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Jonathan Woodgate

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Position Centre back
Born 22 Jan 1980, Middlesbrough (England)
Height 187 cm
Weight 82 kg
International Caps England: 6 full, 1 U21, ? Youth

Club From To Apps Goals Sold for
Leeds United 13 May 1997 31 Jan 2003 142 4 £9000000
Newcastle United 31 Jan 2003 20 Aug 2004 37 0 £13400000
Real Madrid 20 Aug 2004        

Leeds Career League FA Cup League Cup Europe Other
Season Apps Goals Apps Goals Apps Goals Apps Goals Apps Goals
1998 - 1999 25 2 5   2   1   0  
1999 - 2000 32(2) 1 3   2   10   0  
2000 - 2001 14 1 1   1   5   0  
2001 - 2002 11(2)   1   1   0   0  
2002 - 2003 18   1   1   4   0  
Total 100(4) 4 11   7   20   0  

Jabba's Comments

Promising and confident young centreback who has impressed at all levels on the pitch so far. Thrust into the side after George Graham's departure, he played superbly - notably against Liverpool and Newcastle - and became one of the first names on the teamsheet. He was our only recognised first-choice centreback for a while in 1998-99, and finished the year on a high, making his international debut.

He made a less than perfect start to the 1999-2000 season, and DOL's displeasure resulted in him losing his first team place, but he worked hard and came back to form and regained his place in the starting line-up.

In early 2000, Woodgate was charged in connection with an assault on a man after an altercation at the Majestyk club in Leeds and his variable form continued. The case came to trial in early 2001, but after several of the related charges had been dismissed, the judge was forced to stop the case and a retrial ordered. Due to the pressure of the trial, he didn't make any appearances in the second half of the season.

On December 14 2001, Woodgate was found guilty of the less serious of the two charges - affray - and was sentenced to 100 hours of community service.

While still doing his community service, Woodgate returned to the first team and we started to see the sort of form that won him an England cap. Playing alongside England's best centreback - and under DOL - obviously helped, but it took some time before he was allowed to resume his international career. The FA prevaricated and procrastinated, terrified of being forced into a decision - the courts found him guilty, and our criminal justice system is designed to punish offenders and let them resume their position in society once they have served their punishment. But the FA were scared that someone might accuse them of condoning racism and violence (despite the fact that the court insisted there was no racist element in the assault, and that Woodgate did not take part in the actual assault) and despite having picked players who have served jail terms - or have admitted beating their wives - they seemed unable to countenance selecting someone whose crime - in the eyes of the court - was far less serious.

Just when he started to come back into some sort of form at the end of the 2002 season, another incident while on a night out in Middlesbrough ("horseplay" apparently) left him with a broken jaw. Losing Rio in the summer makes him the automatic choice at centreback (in fact he was playing much better than our £33 million man before his injury last season) and he finally made it back into the England squad and onto the pitch in a friendly against Portugal.

With the club in financial disarray, Newcastle made a laughably low bid just short of the January 2003 transfer deadline and the board decided it had no option but to accept their offer, despite having told the manager and fans that no more sales would be necessary. So Woody is now installed at St James Park and we wish him all the best for the future.

Anonymous says: Woody got married to our work colleague this year! during THE TRIAL!

ner mer says: LISTEN TO ME!!!! Woody is our best central defender. Let him play for heavens and Leeds sake. He would easily have been as good as Ferdinand is by now, had he only been given the chance to play regularly.

Johny says: I went to school with him and I want him to email me.

"anonamos" says: I dated Jonathan for 6 months 2 years ago. He's a lovely guy and I hope his court case is settled.

Toni says: I just want him to play, because I think he's great player, and I think he is gorgeous!!

UnBeLiEvAbLe says: Jeez he's reaLLy marrieD?? WeiRd... ...

Clare says: if Woody was so stressed during the trial wouldn't it be extra stress to get married? I don't think he's married at all, where's his wedding ring then? If he is 'married' then good luck to him but I seriously doubt it!

"his girlfriend" says: I think anonymous had got the wrong Jonathon Woodgate!

Anonymous says: hey this is a great site!. I know Woody's mate Lee Matthews who's been friends with him for ages and he doesn't know anything about the wedding.........

Jabba says: The wedding thread is now closed - no more comments (unless you think were there, in which case it's time to take your reality pill).

"Sexy" says: Hi, we went to school with woody and he was a right little terror. Plus I went out with him and he was the best shag I ever had. I LOVE U WOODY AND MISS U!!!!

Anon says: He has lots of clingers as friends.

chelsy says: nice to see Woody's being a man and taking the punishment instead of throwing a tantrum like baby Bowyer over a stupid fine which he can afford! Sad or wot?

Joe says: I want Woody to play cause I think him and Rio would be the best partnership in England.

Jane says: I think Jonathan has done really well to get back into being a first team player and a first class one at that! He is the sexiest man running around the football pitch at the moment..... you know where I am honey!

Nicola Young says: I would just like to say that I think Jonny is amazing. He is an excellent football player especially after all the problems he has been through. I wish him the best of luck with the rest of his career.

Kerry Goddard says: I think woody is amazin! He is a fine footie player! love u hunny keepin it up 4 ya darlin xxx Leeds united's top fan ( and yours jonny ;-) ) xxx

Kimmie says: looks like everyone knows him or has dated him! Well he's a great defender and does well! Oh and he's a bit of alright.

Chelsy says: what a comeback for Woody - brilliant against Blackburn! Want to see more of Jon? Visit my site

Rachel says: Even though i like woody i think u all need ur heads looking at.....him getting married during the trial........please.

Karen says: Hello Leeds Fans - my name is Karen, I am Jonathan Woodgate's sister's best friend. I have known jonny for 7 years and often stayed round his house (for girly sleepovers). I just want to say he is a really nice guy, he loves his dogs and is really polite in front of me he is a good player even though I don't watch footy, and once and for all I have confirmation he is not MARRIED! cool site.

Kate says: my mate loves you woody she thinks you fine. will u give her a date?

Wicky says: On his latest UPSET. Why didnt he speak to the police? I think he waited for the club line again. There was a lone stranger that attacted him and seven mates. There was a mate that hit him and broke his jaw in horseplay. There was an argument over a girl. I know what I think tell me what you think.


Nelleke from Holland says: I've got no idea what happened, but all I now is that he is a gorgeous guy and if I could meet him one day I would be very happy.

Love~woody~forever says: I don,t want he get married!!!! He will.....???

Louise says: Gee theres lots of WEIRD people here!!! Maybe you should get your head checked!!! I think Woody's a great player!!! Big up yourself

Karl Newton says: jonathon woodgate is the best defender in england and is better than john terry by miles.

Chelsy says: Hi everybody just wondering by the way when karen said he loves his dogs do u think she means all the slappers he goes out wiv? cos that Emma Padfield was a rite minger erugh! *lol*

Chelsy says: Not that all the girl he goes out wiv r slappers i don't want to offend n e body ~lol~

Murray May says: Cheers Jonathon from the 10 Jocks you met in Monty's Bar, Algarve, the other week. We gave you some stick which you took very well. ps Nice shirt!, and we hope to see you at Ibrox some time.

Anon says: Look to all those people who dis jon and say really nasty stuff are wrong. my sister used to go out with Jonathon over 2 years ago now ,and when i met jon he was really nice, he's nothing like what you read. so you lot who dis him better get all you're facts right ok. Jon you're the best and Bowyer.

Kate says: I am not a Leeds fan but i have to say Jonathon woodgate is so gorgeous along wiv Alan Smith

Thai fan says: Cheer woody. He very cute and smart I love you woody

Michelle Parker says: yes he likes is dogs as i see him in the pub most weeks in middlesbrough and they all have two mates do lead him astray and he is easily led off the field as i talk with him and friends.but he is class on the pitch better than rio and co

Lisa says: i think woddy played very well in the match against WEST BROM with his injured knee and for a whole half because sum peeps wouldnt av played and if they did they would av been on the bench anyway so tops up woody for that

Anon says: Has anybody else heard the rumour that woody fancies leeds ladies striker Sue Smith?

Sara says: Michelle, what has two legs?

Cat from Thailand says: I have no idea if he will get marry,but it better if he is single for 2-3 years from now :)

blgoc says: he is the best defender in england and is sooooooo cute does any1 know does he have a girlfriend

Anon says: he's seeing a lass called beth

pla says: I decorate my bedroom with his poster. He is one of my favourite players.He has good skills,control,tracking and passing.

woody_is_gr8 says: yeah, i dont no him dated him or n e thin but he is FKIN GR8!!!!!!!!yummy boy or wot. not bad at the footie either. however i may be bias as i support leeds. ooh. well anyway he is fine, n e 1 in here able 2 hok us up perchance?!?!?

Gigi T says: Hi i met him when Leeds United was tour at Thailand and i met him at hotel. He look so cute i can die for him (if it's possible) i came to see him at the practice match and the best thing is he is the only person in that time get off from the bus and give his autograph. I'm very impress him.

Rachel says: Anon-how do u no he's seeing sum1 called Beth?

han says: I just wanna say Woody is the sexiest player at leeds i wish i could meet him!

Anon says: cos i know her and him

Carl Harper says: Woody is UNDENIABLY the best centre half in the world today. He is perfect at every aspect of a centre half's game and shows quality and solidity that is a different class. ENGLANDS BEST!!!!!

mike says: We met woody in creation the other week when he was out for smithys birthday. They were with their birds becky and ruth. funny fellas, sexy women!

Katrien Van Hoof says: Hi, I'm Belgian, and I just want to say, Woody, you and Smithey rock! Leeds rules!!! Leeds rules!!!

Katrien says: Hey, the Belgian Chick again.I'd luv to see a real Leeds game, but wel yeah I live in Belgium ...boehoe !!!!!

Gemma and catherine in yok say: Come On LEEDS COME ON WOODY. Also think everyone should stop talking about his life like this on here.Saying they have shagged him or whatever and talking but his wife/girlfriend. HE CAN DEAL WITH IT!

woodyfan says: who r u kiddin? its common knowledge smithy's girlfriend is called laura and woodys is called beth

rachel says: does any know about woody's goal celebration on the 28th. Does he have a girlfriend?

Jodie xx says: Well to say Woody has gone thru all that shite, he has come out smelling of roses. He has to be one of Leeds best players, along with Smithy and young Milner. Also, what a goal against Chelsea Jon. Fantastic! Wud love to meet him just to shake his hand cos he is great. Luv to u Woody and make 2003 a gud 1. xx

clare says: woodys goal celebration means make sum noise kinda thing he doesn't have boobs! lol corse woody has a g/f rumours had it she's called Beth

pui (made in Thailand) says: Do you know? There is one person like & admair woody. I love woody very much.And I will follow accomplishment now and forever. I Hope Woodgate Have A nice Life. ^_^ *_* +_+

leon says: Well I think Emma Padfield is an absolute mega babe, anyone saying otherwise is obviously jelous. If she was so bad then why is she now married to a top footballer!!!!

Ian Flanaghan says: I saw Woody in Leeds the other week with a cute dark haired lass, luked older than him though!!

matthew tregonning says: woodgate will not leave because he is too good to go to newcastle and he loves leeds utd football club

Chelsy says: that dark haired lass would have been his sister Stephanie shes older than him his g/f's got blonde hair (i think)

woodys no.1 fan says: please dont GO woodgate is well FIT!!

newcastle fan says: matthew tregonning is wrong.

Woodys~great#friend says: How long has Woody been going out wiv Beth!!

smithys absolute number1 fan says: I know smudgers g/f is laura (grrrrrr @her) but i have no idea about woodys g/f i didnt think he had 1!!!! neways yea thnx a bunch woody real nice of ya 2 leave aint it! dont try n tell me it aint his fault either cos he cudda refused!!!nething 2 say 2 our fans then? throt not!

woodys biggest fan! says: well i happen to know jonathan is close friends with a girl called sarah and she doesnt seem to know about this girlfriend beth.

woodys_mate says: he doesn't kno any one called Beth and he doesn't know any one called Sarah the only Sarah he kno's is his sister's mate who he hardly sees

kroll says: Is good that woody joins newcatle coz thats the only club suitable for him. Woody will be a brilliant player under Bobby Robson n surely will taste some silverwear within sometime

Woody's misses says: I've loved Woody for years and always will!! He's the most gorgeous person on the planet! I love him!

chelsy says: his mates put a birthday ad in the paper 4 him they showed a pic of him when he was little awwww he looks so cute!

chelsy says: Apprently his girlfriend is really pretty looks a bit like Christina Aguilera if she makes him happy good luck to them

clare says: christina aguilera? poor cow when she looks like Britney i'll start worrying

meeeeeee says: hey all oh woody ur so fine ur so fine u blow my mind hey woody,hey woody!!!!!!!!

ann-marie says: woody is very sexy my mate is at uni in middlesbrough and see's him out often he is just sexy good luck for the season you are better than sol campbell

hannah says: hi. i love woody, hes so fit and he plays gr8 4 nufc. i get 2 c him every home match! yay. jst hope he don get in anymore trouble now bowyer is here.

vikky says: i miss woody hes the only reason i put up with my boyfriends obsession with leeds utd

cassie says: Saw woodgate going into THE GATE in Newcastle last nite he smiled at me and his frend sed hello! jonny looked nicer than he does on tv!!!

aanvoerder2000 says: I never visit england (not yet). But I always watch him plays on tv and I think he's the best 'bodyguard' in england.

carla says: Jonathan Woodgate is absolutely gorgeous hes alot nicer now that he plays 4 the magpies i disagree bout woodys girlfriend i think hes young free and single the best way 2 b at his age

Anon says: Carla, Woody goes out with Kate Lawler.

Roo says: my boyfriend looks like Jonathan Woodgate! woo

Jewel says: he's great player,i like him when he playing football in newcastle team and leeds united.and i 'd see him go to Thailand for play football at there. Woodgate,he so handsome

irma says: woody is definitely the best defender ever in this world.HE IS SO F@$K*N GORGEOUS.i like woody so much and he's not married.

Kate says: I saw Woodgate in Tiger Tiger !

Steph Woodgate says: I'm Jonathans sister and I don't have a best friend called Karen. Jonathan isn't married but is madly in love with his girlfriend Katie. He never went out with a Beth, he doesn't have two dogs. Thanks for all your nice comments. Love Steph.

yong says: He deserves to be in the first eleven for England in Euro 2004.

Marie says: Is'nt Woody going out with Katie Lalwer BB3 Winner. I think they make a great couple

hanna says: why does woody always wear that white thing on his wrist? hes lush tho!

Monica says: A year later and i still can't believe he's playing for Newcastle! Bloody Leeds Board! At least he's on the tv a lot more these days. Lucky Kate Lawler! is it true they're engaged?

kgallant says: hi jonny i am a nufc fan i would just like to say you have been great when you have played for us bowyer has been great as well in the last three matches and scored great goals would you see to kieron dyer that he is very sexy for me plz are you getting married to kate dont go because of her we all adoor you you are a geordie for life like dyer and brother played for nufc when he was 17

Gem says: i'd like him know that there is one person in thailand very admire him. on july newcastle came in Thai but woodgate can't came there, i was sad. i wish woodgate to be accomplishment in newcastle unt and england team.

Jaturaporn K. says: I'm Jaturaporn. I come from Thailand. I like Woodgate(woody). I'm gald with him when Woodgate go to everywhere.I will follow you now and forever.I PROMISE.

Elizabeth says: Wots he doing with Lawler? Up her own arse she is! Was much nicer on Big Bro, don't know why she pretends to be someone she's not just for the cams. He's bloody luvvly tho!

kim says: i met jonathon in prair da rocha(portugal)on thursday 9th sep 04 in a pub.after spending several hours drinking and watching the England match he asked if he could walk me back to my hotel...? obviously kate's not gud enuf.

ceela says: how could you have met him in portugal in Sept the tournament was over by then?

Soren says: Tommy is at the moment at the danish club Viborg F.F. trying to earn himself a contract. Ih ope that he succedes, he sounds like a good player.

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