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Position Left back
Born 31 Aug 1977, Drogheda (Republic of Ireland)
Height 177 cm
Weight 73 kg
International Caps Republic of Ireland: 57 full, 3 U21

Club From To Apps Goals Sold for
Leeds United 15 Dec 1995 09 Jul 2004 288 39 £0
Levante 09 Jul 2004        

Leeds Career League FA Cup League Cup Europe Other
Season Apps Goals Apps Goals Apps Goals Apps Goals Apps Goals
1995 - 1996 2(2)   0   0(1)   0   0  
1996 - 1997 10(4) 2 1   2(1) 1 0   0  
1997 - 1998 12   1(2)   0   0   0  
1998 - 1999 34(1) 4 5 2 1   3   0  
1999 - 2000 33 6 3 1 1   12 1 0  
2000 - 2001 29 7 1   1   17 4 0  
2001 - 2002 34(2) 5 1   2   8 1 0  
2002 - 2003 24(3) 3 3   1   5   0  
2003 - 2004 21(2) 1 1   2 1 0   0  
Total 199(14) 28 16(2) 3 10(2) 2 45 6 0  

Jabba's Comments

Nephew of Gary Kelly, Ian Harte became a regular member of the Eire squad, playing at left-back, while Uncle Gary was temporarily out. At Leeds, it was the other way round for a while. Harte was in the starting line-up under Howard Wilkinson, but in George Graham's first season he had to content himself with a place on the bench.

In the 98-99 season, he once again became a regular starter and although a few doubts remained over his positional and tactical nous, he played well and scored an excellent free kick against Southampton.

He became first-choice left-back - and is also the man for dead ball situations - taking free-kicks, penalties and corners. He has an excellent left foot but is reputed to be less strong on his right (but every time someone says this he proceeds to produce a 25-yard right foot screamer). He was dropped by DOL for a month or so in 2000-01, but the need to play Dom Matteo - the only other left-sided defender - at centreback meant that Harte came back into the side, where he continued to score some hugely valuable goals from dead ball situations.

In 2001-02, his contributions from free kicks - and open play continued, but his defensive play still looked suspect. Whenever we played in Europe, it was clear that the message had got across to the continent: run at the left back. He was finally dropped for the Boxing Day visit to Bolton - but injuries to Dom Matteo and other defenders saw him back straight away - but his form didn't improve. This reached its nadir at Cardiff in the FA Cup 3rd Round game, where he found himself outpaced and outplayed by Division 2 players and was benched for the next match.

He was a regular starter in Ireland's World Cup squad in 2002 - but was frequently substituted, was shown up for pace by the Saudi Arabian players and had a dreadful penalty miss against Germany. Still, he was retained by both Terry Venables and Mick McCarthy in the left back slot as the 2002-03 season kicked off.

He was scapegoated by a few Leeds fans for goals conceded in 2001-02 and 2002-03 and his confidence appeared to have totally evaporated and he looked set to be sidelined by the arrival of Teddy Lucic and Dom Matteo being released from centreback duties by the return to fitness of Lucas Radebe. But still more defensive injuries and the sale of Ferdinand and Woodgate gave him the chance to restore his reputation and play a more straightforward game. The arrival of Raul Bravo on loan indicated that Terry Venables was still not totally happy with the left back slot - but Ian took his chance to win back his starting place and convinced the manager and fans that he was the man we needed in that slot.

Under Peter Reid, Harte was restored to the side as the regular left-back but continued poor form defensively and increasingly wayward set-piece kicks saw him dropped to the bench and then to the reserves with Salomon Olembe playing out of position at left back but acquitting himself admirably. During Eddie Gray's caretaker period, Harte was given another chance and was part of the side that snatched a win at Charlton. He held on to the left-back slot through the remainder of the 2003-04 season, but with nearly 300 appearances under his belt he was sold as part of the Everything Must Go To Keep The Club Afloat sale in summer 2004, winding up at newly-promoted Levante in the Spanish Primera Liga.

Marianne says: hey, I'm from the Netherlands...and I see Ian play in the game Valencia - Leeds United. I find that Ian is a great player...a matter of fact he's very handsome too....I like the way he plays and I hope to see Leeds in Holland sometime..

Dierdre says: Hi. I saw him playing with Ireland + thought he was so sexy. I have pictures of him on my wall. He is my fav player of Leeds+Ireland. If you see this Ian I am your number 1 fan. I LOVE YOU and why did you have to get married? I think his free kicks are class + so is your hair

cat says: he's a brill player.

zoe n kelli say: Ian Harte is soooooo sexy!!!!!

Sanna says: Ian Harte is a great player and he is so cute!!!!!!!!!!!

Sema says: He is very handsome so sexy I love you Ian Harte!

Keri n Lou say: Ian is a great player and a very nice guy. Me and my mate Louise were in a pub last Saturday and Ian was there with Harry Kewell and a few other people and they came over and started chatting. By the way girls Ian is even better looking in real life than he is on TV.

Axinia says: I think Leeds will always need a player like him. Good luck! In fact in Bulgaria where I'm from there are many fans of Leeds.

Ainsley Okoro says: Great left peg. Shame he can't defend to save his life, though...

Sergei says: He is a great player!!!

C***t says: He is the best player and he is very CUTE too. I --- LOVE --- YOU --- Harte.

Samantha says: Ian Harte is the fittest and most sexiest person and Leeds are lucky to have such a gorgeous player like him. Hope to see him play soon. I LOVE IAN HARTE 4EVA.

Toby says: Ian is probably one of the most improved players at Leeds United and seems to have made the left-back spot one his own. He caught the eye on a regular basis last season and is now looking the typical modern full back: good in defence, exciting going forward and possessing a lethal shot.

Helly says: Ian Harte is a babe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! n we luv him 2 pieces.

Maria Jose says: Ian is a very handsome and sexy. I like the way he plays and I love you. I wish you the best in this life.

Emma says: Ian Harte is a footballer and that is what you should appreciate him for, not for looks. He is one of the best free kick takers we have so don't just like him for looks - appreciate his contribution to Leeds and Eire just as much. I am a big leeds fan and if England don't win the World Cup I hope Eire do. I'm 13 female and from Leeds and yes i have met all the players.

Russ Sampson says: Ian you are The Premiership's BEST free kick taker much better than David Beckham. If you see this keep going I know you are good enough to play anywhere in the world. Ian you are the BEST!!!

Jo + Helen say: Ian Harte is soooooooooooo fit!!!!!! Get your fit off.

Kate says: Ian is the best player on the team, we couldn't ask for better free kicks from the football genius. A truly amazing, talented player (and very sexy too)!

Nikki says: Ian Harte is soooooooo fit LEEDS are lucky to have such a talented player. Keep up the good work and take LEEDS to the top. He's the best free kick taker ever.

Jan van der Vyver says: I'm not being funny, but if there's a worse left-back in the Premiership I'm a Dutchman... Oops, sorry, I am... Anyway, Harte has no pace, no positional sense, can't head and can't tackle. You lot may choose to turn a blind eye to that, but 19 other Premiership managers haven't...

Turk says: His shoots are very well.

Gillian Cuthbert says: I think Ian Harte is sooo sexy AND talented and those who say otherwise obviously need your eyes tested!

Sean says: Ian Harte to me is the most improved player in the Leeds squad. He has the most deadly free kick I've seen. He makes us Irish and Leeds fans proud.

Deirdre says: to that Jan van der Vyver you weren't laughing when he was in the Ireland squad when they beat holland 1:0 HA HA. And he did very well in keeping hasselbaink out of the box. I'd just like to say to you IRELAND ARE IN THE WORLD CUP AND HOLLAND AREN'T thanks to us.

Hazel says: Ian Harte is a very very talented person in Leeds. He is so cute and sexy too. Just can't imagine how Leeds would be without him.

Jack says: Ian Ian Hartey you're worth 50 000 000

Faruk says: I am a Turkish boy and I am a fan of Galatasaray. My favourite player is IAN HARTE. I like him much. Always my nick is IAN HARTE. I want to have HARTE's t-shirt but I can't find it in Istanbul can you send me one? If you want to send please mail to me. Sorry my english isn't well:)

Chantry says: Just out of interest - has anyone met him? I work down at Elland Road on matchdays, and my first day working down there, I'd just been trained to do my job, and I came out of a door, and I almost walked straight into Ian. I started to say sorry, but kinda stopped in the midst that my "dream guy" had just walked past me. He's a real nice guy, my bro sorta knew him when he dated a girl he knew. Although he's my fave-ist player, he isn't very good at tackling, but he is a class player. I watch Leeds every home match, or at least half of the game, and enjoy every minute of it!! I'd just love to meet him, to find out what he's really like. I'm half Irish myself, and just love the accent!!

Louise from Manc says: Ian Harte is a class player and Leeds will do well to hold on to him for a very long time.

Laura says: Ian Harte has to be the most talented and sexiest of all the players in Leeds and Eire. His free kicks are 10 times better than Beckham and he makes the Irish proud of him. He is soooo sexy.

Loz G says: Ian Harte Ian Harte you are so fine if you werent married youd b mine. Your free kicks are ace and so is your bum your better then any player for Scum!!!!!!!!! I LUVE YOU IAN AND LUFC RULE!!!!!!!!

Martin says: Excellent freekicks. He is very important for Leeds and hes a goalscorer too, and that's fine. The best defender to the left in the whole league. Keep him!

Jolie says: Ian Harte is the best freekicker in the Premier League!! His legs do miracles!! From a Leeds United Fan in Norway.

PLA Leeds United FanClub says: Ian Harte is one of the best defenders that I ever seen. He has good skills and he has best freekick. I love him and do not want him to go out from Elland Road.... love Harte forever

Silas says: Tremendous left peg. But as i say, he's got no pace, he is no good tackler of the ball and he does silly mistakes. Sorry Ian but you are the weakest link in the Leeds back-four.

Diana from Romania says: I think Ian is one of the best free-kick takers in the world. I saw the 3-0 Deportivo game and Ian's free-kick was just perfect. Definitely made my day. I'm very proud of Ireland's World Cup qualification and of Ian's performances even if I'm not Irish. Keep up the great work, mate.

Nic says: Ian Harte is the best player and he is the most sexiest player in football. I've got pictures of him all ova my bedroom wall. I LUV IAN HARTE!!!!

Ian Harte says: he is the best lufc player. No Competition!

EC says: Ian Harte played brill @ the Ireland vs U.S.A. match.He is a seriously class player. He is really cute too just like his uncle Gary. I wish him really gud luck the Nigeria match.**

Gabrielle says: I think Ian is the best free-kicker in the premienship,even better than Manure's no.7 (beckham)Although I also do think he's handsome ......:):):) It's him as a footballer that you must appreciate.'Cause if you're a girl and watching football, thy'll think it's because of their looks.I once met him~!

Sarah says: I LOVE Ian Harte to bits,not just cos he's so cute,but he's an excellent player too.Go on Ian you make us Irish proud!!!!!!!!!

Ingrid, Norway says: I just watched the Ireland-Cameroon game, and the first thing I noticed was how gr8 Ian Harte was! I`ve never heared of him before, but he was ace!!! So sad he had 2 go off, he`s a brilliant footballer!

Tara says: I have to say, I don't even really like soccer all that much (I am from the USA with Irish roots). I watched the game the other day and was so impressed by the Irish team (I only watched b/c it was Ireland). But mostly I have to say I was impressed by Ian Harte. He was aggressive and seemed to really be everywhere. I can't wait to see them play again. (and the fact that he's gorgeous doesn't hurt!)

Valerie says: Hi there everyone, I'm an 18-year old girl from Belgium who absolutely adores soccer. I'm a big fan of both Ireland's and England's national teams and I always enjoy watching Ian play. If any of you are interested, you can e-mail Ian on You can also read his personal diary and experiences on the field on that site. Anyway, congrats to the Irish lads on playing a draw against Germany,actually they deserved to win!! Cheers to y'all!

Christo Kolev says : Ian Harte is the best left player in the world. He is the best free kick scorer and my favourite player from all around the world. I love him.(altough I am a boy)

Jolene says: sexy r what!

Someone from the US! says: Ian Harte...OW OW!! he's sooooo gorgeous! haha, i'm from the BIG U.S.(YAY!!) but i got an irish daddy...i LUV ireland! it rox! and the team is doin gr8, and harte is gr8 from wut i've watched (and his looks add to the fun!!!) haha, go IRELAND!!!!!!!!

Emma MC says: Ian Harte is the most sexy man in the world.I think he is so.... fine and so does everyone who I know. I love you Ian!!xxxxx

Marie says: I met Ian at a party once, my brother knew him...he's a real nice lad, and quite handsome, too...we dated for awhile in high school..we're very close, he's a great friend and footballer!!!

Adriana says: IAN is one of the best free kick scorers over the world, and i luv the way he plays. Im a mexican fan from the eire team, so: Good luck for Eire on the 2nd round of tha WC. I hope they can win vs. Spain, it could b sooo coool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And yeah, i think he's sexy.

Mrs Ian Harte says: ian harte is the finest thing since brad pitt i LOVE him and i wanna marry the sexy thin

Doris says: Yesterday I saw Ireland playing (for the first time) against the Spain at the World Cup, and .. GUESS WHAT IMPRESSED ME THE MOST? Such a SHAME they didn't make it through, they've DESERVED IT!! And so did the .. Brave Hart(e)

Una says: I just love him

Tanisha says: Belive it or not it im not that interested in soccer but when Ireland played the world cup i noticed this No. 3. I said wooo Ian Harte, he really has to be the sexist player on the whole squad

Donna says: ian harte is soooo sexy dont ya think girls!! hey i never knew he was married thats just ruined my day !

Yahayra says: Ian is such a cutie! He is super hott and sexy... and an awesome pleyer! It's too bad that they lost the game against Spain, coz I won't be able to see him in the soccers games anymore this year:( Way to go Ian! Harte is in my Heart;)

Cypress says: Hi, I'm from Canada and Leeds United is my favourite team! Go Ian!! He's an awesome player and I wish him luck in his future endeavours!! He's got a wicked free kick ;-)

Maxime says: Ian Harte is the best en the most geargest football player in the world. Ian you rock!!!!! It's through him that i like football

Sarah says: hi everyone. I don't know much about ian but he seems really nice and cute!!!!

Lisa says: ian looked fine in his suit at the party in the pheonix park to welcome the irish lads home

Kasia says: Ian is wonderful,I relly admire his play!It's a pity Ireland didn't win in match with Spain but Ian was really good!!I wish I met him!And yeah,for me Ian is so SEXY&SWEET!!!!!!!

fi says: well done in japan and korea you made us all proud ireland deserve to be in at least the quarters-no regrets!

Mairna says: Ian, u did us proud in da world cup, and even if u didn't get the goal that u deserved, ur still da best defender on da Irish team! Who da hell did u marry?!? I only found out da other day and I am so gutted!!! Ur a F-I-N-E-R!

Kerry says: Ian Harte is so hott and such a great defender! You made us all proud in the game against Spain... even knowing you missed the free kick.. you still played excellent! I am in love with you and you're hanging up all over my bedroom! I LUV YOU IAN!!

SnS says: ride on Ian Harte.... you truly are the sexiest man in the world!!!!

Lisa says: I'm from Ireland and i just LUVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV ian harte.he is so gorgeous and fine and i LUV his hair and i have to say hes the best-lookin guy in footie-the only reason i watch it becoz of him!!!he is SO SEXY!!!(hi sinead-if you c this!!we both luv ian harte!!!!!!!!)

Kerry says: Ian Harte is the best defender. He is so sexy!!! I'm from the U.S. but i LUV Ireland!!! Irish people r the best including Ian!!!

Adriana says: He is really cool, he's an angel from the sky, he's a great player and a cute man

marie says: ian is the best player for IRELAND!! i felt so sorry 4 u when u missed the penalty against spain. your the best and always will be. and your very cute 2

Ullylein says: Hey, im a 17-year-old girl from Germany and I find that Ian is the sexiest football player in the world. I love Ireland and I was very happy when Robbie Keane made the last minute goal, Ireland vs.Germany. love you Ian, Ully

Cilla says: Hi, I'm from Australia and I love Ian Harte but unfortunately there aren't that many pictures of him and his wife. Does anyone know where I can get some. Please Help.

HSC says: Ian is my favourite player for Ireland and Leeds!!! He is a brill free-kick taker and he's gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!

SnS says: even though you missed the penalty, we still love you........!why arn't there any pictures of you, Matt Holland and Steve Finnan!!!!!!!! WHY?

Maria says: I love Ian Harte sooooo much. He's so fine and sooo sexy! He's definatley the sexiest player on the Leeds team, and Ireland too.

SnSnL says: Ride on Ian Harte!! tell hotass Holland, fine Finnan and gorgeous Given that we love them too!!!!!!!!!

Roisin and Deirdre say: Ian Harte is the sexiest man on the planet he's absolutley brilliant in every way and we love him!!

lucy says: i met jason mcateer and he is lovely but not as nice as you are my king and we will get married when you propose to me at corralejo beach in fuerteventura i love u i love u ur girl betta hold on tight 2 u coz look out here comes lucyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy p.s. did i tell u i love u? xoxoxoxxoxoxox

ally says: All i can say is that not only is ian harte unbelievably handsome but he is probably the most underated player there is!ive heard hes married to some english model(why ian) it wont last right girls? i think we just join forces and destroy her! hes so young what a waste lucky bitch! all i know is im from dublin and get tickets to all home matches and spent a fortune gettin his name put on all my jerseys and all that has to be said is he is an amazing player and a gorgeous guy

Veronica says: Ian Harte is a great player.He's good in defence,free kicks...Ian has a lot of talent and quality.I love to see him play in Leeds and in Ireland.He's one of my best football players.He's becoming better with every match he plays.I just hope he'll stay in Leeds for a long,long time.

angelica says: Ian Harte is the best and he is soooooooo sexy

rachel says: hey ian!i started watchin u ages ago and thought u were S-E-X-Y!!I love u so jourmal is covered in pictures of,but i need more!by the way im not a stalker!

Jeremy says: Great freekicks. He is very important for Leeds and hes a great goalscorer too!!! i live in canada (victoria,bc) and i came to watch ian play!!!

Lauren (Ians buddy and biggest fan) says: You call yourselves Leeds fans!!!After the blakburn game the stick Ian got was totally uncalled 4. Ian is truely loyal to LUFC and would never ever dream of letting the side down. Sure he made a mistake but that is no reason to go and hurl abuse at him. I bet it would have been diferent if it woz Kewell or Dom. And I didn't hear you all shouting at Smithy wen he missed that penalty. I have known Ian since he played for St Kevins in Drogheda and we are still good friends and let me tell you after the blakburn match he came up to me and said is that wot they really think of me and he was well upset. As I said above you call yourselves Leeds fans. I think it is now time to stop pin pointing 1 player and to get behind the team. After all 'we're all in it together'.

James in Drogheda says: Gussy Raey would be proud of you Ian. He will know exactly what it means....

Ben Linnick says: Ian Harte is the best player I have seen in a long time he is better than any brazzilian I have ever seen and he will continue to take the soccer world by storm I idolize him good luck Ian.

blgoc says: exactlty lauren if u were a true leeds fan u dont boo players. he was playing really well before that

Carly says: Ian harte what can i say?! hmmm you are the most fitest and sexist players of all time and i love you!

angela from dublin says: People say David Beckham is the best free kick taker in England Ian Harte is far better because he is irsh and also he's better looking

Lauren (again!) says: THANKYOU Blgoc!!!! But I see our messages still didn't make any difference. A man sat behind me at the Arsenal match was still shouting obcinities at him. So I turned round and gave him the biggest mouthfull about not being a true leeds fan. He mumbled sorry and he didnt shout at all after that. Ian reads this website daily. He says he likes all the female attention!! And i'm sure he wouldn't mind me saying this but he says thankyou to all of the people who stood by him after the Blackburn match etc. It's people like Ben Linnick and myself and Gary from Drogheda and blogc who are true Leeds fans. So I put it to you again LEAVE IAN ALONE!!! He is really looking forwrd to the Liverpool match and he doesnt want a handfull of fans wrecking his confidence.

Carly says: Well wot can i say!? I LOVE IAN HARTE

Barbara says: Ian Harte is the only talented defender ireland has. We're proud he is Irish and goodlooking.

Mel says: I think it's terrible fans shouting abuse at their own players.Just ignore them Ian!

Sarah_leixlip says: I met Ian Harte not so long ago and not only is he better looking in real life (if dats possible), but he was also sooooo nice and friendly and not up himself like alot of footballers. I also say i have to totally agree that your not a real Leeds fan if you boo one of your own players.Us real Leeds fans would never dream of doing anything like that!!

meryl says: Ian Harte lives in a village rite by me. I work in the pub where he lives, and I've seen him a few times at work, and served him. He's a lot betta lookin in real life!

Kelly Harte says: Hi I dont know much about football, but Ian's my cousin and its nice to see so many people like him(awwww bless)

Mel says: I have to disagree about Ian being the best defender ireland has, as much as I like him he makes too many mistakes. He should be moved to midfield. Besides all that his cross against Man U was world class and his free kicks are top!

clareXXXXXX says: well wats da craic i think ians da man hes deadly player and da nicest on da leeds team and da irish and hes pure fine!!!!! im from ireland {monaghan} and love leeds and ireland!!!!! im saving real hard 2, get over and c a match!! c ya all soon

Sharyn says: my bedroom is an ian harte nearly killed me when u got married!

nadiah says: ian is the best defender i've ever seen. he's the best free kick taker. pls evry1 don't just support him because of his looks. ian will be greatly insulted.

Donna smithys babe number1 says: Ok so Ian m8 u ave a crackin lil left foot n everytime we getta penalty or a free kick ure the first name taht pops up n the first lad we look 4! i as im sure every1 else was gutted when u came off n we got a penalty against Blackburn n instead smudge took it n missed (1 of his worst moments there rnt many) but plz plz plz ian for gods sake dont keep chickenin out down that left hand side most of the time u go 4 it n then drop out this si costin us goals m8 and im sure u as a ll of the lads management n fans dont wanna get worse than we r now! so ian ure a gd lad n ure gr8 4 set pieces but plz run a lil faster n get the ball!!!Cumon LEEDS work 2getha and well get betta again!!!!

ciara sharkey says: im ian hartes biggest fan and im so madly in love wi him and my greatest wish ever would be to meet him and tell him how much i love him!!! byeee xxxooo

Elizabeth Burke says: I just wanna say I luv Ian Harte and for my art project I'm doing a clay model of him and my room is covered in pictures of him luv Elizabeth in Dublin

Mrs Harte says: 'd agree with all your comments my husband is mighty fine and he's a beast in bed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Joe says: Hey! I'd just like to say thanks to Ian for the new Ferrari which I have just purchased. (the blue one) my wife is v.v.v.very happy now that she has a car of which Ian has sat in!

Vicky says: Hola a todos, soy espaola y fanatica de Leeds United, he de decir que mi jugador favorito (sin ninguna duda) es Ian Harte; guapo y buenisimo jugador, sigue as Ian!!!

Bridget says: WOW! LAUREN & KELLY i have never been so jealous of someone in my life... hell yes ian is gorgeous but id love to be able KNOW some of these wonderful guys- u gals from the UK I LOVE U!! take every opportunity to get in there and meet them for me... and spare a thought for us football-mad sweeties stuck a world away in Australia!!

Laura says: He's a fantastic guy, the most special I could have ever met in my life. He loves Leeds United and all its fans. Please keep supporting him. We appreciate it. Thanks

Tasha says: Ian Hartes Wifey here! Yeh! He's sooooooo fit! I was speaking 2 a m8 of his the other day! He makes me crazy, my room is also an Ian Harte shrine, I write his name anywhere poss, & my website will b up soon of him I LOVE HIM! He has the best legs in the world! He's so fit n sexy & I will love him 4eva! I'm gonna get a man xactly like him! MWAH!

Mel says: Everyone says I have posters of Ian Harte but I've never seen any. Where do you get them???

Chris says: Dont listen to Lauren She didnt really go to school with ian but she is his biggist fan Its not her fault if shes a bit insane. I know this because she is my friend and is sat beside me She is guna kill me

McPilt says: I like Ian Harte verry verry much , Im just 12 years from Norway

Stevo32 says: hey! ian, why don't you play against spurs?? i was in holiday and so I don't know. you're great, what do you think about roy keane, should he come back??

Lauren says: Please ignore the Chris comment. I DO konw Ian and the only Chris I know is the one my sister is married too. Mind you i wouldn't put it past him he's a Scum fan! Also Bridget, Ian would like to know if you went to see leeds play in australia in the summer.

Katie says: omg!! i love you ian

sarah_kildare says: I cant believe u know Ian, Lauren!! u are soooooo lucky, i never get to see him play because i live over in ireland and cant afford to go over!!! Please say hi to him for me im his no.1 fan!!!! i love him to bits.xxxxx

Bridget says: Ahh! Lauren, you can't imagine how much i wanted to... sadly the distance between me (in brisbane) and melbourne is a bit further than most journeys in the motherland. Crazy and ironic as it sounds i think i'll just come to leeds and meet the whole gang at home! By the way maybe u could pass on to Ian that the recent performance and on field behaviour of the Irish team has got me going to germany in 2006 to cheer them on :D

shadi says: Ian is the good player & I love you very very much

Silvia says: Ian Harte is the best now and forever. He is a real Irishman

Yeejie says: Check on for more ian harte pictures and wallpapers.

lisa says: oh my god how fit is mr harte!!! i watched him all through the world cup for ireland and thought he was fab. im irish so are you ian-lets getit on!!!xxx

anwar says: he is nice player of football

Leeds TRUE fan says: For the person hu sed ian got a lot of stik!!!! Ian is no doubt a lovely lad HOWEVER his current form is not gud enuff 4 leeds if he wa strue 2 leeds he wudnt chicken owt of every atacker or winger runnin down the left tahts not harrys job! its ians n if he dusnt do it proply y shud he get paid n not get stik? we all want wats best for leeds and unfortunatley sumtimes ian slips up and its pretty frequent whereas smithy rarely slips up and yea he missed a penalty why did hartey get teken off cos he were crap b4 u defend him look at sum leeds tapes i bet u if u see a batch of leeds tapes at least 4 of the oopositions goals are harteys fault! Granted hes a gr8 free kik taker n a penelty taker but he just cannot get the form! and thats not wat anyone wants in football when this new spanish lad gets up here then hartey will have no place! the leeds fans only want wats best for the club if it were called lets get as many goals against us as possible harety wud b gr8 hes not strong or solid n he dusnt communicate whereas DOM dus hes a very gud quality player and hartey has just not got the flair ne more! if ne of u were true leeds supporters ud no wat i meen!

Mel says: I agree he isn't performing well. I've only seen him tackle once this season, and it's about time he scored a free kick.

sarah_leixlip says: we ARE all true leeds supporters but we want to give support to the players aswell, so next time you question how committed we are to leeds take a look at yourself and ask if a real supporter wud constanly have it in for one of thier own players!!!

Laura Cooke says: I totally agree with Lauren's comments. How can anyone that boo's a player call themselves a fan? Ian Harte is a world class player and deserves a lot more credit than he gets. If you're reading this Ian there's always more people supporting you than theres not. You're truly brilliant and I hope you never forget that whatever happens you'll always have a band of loyal fans. You shoulg get your own website like MattHolland. love you loads!

Lauren says: To the TRUE Leeds fan I have been a Leeds fan since the day I first arrived on this Earth so don't u cum to me and accuse me of not being a true fan just because I don't agree wiv u. Sure Ian can sometimes lose concentration but you dont need to giv him stik. ALL players mek mistakes and you cant deny it but you are all to busy arse licking Smithy and praising him up to notice his mistakes. I have watched tapes Lots and lots of tapes (probably becuase I have taped EVERY match over the past three seasons) adn yes I do agree that SOME of the goals are because of Ians mistakes but if I recall last season at home to the Scousers then Liverpools 2nd goal was due to H lacking in concentration.Also tell me y venables persists on playing Kelly down the left flank wen he is not a left footer. So because of this Kelly has to stop and move around the ball so he can cross on his right. This now means that he is not sheilding the ball hence the opportunity for the opposition to get the ball. (No offence to Kells coz he is a gr8 bloke) Dom is good but he has grown accustomed to playing in the centre. Finally as I sed in my other messages you cant pin point one person if the team plays bad They are all in the same boat and have all got to do the same job.So if you can all get your head out of Smithys backside then you will all realise this. Ian is a part of LUFC so get used to it. In my opinion the teaam doesnt want fans who giv individuals stik they want people who appreciate them as a WHOLE. GEDDIT?!

Lauren says: Thanks Laura Cooke. U r wot I call a true Leeds fan.

Emma(HARTE) says: i think that ian harte is the sexiest player of all time.come on if you think hes ugly you need a pair of glasses.watching him run on the pitch shaking his ass is the bomb.guess what girls hes ONLY MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

grainne says: just wonderin if its true that Ian's wife is pregnant

Neil "i hate V-Bomber Viduka" Wood says: Raw power - yep i love him as well. the goal against pool was stunning - wombles - amazing - also scored on his debut against the scum which can't be bad.

Aleshia says: Well to all you 'fans' of ian harte,im sorry to tell you but im from Drogheda (where he came from) and now that hes all rich and famous, he forgot where he came from and thinks that hes a cut above everyone else, unlike his uncle gary (who everyone in drogheda LOVES to bits) He has no respect for us and frankly we have no respect for him now! Yeah hes good looking but theres no personallity there at all. I met him and asked him for an autograph (when i did like him) but he just walked right by me as if i wasnt there! Hes SOO ignorint!

sarah says: i love ian sooooo much. 1 more thing was that really his wife talking up there?? hi al, hi sinead f!!

Anna says: i think ian's friend lauren is so right, i hate when people put ian down, put yourselves in his shoes, did anyone even think how he would feel, that poor finer had 2 put up with all the crap from so called 'leeds fans', yeah my ass. that's all i have 2 say!!

Emily says: is ian's wife due this month? (january)

Sarah says: i totally agree with lauren, what the hell is that 'true leeds fan' goin on about. ur hardly a true leeds fan if that how u r goin to treat its players.i think u should stop blaming 1 person and think about the rest of the team 4 once. as soon as a goal is scored it automoticly becomes ian harte's fault. u r so narrow minded!

Ian Harte says: Hi Ian Harte here. I just wanted to thank you for all your support. It really does mean alot to me. One thing that i did want to say was that unlike one of the postings say i'd never forget whereb i came from.I love Drogheda. Anyway thank you all so much and i'll post again soon, Best Wishes.Ian.

Rachel says: I'd just like to say to Aleshia that im from drogheda too and thats SUCH a lie!! i met him on the street one day and he was a lovely lad and he was really friendly and id just like to say to ian that nobody else thinks of you like she does. everyone loves you to bits here and thinks the world of you. your amazing and we love you and we always will and were so proud to say that you and gary is from drogheda like yous are proud to be from drogheda. love you xXx

Sarah says: Wel done Ian wat r dey talkin about we all lov u in Drogheda both u n Gary!! Der not tru fans if thats wat dey tink of u. Well done Ian it was a tough world cup 4 u espically n u dealt wit it wel n wer lookin 4 ward 2 da next 1!Gud luck on Saturday n on Monday we'll b watchin it n we'll b behind u all da way!! All da best and God bless, Love Sarah xXx

Christine says: OH MY GOD!!! i donno what that girl aleshia is going on about!! to be honest, ive never met ian but i know loads of his realtions and theyre a lovely family, every single one of them. i kinda know the the captain of ians football team in his old school and i know that he thinks VERY highly of ian and that hes sound. i think that its a disgrace that someone would say that about you when everyone knows that thats SO not true. well, everyone else in drogheda loves you ian, dont mind her!! please dont think that other people think that of you ian, we all love you to bits and think the world of you. keep up the good work and were always proud to say that your from drogheda. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (",)

ally says: who is that bitch who was putting sexy ian down? i think he's really fine, and ur on ur own with ur STUPID comment. u bitch!!!

Samantha says: HI YA!!! just wanna say that you are wonderfull ian. i know that some people has nothing better to do than put you down but you just have to remember that you play for your country and do us SO proud, your living young boys dreams. they look at you and see their idol and they wanna be you SO much. your amazing, your SOOOOO fine, you have a beautiful wife and a baby coming, you do have a good personallity. all you have to remember is that you are a legend. you are 'ian harte' and we'll ALWAYS love you no matter what happens

Lauren says: Hey id just like to say tat Samanthas message almost brought me to tears. It's great to see people supporting him!And to add to Aleishas comments Ian is NOT like that at all n I shud no. If he is as arrogant as u say he is ven y on earth wud he spend three hours signing autographs whilst out shopping?!

Sarah says: what is dat aleshia one talkin about? i never met ian but i'd LOVE to! he seens really sweet and kind. did u ever think dat maybe he DIDN'T SEE U? get over it, at least u met him. go on ian don't listen 2 her, i think ur brill and such a BABE and loads a people think so. gud luck on monday. xxxxxxx!!

Sarah says: Hey every 1 I'm soo happy that soo many people have stood up for Drogheda n shown that we feel very proud 2 have a footballer so skilled & fine as u Ian. I dunno what da f**k that b***h was on about. what does she no. I'm glad that it was made clear how we feel about Ian and how we are so proud to say "I'm from Drogheda". Well done & keep the good work!! Lots of love & God bless, Sarah xXxXxXxXxXx

Sarah says: hey ian saw u on tv yesterday. u were lookin fine as usual. keep it up!!

lisa says: How do you all know that ians wife is pregnant?

Sarah says: hey ian, i just want to give u all the support u need as ur having a hard time at the moment. always remember that u have fans that love u sooooo much. also, gud luck wit da baby. lots a luv, sarah xxxx

ciara sharkey says: i sooo am marrying ian because hes sooo fine and hes a sexy bastard!! hes also a reaal ygood player and he does the irish proud big time, well done ian babes xx ooo

Tracey says: I just wanna say how wonderful + fine you are! Your wife is really lucky to be married to such a wonderful + gorgous Husband your a LEGEND!

Samantha says: Well everyone Samantha ere again. just wanna say that i was delighted to see ya playin the other day 4 d 2nd half. keep up the good work. ur lookin as fine as ever. love you loads and loads and good luck wit the baby. if its a girl will ya think bout samantha??! hahaha. better go but ill b thinking of ya babes. xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Sarah says: we know that ian's wife is pregnant 'cos it was in da paper.

Joe Cole says: Which paper was it that said that Laura Harte is pregnant?????????????????????

Sarah says: hey every1, gud luk tomorrow ian in da ireland nd scotland match!

Ellizabeth says: Congratulations with the news of the baby. I hope it turns out to be just as great as you are,and I know you will make the best dad ever lots of love Elizabeth

rachel says: has laura had there baby yet cus i thought it was due a couple of weeks ago. Any news yet.17 feb 03

leah says: just wonderin has anyone ever met ian or laura anywhere and what were they like? also, did he mention the baby or anything in that article in the paper where he said he'd hate to leave leeds recently?

Sarah says: someone PLEASE tell me if ian's wife had their baby yet, i thought she was due a month ago?

Julieanne says: yes she has !!!

Yvonne says: Does anyone know what the baby's name is?? Or when it was born??

rachel says: if laura's had the baby, did she have a girl or a boy?

Geri says: well if Laura had the baby jus want to say congrats to the proud Daddy. i wish you all the best with it and hope its a very healthy happy baby. love you loads, Geri

Sarah says: well if she has had her baby, is it a boy or a girl?

Kim H says: HI bro. Just to say hi and i miss ya. Im Ians sister, back here in drogheda. I just want to point out the fact that ian does love his town, so Aleshia dont go saying things you know nothing about!(plus you cant spell Ignorant!) I saw Kelly Harte wrote saying she was his cousin??? Sorry Kelly, never heard of you! We actually have no other relations with the surname Harte! As for Lauren? You said you went to HIGH SCHOOL with Ian, HIGH SCHOOL? are you american....... Ian left school when he was 15 to go to Leeds, so yes I think your making it up... sorry to burst your bubble, but come into the real world! To everyone who has supported Ian... thanks a million, i truely hope you will continue to do so.... to those who havent.... open your eyes! Thanks.

gabrielle says: hey, does anyone know if the baby is a girl or a boy?? and what they called him/her? congratulations ian. i` m sure you` ll make a great dad. hey leah, i did meet him once in malta. he was with gary kelly. he did`nt say much though,he was very polite........and gorgeous. kelly did most of the talking. i have a photo of me with him and gary kelly framed in my room.

emma says: hi ya.Kim do u know if ian does definately look at this website? congrats ian on the baby and best of luck against man u on wednesday. luv emma x (drogheda)

rachel says: does anyone know about the baby yet? What about u Jabba,u heard anything? Jabba says: too busy moving house and digging up future-of-the-club rumours to chase family details I'm afraid :-(

Kim H says: No the baby isnt here yet!

Eli says: Ian Harte is the greatest ever he is the best love u and he is so fit

Sinead F says: Hi Ian CONGRATULATIONS on da baby .I hope baby (he/she) and mother is happy and healthy . BEST of LUCK for the future Love always Sinad . P.S Hi Sarah D

loren says: Ian Harte is a fantastic player and a very gorgeous bloke! and my mate loves jonny woodgate loads!!

Ian Harte's biggest fan!!! says: Hey!!!Ian Harte's biggest fan here!!! I'm 4m d'best country in the world Ireland and I wanna tell everyone who left messages dat they're all CRAP and Im Ian's biggest fan eva!!!I've been totaly obsessed with him 4 years,and I'm gonna meet him at the Ireland V Russia game in Lansdowne Rd in September!WOO HOO!!!He's a sexy beast and I love him so much dat it's scary!Ian,please leave me a message,cos it would really make my day!I love u Ian,ur d'best eva!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

rachel says: heya all guess wat i'm wondering the excat same thing as most did laura have a baby girl or boy and what did they call him/her.please any one who knows

Lizzie Cooper says: i met harte at asda he paid for my bottle of pop is so good looking and would die for him, he is the best free kick taker we av got so we ad better no get rid of him. i love u soooo much

the real #1 fan says: listen every1, or at least, those of you who think they 're hartey' s biggest fan. you can get this idea out of your head coz I AM ian' s biggest fan. my room is full of his posters. the most common name in my diary is ian harte. i' ve been his biggest fan since i was 8 years old, now i'm 14. he' s the most gorgeous man i've ever seen and i love him with all my heart. i wouldn' t have brought up this subject, but as there were some postings signed as ian harte' s biggest fan..... .... if you see this ian, i would like you to know that, whatever you're going through, and whatever hard times in your football career you' re passing, all your loyal fans will never let you down. we all love you very much if you ever leave leeds, i'll go crazy!!! ......sorry if i sound a bit boring.........hahaha!!! i love you ian. keep it up!

josh seargent says: harte has the most fantastic free kick i have seen if he played for england they would win the world cup every time because he is a top quality player and leeds would not be the same without him so terry do your best to keep him!!!

Laura C says: Hiya Congrats Ian and Laura on the baby. Was that Julieanne above Gary Kelly's wife? Fair Play to Kim for bringing people back to reality! Ian you're the best!

Lizzie says: This is to the dilusional person who thinks they are Ians biggest fan. What makes you so special? There are loads of fans on this website who are much more dedicated to him than you ever will be so dont go blabbin all your bulls**t.

kaytee says: ian is SOO fine i wish he played for leeds a bit more tho coz i hav a season ticket & would luv 2 c him play more ~ i also hav his name on my leeds shirt & congrats on the baby ian will b da best daddy evva

sarah d says: Hi everyone, i keep readin bout how ian was stitched up by shoot magazine a while ago, does anyone no wat there on about? ps hiya sinead f.

eimear says: i think its patheic the way the birth and identity of the sex of the baby is being regarded with such high secrecy-cop on ian the fans just wanna know and congratulate ye.

Gabrielle says: hey ian, would you please tell us what's going on at leeds!?! we've sold most of our star players coz of financial probs, but things seem to have got worse. it's about time leeds win a big game. but no matter what i'll always be there to support leeds. ......we're gonna stay with you 4ever, at least until the world stops goin' round..... COME ON WHITES!!!!

sharlene says: he is sooooo vile what are you all like! get a life!

Donna says: Hazza congrats on the new baby hope taylor is ok!! and i especially hope ure back is betta this is the most crucil part of the season and we are deffinatly missing you at the moment (no offence smudger and viduks) so get well soon and hurry bk m8!

Elle says: In the soap Fair City in Ireland some girls were pickin a babys name and one said Ian because of Ian Harte and she said he was drop dead gorgeous and I would say most of us agree.

rachel says: heya all just to let ye know laura harte gave birth to a baby girl called ciara.Congrats

bendover says: Anyone could skin IAN HARTE, he is so slow!! He gets skinned every game and he doesnt improve, he hasnt even scored a free kick for ages!! FLOG HIM!! Come on Risdale get him sold, you sold the good stuff, now sell the s***e!

Babs says: Congrats to ian and laura on their baby girl ciara. I bet she is as cute as her daddy!

Elizabeth says: Ian had a baby girl called Ciara.

Sarah says: Hey Ian Congrats on your new arrival Baby Ciara.I love da name it's real Irish!Good Luck on Saturday(with Ireland) and hopefully da luck a da Irish will be with ya's on da night-if it's not we'll still be behind ya's da whole way,so don't worry about it!Play your best(as you always do!)and we'll win no bother 3-0 to Ireland!!! Well good luck,talk to you soon Take care God bless, And loads a love SarahxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXx(Drogheda) P.S.Give my love to Laura and Ciara X

Yvonne says: Nice to see Ian play again against Liverpool!! Any news on the baby?

Gillian Walsch says: I think Ian is a very underestamated player... think he deserves more credit! Kim can you tell us if the baby is born yet, or when it - for about - will be born?

Laura says: we've had a little girl and named her kaia

Yvonne says: Congratulations on the baby. Kaia will have a great daddy!! Good luck with Leeds!!

Sharon says: is it true that leeds r giving ian harte away on a free transfer???? Oh yeah, he's not that good looking, Shay Given is the finest person eva!!!!

Louisa says: Congrats on the baby & I thought it was so sweet you pulled out of the Ireland squad.Just wonderin, how do you pronounce kaia?

sharon says: is ians baby called kaia or ciara?

sarah says: ian harte may be a cocky, arrogant, s**t-head or whatever else you wanna call him!!! but no1 can deny that fella is fine, fine, fine, fine, fine!!!!!!! is he seriously married????? DAMN!!! Although i'm not really sure i stood much of a least this way i've an excuse!!!bye from a truly sad ian harte fan!! (p.s. sharon's rite shay G. is soooooo fine, i met him and he was adorable in real life too)

karen says: ian harte is sooooooo georgeous i love him soo much and hess the best no3 in the whole wide world come on ireland and leeds

Ally says: congratulations with your new baby kaia. we all know that u will make a great dad and i cant wait to see you back on the football pitch showing us what u got!!!!! luv Alvinia xoxooxooxooxooxxoxo

Claire says: Sharon ur completely blind, he is da finest person eva and he beta not b goin on a free transfer coz hes the best player Leeds have,wed b lost without him. I just wana say congrats to Ian and Laura, i onli wish it was a boy so he could b as fit as his dad and i could marry him seeming as Ian's taken. Please dont leave Ian!!!!!!!!

Geri says: a big congrats to Ian and Laura on the birth of baby Kaia.

Kim H says: Laura!!! hiya babes (hows my lil niece!) give her a big kiss, everyone Kim here, Ian and Laura didnt call the baby Ciara! Its KAIA!!! Papers never get anything right. Shes as gorgeous as her mammy and daddy. Im so proud to be an auntie! Cheersto all who are supporting Ian, he really appreciates it. SUPER LEEDS and SUPER HARTE #3

Gabrielle says: sharon, where did ya hear leeds r giving our hartey away on a free transfer???? or r u just fooling around?? :(((

Rachael says: Sharon i totally agree that Shay Given is the finest person EVER but ian is good looking and he is a class player too.luv ya ian. x X x X x

Sarah says: hiya ian. i think Kaia is a gorgeous name for a little girl. as alvinia (hey ally) said i can't wait to see you on that pitch again. don't take any of the criticism u were gettin to heart, coz you are the finest and you can do it just as good if not better than any of those players. i also agree with some girls that shay is soooooo fine, but so are u ian. i wish you, laura and kaia the best of luck in the future. lots of luv Sarah xxxx

Max says: I'd just like to say Congratulations to Hartey on getting his first goal in a year. I've been so annoyed at the treatment he has received from the press and certain sections of the fanbase - of course he lost his form; if Ronaldo had people telling him he was crap week in, week out, missed a penalty in the World Cup and found himself continually on the subs bench, his form would suffer! So for him to end his goal drought (I gather he even tried a long range shot which nearly made it 7) is absolutely brilliant. His determination to take the penalty instead of Viduka was totally vindicated (Mark had already scored a dozen goals this season, so to deny Hartey his chance would be selfish; and he did get a hat-trick later on anyway). Let's hope we see a few more from #3 before the end of the season. Maybe a free-kick like his last one against the Scum (Mar '02). Well, no pressure, I'm sure he'll deliver when the time is right. And also Congratulations on becoming a daddy - that will certainly have improved his morale (even if he's suffering a bit of sleep deprivation!!!)

Elizabeth says: Congratulations on the goal yesterday. You are unbelieveable scoring a goal at the first match you are in since the birth of your daughter. It just shows she has a positive impact on your playing. I hope you will be playing at the Ireland against Russia game because I will be in the front screaming for you.

*Aoife* says: ust wanna say congratulations Ian and Laura! Great news and I hope Kaia's doing well!

Sarah says: hey ian! u did great on saturday when u scored the penalty! we all knew u could do it. i hope this helps bring your confidence back and we are all behind u . love ya!! Sarah xoxoxo

Mel says: Congrats on the baby!!!!!!!!! That was a great penalty! good to see you scoring again!!

Carol says: Hey Ian and Laura, Congrats on the birth of your little baby girl. Bet she's really cute I'd say all the boys will be fightin over her in a few years time! Don't worry coz your Daddy will sort all the bad guys out no problem! As for the rude comments made by some people here, just ignore them coz Ian we all think u rock! All the best xxxxx

rachel says: hi all. just wanted 2 say congrats 2 the lucky parents.xx And Kim i was just wondering how old u were and if u have any other siblings. and on what date was Kaia born? thanx.

Ian fan says: Just a little message for Ian!! Congrats with Kaia and congrats with your goal, knew you could do it!! Keep on the good work!! Bye bye luve!!

Nicky says: Hiya Ian.. congratulations on your goal.. you well deserved it.. was the best game of the season for you.. keep going like this... Love Nicky

gaby says: does anyone know why ian pulled out of the ireland squad??? if yes pls tell me! tnx.

Kim H says: Hi bro, just saying hi! looking forward to seeing you all.... love you millions. Kim x

Nicky says: Gaby, Ian pulled out because of domestic reasons, the birth of Kaia!!

Elizabeth says: Who said Ian pulled out of the Ireland squad coz I heard he just skipped the Albania and Goergia game to look after Kaia. Kim, if you know the truth can you please let us know.

anne-marie says: i think ian harte is the greatest i never miss any of games that he plays. I have loads of poster of him and think he looks dead fit in the leeds kit!!!!!!!!

Flo says: congratulations on the birth of Kaia!! And you are the greatest player!!

Nicky says: Common Ian show us a similar performance as you showed us against Charlton some weeks ago!! You are a brilliant player... show it!!

Roisin says: Ian Harte is the finest and the best footballer in the world! Congratulations on the goal against Charlton, it was savage and it was a great result too! Congrats on baby Kaia, if she looks anything like you, she'll be sooo cute! Don't mind all the other bad comments especially the one from Sharon (don't worry i know her, she used to think you were fine but now her mind is taken over by Shay Given, who let in 6 goals against Man Utd) Your back playing Savage for Leeds! Welldone :o)

laura d says: hey everyone. i live in a part of louth called annagassen its right between drogheda and dundalk and everyone through the county are really proud of ian . i often see people goin around in leeds number 3 s . he just shows that many great talents can come out of smallest county in ireland . hartey~1

Sarah *Harte number one fan* says: Hiya..Ian congratulations on becoming a dad :D I'm sure that you will be great..Kaia is soooooooo lucky, and to anyone who is posting bad stuff about Ian why bother? You must like him if you can spend your time on here sending stuff or just not have a life. The only bad thing I will say about Ian is that when he is having photos taken near all the players cars he doesn't smile, but I'm sure that can be fixed. Ah well keep up the good work ;)

Sarah says: hey ian, hard luck on saturday. to answer gaby's question, ian pulled out of the ireland squad for that game coz his wife had just had a baby!!

Phillier says: Congrats to Leeds on their two nil win over Fulham tonight. I dont know if Ian was playing but if he was, he only brought the team down. Leeds are gonna get religated cos of him clowning around and mucking up Leeds chances. He is so crap, and did you see his shit penalty against Spain in the world cup, it was fucking brutal and he always aims for the same spot , so every premiership goalkeeper knows which way he will kick the ball.He should quit fotball b4 he ruins it for everyone.

Loreloi says: Does anyone know any good websites dedicated to Ian?

Sharon says: Roisin (hiya!) Shay given is the finest and i'm gonna get to see him play against norway on wednesday! it was ians first goal, nothing great it was only against charlton i mean, no wonder he scored against Dean Kiely, i can understand him missing in the world cup cos it was against Iker Casillas and he's a top goalie ( yes roisin u can believe wat i'm hearing, u were right)even roy keane would have scored against dean kiely! but to all u leeds fans, u have to admit Shay is fine!!

Roisin says: Kim, do you know if Ian has an email address? Thanks.

Sarah says: Hey every 1 sorry bout dat i read in da drogheda paper they called their baby ciara and it's Kaia sorry.... Dat wasn't me dat called ian a s**t head dat was another sarah!! hey laura d 4m annagassan i live near u between dunleer and clogher just thought i'd say hi!! See ya at lansdowne on wednesday i can't wait c ya den hopefully you'll be over say hi Kaia and Laura, See ya wed, Loads a love Sarah xxxxxxxxxx

Sarah says: Hartie may have number 3 on his back, but whats a number?? He's our number 1!!!!!!!!

Nicky says: Ian please get the defence sorted out... and urge your fellow defenders to do the same... it would work so much better for Leeds!! Common show us you are a good player.... I will keep supporting you!! Love Nicky

Sam Senior says: Ian Harte is a god a free kicks but absolutely s***e at defending, y dont reidy play im at left midfield an play harry up front.

Sarah says: to philier or whatever weird name u have, what do u think ur doin commin on ian's website and putting him down like that, who do u honestly think u are??????you must have a really sad life if u spend your free time on his website and u don't even like him, you weirdo! and have you not gotton over the spain penalty yet, GET OVER IT it was nearly a YEAR AGO. why don't you get a hobby and stop ruining this fer everyone else. oh and to ian u are sooo lovely and don't take any notice of those stupid comments. luv ya xxxxx

Jordan says: to Kim Harte: Hi Kim, It was good to see you at the blackburn game on saturday. Keep smiling sweetie love J

Chloe says: i know that guy (Phillier) was just giving his own opinion but did he really have to do it on ian's own website!!!! have a heart will u??

Roisin and Aoife say: Phillier! Will you ever just F**k off, obviously you don't know what your talkig about cos me and everyone else think he's savage and he played savage against Fuhlam! And if you think he's so s**t why are you wasting your time on his website? Weldone Ian on the match against Norway, ye all played brilliant! Pitty they took you off but i suppose they have to give other people a chance! Hey Sharon! Ian Harte is way finer than Shay! I know you'll kill me on Tues but common admit it, he is finer! Aoife said soooo much finer! Luv Roisin and Aoife, Talk to you later!

Nicky says: Well done Ian on your goal against Arsenal... you and Harry and Mark saved the club from relegation.. well done!!!!!!

Carol says: You were brill against Norway the other nite and today against Arsenal you were even better. Fab goal Ian keep up the good work! Your biggest fan Love Carol (",) XXX

Elizabeth says: Congrats on the goal Ian it was brilliant. I am a Man United fan and the rest of my family supports Arsenal. Its great Man United have won and its even better that Leeds are staying up. I hope you score more like that in the future and Leeds will definatly go all the way to the top next season. Love you loads and congrats again.

Sarah says: hay, congrats on sundays win, u did BRILL, i missed the goal, but i'm just so happy for ian. you did REALLY well, tell harry kewell that he is a sexy finer!!!!! luv ya xxxxooooo

Sharon says: Oh my God, Ian actually scored!! Never thought i'd see the day when he'd score twice in a season!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A. nonimus says: That guy Phillier is my brother. I wont say my name but I was writing on this website and he deleted what I wrote and wrote all his own stuff. I am sorry if it offended anyone and I will tell him what you said. I personally think Ian is the greatest and he did brilliant against Arsenal. Keep up the good work and dont mind my brother he doesnt know what hes talking about.

Sharon says: hi Risn, howz u? okay, because of the agreement u and me have bout ian and shay, i'll just say this, I think Shay is sooooooooooooooooooooooo much finer. I didnt know who to support the other day, cos i want arsenal to win cos i hate man utd, and i wanted arsenal to get the cup, but i didnt want leeds to get relegated cos there are 3 irish players! Ian, Gary and Stephen! I hope West Ham are relegated!! hee hee! i know theres an irish player with them but i think bolton deserve to stay in the premiership, if you ever watch there games, they try so hard. Loreloi, i dont know any good sites dedicated to Ian, but i know a few sites dedicated to irish players, if your interested? shay given, niall quinn and kevin kilbane and robbie keane

Mel says: Your goal was brill Ian!!!!! And it couldn't have come at a better time!

kelly says: ian harte, alan smith and harry kewell are all babes!!!!! kelly-louise LUTON

Aoife says: well done on your goal against Arsenal it was savage, Keep up the good work.

Roisin and Aoife say: Hi Sharon, will you ever spell my name right! Why did you want Aresnal to win? cos their all spa's!!! No offence to Aresanl supporters

Nicky says: Again.. congratulations on your goal.. just as you seem in striking force the season ends.. ah well... there's a next season IN THE PREMIER LEAGUE...!!

gaby says: hey ian! it's gr8 to see ya score finally. you deserved it a lot. i think u can score much more free kicks easily. but anyway, i don't think there would have been a better way 4 u to finish this difficult seoson! keep it up u're the best and we luv ya!

Kelly-Louise says: i didnt know ian was married, but you are still fyne and you are a wicked player. im a leeds fan and im half irish so i watch you play all the time, keep up the hard work and dont stop showing of them gorgeous legs of yours

kayleigh says: ian harte is the fittest player in the prem by far!!!!!!!!!!!

Sharon says: time, and i think they deserved to win, cos they played better football!! yeah, i know man utd played good too but if u were at the top of the league, u wouldnt like the cup to be taken from you!!! What am i gonna do?? the premiership is over :( no more Shay or Robbie or Damien!

jordan g says: ian you are brill no matter what . just what to say thanks for ur jersey and fof signin my IRE v AND program its made my year . i hope some day i will talk to you not just shout at you cross the pitch .....but that worked nicely tthe time . congrats with kaia if she turns out like u she will be prefect . also ian even if you miss a 100 goals i will stick up fo you and you will all ways be in my harte

Elle says: Congrats on three goals in a row

Mel says: Yes Ian you scored another great free kick on the last game of the season! It's a shame the seasons over cos you're on a roll!

jordan g says: hi ian ,laura congrats on your baby girl kaia . i say she as lovely as both of you and if she grows up with both of ye she be great person . ian to you i send my love . no matter if you get put down in newspapers ,mags or the web or fans turn away rem that you have laura and kaia as well as me and other fans behind you . whewn you miss the penaly against spain the disappointment in your eyes i cryed and just want to go and tell you it was all right . you prob know a friend of mine peter.h he works at the matchs in landown he gave you a letter from me and got you to sign a program . you promises peter you write bac to me but i know you had more inportant stuff to do eg look after your wife , love you

BSLC says: Hiya Ian! It must really annoy u dat evry1 seems2 luv u 4 ur luks & not d footie but I'd like2 say dat although I do think u r d finest guy on earth & not even Colin Farrell is a patch on u, I really admire ur footie technique 2. Ur free kicks r d deadliest in Europe & u have scored 13 out of 16 penos 4 Leeds whicd just proves ur skill & brilliance. Fair enough ur defending woznt d best early in d season but against Arsenal u proved ur up there with the best of them.Not many peepl seem 2 realise Ireland wudnt hav reached the world cup without u but thanx 2 ur 4 stunning goals we made it. i woz so happy 4 u when u scored after 7 mins against Villa-wot a way 2 end a miserable (no offence) season. I'm a big Leeds fan & proud! I woz so happy 2 read about Leeds cumin 2 play in Dublin in August & if it goes ahead I'll definetly b there! Ian u r mega fine & r definetely Irelands most underrated player. despite wot u may think the peepl of Ireland are behind u all the way& are proud 2 call u 1 of our own. Ian, out of all the footballers in the world I admire u the most (not just 4 ur luks) but 4 ur skill & determination& most of all the sense of pride u seem 2 hav in ur club & country. Congrats 2 u & Laura on the birth of Kaia and Good Luck next season (Leeds 4 da double!) & hope 2 c u in Dublin. Ian if u choose 2 leave Leeds u'll be sorely missed by all but hopefully ull be at Elland Road for many seasons to cum. Loadsa luv B ;)

Jenni says: Ian u've bin on fire these last few games! Ur a gr8 player + ne1 who sez otherwise dusnt know wot theyre tlkin about babes. Keep up the gud work 4 nxt season cant wait 2 c more of ur brill goals. Love ya loads xxxxx

gaby says: hey guys, i wasn`t followin any media lately and i heard someone at school say kewell has been linked to man u(re)! is it true?

cem says: I am from turkey and my favourite tem is LEEDS in europe.. Ian harte is my favouite player... nobody can saved his free-kicks... He is a prof. for this subject..

Sarah says: hey Ian and Laura! hope wee Kaia ia doing wel i'd say sh's gettin big!I miss da prem all ready 3 months and no football how wil i cope? i did before but i dunno bout this time1 Irelands few matches SHOULD keep me goin!! Talk 2 ye soon xxxxxxxx

Rach says: has ne1 heard off kim.she hasnt posted on here 4 ages.

Mel says: I agree with sharon what are we gonna do now da seasons over :( we'll just have to wait for irelands matches next month. Oh and sharon you should check out its got a good message board and lots of pics!

Sharon says: Thanks Mel, I was on the website, its good!! go to its the official shay site his brother kieran set it up. Or go to its not official but there are loadsa pics on it!

kayleigh flynn says: hi! i no killian brennan who is frm Drougheda, and he says he is a really nice bloke! theyr mates aparently!! he is sooo bloody fit! *ian i mean* and should start for us tonight!!

Lee Casewell says: Dear Ian Harte I think you are the best defender for leeds and also you have skill and passion for the club but your free kicks can be a better I mean somtimes they go high off target but altogether you are the best.

Mel says: hey ian! i bet you are glad ireland won even if you didn't play cos it was a really important result!

Artemis says: Hey I was wondering if any1 had heard a rumour linking Ian with Parma??!

Kim H says: hey there all, havent been on in a while, Jordan i was at that Blackburn game, where did u see me? Oh and i also know Killian Brennan from Drogheda, whoever it was that posted it above! dont personally know him tho, but know of him. see ya

Nicky says: Hi Artemis, yes I heard the rumour as well, but I think it was just that - a rumour - don't think he is going anywhere this season... and I don't hope so either!!

Carol says: Hey! I hope not coz I think he's contract in Elland Rd is up this year. It might be true but then again u did say it woz just a rumour. So girls don't worry bout it afterall we do have pics to swoon over!

Sharon says: Harry Kewell is either going to Liverpool or arsenal. One of them clubs is taking him for 7 million. and i heard that real madrid are interested in John O'Shea, anyone heard bout that??

Louise says: I heard in an interview with Ian that was taken while Laura was pregnant that he still has three and a half years left on his contract so I dont think hes going anywhere.

Bridget says: hey sharon, i've been keeping an eye on the kewell speculation cause not only am i a liverpool fan im also from australia... the latest as of monday 7th is that "According to the BBC, Kewell has decided that Anfield is his preferred destination of choice this summer - despite overtures from the likes of Arsenal, Chelsea and Barcelona. " but i guess theres still heaps of politicing to go, nothing's been settled.

Jordan says: FOR THE ATTENTION OF KIM HARTE Hi Kim, I was sat in the West stand not too far away from you and you family, we knew it was you because you look like Ian. Like your Burberry Bag too, I have the same one!! Hope you will go again next season, it's really good that you all come over and support Ian,he's a lucky man! Take care, Have a good summer Love J

Sarah_Leixlip says: does anyone know wot ian said in his interview with the june edition of leeds, leeds, leeds magazine

Megan says: Hello Everyone and Ian....My name is Megan. I am 15 yrs old and i live in the united states. first off, i wanna start by saying that ur an excellent player. u have alot of potential, i think. u are very nice looking!!...u are a great player and i hope that u have a nice future at Leeds.

Lucia Lewis says: I'm putting Ian in my fantasy football team so he'd better be at his best and score some goals for me...I think he will! Oh yeah, and he's totaly gorgeous too.

Laura C says: Just back from the Dublin Tournament. absolutely deadly! Hartey is such a legend. Shame bout the result after a brilliant performance. Just wonderin KIM HARTE what was Ian's goal celebration about today(if u were there) and who does Ian room with on international duty???? Thanks a mil!

The dutchman says: when whill he leave the club Or is that no option

Ciara says: Congrats Ian on your free kick against villa. It was class. Pity about the penalty. Hope to see you getting your 50th cap for Ireland next Tuesday against Australia. You are a great player with a lot of potential and you are good looking to match, what more could a girl ask for. Good luck with the new season.

Gaby says: I just wanna wish Ian the best for the coming season! Good luck to him and all the lads!!

Nicky says: Ian, good luck upcoming season!!! Love Nicky...

Hollie says: I just heard the team to play Australia on the radio and Ian wasnt included. I cant believe Brian Kerr isnt going to start him for his 50th cap. Its only a friendly for Gods sake. Poor Ian, he would've looked so cute playing opposite Harry and Mark and all....

Niall says: well done to ian for coming off the bench to win the game for ireland with two goal assists.what a ball to set up morrison for the second!

Mel says: Ian played well da uvr day for ireland well done!

Kim H says: Hey guys, its been a while. JORDAn yes it was me at the game.. mad...i will be over again this season, so maybe you'll see me again. Laura C.. i never made it to Ians game so didnt see the celebration, i had to work sorry! To Ian, have a great season, love you x x x ur lil' sis Kim x

Barry says: Where is Ian Harte, no premiership appearances this season,!!!!!!!!! Why? My fantasy team needs him! Any ideas?

Sharon says: Kevin Kilbane said that Ian was a world class player and he doesnt know why Peter Reid wont start him, and Alan Smith said that its really bad at Leeds cos they all fear for their careers cos any of them could be sold at really short notice. but at least that will stop by Monday cos tomorrow is the final day for selling and buying players. Oh yeah, Harry Kewell scored his first goal for Liverpool today!! Yay!!!

Laura says: i will kill peter reid and john mckenzie if ian harte is allowed to leave the club.

Cecy says: I'm Cecy, I'm from Argentina and I love Ian Harte because he's very, very, very sexy and he plays VERY GOOD, I think he's the best Leeds's football player.... Ian I love you!!!

Gaby says: I think there are too many defenders at ellend road at the moment. that puts more competition and pressure on them. it`s creative mid-fielders we desperately need right now. hope ian plays soon. can`t see why peter reid is leaving him out.

Mel says: it was well excitin wen ian got a free kick against russia da uvr day den carsley took it 4 sum bizarre reason! Den Matty got in da way of anuva! Y didnt they jus let ian take it! Ian played so well against russia hes definitely gettin his old form back! Yay!

Owen says: Hiya all, - Can anyone PLEASE tell me where Killian Brennan is now playing his football after his release from Peterborough United????? Posted 15/09/03'

Clodagh __ Limerick says: Love Ian Harte. I personaly think dat da critisism ian is getting is very unfair.Leave him alone!!!!We're proud 2say dat your Irish Ian.i think you and your uncle Gary Kelly are both lovely people.luv ya!!!!

John Harte says: HI, Does Ian have a website? I'm currently tracing my family tree. My family originate from limerick.

Michelle says: Alan Smith Is the most fittest footie player in the universe and any1 who thinks he aint is absolutley CRAZY!

no1fan of hartey4ev@ says: ian harte has made such a contribution to the leeds team over the last 6 year swhen he has been playing.ive had a season ticket for leeds for the past 4 seasons and im only 11, i love watching hartey play !He was booed off the pitch at blackburn last year at half time when he got substituted,i was there and i thought it was absoloutly ridiculous.true fans wouldnt do that.

Lars Kamperman Leferink says: Hello!! I'm from Holland. From Deventer. English is very difucult for me. I hope so you can understeand me. I'm a big fan of Leeds. My favorite player is Ian Harte. His free kicks are beautifull. And de mental from him is very good. I love his football. Leeds united: Simpley the best!!!

Sarah *Harte number one fan* says: Hiya! Ian where have you been?!? Leeds is lonely without you....have a word with Peter and tell him to get you back on the pitch! what ever people/magasines/newspapers etc etc, are saying to you IGNORE it you know we all love you. P.s Hope Kaia and Laura are doing well

Mel says: Its about time Ian Harte got back in the team! Things arent going well, so why doesnt reidy try & change things around a little, Ian's a really good passer & free kick expert he could come in handy. Go on reidy!!!

Andrea xx says: Hello Im Andrea from Mexico n I just love fav team of course is leeds United ITS THA BEST!!!!

Claire says: Leeds are in a such a mess at the mo, we reli need like ian 2 turn things round with sum amazin free kiks!-so 2 whoever the nu manager is gna b, put him bak in the team where he belongs! I luv u ian!!!

Carol says: Hey Ian! We all haven't heard from ya in ages!!! Just write a few words are sumtin!!! And remember u rock

Aoife says: Hi Ian!! Good to c ya back on the team leeds really need ya! Great win on sat Against Charlton

Nicky says: Hey Ian, good to see you back in the team and playing well against Chelski, great result! Do well.. love Nicky

jenny says: I have just been reading Leeds Chat and a girl named Grainne says that Ian has got some Tattoos, does anyone know if this is true?? I know Gary Kelly has a few Dodgy ones (as do Danny Mills, Duberry & Eirik Bakke) Thanks

Nicky says: Yes Jenny, he has a Celtic Cross on his upper arm that I know off.. xx Nicky

Anon says: I used to hang out with Ina a couple of years ago hes a really nice guy and helped me out loads, im so glad he has found someone he really loves good luck with everything Ian take care best wishes

Laura C says: Jenny, what dodgy tattoos does gary kelly have?

sarah lou says: ian harte is fitt i luv him and cogrutelatiobn ian about lura and good luck huni and my sis say ur a good player but i think ya the best my sis asaid can u give alan smith her luv wen u see her

Nicky says: Great performances against Fulham.. good to see some confidence back! Good luck in future games, love Nicky

Sharon says: What tattoo's do Ian and Gary have?? i think robbie keanes one of the cross on his arm is horrible!!!

Jenny Frost says: Hi Nicky, do you know of anywhere I could see a picture of Ian's Tattoo?

Nicky says: Hi Jenny, I have one or two pictures of the tattoo, but dunno where I got them from! Suppose you need to search really hard.. if you want I can send them to you as well, but you need to give me your e-mail address for that! xx Nicky (jabba says: I'll pass it on)

Sheridan says: Owen: Killian Brennan just signed for Dublin City FC (eircom League Division One champions)

charlotte says: hiya guys,just wanna say i dnt actually support leeds i support southampton but if i didnt leeds would be my team jsut the fact ian harte plays for them ..u r so gorguz its hard to beleive ur real i wish u wud cum play for saints..and ur wife is the lukiest women ever she is def on a par with mrs bekham keep it up sexi ian ur mazin and i love yaxxxxxx

Loz says: Ian Harte is a pivitol cog in the leeds united set-up. he'd give up his wages for the cause. a true pro. not sure about the penalty he conceeded in the sun's comic strip though

rosie says: ian harte is so fine

Tom James says: he is the best left back in the world its pretty obvious!!!!

john davies says: i once met him at a pub in ireland his car had just broke down and me and the lads pushed it into the river as a joke he took well like a true champ

john davies says: i can remember once when he was running up my street and went head first into a lampost he was rushed to hospital and had to take a 2 month break from football

Kim H says: What are you on about John Davies? where you making them stories up from?

Celine Munnelly says: Ian Harte is absolutely FINE love him 2 pieces he really married????

Mary says: Kim r u serious dat ur man is makin dis up? Wat a SPA!

J says: How are you? Ahen are you next over in Leeds?

Anne-Marie says: I am your number one fan and i love you to bits

anna joyce*** says: Ian Harte is such a cutie and I think everyone should cut him some slack and let him build his confidence and become as good as he was. He is such a finer and I'm lucky to be the same nationality as him. Go Ian

Lorna -Dublin says: Just wanna say Ian Harte is a brilliant player, and is much appreciated by Irish fans!! He's done us proud.....

Fiona says: Just wanted to say congrats on the goal and the win against the Czechs. It was a great free kick and lets hope that your good form has returned.

Mel says: Ian was brill for ireland the other night, his class free kick and defending showed us what ian is capable of doing every week.

Anne-Marie says: Did you see his goal last Wednesday against the Czech Rep? I was at the match and I went mental when he scored because he is the best footballer in the whole world and I love him. I forgot to say I have Ian at the back of my Ireland jersey.

Jennie says: HI Ian Just want to ask what do u think of Roy Keane coning back?

Toni Galea says: Ian Harte is 101% fine n he is a wiked left bk!!!

Ross says: I think its about time Harte got a decent run in the team & a chance to find his old form back. Any 1 else noticed how rarely Leeds score from set-plays when harte is not in the team to take them??? Domi could easily be switched to left wing to accomodate Harte in the team.

carlia says: oh laura you had a baby girl like me i bet shes gorge my friend was talking about leeds the other day and i thought of you luv carliaxxxx email me with a pic of her id love to c her

dale perkins says: ian harte has been a good player this season so what that he has scored own goals he his has been my best player ever

Thijs Middeldorp says: EJ Hello!!! mY name is THijs Middeldorp and i come from HOlland, from Deventer. My English is not very good. Ian Harte is a very good speler and i Hope that Ian a beatiful club find

Aoife says: Hi just want to no what is wrong with Ian that he has to get a operation?

prince chindah says: david isabetter free kick taker than any other player in the world.there is none like himand idon't think there will be.

Caoimhe M. says: Ian Harte is so gorge and incredibly talented and has the sexiest body in football!!!!!!! I love him to bits.. im from ireland!!!

Steph Harte says: Does anyone know how old Kaia is now? (sept '04) or when she was born?? i really love ian harte as well. i can't believe he's really gone to Levante. i can't watch him play now!!

Ste says: Absolute joke - and to think at one point we couldve flogged him for 8 million - what a laugh - he shouldve been a forward and he'd have been shite at that.

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