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Stephen McPhail

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Position Left midfielder
Born 09 Dec 1979, Westminster (England)
Height 177 cm
Weight 76 kg
International Caps Republic of Ireland: 10 full, 7 U21, ? Youth

Club From To Apps Goals Sold for
Leeds United 23 Dec 1996 02 Jul 2004 97 3 £0
Millwall 13 Mar 2002 17 Apr 2002 3 0 on loan
Nottingham Forest 26 Aug 2003 25 Nov 2003     on loan
Barnsley 02 Jul 2004        

Leeds Career League FA Cup League Cup Europe Other
Season Apps Goals Apps Goals Apps Goals Apps Goals Apps Goals
1997 - 1998 0(4)   0   0   0   0  
1998 - 1999 11(6)   0   1   2   0  
1999 - 2000 23(1) 2 3   1(1)   9   0  
2000 - 2001 3(4)   0   0   1(2)   0  
2001 - 2002 0(1)   0   0(2)   1   0  
2002 - 2003 7(6)   0   0(1)   2(3)   0  
2003 - 2004 8(4) 1 0   0   0   0  
Total 52(26) 3 3   2(4)   15(5)   0  

Jabba's Comments

Like many of the other players in the successful youth team, Stephen progressed through the reserves and worked his way into the senior side. A handful of substitute appearances in 97-98 included one of the best passes of the season from the youngster as he sent Jimmy clear with a 50-yard lob.

In 1999-2000 he became a regular squad member and started making regular appearances for the Republic of Ireleand. Stephen started a few games and after several substitute appearances David O'Leary gave him a good long run in the starting line-up. He scored a couple of excellent goals to break his duck for the club in the 2-0 win at Stamford Bridge just before Christmas. He was highly rated by DOL and by certain sections of the press, but among Leeds fans there is still an amount of disagreement: it's clear he's a great talent, but most of us think we've yet to see him manage to contribute a full 90 minutes effort, and could do with being a bit stronger when in possession or defending.

McPhail was another player to suffer an injury-prone year in 2000-01 and he found himself behind the likes of Batty, Bowyer, Dacourt and Kewell in 2001-02.

In 2001-02, he suffered more injuries, and made sporadic appearances as a sub. It seemed that his future at Leeds might not be that bright though: he was mentioned - officially and off-the-record - as a transfer target for other clubs and was linked in at least two swap deals as a makeweight for a "better" player to come in the other direction. In March 2002 he went on loan to Millwall up to the end of the season but was sent off in the first game down there and returned to Leeds after failing to make much of an impression.

Under Terry Venables in 2002/03 he made a few appearances as a sub and as an occasional starter, but he fell out of favour when Paul Okon regained his fitness and James Milner broke into the first team. Under Peter Reid he has continued to play a limited role - making just one substitute appearance on the last day of the season. He was still getting call-ups for the Ireland squad - but that is unlikely to continue unless he can get a regular first team place. He's now on loan at Forest and looks like he'll not play for Leeds again.

Macca's Babygal says: Macca is back, better than ever, and watch this space coz I reckon he's going to be fighting his way back into the first team like no other! Luv ya Macca, you're a total babe.

Gary Kelly the Third says: Macca is a lovely lad - he has sound parents, lovely background, nice people. Peace to the Macc clan. Give us a cuddle Macca. How's Lola ???

Tim Reynard says: O'Leary give Stephen McPhail a try. At least he can score brilliant goals. Remember against Chelsea?

Loz says: PLAY STEPHEN McPHAIL!!!!! He is a well good player. Why play Gary Kelly in midfield when Macca can play?

PLA Leeds United FanClub says: He is the best midfielder of Leeds. He has good skills. He is a polite man when he plays football. I do not want him to walk out from Elland Road... love Leeds United so much McPhail too.

Vicky says: hiya, is it true that McPhail is married with a child? can sum1 let me know please.

Kate says: erm......does n e of the girls know hes married!

Gerrard says: I don't think so ,kate,he has not married yet!!!!!!!!!!!!

Emily Reynard says: Terry Venables should put Steve Macca in left mid against the strange bulgarian team tommorrow

macca manic says: stephen mcphail is better looking than beckham and owen put 2gethor he should be in the ireland and leeds teams.i love him mcphail 4 ever

mcphailrules says: Does any1 know how many brothers and sisters has he got?

coni says: I love him!!!

Danielle says: mcphail is the best!!!

3peace says: he reli deserve a regular place in leeds line up! he wil b 1 of the best creative mf ever!

Laura says: stephen isn't married yet - however he does have a little girl named 'LOLA'

mcphailrules says: Lola is a very lucky girl!!!

Julieanne says: Lola is the cutest little girl ever. She is very lucky. 'Viva la juicy'

bendover says: He is absolute c***! He couldnt trap a bag of cement! He cant tackle, cant pass, has no pace and cant shoot! YEAH HE BRILLIANT!! WHAT C***!

LeedsFan says: A wasted talent!! Never fulfilled his potential!! I hear he's being sold to norwich, any truth in that?

SIn says: how did you get this news LeedsFan?

Sarah says: hey wats da craic here r u all turnin against macca r something? Give it a rest lads give the chap a chance he's 23 he has his whole career ahead of him lay off him for a while...

Gary says: Stephen is one of the best players leeds have got. He is an amazing talent. He's focused and determind to do well. He has been shit on by Leeds and deserves to be treated a lot better. Give the lad a break!!

Evan O'Leary says: Stephen,is in my opinion one of the best passers of a ball in the Premiership, he is far better than Okon and Bakke

Sharon says: Lola???? where is he goin with tha name? Jack Osbournes dog is called lola!

Paddy says: Steven McPhail smells faintly of cabbage, his comical demeanor have provided us with many a chuckle, i would consider him to be a decent young fella

ngong says: i don't know why he's out of many managers' eyes. may be because he's short.

kenny says: just give him a chance

laura says: i know macca has a brother cause i know him but i dont know any more...macca needs a chance to truly shine.

maccarules says: a younger or older brother?

Sarah says: he's got 2 sisters and one brother, and he has a long term girlfriend who is gorgeous. They are Dublins version of posh and becks, I went to school with him

Sarah says: ah lads come on now give da poor chap a chance he's really gonna get far wit u lot slaggin him off lay off da lad nd soon u'll c da real macca shinin brite!!!!luv ya macca best wishes nd show em wat ur made of!!!Sarah from Drogheda!! x x x x

bunminho says: Macca's another Liam Brady, a finesse player. Hope he can add muscle to his game, so he can be the new Johnny Giles. Bite is all he needs to become the complete package.

Flower says: Who is Lola?

Jenny says: Lola is a real little cutee, blonde and bubbly - full of fun and happiness. She's a treasured little girl

sean says: he is so gifted-the best left foot in da game-wat a player.lovley fella to

String says: quality if he is playing regular first team football hust watch him for forest!!

Li qianxin says: Does his contract expire? It is said that he has left Elland Road for a new challenge in the First Division.I can't get enough information about him in China.

Leeds fan in burton says: Has Stephen got a bro who plays for Leeds under 19s? there is a guy who is the spittin image of him, but just a bit younger. saw him playin 4 under 19s @ derby, + we thought God is that his bruvva?! can any1 help, its bin buggin us 4 ages.

Leigh says: It's Henry McStay that looks a bit like Stephen!!

ts says: we want mcphail back in nottingham!

Anon says: We want Macca back at forest hes a great player and has a lot of potencial and i realy do think that harty can bring the best out in him plus he is gorgeous

louise says: thank god stephens back. now maybe leeds will start winning a few gamea.

Sam says: please don't go back to forrest - you are one of the best players leeds have got - it has taken eddie gray to start to make most of the fans realise this !!!

leeds fan in burton mate says: thank you really looked like him.sorry stephen but have to say it.FOREST REJECT!!!Love the derby super derby. all you forest fans out there that header stephen missed at derby forest was a sitter how did he miss it???HA HA go derby

Leeds fan in burton says: Not bin on here 4 ages, I wud just like 2 thank Leigh 4 telin me that. U don't know just how much that has been buggin me 4 the last 6 months or wateva. Thank u!! He does sooo look like him! Tho only seen him from a distance. Leeds fan in burton mate, I know you were there but Leeds r my team, yours are Derby. hehe.

laura says: aw i wish stephen was with us, i love him to bits hes such a great player and fine too! he was gd at forest and he proved how great he rele was to leedz. plus he also sed he wanted to stay at forest. plz come bk i lav ya macca!

Anon says: Macca i miss ya so much i really do wish u were bk at forest but it dont luk lyk any deal is gunna b dun to bring u here all da best macca at leeds u neva no we myt cya agen nxt season wen leeds r in da first division!! cum on u reds

Soraya'LaSusu'Ghandour says: what a goal against man city boy!it was worth waiting for!love leeds to bits and all their amazingly talented players....Soraya xXx

louise says: did any1 see maccas goal against man city. it was pure class. he got a call up 2 the ireland squad aswell.

McCat says: Barnsley Barnsley here he comes!!! You Reds!! Shout it out loud, we love you Rids Rids Rids!!

Tommy Whitfield says: Sthephen McPhail is a legend enuf sed

toby tyke- Reds fan 4ever says: Just like to say thanks for bringing him through your youth ranks and now we will turn him into a true quality player. Good luck in your fight against relegation. I just hope you stay up pso Mr risdale can bring his boys to town to kick your asses all over the park. Risdale is our king.

sam williams says: im so guted that macca has gone to mansfield i was jus hopin he would come to forest he is so bum n a gr8 player gd luk at the tykes macca xxx

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