in the side and scores a few goals - but must take more of the simpler chances offered to him.

Persistent rumours of his departure to Italy have followed him for some time, but he committed to Leeds up to the end of his contract. The one cloud on the horizon was the poor relationship that developed between Harry, the club and Soccer Australia over his international appearances - particularly over second-tier tournaments like the Olympics and several meaningless friendlies at a time when Leeds were short of fit players. The relationship between Leeds and Australia appeared to improve, but that didn't stop there being a few more ructions as Australia lost out in the play-off for the last World Cup place. He became a father for the first time in summer 2001 and a second child arrived on the scene in summer 2003.

In 2001-02, he had a good start to the season, but again proved susceptible to injury. He scored a couple of great goals at Blackburn, but had a lengthy lay-off over the New Year with a mystery back complaint. He took some time to get back to full fitness - and even then felt he had cause for complaint when he went public saying that he'd been fit for a couple of weeks but that David O'Leary refused to play him.

In recent times, Harry has said that he feels he's more of a forward than a winger - and with the arrival of El Tel at Leeds, he was given the chance to indulge his ambitions in that area. After a fairly average start in that position, he finally regained some of the edge and confidence we remembered from when he first joined the club and scored a couple of great individual goals as well as making a few for others. His contract was due to expire at the end of the 2003/04 season and although his agent indicated he'd like to sign an extension, the terms that the agent insisted on for the extension were never going to be agreed by the Leeds board. After much acrimonious press coverage, a cut-price deal took him to Anfield with his agent pocketing a fortune and Leeds receiving barely £3 million for one of the biggest talents in the game. But it will be interesting to follow his career after the move: he wants to be viewed as one of the greatest players in the world but has opted for a safe and comfortable role at a club that is clearly not at the top tier of European football, and questions remain over his application and ambition.

Mags says: Met Harry in a pub in Leeds. I had no idea who he was until the next day (as I had been living in the US for a few years). He was a little angel. When I asked him if he had been playing rugbly he just laughed and said no football ("for a little team in south Leeds"). Saw him on the TV later. What a player. Like most women (with taste) I think he is adorable. I'm now back in the US but keep a keen eye on Leeds and Our Harry.

Frank says: For me in goalkeeping, Martyn's the best.

Isadora says: Harry is the most fantastic player for me, we love him, and we love Leeds.

Jarren says: I played footy with Harry when he was a lad in the New South Wales Academy. Even then he was amazing and we all knew he would be one of the best players in the world someday. It was big when he left for England since all of us just went on to play for the normal Aussie Clubs. He always did this one move back then that tricked everyone and he still does it now and it leaves defenders uncoordinated.

Chloe says: Hey, I have just seen Harry play for Australia against the French in a friendly soccer game at the MCG in Melbourne. I don't see him much as he now plays and resides in England for Leeds, but I think he's a marvellous player and a great ambassador to Australian soccer! Well done Harry!

Hayley says: I think Harry is a great footballer and Leeds wouldn't be the same without him! He's Gorgeous too!

Bec & Eb say: Harry is the cutest Ozzie player in Leeds. he is way better than Viduka and can kick a hell of a lot better than him. And Eb says hi and that he is a f****** legend.

Jason says: I'm an Aussie and I'd just like to say Harry Kewell kicks &%*#.

Jonathan says: Harry Kewell is a magic player to watch. I am based in Melbourne Australia, and to witness him in action for the Aussies was a real treat - 90,000 people roaring for the Aussies and chanting "Harry" was awesome. He is a complete champion and you could rate him with Beckham any day.

Kylie says: I think that harry is the greatest thing in soccer (football) yet! Mixing it with big names such as Viduka, Bosnich and Beckham, he is not only a F***in good player but he is a total babe. I'm 14 and I LOVE him soooo much....he's gorgeous!

Reece Mastellotto says: He is one of the most youthful, greatest players to take the field in the history of soccer. He's fast, strong and knows how to play the game (football). He would have to be the most talented player in the world.

Kristell and Peter say: I'd just like to say, well done Harry. You made Australia proud. And even though the overall score was a tragedy, we hope for the very best in your future with Leeds and the Socceroos. You're magic!!!!

Wayne says: Congratulations Harry on bringing the world game to our shores for all but a brief moment. I know you take it to these superstars of the world everyday but to witness a Fairfield boy dazzling the million dollar men makes the game so easy to watch. With talent such as yours in the side it helps the public to stand up and take notice. For the first time in a long time people here now know the names of the entire socceroos squad. Whilst i am disappointed with the result im sure that doesnt touch on how you or the other boys feel. Congratulations again. Soccer rocks when youre there to watch.

Pam says: hey, I'd just like to say that I watched the Socceroos games in Australia and Uruguay, and he is a great player and he's hot as anything! I only saw him on TV 3 weeks ago and I haven't stopped following his progress. He's sexy, smart, and an unbelievable player! I luv him and I'm only 15! Bye Bye every1!!

Seb says: hi - my name is Seb. I met you in the Crown Casino in Melbourne while you were playing for the Socceroos.

Lisa says: all I have to say although I'm a Celtic fan I still watch a lot of English football. Kewell is not only a very gifted young player he also puts some of the best to shame.

Jenna Green says: Hiya! Harry is the most amazing player ever, is it true O'Leary is going to sell him to Inter Milan????? I saw the Australia v France game and he played brilliantly. Can't wait to see them on the 6th!!! Go Kewell!!!!!

Nick says: Harry is such a gun. Us Australians love watching him rip apart opposition teams with his silky skills and explosive pace. Keep up the good work Harry.

Louise Smith says: Hi Harry I'm really happy 4 u with your baby n wife, I think ur a gr8 player n i luv u loadz!!! luv smithi

Craig Douglas says: Harry is the most talented midfielder possibly in the world, he has pace and skill but can throw in a mean cross and take on defenders. Harry ur class.

Sam H says: Harry is a super player with super skills and best of all he plays for Super Leeds!

Kevin Schuler says: Hello Mr. HARRY KEWELL ! I am from Germany and I are a very big fan from you ! Bye !

Tara Ashton says: harry is sexey.

Kushla says: I have been following Harry ever since he joined Leeds and when I found out he was from my own land it made everything 100 times better. He is an awesome player who has so much to give to the game and I think his talent and ability is greater than anybody has seen for a long time. He is a living legend to the game of soccer and maybe along with a few other players the saviour of Australian soccer. I got up at 5 to watch the poor Aussies lose and I just want to say that Harry can hold his head high because he played a remarkable game! YOU ARE THE BEST PLAYER GOING AROUND AT THE MOMENT and one day I want to come and watch you play.

IlGino says: Harry is a gun player there is no doubt but please mate come back and play down under more when we get some decent games.... Socceroos first Leeds second!!!

Matty says: You will be one of the greatest players in the world!!!!

Jenna says: It was amazing at the Grasshoppers match. My little star scored the first goal!!!!!! Glad to hear that the stories about O'Leary selling him are not true!!!!!!!!!! He kicked ass at Fulham too scoring two amazing goals!!!!! I luv him!!!

Alex Taylor says: Kewell is my favourite player I say he is one of the best strikers in the World the two goals against Fulham were great!!!!!! (jabba says: that would be Blackburn I think....).

Rachel says: Harry Kewell is the BEST player in the whole world. I totally admire him and now I am playing soccer to follow in his foot steps. Even though I'm a girl I think, I know he's the coolest.

Jo says: I'm an Aussie and Harry, you're a legend! He's my fav player and probably the best striker in the world (certainly kicks Beckham's ass, no offence to the Poms!...:). We luv him down in Aus. Go ya sexy Aussie!

Emma Parks says: Harry is so sexy has ever considering modeling underwear?

Anonymous says: Harry you're a star!! I have been following Harry from the time he began at Leeds United. Being from Australia it's real hard to see every Leeds game but I do my best :) Harry is one of the most talented players at present + a gem to watch on the field, he is also doing great things for Australian soccer!!! And I wish him all the luck in the world, and will continue to follow the success of both Leeds and Harry :) luv ya Harry.

Daniel says: Hi, how's it going? I'm an Aussie and I'm 17 years old. I am just writing to say how upset I am that the world game will probably never get enough attention to make it big in Australia. Even though we have Aussie rules in winter and Cricket in summer, Soccer to me is the greatest game on earth. It's also bad that we only get to see one game a week, but that's still ok. Anyway, I think Harry is an awesome player and he is really exiting to watch, and I would like to thank him for the brief excitement given to the Aussie fans during the latest World Cup campaign. Maybe we can make it next time hey? Anyway, if you add this to your site, cheers from Downunder.

Rich says: Harry is my star .I think he is better than Ryan Giggs. I want Harry to score 999 goals for Leeds United!!

Emma says: Harry is a legend! Especially when he plays soccer for Australia. He looks perfect in the Green and Gold even though soccer is still gaining popularity one day we will be very competitive thanks to our Harry. Thank you Harry for trying so hard to get Australia into the World Cup - we were soo close and I know we will make it next time. I consider myself a bit of a Leeds fan now I'm always looking out for your sucess. All the Best Harry! GO AUSSIE GO!

Helen says: Harry Kewell is the most sexiest player on earth. Not only that though he has full potential and just knows how to play the game! He is a very talented player and has everything going for him in life. I wish you and your family all the best!!!!!!!!! Love ya the bestest HELEN XOXOXOXO

Ben says: I think he is the best left player I think much better than Giggs, I wish he can help the Leeds win all the games!!!

Jozo says: I reckon Kewell should be captain because he's number ten.

Richard Zhang says: I am a Chinese student.I knew you about three years ago. I respect you very much. I wish you and Leeds get a good result this year.

Tana says: Hi. I am a 15 year old girl from Australia and just want to say you are the best player for the socceroos and the most good looking guy on earth!!!! Your wife/girlfriend sure is lucky.

Nicola says: Harry Kewell is a top class player and I hope that people going into football would look on him as a role model.

Riccardo Vannini says: Harry Kewell is the best striker of the world.

Jenny says: As a Leeds Utd fan, I would just like to say Harry is a huge asset to the team. He is a great player, and unlike so many of the Leeds players, manages to maintain a level head in difficult circumstances. I have never met him, but apparently he is also a really nice guy, and seriously gorgeous as well!

Matt Waugh says: I seen Harry play against Uruguay in the World Cup Qualifiers even though the Aussies lost if Harry hadn't have played the Aussies would've lost by a lot more anyway if you are reading this Harry maybe you could send me a Jersey Signed by you or a signed letter. P.S YOU'RE THE BEST PLAYER IN THE WORLD!!!

Paul Bray says: Harry I am your no.1 fan. I support Leeds and you are my favourite player - you're the best.

Kimberly says: I love Harry so much and I have for ages. I live in Australia but I will soon be going over to England to watch him play. Really want to meet him. Harry is so sexy and I love him.

Loz says: Harry is the world's best player by miles he is soooo gorgeous. Keep it up babe!!! Love ya loads LOZ!!

Lindsay Curry says: I saw Harry Kewell at Elland Road after the Leeds v Southampton game and he was wearing a baby blue suit with a pink shirt underneath. He gave me his autograph and he asked me if I was ok!

Denise says: hey you are da man! Enough said.

Aine Haren says: harry is a genius with the ball............and the best lookin one 2. some day leeds have 2 win especially if they have...da man!!!!!

Angela says: Harry Kewell is a major league hottie!!! All my friends think so!!!

Kelby says: Harry is, in my opinion, the best player ever. Owen is nothing, I repeat nothing, compared with him. He has superiour skill, style and strenght, and all Owen has is a bit of speed.

Sophia says: Hiya Harry, I saw you play in the world cup qualifiers. Everybody says that you are gorgeous, but of course you are, you are an AUSTRALIAN and we are proud to call you our own.

Sophie says: believe that though Harry Kewell is one of the most talented players in Australia Soccer, I believe that far too much attention is paid to him leaving the other players, such as John Aloisi, Paul Agostino in the dark. Yes, he is a fantastic player; hes talented, swift but yes, his looks do help with his "journey" through his career.

One further comment that I would like to make, although Harry Kewell is gorgeous and talented, you have to agree with me, his looks help with his career. Just think of all the other players whom are as talented as he, but lack in the looks department. Do you think that they will be internationally known or commendated for their achievements?

Chris says: out of all of the players for leeds i definatly think that he is the best. i hope that he isn't going to be onne of them players we will need to sell in the future. keep it up Harry.

ling says: u r kool

taylor rizk says: he's hot, very hot.

Jess says: im a leeds united fan and go to all the home games, i think Harry is great player and would hate to see him leave Elland Road. Also he's 100% fit-xxx

Tommy Markland says: Harry Kewell is the best leftsided player in the premiere leauge, he is just as good as Giggs, pity he choosed to play for Australia instead of England!

BiG dave says: u the MAN

francisco lopez says: harry i think you are the best middlefielder of the premier ligue and kip doing thank for your soccer

pla says: i live you because you greet

Drew says: I am his GREATEST FAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jennifer Franjic says: U are the hottest guy on earth!!! You and Mark are two very telented players. I am a Melbourne Knights fan (Mark Viduka used to play for them until Knights sold him to Leeds)and love them as much as I love u, Mark, Leeds and Niko Kovac! I wish u, your wife (I'M JEALOUS!!!) and your boy all the luck in the future!


OJ says: I think Harry's going to once again prove he is one of the top players in the PL (2002/3). JUST PLEASE DONT GET INJURED. Harry's pace burst, skill and creativity are second to none. When he gets the hang of being an out and out striker i dont see why he can'tconsistently score over 20. Harry has the potential to be one of the very best players, up front or on the left, in the world (ever?). Wether he is or not is up to him. SO HARRY, don't injure you're self and don't get tucked into bed to often. You're my man Harry, lets go balls out this season.

TO SOPHIE: Agostino and Aloisi have got absolutely nothing on harry skill wise, never have never will, yes harry gets a attention from girls because hes a stud, but most of them, like u, dont know much about or care much about soccer. Ronaldo is one ugly dude!! You heard of him?

BEN RUSSELL says: Harry Kewell is simply the best footballer in the world. NO question. I too, am (at 18) turning my whole life upside down to learn and play soccer, just beacuse of him. He is an inspiration. Plain and Simple. Pure Class. Pires, Giggs, Zidane, Ronaldo, Beckham (who, lets face it, can only kick a mean ball) all are PATHETIC when compared to the total package (sorry Lex). Harry Kewell will single handedly (well triple handedly with Viduke{best hold em up stiker in the world} and emerton {best Right wing, well one day :-}) bring soccer ALIVE in Australia. Well done harry. you will captain us to glory in Germany 2006. you will be there in 2010. maybe even be there as an aging striker in 2014 in AUSTRALIA.

You will go down not just in the history books, but in LEGEND

Jamie baker says: God is 6 ft tall

Gavin says: I agree with Ben Russel

Gemma says: Keep it up honey!! Sheree is a very lucky woman! Luv ya 2 bits babe!!XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Lizzie says: Oh my god! Harry Kewell Kicks Ass!!! and I have to say, how kool was it wen he gave rio the cold shoulder! Harry is so hot! and I wish him a happy birthday for sunday! I've loved soccer for aaaages and he is such an inspiration! I watch him in awe and try to learn from his examples in my games! hes so talented PLUS hes the hottest thing alive!

Kathy says: I am your fan from Hong Kong. Can you imagine that you will have fans from the city that you have not heard before? Many ppl in this city like to see you playing in the match, especially you are making / helping to make wonderful goals!!! Please keep up! When I have a baby boy, sure I will use your name to name him. It is his honor to have such a good name.

Laurence Rom says: hey Harry happy birth day when it was beause i fogot to e-mail you. I think you the best and you rule! p.s can you please send me a shirt or maybe a Leeds shirt to me?

K.T says: Harry Kewell is One Hell of SEXY b***H and he is an ace footy player leeds utd wouldnt be the same if he ever left.Sheree is sooooo lucky 2 have such a sexy Guy.

Elita says: I Love u HARRY! U are the maddest soccer player australia has to offer and u r definitly no.1, I'm an aussie girl who think that the socceroos would not be da same without u! Sheree is the luckiest woman put on this earth. Harry keep up da good work and one day u will be da captain of aus. Luv ya babeZ

Steve says: Don't try to go to the pub too much. And how did you become sooooo good.

Yu says: I had been HangZhou China to watch your splendid show vs.Green Town FC.You have got so many fans here.I hope one day you can go to our city,Shanghai,the biggest city in China,and the most exciting one as well.Best Wishes to you and your family.

Amy says: I met Harry last Saturday (19th Oct 2002) and he is lovely, as is Sheree. Meeting Harry was the absolute best thing I have done in my life as he is my number one man and i am his number one fan! He was happy to sign various pics and shirts etc for me and also to pose for photographs, which sometimes footballers prefer not to do. He was the nicest man I have ever met and he is even more gorgeous in real life. No matter what he will always be my no. 1 player and my no. 1 man! Also brilliant performance yesterday (Sat 26th) as usual!

Josh says: Harry is one of the best up and coming talents, in the Premier League and I know we haven't seen the best he has to produce yet. Good on ya Harry, u make us Ozies proud!

Mike says: Harry Kewell is best player for Leeds Utd! Leeds is my fav club and i have supported them for quite some time now. Hope Vidooks or kewell will score more than 20 goals this season (2002/2003).

Donna Smithys number1 says: The Wizard of OZ!! U roked last nite wat a finish! i was there n i was screamin 4 ya the whole match u really were gd u n alan worked really well 2gether weldun! n i think all on us will remember that perfect lil goal the other season against man u(the 1 in the adver) and the last man u game then u ignored rio ure a hero keep up the gd work lad!!!!welldun

KT says: Just gotta say I watched the match against hapoel televiv n harry looked so sexy spesh when he scored woohoo.

Chris says: Harry is a good player i like him because he is a good player

k.t says: sum 1 sed 2 me that harry is gonna b sold 2 lazio or summat like that is it true I hope its not id be gutted.

Ella says: Harry u r well fit, and u r a class player!

Mark Crinson says: i'm i sunderland fan and i think harry kewell is the most over rated player in the premier league

Keri says: Hi Harry! Im from Austria! Leeds is the best! And you are my favourite player! Luv ya!

sarah says: u luk like david from fame acadamy!!!!!!!

Kate says: Harry Kewell is the best thing since sliced bread! He's an amazing football player and is the most gorgeous guy on the face of the earth! I would give anything to be Sheree Murphy! She is the luckiest b**** ever! I would love to meet him and wud do anything to shag him!!

Ella says: Hello Harry! you do not know me. But i know you better than you. I am an Iranian girl. I saw you for the first time in a very important match.Iran and Australia. Harry i can never forget you. My heart broke when i saw shereee

Kim says: all i can say is that i luuuuuv harry sooo much, he is such a good player and also very hot. i have got to say i am one of his biggest fans and follow him and Leeds in the premiership every game. He rox

Crystal says: Harry's the best thing that Austalia has produced yet. I was never really into watching Soccer until my DAd said to watch this guy play. He's great to watch and I haven't stopped been obsessed with Soccer (and Harry) since.

kelly says: Harry Kewell is the best playa in the world and most importantly is an Aussie like me. he deserves every success and i hope he plays 4 Leeds foreva because he's a champion as well as being hot as!

karlos clements says: well harry kewell is a exeptional player of great caleber, he is also my idle as i appear regulary as a player for the leeds united youth side under 18

kalpana says: Harry kewell is the best soccer player i can say!!!!! I love him sooooo much.wish u all the best 2 u and ur wife!!

Stephanie says: I live in Australia and here soccer isn't as big, but 1 day my bro was watching a Leeds game (he s a Leeds fan and watches them all the time) on cable and thats when my cousin and I saw Harry Kewell and fell in love with him his looks his talented skills with the soccer ball and those smiles of his. As soon as the game finished we went on the net to search for pics and found some. That year (2001) Harry and Mark Viduka came down to Australia to play for the Socceroos so that they could qualify in the World Cup and Harry was in the paper everyday for those couple of weeks that he was here and we loved it. We really got into soccer and started to watch Leeds more often now its just after a year later and we are in love with the whole Leeds team and wake up at 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 in the morning just to watch them when there on cable. Leeds have come down to Melbourne to play a pre season game against Colo Colo and we went to the game it was a truly amazing experience to have living in Australia Harry scored the goal with some brilliant skills and won the match the Leeds team were amazing and I know that i will be going up to England to watch some games when Im a little older. Something I know now is that soccer is totally different from football and I love them both so much but I also know that soccer is a more skilful sport and Leeds united have so many skilful players. There were a bit of interviews with Harry on television and one with Sheree and I can tell you that seeing him with Sheree that I was so happy that they have each other because they make a perfect couple together they looked gorgeous sharing food and holding hands talking about how they met I think there both lucky to have found each other so young. I want to say yeah were back and were starting to win again well done Leeds to beat Chelsea.

*Hals* says: HARRY IS HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i have played soccer 4 4 years and my biggest role model was ? guess? of course HARRY! luv you harry!

Sarap says: i'm from turkey kewell is very fantastic player but in my opinion kewell can play other strong teams ex; manchester,real,inter,barca

rach says: harry kewell is a great player as i am a season ticket i go 2 every match the only thing i hate about him now is his arotrgraph its all gone 2 his head

KJB says: harry kewell is the best player in the world he is so hot and i want to go and see him play i wish him and his wife well and there baby boy I LOVE HIM

Nicola Drinkall says: Harry Kewell is just so gorgeous, i know i sound sad but he is!!

Penny Ridyard says: i stood in harrys bush cuz my football went in it lol my cousins tom and lizzy lives across the road from him

Steph says: Hey I just want to congratulate Harry and Sheree cos there having another baby Sheree is 4 months pregnant with their second child.

l.u.f.c rule says: i think harry kewell is the best. i would rank him the 2 best leeds player appart from alan smith.

katy says: harry kewell is 1 of the fittest men in footie and hes the only reason i watch the premiership (apart from frnak lampard!!!) much love katy xxxxxx

D. Owen says: I wish I could meet Harry. He's a great player as well as gorgeous. And guess what, I'm from the same country as him, how cool is that lol. Anyway, Go Harry!!

Sarah says: Well Harry, I just thought I'd right to say congrats and good luck with the new baby hope everything goes well. oh yea and Taylor-J is the cutest baby ever Hopefully 1 day he'll play for us as well,eh!?! Come on Leeds bring the cup home to Elland road. Loadsa Love Sarah xXxXxXx

Daniel says: I am from Leeds so i see Harry play all the time, i think he i the best ever Leeds player and the best ever player in the World. i saw him play against Enland and even thogh i am Enlish i was chearing for him.

Zachary says: I'm from upstate New York, my life goal is to watch him play at Elland Road. Best player on earth period.

agus wicaksono says: bowyer, fowler, woodgate leave. it's ok. do not let kewell out too.

Kewell Fan says: Who put Rio on his Arse? Harry Harry Kewell

Stephen Grant says: Harry = GOD! nuff said :)

Leeds fan says: hi, i would just like to say that Harry is the best player ever. One day he will become worlds greatest. He is pure class and i wish him all the best with his wife and baby (even though i am jealous). Note to Ridsdale: do not sell him ever. Keep mesmorising those defenders and scoring goals Harry so the whites can climb back up the league.

Ella says: I am an Iranian girl . isaw harry for the first time in a play between Iran and Australia.He cames to Iran and i saw him. i loved him for 5 years more than any thing in this world.But when i learned that he is married i do not know what to do. in fact he broke my heart. I know it is not important for harry at all.

Jordan Richardson says: harry kewell is the best player in the world to good for any one

digger says: King Kewell is like the King Carey of football

Nick says: Harry is the insperation to my soccer career & has been since his first game that i seen him play for Australia. i play the same pos as u & indeed have been called the next Kewell by some Friends after the goal the other week, said to be a replicant of a goal that u scored.

Smithys no. 1 fan says: hi harry u r great u r 1 of leeds uniteds best players.But never as good as Smithy.

tara says: i met harry kewell after his match about a year ago in leeds. he is so amazing and i hope he never leaves leeds united. I was talkin 2 him and he has such a down to earth personality, he is jus a normal guy, if u spoke to him not knowing who he was u wudnt guess he was famous cos he is just so normal. he is really sweet wen u talk 2 him and i fink his wife n kid are so lucky to hav such a sweet person. from tara xxxx

Maverick says: Although I have ties with Sheffield, I'm a die hard Leeds fan. I live in the US, though. First game I saw was Wednesday and Leeds. Harry Kewell is a magical player and truly carries the team on most levels. If he isn't kept through the next few years, my faith in Leeds will have died considerably.

hari purnoomo says: i think harry kewell best posision is in left wing.i love kewell very much,my name is hari form indonesia

Nicky says: Harry, you are doing a great job... keep up the good work!!

Smithy is sexy says: Harry is Leeds 2nd best player he plays really well but he cud neva b as good as Smithy

jo bradfield says: i love harry kewell so much he is the best player in leeds

stef stockwell says: harry kewell is a champion and should be playin for man u.. go the goodies

Lam says: Harry,stay in Leeds,please.Leeds need you.

amy jo wade age 7 says: i met harry kewell on friday24 03 and he signed my leeds top he is so nice i hope to see him again soon

amanda says: i met harry kewell he is a brilliant player but he isnt very friendly like smithy,radebe there very pleasent

Nicky says: Harry... great job against Arsenal... stay with Leeds.. we need you here!!!! Love Nicky

Yvonne says: When is the little brother or sister for TJ due... does anyone know??

austine enwenode says: hi you are a nice player nailing the gunners i really must say you are good .my name is austin and would want to use this opportunity to inform you of my desire to play for your team especially the youth side because am a big fan of leeds please send me a reply to know how i can achieve this.thanks for your time

Eric Cantona says: Im predicting he'll goto Ac milan remember this prediction it came from me first you pudjers!!!!!!!! .... He is leeds best player by a country mile even though it hurts me to say that an aussie is the best player of leeds.... and yes ladys he is BETTER ability wise than Alan smith who i think should just chill out instead of always being the instigator with his collection of red cards ....we need the cash harry sorry buddy ....5m pounds should do us nicely!

Nicky says: My condolences go out to Harry and his family.. (jabba notes: posted the day after he missed the Villa game due to the death of his father-in-law).

Anon says: the baby is due in June

James says: Verdict Beckham or Kewell? With a stopped ball , beckham anyday ,, if i had to pass the ball to one of the two , not taking into account the position they would be in, in a hyperthetical way ,, it would have to be kewell ,, he can run past anyone and score ,, he should stay at leeds because he wont get played as much anywhere else. plus white shirts always looks better ,, red gets on your nerves after a while

amy says: harry kewell is totaly gorge n he has done alot 4 leeds n he is a brill playa so thx harry 4 all uve done 4 leeds

Rosemary Lee says: Hey, I am really really lucky and extremely proud to be able to say my dad is the one that gave Harry the scholarship to play for Leeds at 16. Yep Dad is the notorious (if you are into soccer you will know him) David Lee. And it was dad who as the Director of Soccer for New South Wales saw and realised what the young Harry had. I don't know if any of you realise how close Harry came to not being there??? As dad had 2 players of equal calibre to choose from both are in the premier Leagues and you would know the others name but know I am not going to tell you. As I am sure you can imagine for my Dad who loves to see Australian players show the world what really have in our own backyard this was one of the hardest decisions he has ever had to make for one we knew would be into the world stage, the other???? Both are amazing successes. Both as Dad would say have got there by their own guts and hard work and steely determiniation. But to me I also know that quite a bit of there success goes to the person whose name never is seen in the press as being the one "who discovered Harry" for he is to humble and believes players like his children make their own success. That of course as said is my Dad. For it was Dad that would drill and coach the young Harry relentlessly it was dad that worked to make sure Harry was mentally tough and would be able to take anything thrown at him. It was Dad that at 60 years of age at the crack of dawn or late at night that would be there drilling him and challenging him to be better. It was dad that saw not the hero but the flaws in his game that would bring about your now hero. And it was dad who would make him sit out a game if he did anything less than his best on the pitch and thereby made him respect and see what a privilege it was to be out there and not one he was going to get just for showing up to training. But only if he gave his best. As some of you may know Dad did not just do this for Harry, but Brett Emmerton, Gareth Edds, Viduka and most of the Aussies overseas. He was the one that like the everyready bunny just never gave up and they will tell you that is what they remember on the pitch. The old dude who with his scruffy dog kept standing and going at them long after they were exhausted and thought they had no more to give. He was still there. I know that is the picture a lot of them have in there head now when they want to collapse on the pitch and beg from mercy from the other side. Is he is still standing there telling them to not give up and get back in the game. Last year we celebrated Dad's 70th birthday and it was great to see most of those players there. Harry couldn't make it but the video he sent to say thanks was really impressive. Harry, is an amazing person and it is great to see so many people behind him and supporting him for he really is truly gifted and amazing.

manchesterunited rulz says: im a manchester united fan and whats this i hear of a certain harry kewell comming to manchester??? well i hope its not true cuz i think hes one of the worst players around so inconsistent patchy at best ....and his goal against aresneal was great but it was handball .... i dont want him at manchester we got ryan giggs so ts!

mandy says: i think he is such a cool player and did u see him on the soap awards he was such a babe!

Max Bell says: I met Hk doing an interview with him for GQ when he was 19. I thought he was amongst the greatest players ever at LUFC then and nothing since has changed my mind. Kewell is up there with the greats and for bursts of genius, whether against Derby or MUFC or Arsenal or Milan, I'd say he is actually the best. It's a toss up between him and Bremner anyway. He's definitely the greatest attacking midfielder at Leeds ever. I even know Liverpool fans who would pay money to see him. The geezer is sheer class.

pedro says: quite simple if leeds get rid of harry kewell then we are doomed..

ken says: Harry is the best so it would mean a lot for us all if you stay. you are the best harry.

sarah says: Very well put pedro i couldn't put it better my self!!!!!

John Olu says: harry kewell is one of the players i will like to get intouch with him and his skills ,i really love him

Lam says: Hey,you did a good job this season,go on......

endik irawan says: harry kewell you are key player for leeds player harry kewell must have loyal with leeds because leeds very depend on play from him that harry kewell don't move from leeds united.I am have support to peter resadale as coach leeds united. bravo for leeds united f.c.

darra says: harry is more than the best player in england he is one of the best players in europe, i have watched him since i've been young and saw his talent and watched him break defenders like if they were not there especially RIO no team can afford a player of his talent, brains and sheer skill....

Kristie-Lee says: OMG! Harry is my favorite soccer playa of all time. I look up to him as he is the reason that I want to go far on the playing field. He is a champ and he's so hot!!1

khwan says: I can'bear if you goes Harry.Please tell me what the HELL with that. It isn't a game it isn't a football but it is a business.

Kevin McKeag says: kewell is the best ever play to come to leeds an i also think he is a 30million rated player

Riley says: i met harry kewell after a game in leeds - elland road, it was ace i met alan smith and ian harte 2, harry is a really sweet guy, and i wish him all the best xxx tara xxx p.s if u read this, please stay at leeds, u r my fave player xxx

Nicky says: Congratulations on the new arrival, Ruby, hope she is healthy and strong and will continue to be that way!! Love Nicky PS. Don't even think about "sitting tight" at Leeds, Leeds don't deserve that!!

Nicole says: I heard that Sheree gave birth to their 2nd child in Tuesday,congratulations,Harry.Does anyone know it's a boy or a girl?And what's the name of the baby?Hope harry's staying at Leeds.There is only one United.

kylie + jade say: harry kewell is the most sexiest man in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and is a s**t hot striker.........please dont go!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Max Harlow says: Congratulations to Harry & Sheree on the birth of Ruby. Now come on, Harry, be a gentleman - you can't expect your wife to up sticks and move back down to London when she's just given birth, can you? She's supposed to be taking it easy! Come one Sheree, use your feminine wiles to get him to stay put!

Ian Smith says: Brilliant player, If he leaves Leeds there will be an uproar, Please dont sell him, he will put LEEDS back on the world map. We need superstars here, Cantona,Ferdinand S***ES, we do not want Harry to be associated with the Man Utd scum.

Pablo says: Harry Kewell has to play in Barcelona,the best left player in the world in the best city and the best club.come on harry,if you go to FC Barcelona,you will play your best football!

matt says: how much does harry kewell get paid at leeds

rach says: Sheree might want Harry 2 move 2 london 2 b with her family since her dad died and they've been there since last season ended.

Rohan says: harry kewell is a fantastic player i think he is the best Australian soccer player Australia have ever producedgood luck in the future harry you because you rule! i hope you move to manchester United

HaRrY Is SeXy! says: Harry Kewell is the best player ever!! and he's just sooooo hot. im really jealous!! his wife is one lucky lady...

"Julian Gray" says: haha he gets paid 60-65k a week at liverpool which i predict hell be a total flop if he goes....i say good riddence....bring in gray !

Steve says: A disgrace he has been talking to liverpool for the last six months.So to all you Harry Kewell fans BOLLUCKS.No wonder he has been to lazy in matches,he just didnt care about the club .GOOD RIDDANCE

Barry " money bags " Mandic says: Id just like to congratulate Harry and i for ripping off Leeds by 2 million in the HUGE transfer fee leeds got, i might go buy myself a ferrari...let me know when your sick of pool so i can get you a transfer to barca mmm can i have a piece of the pie about 2 million will do.. call me mobile luv bernie

Claire Turner says: what can I say my Harry has could he..I have loved him since he has been at Leeds and they are mad to sell him. He is by far one of the best players and its sad he has gone...Why???? players are just too greedy and the agents need to go cos they are in it for the money too and its sad football has got to this point. You will be missed Harry but I still think you are great just look 100 times better in a white Leeds shirt

craig says: Kewell is a champion. He needs to play with a great club, not with a bunch of second-rate losers like Leeds. They should be happy to get whatever they got for Harry seeing as they got him for nothing to begin with. Leeds have dug their own hole for themselves and are now just using kewell going to Liverpool as a way of deflecting blame away from themselves.

FlaminGallah says: with Hks departure to pool itll be interesting to see how many of you so called leeds supporters (aussies) are loyal to the club ....

richard says: Julian and Steve..bitter..why would you expect a world class player to stay at a club in the trouble like Leeds are??? Leeds..will be in the first division within 3 years..

beth says: harry kewell is brill footie player and i f***ing fit!

shakerah says: Harry kewell was one of Leeds best players and the fans favourite, but he let the team down all i can say is good riddance to bad rubbish we dont need players like him in our team, anyway we got enough talented players in our team who are dedicated to the club. Come on Leeds show the premiership next year that we dont need Kewell to be a successful team.

David Gilbo says: harry plays for liverpool! hahahahahahahahahaha. yes come on harry

james says: look at you all, your acting like a bunch of bitches, im a leeds supporter, harry kewell is a good player, a bit injury prone but still one of the best midfielders in the game, although everyone would rather moan at leeds for his departure. but think about it ok so they only trained him from when he was like 15, and when he was injured all those times, who payed his physio fees, and who just went and gave him 2m to spend on whatever he wanted. loyalty comes at the worst of all times, and knowone can blame the managers and chairmen , he had enough money , he let down the fans. so what now ,, didier domi,, viduka will leave,, so it looks like we will all cheer on michael bridges, thats if he doesnt get injured yet again

tom says: kewell a real cool man and wonderful soccer player

katty says: Harry is fit.. too bad for leeds... i luv u harry xoxox

tommo (",) says: i saw harry in sydney when he was out here with his son.I talked to him and he was a really nice guy. He wasn't telling me to go away, e even let me have coffee with him. Wht a guy, cmon harry go harry go

kate says: harry is hot

katie says: I Love harry kewell!he is so fit! it would be my dream to meat him in person one day(hopfuly soon) i am his biggest ever fan in the hole world!

Victoria says: I think Harry is the hottest, fittest and is so sexy player in the world

Elia Dinsdale says: i think that harry is good but he should only for the best teams ever because he is the best.!

Stacey says: He is Australia's hottest export!!not much else you can say

Nicole says: harry is gettin' better and better in liverpool.Great lose for leeds...

Lisa T says: harry rox, smart move going to liverpool, you keep ripping up that feild boy!

jo says: Harry Kewell is damn sexy! Gotta love those Aussies!

adam madeley says: i when to all the footie matches especially vs real madrid @ santiago bernabeu in spain and got kewell's autograph and my photo with him.once i went to his house with my dad to paint & decorate it 'its fu*kin massive.

Rose says: Harry Kewell can't get ne fitter. Sheree Murphy has the best taste eva!

Muller Kewell (Nickname) says: Hi Harry its your older bro here. Just want to say well done on everythin but you do know that i was better than you. See ya mate

Taylor says: he rules but should of went to Man U

Seyhan says: My nationality is turkish and their are alot of hot guyz dat are soccer playerz in turkey too, but harry kewell is a sexc spunk! when i play soccer i kick the goals best with my left leg .Harry Kewell is the worlds best left legger!! oh and He looks soooooo hot on the new PEPSI ad! but then again in every picture he looks hot!!!

lovin' says: harry has scored 8 goals for Liverpool. If only he's still in Whites! sheer class player!

Bethan Meek says: I wish that you would come back to leeds we all miss u. I met harry before he left leeds and i got a picture of him and i will always keep that he is the fittest guy in the world!!!!!!!!!!! and hes got a really nice house in wetherby ( linton)

krissi says: my friend Joe loves this guy (just for the soccer of course) but I'm taking a fancy to him too for some reason... seriously though, great skills baby: keep it up!

Nicole says: Next time when leeds play against Liverpool, I hope harry would receive better reception in Elland Road. I'd hate to see "harry who", and to hear the boos again. He is one of the best players ever in Whites, just think about the relationship between ex-Liverpool players like Fowler and pool supporters, what a dishonor our forgettery is! As to the rumours regarding Xu Ming, I got some information for the fans who are interested. Actually, he married the daughter of China's Premier Wen Jia Bao, and it's common belief that his incredibly rapid success largely built on it.He owes the best football club in China, although it failed to be the champion of this season, it had been champions for 6 times in the past decade. Xu Ming himself, is not a football fan,say nothing of having Leeds in blood..he once said,he even don't know what 'placement' exactly means. However, last month he was in a delegation that visited many european clubs including Munich1860, Real Madrid and Chelsea, and held transfer negotiations with the officials of Manchester.utd. Our main press did say a takeover by Xu Ming is not on the cards, but I believe at least he would be a part of Leeds' future.

i love Liverpool, Harry and BUSTED :D says: Hiiiiii, i love Harry Kewell i think he is really gorgeous and being liverpool supporter :D i was really glad that he came to the club :D. i yhaven't seen him play yet but hopefully soon i will be seeing him play. love you Harry, my mum likes you aswell:D bye ByexxXXxx

waynofromlivo says: Harry Kewell is an arrogant, piece of s***.... he's Australian so i guess that explains it!!!!

sarah n zara say: we both support liverpool n harry is an absolute star!!!!!!! we both love him as he is gorgeos n 100% fit!!!!

Liz says: Without Harry and Mark,Leeds would have relegated last season. For now Leeds really need a miracle to achieve that again coz they don't get Harry in their side any more. He is the difference. Not long ago,Peter Reid said he had nearly managed to buy several players like Berger and Babbel before Harry moved to Liverpool.He said they had all held talks and even agreed to join, but harry's transfer failed to yield the money Leeds had planned to buy those players with. So, it proved that Kewell didn't lie. Leeds meant to sell him at the very beginning,and never offered him a new contract. The fans should blame it on Mc'kenzie,for he sold the best player and then fudged up the story.

Andrew says: Met Harry at the Majestyk in Leeds 3 years ago and discovered he is a really lovely lad, decent and down to earth. Very funny sense of humour. Been in touch since and I reckon he's a top bloke. Good luck at Liverpool.

harryhird says: I seen harry kewell and leeds play in a pre-season friendly in melbourne a couple of yrs ago, and being a fan of harry and leeds I bought an expensive replica jersey. Should have saved me money as I need a Liverpool one now (Go the Reds).Leeds only have themselves to blame for poor financial management and exodus of players.....and why sack O'Leary. But then again next season I can cheer for Liverpool in the Premier League and Leeds in First Division.

Andrey Borisov Andreev from Troian Bulgarian says: Harry kewell is nuber one . Hi's magiction with the ball. I love his game. I'm his the bigges fan of all world. I want see with him in Bulgaria when hi make 3 goals of Levski Sofia. Harry Kewell is the Best

susy says: I'm always on ur side Harry, u r the best player i saw ever in a Leeds shirt. Hope u'll get fit soon.And best wishes for socceroo this year.

Laura Elliott says: Harry i am your biggest fan and I would love for you to come and play for Australia ...PLEASE...PLEASE...PLEASE

sarah says: i love u harry i have ur autograph my mate john got it from the leeds fan club manager person. i supportd leeds bcos of u n now ur gone i still support them but i still love u never the less! congracts on the baby who may i add is also gorgeous!

sheree murphy says: hi harry its ur wife here im sat in our lounge wen i find out from louise over a glass of red that you have cheated on me , how could u ur ment to love me . And especially with her, wat will Michael have to say about this??? Well u have got some explaining to do young man and i will be at my mums with the kids. Louise says u came on to her so this freindship will stay put, but u on the other hand can think about this over a lonely nite on your own. the kids say nite daddy. I cant believe you Harry Kewell. Sheree.

yudha says: Harry is a good player he is my favourite player, I want to become he, because i like soccer, Can you come to Indonesia, or send me e-mail

AnnaElise says: Hey Baby.....this Ky gal thinks your the best! Best wish this season and stay safe.

mandy says: I love harry kewell he is so sexy

arif kurniawan says: i'm indonesian teenage. it is difficult to contact u . ure the inspiration for many indonesian young players. keep and improve ure skill, u would be like zidane soon. tu es meilleur milieu de terrain du monde

Carol says: harry I miss your look in a Leeds No 10 shirt. U r the best always.

Rajneet says: g'day harry im from australia i tink that ur a really cool player and that mate you shoul play for australia caus eour teams kinda s*** and we need ya to improve it ya no way i mean well australia isnt shit im just saying that cus im an idiot laters bro

Lisa Martignago says: when i get the chance to watch the soccer im always in there watching the hottie, Harry Kewell, i play soccer at high school, and also out side of school, i love soccer and i love Harry

shah says: you are my best football player in the world

Amy says: I once met Harry in leeds city centre with is son Taylor, Taylor dropped is bottle so i picked it up and gave it to Harry, i had no idea who he was until i turned around and my mate was like "its Harry Kewell" so i turned back round and he started laughing at us because we were just starin at him mouth opened! He is even better looking in real life than he is on the tele and he even gave us his autograph!! bless him!!!

>p>sarah says: How I wish you would come back to Elland Road! Can't forget those moments when you scored against MU,Arsenal or Rome for us.U helped us stayed at least one more year in PL,harry u r the best Leeds player in the past decade.Luv ya and best wishes.

Tka says: I've seen Harry on the pitch... He looks so cute but he can't be more cute than Milan Baros!!!!!!!!!

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