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Position Defender
Born 18 May 1977, Norwich (England)
Height 180 cm
Weight 74 kg
International Caps England: 19 full, 14 U21, ? Youth

Club From To Apps Goals Sold for
Norwich City 01 Nov 1994 19 Mar 1998 73 1 £350000
Charlton Athletic 19 Mar 1998 01 Jul 1999 51 3 £4370000
Leeds United 01 Jul 1999 13 Jul 2004 141 4 £0
Middlesbrough 24 Aug 2003       on loan
Manchester City 13 Jul 2004        

Leeds Career League FA Cup League Cup Europe Other
Season Apps Goals Apps Goals Apps Goals Apps Goals Apps Goals
1999 - 2000 16(1) 1 0(1)   1 1 2   0  
2000 - 2001 20(3)   1   0   15(1)   0  
2001 - 2002 28 1 1   2   8   0  
2002 - 2003 32(1) 1 4   1   2(1)   0  
Total 96(5) 3 6(1)   4 1 27(2)   0  

Jabba's Comments

Acquired in summer 1999, Mills started the first few games of the season and initially impressed, but after a couple of less good performances, Gary Kelly returned and became David O'Leary's preference for the rest of the year. He made a couple of appearances in the middle of defence towards the end of the season - as well as left-back - and didn't perform too badly in those roles.

In 2000-01, he got the opportunity to play more frequently, both at right-back and in the centre of the defence as injuries accounted for so many of the other defenders, and he had an excellent season, becoming a firm favorite with the fans.

He started 2001-02 as regular right back - although he picked up a couple of bans for a red card at Arsenal (brought on by Ashley Cole's persistent fouls and histrionics) and then again at Newcastle (Craig Bellamy ditto). He really does need to learn to control his temper, because he's a great attacking right back, and his goal at Charlton showed he's got a thumping great shot. He was beginning to be regarded as a certainty for the England right-back slot ahead of the Neville sisters before his latest indiscretion but Sven looked to his footballing qualities and gave his temper the benefit of the doubt. It proved to be a great decision by the England coach, with Mills having an excellent World Cup and proving the doubters wrong and forcing David O'Leary to eat his unjustified and outspoken criticism of his player.

In 2002/03 he's been forced to play right across the defence due to the sale of most of our centrebacks, injuries to others and a loss of form in the left-back department. Mills himself hasn't always looked at his best, but playing out of position most of the time - and with a family tragedy in the middle of the season to boot - he continued to give committed performances but hasn't really lived up to the standards he set himself in the Far East. After Peter Reid complained about players not performing in pre-season games and training, Mills was dropped from the squad for the opening game of the 2003-04 season and publicly complained that Reid was victimising him. Although Reid was quoted as saying that Mills would be welcomed back into the squad if his performances improved, privately the manager was furious with Mills' public whinging and made it clear that he saw little future for the player at Elland Road. A 12-month loan to Boro will get him partially off the books, although Leeds will continue to pay a proportion of his wages for the duration of the loan.

Anonymous says what a lot of us say: "Danny Mills is f***ing brilliant."

Chris Gallagher says: Danny Mills should without doubt be ahead of Gary Neville in the England team.

Matt and Andy say: He's a dead ringer for our mate Canadian Will.

Point says: Danny is a good player and has a lot of skill which is useful. He can run up and down the wing very well and should be commended.

Lucy says: Although I don't support Leeds United I do support Danny Mills 'coz he is oh my god Amazing. That is amazingly talented and amazingly beautiful!!!!

Marc Sheldon says: Danny? Brilliant Or Brut? 22 years old already has the edge on Gary Neville. We say brilliant player but brut in the looks department.

Lucy says: he's hardly a brut in the looks department - he's gorgeous!!


Louise asks: what school did he go to????

Louise says: well done danny..... you share the same birthday as me xxxx

England Fan says: Danny Mills??? way too up himself, obviously got a bit too big for his boots!


christine says: hes proved himself playing for england over the last week.. silly mistakes don't take away from his pure skill, and good looks!

annie, sweden says: danny is absolutely gorgeous!

Sarah Gwilliam says: hi danny, its sarah karls brother i heard you went clubbing with my brother a couple of times with kevin your bro in law i saw him today i ask how u were you played very well against brazil well done love sarah gwilliam

Michelle says: I have always followed Danny's career not only is he good looking but he's a fab footballer, i think he done fantastically against Brazil today and i wish him all the best for the future.

shelly says: mills u r a f**king god and i hope to god u play in the next world cup and the european cup cos we can win wth u in it. You are sexy as hell and i know ur married GUTTED!!

sum gurl says: marry me danny u da sexiest bloke i ever seen~shut up england fan he's cute!!!!

Anon says: I went to school with Danny, he's a lovely bloke and yes, married to the gorgeous Lisa, so hands off!!

Graziella Ciappara says: Danny Mills is really gorgeous I saw him playing in the World Cup in my opinion he is a good player God Be With Him. He's a really sexy Hunk

stacey says: he's cute u just wont 2 take him home (if u now what i mean....) he played so well in the world cup U WERE GREAT also the bad boy image SOOOOOOO SEXY keep it up

paul says: supertar

kelly says: Most liked english player by majority of leeds aussie fans

Donna SmithysNumber1 fan Lufc rox!! says: Danny u r a legend!! our best (and of corse Mr erikssons) right bak! Keep up the good work sweetie hows lil george? bless im hope hes ok!! U are 10million times betta then RIO GRRRRRRRR i H8 im!! go on leeds and go on Danny!!!

Danielle says: I LUV U DANNY!!!!!!

Caroline says: unfortunatly he's married. Danny, if you ever feel like leaving your wife or your at a loose end in manchester, im happy to be of service ;)

John Schneider says: Danny Mills, Danny Mills, Danny Mills, indeed you are a Great Man. Great work is being done by you as we speak.

vicky naylor says: hello! me and ma cousin are your biggist fans thanks for letting us send this too u ma brother sopports liverpool they are rubbish LEEDES r the best love from vicky

trank says: I got his autograph on my birthday, HA HA you all suck! Apart from the aussies.

elaine says: hi excuse me if i seem stupid but why isisnt danny playing?

sarah says: Danny mills is f***in brilliant

Danielle says: why is danny not in england squad any more???? neville is s***!

Max Harlow says: I would just like to offer my condolences to Danny, his wife, his family - I cannot begin to imagine the nightmare you/they must be going through at the moment. I hope you/they are able to enjoy at least some of 2003.

rachel says: i would just like to say how sad i was to hear about dannys latest tragedy my condolences go out to him and his family. on a brighter note i would just like to say im your biggest fan keep up the good work for leeds as ill be there watching you. best wishes xxx

Joey Mills says: danny the lad is the dogs bollocks. i am a chelsea fan but he is different gravy. sort me out with sum signed stuff please lads????

anon says: Answer to Nic yeah Danny is married, the only reason Neville gets played ahead of him is because of Beckhams influence on Sven, no beckham no neville at right back

Donna says: Danny n Lisa have been thru a hell of a lot recently but hes atop guy and hes come through it brillinatly im sorry 4 ewhat happened 2 u and i hope your all ok!!!

gary says: i've been a leeds supporter for over 20 years. have to say that danny mills is one of my favourite players in that time . i love his no-nonsense style (though he sometimes goes a bit over the top and thinks he is a more skillful player than he actually is!). he is also a very hunky man. forget beckham, owen etc. "bulldog" is an overlooked sex-god!

Max Harlow says: Happy Birthday Dannyboy!

jordan firth says: danny mills isf***ing brill

Hebe says: I have seen Danny Mills playing I went to see a match. He is a really good player and he is my fav out of the team!!!

Danny Mills says: Thanks for all your support,it means a lot, its been a dificlut year for me, but i'll keep going and i promise to be even better this season!

helen says: ive been a Leeds fan since birth (28 years) and after Gary Speed left all that time ago, my admirations turned to Danny Mills - who is even more gorgeous and talented....if only he wasnt married...sorry BEN!!!

Jim says: You used to be one of my fav players until your head got too big and you started blaming leeds current plight for not getting starts for England. Take a look at your own performances before you criticise others.

sharon mortimer says: Can you believe my partner Lee is the spitting image of Danny ....... he plays football himself and even runs like him ...... everyone says he looks like the England Ace!!!!!!!! Shame I can't send you a picture really, but if Danny wants a double, tell him to just email me!!!!

Laura Leeds fans says: Saw Danny playin 4 england lst yr @ Leicester's Walkers Stadium wen they played Serbia & Montenegro in a friendly. So proud 2 c our Danny playin & screamed myself hoarse cheerin 4 him, 2 the dislike of the ppl all along the row in front of me. 2 all those ppl i want 2 apologise, but u were Leicester fans + seein as u beat us 4-0 i dont think i will. Anyways i was just supportin our fantastic right back (yep thats rite he is STILL ours) + i didnt c them avin any playas out there. was well gutted wen sven tuk him off @ 1/2 time, + he didnt bring Robbo on eva. Cant wait til the end of the season wen we get Millsy bk (hopefully Eddie'l get him bk sooner). Gud luck wiv the new baby.

Lil' Millie says: Congratulations on the birth of your son Stanley. Hope he brings you lots of enjoyment and lots of happy memories.

Poz says: Anyone else think Danny will be back at Leeds next season? I hope so.

Tim Raynes says: danny i through my job have the unfortunate experience of watching you week in and week out playing for are the best right full back in the country, bar none, and leeds need you, forget peter ried and except the challenge we need you. you are right we are your parent club and parents are important..anyway my best wishes to you and your family, from me and mine, sorry my daughter loves alan smith more than you (can't see why)

ben says: where r u now danny when we need you get your arse back to leads and win us some points you owe us that much!!

olly m says: i'm dannys 3rd cousin and i think he's just the greatest ever!!!

katy says: I'm a classical actress and when, on stage,i have to be "in love" with another character i pretend they're Danny.....I will be his second wife...

Soccer Guru says: Gary Neville will be picked in front of Danny Mills aslong as he has the ability to walk onto a football field, unless danny does something miraculous he will never come close to performing as well as Gary and reching standards Gary has met over his career to date. Gary is every bit a fighter and the toughest of competitors, if it meant blocking a shot traelling at 100mph he would throw any part of his body in front of it.

Lisa Marie Oliver says: HI there i love LEEDS it is cool and i have all my faith in you dont worry abit about those loses u will come back !!! I have been supporting u since i was 4 wen i cud understand who u were like the best team on the planet hope u r all ok love ya lisa

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