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Position Central midfielder
Born 03 Jan 1977, London (England)
Height 175 cm
Weight 66 kg
International Caps England: 1 full, 13 U21, ? Youth

Club From To Apps Goals Sold for
Charlton Athletic 13 Apr 1994 05 Jul 1996 58 14 £2600000
Leeds United 05 Jul 1996 08 Jan 2003 265 55 £100000
West Ham United 08 Jan 2003 23 May 2003 11 0 £0
Newcastle United 23 May 2003 09 Jun 2006 98 11 £0
West Ham United 09 Jun 2006        

Leeds Career League FA Cup League Cup Europe Other
Season Apps Goals Apps Goals Apps Goals Apps Goals Apps Goals
1996 - 1997 32 4 4 2 0   0   0  
1997 - 1998 21(4) 3 3   2(1) 1 0   0  
1998 - 1999 35 9 4   2   4   0  
1999 - 2000 31(2) 5 3 1 1   11 5 0  
2000 - 2001 38 9 1   0   15 6 0  
2001 - 2002 24(1) 5 1   1   3 2 0  
2002 - 2003 15 3 0   1   5   0  
Total 196(7) 38 16 3 7(1) 1 38 13 0  

Jabba's Comments

A "combative" midfielder (i.e. he puts himself around a bit) who became the most expensive teenager in Britain when he joined Leeds in 1996. He had a good start to his career at Leeds, scoring on his debut against Derby and despite suffering a nasty eye injury, he established himself as a regular member of the side and popped up with a few useful goals as well as anchoring the midfield. With the arrival of David Hopkin, he found himself with some stiff competition for his place in the team and found himself no longer a regular and the subject of quite a bit of transfer speculation in the press.

He returned as part of the starting line-up and delivered on the promise that he had earlier shown. With ten goals in 1998-99 - and creating several more - Lee became one of our most valuable players, and the arrival of David Batty enabled him to get forward more and take a more creative role. He still picks up a couple too many silly bookings, but he's a vital part of the Leeds midfield and hopefully will be for many years to come.

The second half of the 1999-2000 season was somewhat overshadowed by events off the pitch as Bowyer was charged with assaulting an Asian man after an altercation inside and outside the Majestyk club in Leeds. After a good start on the pitch, he failed to bring the same drive to his game, and managed to pick up a record number of bookings (some totally unjustified and down to dubious refereeing, but too many of them were avoidable) and faced an FA disciplinary board. The court case was abandoned and he faced a retrial in late 2001, but in 2000-01 he managed to put the off-field worries behind him to produce many superb performances, justifiably walking off with the Player of the Year trophy from Leeds' players and supporters alike. His goals in the Champions League did much to get Leeds to the semi-finals, and his enforced absence from the second leg of the semi thanks to UEFA's kangaroo court justice played no small part in Leeds' ultimate elimination from the competition.

On December 14 2001 - nearly two years after the assault - Lee Bowyer was acquitted of all charges at Hull Crown Court, and once again was free to resume his rise to the full England squad. He was fined 4 weeks' wages by the club for being out drunk in the town on the night of the assault - a fine which he refused to pay and caused the club to transfer list him. A compromise was soon reached and he returned to the side soon after.

Strangely enough, his form has not hit the same heights since the trial finished as it did when he was under such pressure last season. He's been moved all over the midfield as DOL tried to reorganise the side to cope with the injury crisis, and that's probably been part of the problem. He did produce a late and well-taken winner at Southampton, but he was not as productive in front of goal as he had been in the past. Despite the fact that he was cleared of all charges, the FA seemed determined to dredge up every bad tackle he'd done in the past two years and ban him for it so they have an excuse not to pick him for England. All they needed to do is look at his current form to make that call - but he deserved a place in the national side in the World Cup: if Steven Gerrard and Paul Scholes were deemed worthy of inclusion, then Lee should have been an automatic choice.

After refusing to sign a contract extension at the end of 2001-02 and with just one year to go before he became eligible for a Bosman, Lee was transfer-listed. After total silence on the transfer front, he was on the point of signing a deal with Liverpool, but the deal stalled on his "commitment" to joining the Reds - i.e. his apparent unwillingness to be paid only 5 grand a day. Gerard Houllier quickly decided he didn't want players who weren't 100% behind the club, so pulled out leaving Bowyer protesting that he never wanted to leave anyway and facing a season on half the money he would have been on if he'd signed the improved terms offered by Leeds earlier.

When the transfer window opened in January 2003, Leeds decided to cut their losses, make a little bit of money and get him off the wage bill after a revival in form had happened with Bowyer on the sidelines. He was sold to West Ham for a nominal sum to try to help the club he'd followed as a young boy stay in the top flight.

André Proctor says: Lee Bowyer is a man totally commited to the Leeds cause, when someone as busy as he has been can send a small note of thanks and a signed photo to my son, it says it all, an outstanding gentleman.

Kelly Edwards says: I live on the estate that Lee grew up on, and there's a park next to the school he went to. Cab drivers are forever telling me proudly about how when Lee was young, he'd always be kicking a ball up against a wall in the park all hours of the day and the night. Everyone thought he was mad, but look where it got him!

Nicky says: I work at Leeds Utd 2 nights a week, on the night of the Leeds Utd presentation of course I was working, but did see Lee Bowyer walking across the car park. As I am such a big fan of the great player I took a handy blue marker pen and chased the young fellow across the car park shouting "Mr Bowyer" by the look on his face he was scared????? He did however sign my coat arm which made my night!

Leo Medley says: Lee Bowyer is simply the best player in the world.

Shaun Robertson says: big fan on the man - impressed by his hard working attitude. Bumped into him in the waterfront, and found him to be a nice honest lad, good on you Lee and up the Leeds.

Dave Looker says: This man has let Leeds down, football down, himself down, a gifted player but never the less short on brain cells. Does not seem to have any remorse for his dubious behaviour and has now declined to acknowledge his social shortcomings by not accepting a club fine. Leeds will be better off with out him.

Julian Rawle says: What is he playing at ??!! I know Lee Bowyer's paid for his football skills and not his brain power but any idiot can see he is in a lose-lose situation. Who's going to buy a guy with a track record like his and with legal action still hanging over him ?

He should take his punishment like a man and get on with helping Leeds Utd to achieve the greatness the team and the fans deserve.

Shame on you Lee !!

Stephen Benge says: Leeds Utd & Lee Bowyer should think very carefully about such a big decision and consider the impact on the team and supporters. Lee on lying to David O'Leary and the club imposing a fine which is in breach of contract ( 2 weeks fine ) instead of four. Let's sort this out once and for all and get on to winning some silverware please.

Phil Padgett says: Lee Bowyer is being victimised by the club. He was not even invited to his own disciplinary hearing. A fine in excess of 2 weeks wages is unfair and breaks PFA rules. Bowyer was found innocent of all charges - the club is guilty of victimisation.

Mark Weir says: Lee Bowyer is right not to pay the fine! I am a Leeds supporter and my confidence in O'Leary and Ridsdale is dwindling! Lee Bowyer has gone through 22 months of abuse for something he didnt do! Lee Bowyer has to pay legal costs of 1.1m for something he didnt do! Surely he doesnt need any more punishment for something he didnt do?

Ivan Chammartin says: I am a Leeds fan for over 36 years. If Lee is forced out of LUFC, then I will seriously reflect on who I should be supporting for the remainder of my life. Lee is the best Leeds footballer by a mile. He's suffered enough! Leave him be and let get on with making Leeds great once again.

Louise says: I love him!!!!!!!! He's the god of Leeds!!!!

Michael Hugely says: I am not a Leeds supporter but have nothing against the club. I have though been a passionate England supporter all my life, but if Bowyer and/or Woodgate are selected for England, I shall gladly cheer for Argentina.

Chris says: it's disgusting trial by media, the papers wanted him to be found guilty as it would have made a better story, when he was acquitted by 12 good men and true this didn't suit them so they proceeded to convict him in their papers. They didn't sit through the trial but they seem to know more than the jurors. The press seem to have more power than the government. Now everybody has their own little story and Lee has no redress because what ever he says the press will slaughter him....

Ellie says: he may be the god of Leeds louise but he is mine I promise you that.

Kayleigh says: I would like to say that Lee is a great player and should be allowed to play for his country. He is good enough and worthy of a place. He has suffered enough over the last 2 years.

Leo Medley says: I met Lee Bowyer at the Hull Forte posthouse and he is a nice chap.

Daniel Edwards says: I knew Lee at Charlton playing next to him in midfield for Charlton's Youth Team. He was a great footballer then and people knew he would go on and show his qualities at the highest level. Nice one Lee, let's hope I'll be watching you score in the World Cup like the one i scored against Man Utd at the Valley in the Youth Cup.

Johnny Mosob says: I grew up in the same estate as Lee and I remember us as youngsters going for a kick of football almost every night after we finished school, for the good part of three hours. I always knew that he was going to make it as a professional footballer, he always had something special. So Lee, if you happen to come across this message, greetings from McCorkell Court, and always remember the Bouchier Street School days!!! From John, Leon, Gregory, Mark and Daniel.

Hayley says: I think Lee is a great player and is very sexc will u go out with me Lee?? joking!

Han says: leave Lee alone he is lovely - so is David O'Leary - he has black eyes!

Kathryn Chelton says: Lee Bowyer is an excellent and talented football player. I have been to Elland Road many times to see the master at work, many a goal have I witnessed him score. He is a real diamond.

Claire Chelton says: Lee Bowyer is a brilliant and talented footballer.

Michael Hugely says: The Mirror has described Lee Bowyer variously as "a thug", "violent", "pot-smoking", "a liar",and "odious",. Does he intend to sue the Mirror for defamation of character ? If not, why not? Jabba says: well, we've all said the same about that pathetic rag - and why give it the publicity it craves after its sister paper blew the original case out of the water.

Ian Chelton says: I think that Lee Bowyer is one of the best players on the Leeds United team. I met Lee Bowyer at the Leeds United shop in Wakefield and got a picture signed from him.

Kimmie says: a terrific player plus he's well fit!!

Barbara Wilson says: if Lee played for Man Utd, Arsenal or Liverpool the press would say the sun shines from him. It's not about Lee Bowyer it's about Leeds. Lee - hi my favourite player.

Kate says: I am not a Leeds fan but I just want to say that I think both Bowyer and Woodgate should be able to play for England again. They have both made a mistake and have paid for it so let them get on with their lives.

Loz says: I luv you Lee!!!! Why did u ave to go and get a girlfriend!!!!!!! you r my fave player and I will support you always. ps great legs!!!!!!

Robert Gee says: Lee has been victimised both by everybody, the press, the Football Association, and saddest of all by Leeds Utd. He is our most effective player, and given the support and the chance would be Englands best player. Support him O'Leary, don't let him go!! If you do the club will lose more fans for sure. All the best in the future Lee, I'm rooting for you!!!

Becky says: we love you leeeeeee!!! Carry on the good work and score lots when we come to cu @ leeds vs. man utd on 30th march 2002.

Lauren says: I'd like to say thanx to Lee coz when Leeds played Ipswich Town on v 6/3/02 I got a phone call from my dad and he put Lee on to talk to me! I woz sooooooo ecstatic it woz the best moment in my life!!!! AND I woz the 1st person to tell him the score! LUV YA LOADZ LEE!! ps Thanx 4 the autograph. pps cant wait till your 1st match back!! LUFC RULE!!!!

Kayleigh says: Hi Lee i can't wait to see you when you come back against man united it's been too long. Hope you score! And don't worry about England i reckon you'll get the call up. ps i'll love you always xXxXxXx

Denzo says: Hiya I think you know what you did was wrong! But hey let's hope you don't get in the England team coz it may make it a tad easier for SCOTLAND!!

Amanda Pilkington says: LEE IS GORGEOUS! And also a very talented player.We need 2 forget about the court case he is involved in and give him more support in his football! Up the leeds!

Chris says: what a fantastic goal he score against Derby on saturday. Well done Bowyer keep it up for next season

Louise says: I think he is a great player and i think you should be in the world cup squad. You should be playing for England!!!! Big up Lee

Louise says: Lee is dead SEXY!!!! I think he's a great player!!! The best looking guy EVA!!!!!! Big up Leeds fans

Rebecca Forster says: Lee Bowyer is a fantastic footballer, but he has many other qualities that go unmentioned by the press. My son was seriously ill in hospital in November last year. He is a big Bowyer fan and when Lee found out, he sent him a personal get well message, a signed shirt and match tickets for when he was better. We both went along to the Sunderland match last month and Lee took the time to have a chat with my son and was absolutely brilliant to him. Thank you Lee, for making my son extremely happy, and very best wishes for the future.

Marko says: Lee is a great player, but it is not him in the picture here, it is leeds, because he plays for leeds then he is labeled a bad guy. Why? The lad is just out standing and if England dont pick him, Then I feel sorry for their world cup hopes. The Lad got what it takes to be a God better than many players. Bowyer even if you dont go to world cup, you know you earned a place, but the bulls***ting politics in football, messed things up, good luck man

BiG dave says: What u on about Michael hugely???!! Bow was innocent and woody was only charged with affray, and has served his community services, so i wish both of them all the best of luck, by the time of 2006 Bow & Woody will be England regulars. And if michael hugely would cheer for argentina in the world cup, then he doesnt deserve to be a passionate england supporter! I wish Lee and Woody the best of luck in all they do. cheers for the work you've done up to now boys!! xxx

Matthew Brown says: Lets do everything we can to make Lee Stay. Please, he is a class act.

Mark Sedman says: I think Lee has let himself down, and all my respect is vanishing quickley , if he decides to leave, i will class him a Traitor, and will treat him such, sorry just a little peeved at mo.

Minikurt says: Judas

chelsy says: lee is goin and im glad GET ON YER BIKE! leeds don't need your sort u have treated them badly wasting time and money!to add to that hes not even a nice person telling a 5 year old to f**k off when he asked for his autograph was bang out of order! players like smithy n woody wait for ages, hours sumtimes signing autographs! he shud grow up!

Lauren says: Well d day has finally come, Bowyer is up for sale. Is it just me or do any other Bowyer fans feel as if all the support we have given him has just bin thrown bak in our faces. I know that it is not Lee's fault but if he knew that he wanted to leave why dint he just save mr ridsdale and mr o'leary's time and just said no to a new contract in the first place. But what do I know i am just a 13 year old girl. Goodbye Lee, good luck for the future and thanx for many pleasurable seasons and fantastic goals. i'm sure that many people will miss you, coz I will!

anon says: Lee Bowyer is very good to play footbal I likes him very

stu says: Lee Bowyer is a scum time waster and is better off with scum liverpool.

vivian says: bow,are u going to leave????pls stay!!! u can be a regular member in lufc,but are u sure u can be a regular member in liverpool or the other football clubs??????????the supporters are so sad ..make a wise decision!!!!!!! i support u!!!!!!

Kev Painter says: Thanks to Lee Bowyer for turning his back on reel support through thick and thin the fans loved him. Now wait because we can turn and this descision will make most if not all very sick and upset we will welcome you where ever you go when you return with whatever club wait and see

James Ellis says: bowyer is the best player if leeds keep him on a bit longer we can do it but not with out him.

p.k says: he,s a mercenary tosser sell the t**t now

Tracy Thomas says: i have one of lee bowyers own personal shirts he has signed it i am auctioning it off if anyone is interested please email me with your bid.

Andy says: Such a shame that bowyer has turned his back on the many that have supported him throughout all his trials and tribulations. Would supporters of other clubs show such support. Bowyer has a lot of friends at Leeds, sad to see him make the descision to leave!!!!

County says: Lee is a great player for Leeds Utd and i don't want to see him go. Lee is my fav player including Jonathon Woodgate lol . Lee please stay i beg you ,don't turn you're back on the great support you have at Leeds where else will you get support like that from? but whatever you do you'll always be my fav player and get my support .

Dave C says: Like Ferdinand, Woodgate & to a slightly lesser extent Smith, Mills, Robinson & Harte, Bowyer is a player Leeds _must_ keep if they want to emulate Revie's achievements, or win the Champions League, or just win the Premiership. Must. He paid the club fine (imposed years after the alleged offence), was acquitted in court and for this has been treated with contempt & disdain by his manager and chairman - both of whom I personally am sick and tired of. (Can we have Eddie Gray in charge please?) He hasn't asked to go. The Bosman free is a _right_ that has been earned in court, Ridsdale and O'Leary don't like players having rights, it seems. By all means put him on the list if that means it's expedient to do so, but don't moan and blame the player._If_ it really is expedient. If Dacourt and Bowyer go, are they likely to qualify for the Champions League? I don't think so. Or the Uefa Cup? Perhaps not. Tbey can only get 15M for him, if that - Liverpool and Arsenal are not chasing their tails over 'damaged goods', are they? It's worth losing 15M and letting him go on a free (if he doesn't sign a new deal in the next year) to have him next year. Poor management by DOL and Ridsdale.

Matt says: Lookin forward to seein Lee play in front of a packed Kop as we lift the Premiership trophy next May. Nice one son.

Noel Perkins says: 5th August 2002 - I for one am delighted that El Tel has given Lee the chance to put the past behind him by agreeing to a January deadline form his signature. OK, everybody who is a Leeds fan would say that there should not even be a doubt in his mind if he loves Leeds United, especially when the club supported him through the trial. But hey, does anybody really want to see him go? I don't! Lee, you have not done yourself any favours by turning your backs on us, but if you really care for the Leeds fans, prove it - do what you do best, play your type of football, give the fans reason to forget recent history, sign on the dotted line, and help us to be the team to beat again.

Rachel says: Does any 1 know who the little girl was on Lee's shouders at the end of last season,i would like 2 know as its bugging me.

Lee's biggest fan says: The little girls his daughter.

Rachel says: Hey Jabba, just wondering if its true that Lee Bowyer as a daughter? Do u know anything about her? Jabba says: nope, not heard a dicky bird before all this chat.

Olivia says: I don't think that little girl is Lee's daughter. I mean how old is this girl about 5 say 5 years ago Lee was a bad thing lol i don't think he would of had time for any kids and he was always out drinking,clubs ect and he was real mad i don't think she's his. Also why wasnt it in the papers when all the court case ended ect it would of been in there like Bowyer the father of 1 or whatever is found not gulity you know. I reckon she's mabey his sisters child or mabey his cousin his mate child or even one of the players children. It can't be his child i hope not anyway lol but na it aint his cos like i said 5 years ago he was a real baden lol. Love ya Leesy ur so sexy xxxxxxx

Catherine says: Lee is one of the best players, i love him to bits. I would love to see him as i live near to his house!!!! Please stay at Leeds!!!

olivia says: what does his house look like what part of leeds is it cos i'm going to leeds soon and i want to like mabey pass his house or whatever

Blues Girl says: Few players today do an Owen or Beckham & stay for ages @ 1 club. If he gives 100% on the pitch for your team whilst he's with them what more can you ask? I'm a cfc fan & think Bowyer always plays like he's committed to lufc but maybe it's the right time for a fresh start for him...

Bow r u gunna stick wiv us or not? to put it bluntly at leeds we want playas who r 100% committed 2 us! ure a fantastic playa n seem like a decent lad so do the rite thing! Dont let the leeds fans down not after everything theyve dun 4 u!!!

Rod says: i think lee bowyer is a god! he works his socks off every week- win or lose. if everybody in the leeds team worked as hard as lee then leedsunited would be playing in champions lge finals every year

Rachel Ludlam says: lee is ace we all love u you are one of the best and leeds fans love u stay with us and we will support u

Nicole Penk says: how can i get to meet lee bowyer? its my boyfriends dream and its his 21st birthday in december

Donna smithys number1 babe leedsrok4eva says: Bow ure a lil cracker ure absolutley brilliant u no how much we all luv ye at leeds n how much support u have frm us so plz plz plz sign the contract ull have plenty of cash u can can help us so much u sed itd tek summat special 2 drag u away so dont let anything we needa ll the class playas we can get so plz Bow dont go!!!

gerry says: Lee is a class player.Why should he not want to cash in while at his best.leeds fans have nothing to complain about he has always given his best to the club when on the field.Glad he got his England call up.

Charlz says: I hate it when Leeds fans r booing Harty,even if he isnt the most brill defender,if your sum1 huw bos him,just imagine how you would like it if you were playing for leeds and all your fans starting booing you? You wouldnt like it. At least he shows commitment unlike Harry Kewell who is the most laziest Player ive ever come across. Think before you start booing him.

anon says: The little girl is his god-daughter

donna smithys number 1 babe!! says: Woa scuse me Ian Harte is a useless left back he has a cracking left foot and hes a gd lad but man most of the goals are his fault and hes pathetic plz!!! and harry kewell is one of our most influencial players he playmakes he scores hes gr8 granted his performances in resent weks havnt been all that but harry kewell is a star Viduka can b lazy but not harry eva! so b4 u start dissin us for wantin whats best for our team look at the difference between Dom matteo n ian harte!!!

vicky says: hello me and ma cousin joe are your biggist fans ma brother supports liverpool they are rubbish i am very gratfull that i could speck too u lots of love vicky

Liv says: If anyone would like to chat to me about Leesy like how much u love him or whatever Email me please.

Liv says: Who said it's his god daughter? How do u know? Are u sure? LOL sorry about all the questions i just love leesy to pieces Do u know whos kid she is? Thanks mate xxxx

Kayleigh says: Hey, i think all this stuff about the little girl is silly its probabaly a fan or god-daughter as you said. I just want to know how Lee aint gettin in the England squad he should be in every time. I think we should have a word with Sven. Lee is amazin he's a quality player, hard-working and gives his all. But is he gonna stay? Please stay LEE for all of us fans who love you to bits we dont wanna see you go, WE LOVE YOU BOW!!! xXxXxXxXx

Louise says: I think Lee is a great player and everyone should give him a chance. Lee has lots of talent and he is well sexy!!!! Big up Lee and all his loyal fans!

Lee Thurkettle says: Lee Bowyer is the best box to box midfielder in the country and no matter what he has done he deserves to be in the starting XI for England. I hope one day that Lee Bowyer will play for my team Manchester City

Dan says: The little girl is his niece.

mark t says: yes we hav got the best young allround mifielder in the premier league, (maybe apart from gerrard.) COME ON U IRONS

simon cranmer says: Thanks to Lee for the services rendered over the past years. Whatever you think of ths guy, until recently he was nothing if not a committed servant of LUFC, albeit often too committed. I wish him all success for the Hammers, except against us in February, Robbie Keane was bad enough! Good luck mate.

Ryan Williams says: Im a life long Leeds fan and have a season ticket in the kop end! I have mixed feelings about Bowyer so called hard decision to turn his back on Leeds and all the fans who backed him through his troubles (Leeds on trial court case) sad to seem him him go as hes a decent player, but relieved that west ham will now recieve his bad baggage. I now honestly hope that Bowyer plays at Elland Road, the Judas cockney bastard! Get the hot wrathing hostile receptions from the Leeds fans (which he rightly desrerves!) has hes got no respect to the people who put him wkere he is 2day! gunner die judas bastard! ( p.s. if bows see's this txt, let me ask u!, how do u sleep at night!!! die!!!!!)

David Ellard says: Good riddance to bad rubbish if you ask me. We should have kicked him out ages ago. The club bent over backwards to keep him here, even paying his 1M court costs - thanks for nothing mate!

elly says: Lee Bowyer is a buff fella, its a shame he has gone to West Ham utd, not only is he drop dead gorgeous but he is a brillent player aswell! i would'nt say no to 90 minutes with him!

Aaron says: To my mind he's one of the greatest football player in Britain.But the reason why I write is that I do a survey on sports in Yorshire and I chose(what a wonder)Leeds united.And I hope that you can tell me something in general about Leeds.-I'm and live in Germany!

former team mate says: lee bowyer: A young European, thugish racist, disrespectful, attitude, unproffesional, liar, alcoholic, druggie of the year who is still a little spoilt brat and a mummys little boy!

Bows biggest fan says: lee is the best midfielder eva and he is a total babe

Hannah says: I love Lee Bowyer, he is the best player football for me,he is suuuuuuuuuuuper..I love him, Thank you Hannah

bows biggest fan says: lee bowyers the best i love him hes jus soooo goodlooking does ne 1 know if hes got a girl friend?

Liv says: Yes i think he has , Michele Turner (the cow) they go to chinesses togother (aww) i dunno if there still togther but i read it in 2 papers and magazine

bows biggest fan says: which magazine did u read it in to liv

Anil says: Lee bowyer should be playing for England.He is fantastic. Unbelieveable

james elliott says: get him back

gavin says: he's coming to da geordie nation come on bowyer son

sarah a.k.a lee bowyers biggest fan says: I think lee bowyer is the fittest bloke ever!!! he is well fit and i hate it wen everyone slags him off!!! him and woodgate were cleared of everthing so leave them alone as they are the two fittest players on the premiership!!!!

Lee 'Bow' says: Lee Bowyer next season will become PFA player of the season, he will help Newcastle win the league and will become Englands greatest number 11.

bows biggist fan says: lee is beut and i am happy for him that he is finally goin to a gud club.and he is wid his m8 woody.

Naz says: Lee is a fit lad, and i am glad he is being re-united with his best pal Woody at Newcastle, it would be better if they both came back to play for Leeds, but i don't think that is going to happen for a long time yet, but we can all hope and dream yeah?

dodder says: west ham childhood club close 2 my family aaaaaah uve gone up north can u read amap bow

mary elizabeth says: we need him back

liv says: i read it , in the observer magazine and the sun paper , he been going out with her before the attack in jan 2000 , because it was evadence in court , he txt her to say he was on a nite out in leeds , but wouldnt say where he was going later (lap dancing bar) cos she would of killed him

hammed adesina says: i wil like to link with one of your playres as friend

Billy says: I wouldn't mind seeing Lee Bowyer in hospital covered head to toe in bandaging...what a tosser and you should be dancing for being well rid of the sneaky cheating little s**t... You may go down but I sincierly hope Newcastle sink without a trace this year and lets see Bowyer scuttle off then. Mind you senile sir bob has probably thought he has signed Ian Bowyer. As for Bowyer playing for England... I think not...he isn't England (or even Scotland)class.

bows big fan says: oi billy where do u get off talkin a load of 'b** s***' bow is a brill player

Hannah says: hey i work at stansted airport and i checked in lee bowyer this week he was going to newcastle, i have to confess i had no idea who he was cos i dont really follow footie! but his name wasnt on the computer do i had to do a name check and one of the people upstairs said he was a famous football player!! i feel really bad that i didn't know who he was!! oops!

annon says: i have met him loadsa times...he has a lovely house and an even nicer bed!! and spa bath!! he is one of the nicest footballers i have ever met, took me out in his pourche too!! now we have him n woody in newcastle mmmmm!!! they are always out after a match and on bank holidays!!

liv says: any news on lee ? aint heared any on him for ages , hes lush , i luv him. Jabba says: he's been out of the Newcastle team with an injury for much of the season.

lyndsey 4 bow says: lee bowyer is a fantastic player... i wish he was single.... he is a great player shame about the injury, better loook next season bow.... thanks for the signed photo

ste says: We wouldnt mind seeing Billy head to toe in bandages - what is he saying?? Bow's a Leeds legend and he always will be.

??? says: why r all u dicks slaggin lee off?? None of you know him personally so you shouldnt judge a book by its cover! If any of you actually met him you would reliase that he is nothing like all the papers an people make out!

chris says: how big are lees feet? anybody know what size shoe he is???

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Did you see Lee Bowyer play? Did you meet him in a pub, go to school with him, decorate his house or buy a motor from him? If you've got any comments or stories about Lee Bowyer on or off the pitch, just fill in the form below and (provided they're not blatantly libellous) I'll add them to this page. And just a quick note to the spammers who try to add their links to this page by attempting to get round the client-side validation: don't bother - the server side does similar checks and throws your garbage straight into the bit bucket.

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