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Paul Robinson

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Paul Robinson  Paul Robinson - click for larger image

Position Goalkeeper
Born 15 Oct 1979, Beverley (England)
Height 187 cm
Weight 84 kg
International Caps England: 10 full, 11 U21, ? Youth

Club From To Apps Goals Sold for
Leeds United 13 May 1997 13 May 2004 119 1 £1500000
Tottenham Hotspur 13 May 2004        

Leeds Career League FA Cup League Cup Europe Other
Season Apps Goals Apps Goals Apps Goals Apps Goals Apps Goals
1997 - 1998 0   0   0   0   0  
1998 - 1999 4(1)   0   1   0   0  
1999 - 2000 0   0   0   0   0  
2000 - 2001 15(1)   1   1   6   0  
2001 - 2002 0   0   0   0   0  
2002 - 2003 38   5   1   6   0  
2003 - 2004 36   1   2 1 0   0  
Total 93(2)   7   5 1 12   0  

Jabba's Comments

A young player who has become our first choice goalie. Paul played in the odd game in his first couple of years at the club - coming on as a half-time sub at Old Trafford and having to pick the ball out his net for his first touch (not that it was his fault...). Nige managed a 100% record in 1999-2000, so Paul didn't get a chance to show off his skills, and he was back-up at the England U-21 level as well.

In 2000-01 Robbo really came into his own. When Nige picked up an injury, Robinson came into the line up and produced some truly outstanding performances that have leapfrogged him up the queue for international honours both at U21 and eventually at full England level. His incredible shot-stopping in some of the Champions League games - notably against Barca at Elland Road - won him widespread praise, and there was little he could do to stop Rivaldo's 94th minute equaliser in a heroic rearguard action by Leeds. When Nige returned to fitness, Robbo was back on the bench, but it was clear that we've got a great keeper in the making here.

At the start of the 2002-03 season, Terry Venables was impressed by Robinson's performances on the pre-season tour - which Nigel Martyn declined to go on - and made him the starting keeper for Leeds when the season got underway. He was called into the full England squad - but didn't get a game - in the friendly against Portugal in August and finally made his full debut in the game against Australia at Upton Park.

He remained the man in possession at the back throughout 2002-03, and although he conceded 57 goals in the league, his efforts could rarely be faulted as the team fell apart. There were strong suggestions that he would move on in the summer, and although Leeds agreed a fee with Villa, the player failed to agree personal terms - and when the expected moves from Manchester United and Arsenal failed to materialise, Robbo looked set to stay at Leeds for another season. As for England, he might have missed his best chance: David James was chosen as David Seaman's successor and unless James suffers a loss of form or serious injury, Robbo's chances of being first choice for Euro 2004 now look very slim.

A further opportunity to leave the club was turned down in January 2004 when a move to Spurs was canned on deadline day over an apparent failure to agree personal terms.

Andy Carr says: Paul has fought for this all his life good luck to him and continue to show great determination.

Theresa Green says: awwwwwwwww bless him! isn't he lovely!

BiG dave says: Robbo mate, your so bloody great!! the games in the champions league last season were quality. you r just as good as martyn!

Tich says: good luck next year Robbo

jason says: All the best for match against Portugal

Rob Goodwin says: England's Number 1, ENGLAND, ENGLAND'S NUMBER 1!!

Danielle says: I think paul robinson is an excellant goalkeeper and hes good looking to!!

kerrie says: his g/f becky is a lovely lass!! and pauls a smashin kid!!

Donna smithys number 1 babe leedsutd rok says: Paul u have got 2 b one of the best goalkeepers in england u r the bomb!! Ure absolutley wicked and ure so cool! a gr8 shotstopper and with plenty of skill 1 of these days ull end up scorin frm a goal kick!And ure frm beverly so ure a local lad 2 me!!! we cudnt have asked for a better goalkeeper next 2 the legendry Nigel martyn keep it up Robbo!!

A Tottenham fan says: I like his Gloves

Hayley says: I think ya well fit!!

Lou says: Paul Don't leave pplllzzzzz! We kno re a brilliant goale ure the best and 1) like wed sell u 2) Like wed except 5 mill helo barca must b stuupid! and 3) u and smudge are our best playas we nedd u all loads especiallya t the moment we need our best playas and tahts u and smithy! plz stay dont go 2 svum or barca! plzzzzz

Niamh says: Paul Robinson is the best goalkeeper ever and the fittest too.

leeds utd always says: just saw ye on a question of sport lmao @ bats what was that about eh? batts m8 i didnt even reconise u? hehe!! ian bothem hes frm my town flying the flag for gd old scunny!!! humberside 4eva!!!!neway ive come 2 say that u r wkd i meen it im very proud of ye nd honoured that ure at leeds gd luck 4 2morra!!!

Steph says: He is well good n pretty damn cute 2 ;) can't wait to see him in action 4 England :D

Sarah says: Well done Robzer your getting your first team place you worked your butt off to get it and now your there I'm sure it was worth all the work,determination and waiting! You looked well fit on QOS on Friday Whoaah!!! Good Luck in the future, Best Wishes Sarah xXxXxXxXx

Paul The Beast Reynard says: PAULEY !!!! It's uncle Paul Reynard aka Foxy - give up a cuddle !!!! soul nite - big up Northern Soul See you in Skipton

Smudger says: Robbo you rule!! Well done for gettin' ur England call up u deserved it!! Good Luck & C'mon LEEDS!!

Craig says: Paul is an excellant prospect for the England first team, at present and for the next decade. Good luck to u Paul and all the best in the future!!

Sam Jackson says: i am a great fan of Leeds UNITED and a great fan of Paul Robinson. He is a great Keeper and he is so young. I am also a keeper and i have alot of respect for Robo.

Barry says: theresa green, why are you batty? he's not a teddy, get a life you loser

bill says: paul it's your top fan & the only thing that's better than one paul robinson is lots!!!!!!!!!!!

anon says: congrats to paul & becky on ther engagement duz ne1 wen they r gettin married?? he is a gr8 player & i hope he can steal the no.1 shirt off nigel martyn!!

*Robo's Girl* says: NNNNOOOOOOO they cant be engaged...jeez i'm upset now :'(...of corse he can steal the shirt off nigel martyn hes excellent, and not forgetting gorgeous <3<3<3, the closest i've ever been to robo *apart from photos* is that we were gona buy his house woah its nice..anywayz keep up the good work paul we all love you to bits XxX

Roger Watson says: I have a pair of his gloves coz I know his brother he's really kind and he's like a brother to me Iv'e got his number if any of you are interested!!!

ClaireBear! says: I have heard that Man U and Arsenal are interested in Paul Robinson. I understand that they may pay you more Paul, but please don't go. I would be so gutted. I just don't know what I would do. Paul you are the best in England and why you are not England's number one I will never know. I will sing for you to make you stay (And my singing is something else, out of this world you might Come on Paul 'Marching on together' We need you. Don't leave, and if you have to PLEASE DO NOT go to Man U I would just die. Wishing you well. Lots of love ClaireBear xxx

Roger Watson says: Paul Robinson is my uncle and he's wicked he gives me his gloves after every game and he's just a genuine guy! says: Paul is too much of a TART to get married. On valentines day he took he girlfriend out, and spotted another pretty girl at the bar. Told his bird he was going out with the lads, put her in a taxi home and then ended up getting off with this other girl. So poor becky if that is what she is called!!!!!!!!!

mike says: i think robbo is the best keeper in league, also my girlfriend says im his double!!!!!! im also a keeper!!!!

*sexc canadian cutie* says: hey all u englishmen... ur prob wunderin wut a canadian iz doin talkin malarky on a english site but if uv guessed im a north londoner whoz moved 2 canada n 4 all u out therre itz damn fine out herre!! n e wayz bak 2 robbo hez a gr8 lad iznt he (damn gud lookin 2)? such a team playa n 4 dat meanie soulboi or w/e u juss jealaous cuz ur not him.. gud luk 2 robbo tho ;) no he'll du awsome no matta where he goz!

Macy says: i was fillin up petrol and there was a fit lad next to me in a porsh,next day i found out it was paul!!! hes gorg

hol says: soul boy how u kno bout paul being this "tart" i doubt it very much wen we met him he was very luvly 2 us!

Looby says: paul is the best goal keeper Leeds have had ( sorry nige!!!) and is dd gorgeous as well. Does anyone know when hes getting married????

RoBo'S gIrL *~* says: Soulboy, I'm sorry but what you put was waaaay out of order!!! Paul is always really sweet, after the matches he is one of the few players who stays out and goes round to meet every fan. Paul please please don't go. We all LOVE you to pieces. Take care Sarah XxX

mike taylor says: robbo your the best thing to happen to leeds and you come from my home town your the best thing to come from bev stay with leeds and get that number 1 spot at england. i would kill to be in your shoes i'm a keeper and support leeds so to me your god.

chdeguwfc says: Paul Robinson should be England's number one goalkeeper!I went to a Leeds match seated behind the goalposts. I found that he is really fit and in wonderful shape!I really fancy him.

RoBo'S gIrL~*~ says: Paul, please please please dont go.....not back to O'Leary anyways......As ClaireBear says "Marching on together" If you go we can all say bye bye to division 1 and to the leeds football preformance. Please stay. Sarah XxX

Shane says: Come to VILLA!

Jay jay Rudette says: robbo is the best goalkeeper ive seen in a long time and is my favourite player. he deserves to play for england.

Ade says: Everyone needs to calm down - Leeds should NOT be selling Robbo or Kewell or any other top talents - our league performance was bad enough last season without losing our best players prior to the next one! Keep hold of these talents, Leeds, or you'll be flirting with relegation again sometime soon.

hank says: does ne1 actually know for certain if Paul is engaged?im intrigued?!...

julie says: yeh, to becky getting married next year allegely, baby on way

Hank says: baby, eh? she knows how to hook her man!...Poor Paul!He's got well and fully trapped!

julie says: i believe he is happy about it Hank, but i know how you feel how can he be happy he aint met me yet!

hanna says: i think robbos brill and is a god i wanna be just like him evan though im a girl i wanna be a pro and move to usa to play and i wanna meet paul cos hes ace and amasing and i love him so much hes really fit !

julie says: a daughter, well cool, good on you mate

Amy says: Just to let u all know, Robbo is a Dad to a girl named Lucy May! Someone asked why he wasn't at the Elland Road kit launch and that was the answer!

Max Harlow says: Leeds 2-2 Swindon, 24 Sept 2003: Chilavert, Schmeichel & Poom eat your heart out! And I bet he'd do a mean free kick, given half a chance. My England line-up: James, Mills, Ferdinand, Woodgate, Bridge, Smith, Beckham, Gerrard, Sinclair, Owen, ROBINSON!!! OK, maybe not... But good on him for having the balls to risk it, and become the first Leeds keeper in history to score (excluding OGs).

leeds fan says: Last night will live with me and every other (leeds fans) for the rest of my life! Robbo ill neva 4get it u made my week thank you so much ure an amazing lad and an amzing player n i cant tell u how happy and ecstatic u made me feel last nite!!! u were absolutley amazing welldone!the atmosphere the goal and most of all YOU!!! svens mad if this doesn't sway him welldone our lad!!! its your 1st goal but i bet its not your last! thank you! marching on together!!ENGLANDS NUMBER 1!!!!!!

jackson says: robo u r goin 2 be the best keeper england has every seen.i believe that leeds wil come through this hard time n b the team they once was

Millie says: hi pauly, can i come 2 ur wedding wen u get married??? if not never mind!! u and becky make a great couple and i just want to say all the best in the future with her and your football xxx

RoBo'S gIrL *~* says: Congratulations on becoming a dad! if shes anything like you then she will be gorgeous....that goal, well what can I saved Leeds thats for sure, now all you have to do is carry on doing it (which im sure you will) and keep on going on sunday programmes wearing tight white t-shirts and really sexy jeans!!! Take care .x.

Smithys numba 1 fan says: i woz in a reataurant an i saw robbo an his baby had bin sik all ova his trousers err

laura says: omg i just luv robbo soooooooo much since the first time i saw him!! he has improved sooo much ova the years!! and the goal agains swindon just put the icing on the cake - U R the bomb!!!! so wot if leeds R at the bottom of the prem - if u turn the table upside down we R at the top!!!!!!!!!! wahay!

Laura says: Me thinkz that Paul 'Englands no.1' Robbo Robinson is fantabulous. Wat the hell does Sven c in James. Not puttin Robbo in the numba 1 jersey is deprivin England of its talent! An England team wivout our Robbo in goals is like fish wivout chips- BAD!

Toddy says: james is crap u r god! rememba tht!

Sarah says: ha ha like da comment bout turnin da table upside down good 1 m8!

saz says: u are gorge robbo!!! ur way better than james!!! i luv robbo!!!!

Rebecca says: Dont b so harsh about David James. Robinson is still only 24 he has a lot of time to get to england no.1 James has only got a few more years left till he retires.

Max Harlow says: Just wanted to say, comiserations to Robbo on the dismissal yesterday - a penalty, a red card and a susepnsion is far too harsh for just one mis-timed tackle, and I say the rules should be changed. And if he's suspended (it would be the Old Trafford match, wouldn't it?), that means he can't play for England in the Portugal friendly. How can the FA justify so many punishments for one unfortunate mistake? It's not even like he made much contact. Bl@@dy jobsworths. Never mind, chin up, Robbo, we're all right behind you!

Nat the Leeds Girl! says: Dude! He got sent off during saturday's match against Middlesborough! I nearly pooped myself when i saw that red card come out! What the HELL are we gonna do without him! Personally i don't think that Scott Carson is quite ready to play against Man United! Oh dear god, we are soooo doomed!

andrew cochrane says: i am a newcastle united support but i am huge Paul Robinson. I am goalkeeper myself and he is my role modal as i think is one of the best young keepers britian has ever produced thanx 4 given me this oppertuinty to say how good ov a goalkeeper he is c ya l8r

Leeds lass says: Paul is getting married on 16-may-04 i fink!!! Good luck in da future Paul(wherever u may b!!) p.s. thanx 4 autograph!!!x

hayley C. says: Congratulations to Paul on getting married. I hope you're both very happy!! Oh well girls another one bites the dust!!

Leeds fan 676 says: Just a message to say i went to Paul and Rebecca's wedding, It was absolutely amazing! Lucy May looked so so cute. It was on 17th May

jenny says: Good Luck at Tottenham...Leeds won't be the same without you tho!!! :-(

lil says: leeds fan 676,did you see ian harte at the wedding? what was he wearing. i bet he looked dead fine. i saw pix of paul he looked gorge in his suit

Ryan Tomes says: paul robinson is the best goalkeeper ive ever seen accept of course for David james who is my favorite

paul hebden says: i saw robbo in york centre over the may day bank holiday and asked him to his face are you off to spurs and he said no lying sod hope spurs get relegated leeds shd have stuck with martyn they might not have got relegated

Tom Canfield says: I reckon Paul is one of the best goalies in the premiership

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