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Eirik Bakke

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Position Right midfielder
Born 13 Sep 1977, Sogndal (Norway)
Height 187 cm
Weight 80 kg
International Caps Norway: 23 full, 34 U21, ? Youth

Club From To Apps Goals Sold for
Sogndal   13 Jul 1999     £1000000
Leeds United 13 Jul 1999 31 Aug 2006 196 21 £0
Aston Villa 31 Aug 2005 17 Jan 2006 14 0 on loan
SK Brann 31 Aug 2006        

Leeds Career League FA Cup League Cup Europe Other
Season Apps Goals Apps Goals Apps Goals Apps Goals Apps Goals
1999 - 2000 24(5) 2 3 4 2   9(1) 2 0  
2000 - 2001 24(5) 2 2   1   10(2) 1 0  
2001 - 2002 20(7) 2 0   2 1 6 1 0  
2002 - 2003 31(3) 1 3(1) 2 1   6 1 0  
2003 - 2004 8(2) 1 1   0   0   0  
2004 - 2005 0(1)   0   0   0   0  
2005 - 2006 7(3)   0   0   0   1(1)  
2006 - 2007 2(1)   0   1 1 0   0  
Total 116(27) 8 9(1) 6 7 2 31(3) 5 1(1)  

Jabba's Comments

Recruited as a prospect rather than an immediate addition to the squad, Bakke started learning his trade from some experienced hands in the centre of the Leeds midfield.

With David Hopkin and David Batty out injured, Eirik had a decent run in the squad in 1999-2000 and made a significant contribution, scoring both goals in the FA Cup 3rd round victory over Port Vale. He showed himself to be a bit leggy but strong and with good vision, but needed to be a bit more consistent in taking advantage of the good positions he got himself into.

For what we paid for him, he was definitely the bargain of the season, and Eirik found himself unexpectedly called up to the Norwegian squad for Euro'2000, giving a good account of himself in the tournament even though Norway were knocked out at the group stage.

In 2000-01, he had a relatively disappointing season, and needed to regather himself before 2001-02 to win back a regular place in a very competitive midfield.

2001-02 saw him get a little bit of his form back - but injuries intruded to keep him out of the team just when the absence of others would have given him the chance to impress the world (and more importantly David O'Leary) with what he could do. He returned to the side for the back end of the season, and one of his most notable performances came as a makeshift centreback at Everton after Dominic Matteo was sent off.

With the arrival of Terry Venables as manager and with David Batty seeming not to be the new boss's favorite player, Eirik has impressed playing a holding role in front of the back four - but his ball distribution is still a bit too loose if he wants to be thought of as truly top class. He's even played up front as a striker when injuries, sales and suspensions left El Tel without a single recognisable centre forward available for selection - and scored a cracking header to take Leeds past Gillingham in the FA Cup.

A conviction on drink-driving charges in the UK was followed up by ill-advised comments about the Danes ahead of an international and further poor publicity ensued when he was found driving while banned over in Norway. To make matters worse, he picked up a knee injury that kept him out of the side at the start of the season. He returned to the side at Christmas 2004, with the team struggling against relegation, and although he looked to be over the worst of his injury problems, he scored in the first half against Liverpool at Elland Road but didn't re-emerge at the start of the second half and only managed a brief appearance at Blackburn for the remainder of the season.

After an op in summer 2004, it was looking like he might be on the move, with interest from Everton and West Brom as the board desperately scrambled for cash to keep the club afloat. But just as it looked like he was getting back to some sort of fitness, he injured his knee in a pre-season friendly out in Sweden and looks like he will miss all of the 2004-05 season as a result.

Brunetta says: I love Eirik Bakke!!!!!! Love from a girl from Norway.

Jennifer says: Eirk is so FIT I love him 2 bits. I met him and he signed an autograph 4 me on a picture I brought and he was so nice!

Jennifer says: Hiya it's me JENNIFER from Liverpool again. I'm an EVERTONIAN but Leeds have such LOVELY players especially EIRIK xxx oh yeah and listen 'ere BRUNETTA or whatever yer name is but Eirik's MINE alright luv.

Daniel says: You are a very good football player and I'm your biggest FAN!!!!!

PLA Leeds United FanClub says: He is the best midfielder of Leeds United. He has good skills. I do not want he walk out from Elland Road. I like him. When he plays football he is a polite man.

Andrea Courtney says: he is a good player but i'm a fan of another norwegian Tore Andre Flo. I have met him loads of times and have two of his Rangers tops and he scored in one of them if you want to talk about Tore Andre please email me at thanks love andrea xxx

Norsk Leeds-fan says: Is Bakke going away from leeds??????? Is he???? i'm a norweagian boy who is so fan of Bakke and Leeds

Deborah says: Hi.. How's there Bakke? I'm Deborah from Malaysia. I'm very happy because our date of birth are same!!! I can't speak English very well. Love, Deborah

Jersey Devil says: I met him at a car shop in Leeds, good bloke

Riley says: I just wanna say I am Alan Smith's lil sis and I hav met Eirik a trillion times and he is dead nice!

Norvegian Leeds-fan says: Eirik Bakke is one of a few norvegian internationals who has not played in the highest norvegian divison. And still Leeds bought him! I would say the scout who spotted him is a genious!!! :-)

Naz says: Eirik Bakke is a quality player and he's well fit too!!!!

Chris says: eirik is a top player especially against malaga at home this will give him the confidence go on and i also saw him in the showcase cinema watching men in black 2 whay!

Joern Bruenjes says: Hallo aus Hambergen/Germany, war schon 6x mit dem Fuballclub "FC Hambergen" in Sogndal und es hat mir bei euch immer sehr gut gefallen,hoffe das ich Sogndal bald wieder besuchen werde. Ich wnsche Dir "Frohe Weihnachten" und ein gesundes und erfolgreiches Jahr 2003 Viele Gre Jrn Brnjes

Eirik Bakke's Girlfriend says: I just wanna say that my bloke did well good to score two goals in one week!! Thanx for keepin us in the FA Cup hun! luv ya 4eva!!! P.S. See ya soon!!!

kimberly says: i meet bakke outside elland road

Eirik Bakke's Girlfriend says: Hi it's me again, just remindin' y'all that my baby Eirik scored again against Gillingham last week, once again keeping us in the FA Cup!! Well done hun! Eirik is the best bloke in the world! and he says hi and thanx for all the nice comments about him, we are frequent visitors to this website and we both think that it ROCKS!!! Bye for now! xxx

Eirik Bakke's Girlfriend says: Hi ya everyone, Eirik injured his ankle when he played against West Ham a couple of weeks ago, and he couldn't walk very well for about four days afterwards cos it was so swollen! But he was a bit better by Valentines day, cos he got me 12 red roses and then we went out for dinner!! Eirik sez he'll be playin agin in a few weeks time, and he sez hi to all of his wonderful fans! Gotta go!!

Eirik Bakke's Girlfriend says: Hiya! Eirik played well on sunday (shame we lost though)and he came back from his ankle injury early, probably down to all of the luv 'n' care i gave him!! I think we definately needed him back the team wasn't complete without him. He was so desperate to get back to play, he was practicin in our back garden!!! He also sez 2 tell you thanx for all of your support, and he luv's you all, (he is readin' this over my shoulder by the way!) Gotta go, but i will let you know how things are goin on later in the week! PS i saw Harry Kewell yesterday

Nigel says: IS THIS CHICK FOR REAL???? Gf of Eric Bakke? if you are try to convince him hes a defensive midfielder at best.... not a freakn attacking midfeilder who can play as a striker.... El Tel you are a nob!!! Hes slow no mobility shocking tackling technique Bad temprement ........and is proned tobe injured and cry everytime he gets tackled.....Oleary signed him so Erric should follow Oleary to the Welfare Office as a favour to leeds!!!

Eirik Bakke's Girlfriend says: Hiya! Eirik is in Luxembourg at the moment, cos he is playing for Norway tonight, and i hope that Norway win and Eirik scores!!! He wants me to say hi to you all! I am missin him like crazy, he flew to Luxembourg yesterday, and it is so boring without him, but, i'm sure i will hear from him later on, he rang me this morning at 3 am! and woke me up! needless to say i wasn't exactly too pleased to hear from him at that hour, but we taked for an hour none the less! Well i have to go now cos my mobile has started ringing! Talk to you when Eirik gets back!!! : )

Eirik Bakke's Girlfriend says: Hiya Everyone! Norway won against Luxembourg! Eirik came home on thursday and he was a bit tired but he played well against Charlton today! 6-1 what a win!!! And yeah Nigel or whateva ur name is, i am Eirik's girlfriend, and if your gonna diss him make sure you spell his name right first, ok? He is doin fine and he dosen't need to improve his play in the slightest, i don't see you volunteering to play, it's a difficult job you know. Eirik isn't here at the moment, but he will be back later on in the evening, i haven't seen him all day, cos he got up early and i was still asleep. I can't wait to see him though, and i think Paul Okon is comin round later cos he didn't play today, and its his birthday! Gotta go!!

,p>Eirik Bakke's Girlfriend says: Hiya Everyone! Eirik is fine and he says hi, and thankyou for supporting him and the team, and never giving up hope even when things did look extremely bad! I saw Woody (Woodgate) the other day and he says he misses Leeds. Woody is kinda like my best mate and we are always ringin each other, but i hadn't seen him for ages so i was well pleased to see him! I have to go now because me and Eirik are goin out somewhere! Talk to you all soon!

Eirik Bakke's Girlfriend says: Hiya all! Eirik is fine and is lookin forward to a long break over the summer after a tough season. He is in the kitchen making us both a drink at the mo, but he told me to say hi to all of his fab fans, and to say thanx for all of the support you have given him and the team, and that it is greatly appreciated! I have to go now cos i have stuff to be gettin on with but i will write again soon!

Eirik Bakke's Girlfriend says: Hey guy's! Leeds beat Arsenal, i couldn't believe it either! if you watched The Premiership on Sunday, you would have seen my man, jumping about on the pitch shirtless at the end of the match!!! Eirik is ok, and he is sorta lookin forward to the end of the season, cos he wants a break! I have to go! chow!

Sarah and Emma say: Norway may have won against Luxembourg but they didn't win against Ireland... up da bhoys in green!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ps your fine

Sarah and Emma say: HI!!!!!! "eirik bakke's girlfriend" have you no name or something???!!!! and if your really his girlfriend do you not have anything better to be doing like TALKING TO "Eirik Bakke" "Eirik Bakke's Girlfriend"????? or ring him at least!! your prob just an OBSESSED fan you big freak!!! ahha i met him,hope you didnt hahahahahahahahahaha!!!!! im evil.....

Erics daddy Nigel Backup says: eric ya literally takin the p*** outta Leeds....have another one!

Eirik Bakke's Girlfriend says: Erm i think, i do talk to him cos i see him everyday, and for your information i do ring him, a lot! Anyway i do have a name and i do not waish to reveal it to jealous little weirdo's like you! The only reason you are sayin all this stuff is cos you are obviously jealous that i have a good lookin bloke and you don't, and that i get to hang out with the likes of Alan Smith!! So shutup ok?

Eirik Bakke's Girlfriend says: Hiya, i have been really busy lately, so i haven't had much time to write, but here i am now! Eirik is fine and is enjoying the break, he has some international games coming up next week so he is flying out to Denmark on friday, and returning on the 12th of June, cos he also has a game against Romania, which will be played in Norway. Eirik says thanks for all of the support that you fans have given him and the team over the last few months!I am gonna go now! Thanx and we luv you all!!!

Sarah and Emma say: Ah yea "eirik bakkes girlfriend" thats rite were just jealous thats rite you keep tellin yourself thet!! HELLO your da obsessive 1 here ya no!!!!!!

ashlee says: erik bakke's g/f,ur totally lucky 2 be goin out with erik(he's fit)but what`alan smith like b/c im a total big fan!And do u hang out with him alot,has he got a g/f?

Lee Casewell says: Dear Eirik Bakke has a Leeds fan I feel you should not leave leeds because you are wasting your furture and you have so much at leeds so can you please stay and show us leeds fan your true passion and skill for us.

Eirik Bakke's Girlfriend says: Hiya! Thanx Ashlee, yeah i guess i am lucky to have Eirik as a boyfriend, and Alan is a great friend, i will tell him you said hi! I see Alan quite a lot, and as far as i know he has no girlfriend. Look, Sarah and Emma, have you got something against me, cos this whole dissin me thing has got way outta hand. I have to go now!

gem says: eirik is fit!!!!!

Eirik Bakke's Girlfriend says: Yeah, Gem i know Eirik is fit! Hiya, i am extremely bored and haven't had much time to check this site lately so i thought i'd do it today. I am really upset about the fact that both Paul Robinson, and Harry Kewell could be departing from Leeds this summer, and i am hoping that we won't lose Harry, although Paul is just as important. Eirik is fine and enjoying the sunshine! He is gettin preped for next season and all of the pre-season friendlies and stuff we have coming up. I hope you guys are enjoying the sunshine and have a good summer! Check this website on a regular basis cos it ROCKS!!!

Eirik Bakke's Girlfriend says: Eirik has Tendinitis, and could be out for up to six months! he has to see a specialist to see if he needs surgery, hopefully he won't. i'll let you all know of any further developments! great start to the new season!

Sarah says: EIRIK is seeing Alan Smith 's cast off Laura Frain - FACT.

Ryan says: Ericc Bakke's playing style Remind's me of Paul Okon , believe me this isn't a good thing!!! HEHE oh and Eric Bakke's gf you sound twisted i like that can we hook up .... i wanna be a Eric BAKKA TOO!

Eirik Bakke's Girlfriend says: Oi! thats a flippin lie! are you tryin to create tension between us or somethin cos Eirik is still with me! Anyway if Eirik ever went out with one of Alan's exes i think he'd have something to say about it. Don't say stuff like that cos life is hard enough as it is without rumours like that circulating!

L.J.F. says: TO ""Eirik Bakke's Girlfriend"" you are a mentalist

Eirik Bakke's Girlfriend says: Ok, everyone keeps spelling his name wrong, its EIRIK not ERIC! Anyway, Eirik is recovering from surgery on his knee, and he is doing fine! Ok, Ryan, Eirik does not play like Paul Okon, and i hate to say this as Paul is a mate, but Eirik is better! and i am not twisted, i love Eirik so much!

Eirik Bakke's Girlfriend says: I am NOT a mentalist!

Sarah says: ah god eirik bakkes girlf top marks for actin fair play to u!

Ellie says: Eirik Bakke's Girlfriend.............. Just a little info for u here, i work at Elland Road and i work with the manager and the players most of the time, i am also on good terms with a lot of the players and i know for a fact that u aint Eiriks girlfriend, his girlfriend wouldnt do such a sad little thing like come on here every 5 minutes and pretend to be someone shes not! So i suggest u get a life, or maybe some psychiatric help! and stop being a silly little girl. Cheers . . . . Ellie xxxxxxx

Millie says: to eirik's girlfriend YEAH WOTEVER LOVE!!!!!! I've proberley more of a girlfriend to Eirik then u r and i've never met him and i live down south of the country and he lives up north!!! GET A LIFE PLEASE!!!!!!

Eirik Bakke's Girlfriend says: Shut up Ellie, what would you know.

sarah says: yea i agree with Ellie....if you were his "girlfriend" as you say you are, you wouldn't be coming on here every day of your life....havn't you got anything better to do, the only info you give us is that of what we read in the papers so you could just be reading it and posting it on here....i could say i am his grilfriend and that he rings me every night but what proof would i have....if you want us all to belive you then tell us something we don't know and i'll ask him at the next match as i get to meet all the players after in the box.....thanks huni!!! ..x.. p.s, see a doctor

Ellie says: Eirik Bakkes girlfriend...... Whats ya name then eh ? Do u not have your own identity ? I know for a fact u aint his girlfriend so why dont u just admit defeat and give up ? Most of the people on this site are either Eirik Bakke fans or Leeds United fans so if your a fan of his then thats fine, but why go as far as to pretend to be his girlfriend when u r so obviously not, its ok to fantasise about something like that but to go onto a website and give everyone updates on his fitness and stuff is pathetic.We can all read about that in the press and on the Leeds United web site, so tell us somethin we dont know !!! Theres some listings for psychiatric help in the phone book, go check it out. Cyaaa Ellie xxxxxxxxx

Eirik Bakke's Girlfriend says: You are all obviously jealous of us. So i suggest you all just leave us alone and if you don't like the comments i write then don't read them. I am not a mentalist and i don't need to see a doctor. It's my life and i can reveal to everyone as much of my relationship with Eirik as i want, so if you don't like what you read, then don't read it, thats all i have to say, and Sarah i have read your comment on the Alan Smith page about me being a freak, and it is so not true, i'm not the jealous one.

Ellie says: To Eirik Bakkes wannabe girlfriend.......... Ha Ha Ha , hit a nerve have we ??? Sounds like it, i know u aint his girlfriend and so does everyone else, i know his girlfriend and she hasnt even got a clue about this web site sooooo work that one out ya fruitcake !!!! And Eirik actually has his own web site that he updates all the time so if she wanted all his fans to know the ins and outs of their relationship then she would do it on there, (As it happens she doesnt and neither does he, so ner ner) Ah well, another one for the looney bin! Toodle pip.........Ellie xxxxxxxxxxx

SJ Wilson says: To "Eirik Bakke's Girlfriend" all you are is a 12 year old, spotty, greasy haired, speccy, arrogant, sad, no life, unpopular girl that nedds to get a life or professional help!!!!!!!!! you are so annoying me please f*** off!!!!!!

Gill says: To "Eirik Bakke's Girlfriend". I feel sorry for you because you obviously lead such a sad and lonely life, that the only pleasure you get is by prentending to be something you're not. Eirik is 26 years old, I don't think that he would date someone as immature as you. You embarras yourself and others with your "fantasies". Please stop this so that us TRUE football fans don't have to read about your delusions anymore. Thank you.

The voice of reason says: okz.... 1st of all i think u guyz r dumb 4 even doubtin in the 1st place that this girl (Eirik Bakke's girlfriend) cud actually b his girlfriend. Don't u live in the real world??!! but anywayz gud on u Eirik Bakke's Girlfriend (wateva ur real name is)- u ignore all of these silly bitches + live ur life the way u wanna. + if thats wiv Eirik (in ur head or in reality) then u go 4 it! Ellie, as if u work @ Elland Road + wiv the playas + manager (who isn't there long enuff anywayz)! ur just delusional 2, "another one for the looney bin!" (2 quote urself). + by the way the list of psychiatric numbers in the phone book- sum advice- u mite need em 4 urself. As 4 u Sarah, meetin all the playas in the box- wat is it?? a cardboard box- ur home??!! u callin her a freak on the Alan Smith page, the phrase the pot calling the kettle black springs 2 mind. + anywayz don't bother dissin me bout bein sad + comin on here cos it's my dinna time + i can do wat i want, + personally ur pathetic moaning + jealously keeps me amused 4 hours- even during general studies (snore). So l8rs + Eirik Bakke's Girlfriend- keep it real!

Ellie says: Erm...... im tryin to type a reply but i cant stop laughin at that huge pile of sh#t u just posted, im guessin u r either a friend of 'Eirik Bakkes Girlfriend' or u r her, but under a different name. Either way your just as strange as she is. As for me workin at Elland Road, ive worked there for nearly 3 years, i do work with the players and the manager, whichever manager that maybe at the time. So i suggest that u and Eiriks imaginary missus get together sometime and share your sad little stories with each other. You never know u may have a lot in common. C'ya Soon ~Ellie~ ~xx~

Eirik Bakke's Girlfriend says: Hiya!!! Thanx "Voice of Reason" i'm glad someone is makin some sense around here! Eirik is doin fine and he should be back in action playin for Leeds soon. We are doin fine and we are both happy! Anyway gotta go! Bad result at Bolton on saturday, but thats probably cos Smithy wasn't playin!

Anon says: To "THE VOICE OF REASON" Whatever. Going on this website in your dinnertime?! Is that because you're a silly little schoolgirl who has no friends but her computer? Grow up, get a life and eh, learn how to spell properly.

SJ Wilson says: Hello "the voice of reason" how dare you call all of us silly bitches and dumb? All i can say is i aint a bitch and i ain't dumb. We all know this ain't Eirik's girlfriend and that is why we want her to shut up. All us Leeds United football supporters want to know what Eirik is up to on the pitch or how he is getting on with his recovery from injury not about some sad little lonely girls fantasies.

Jabba notes: the next three paragraphs were posted from the same PC within 10 minutes of each other. "Eirik Bakke"'s comments in response to "actual person..." are interesting, because "actual person"'s comments were added to this page at the same time as "Eirik"'s response. But you all feel free to talk to yourselves here :-)

Actual person who has a life says: have you got any idea how dumb you lot sound?? bakke's girlfriend is actually his girlfriend so you lot have just pissed on your chance to meet him or earn his respect.Voice of reason,I agree with you completely.All you lot who thinks its cool to be a footballers wife or girlfriend are living in a dream world,girls throwing themselves at your boyfriend all the time aint fun and you never know how long they are gonna be at the club for and i should know!my boyf dont play for leeds but plays for another big team he is a promising player(chelsea wanna buy him even though he aint 17 yet but scored 2 goals in div 1) and all you lot out there a so sad that you have to make up boyfriends who happen to be rich and famous.Sj wilson you sound ok but need to say that voice of reason is obv a leeds supporter cos...Actually i'm not alowwed to say-SMITHY wont let me and dont like people be horrible to his girlfriend!I am not even kidding so i would stop dissing her if i were you.

Eirik Bakke says: This is Eirik Bakke and would you girls plaese stop fighting. she is my girlfriend and i am not too happy at the way you are treating her.Thank you for all your concern though.Actual person who has a life,i think i know who your boyfriend is.Does his 2nd name start with H?

The voice of reason says: Actually I don't no Eirik Bakke's girlfriend so I obviously am not her. ooh I'm a sad little school girl wiv no friends?? we obv av summat in common then. as 4 the fact that I cant spell, u obv need 2 cum bak 2 skool wiv me cos then u cud learn how words r actually spelt. Av u not woken up 2 the world of txt lingo??!! Yeah actually I think u need 2 learn sum english- since when was my name CAPITALISED????!!!!! Eirik Bakke aint up 2 owt on the pitch "SJ Wilson" cos he is injured, duh I thought u knew that?! Ellie u laffin (shudn't that b cacklin) at the 'pile of shit I posted', well it takes 1 2 know 1 is all i can say. I'd rather die a 'sad little lonely' girl with fantasies than a hard-faced jealous beef producer?! Anyways Eirik Bakke's Girlfriend, it aint so hard to make sense on here wiv wat all those lot r sayin. I honestly do not know u, but still say that u shud keep it real. It was a bad result 'gainst Bolton but a fantastic 1 on Saturday @ the Valley!! Our new lucky ground?!- shame we didnt have a repeat of lst yrs result. Uh ps I am a Leeds fan, otherwise y wud I b on here?! just like 2 apologise 2 Jabba 4 my MATE who asked if Paul Keegan woz Kevin's son- she was only jokin. I think. (jabba says - np)

Ellie says: Ha Ha Ha ! All this coz no one is sad enough to believe that 'Eirik Bakkes Girlfriend' is erm.... actually his girlfriend at all, i know for a fact she aint and as far as the comment she posted that is allegedly from Eirik himself i mean come on what planet is she from? Eirik has his very own web site so why the hell would he (or his REAL girlfriend) come on here to give the world updates about him ? Wake up for gods sake and get yourself a life of some sort. And to Actual Person, what the hell are u on about 'we've all pissed on our chance to meet him or earn his respect' ?? its easy as hell to meet a footballer and whats more he doesnt come on these sites so its highly unlikely that he will ever find out about it, a lot of the players at Elland Road know about all these web sites about them and they just laugh them off, mainly becouse a lot of the people who visit these sites are either kids or bloody liars (step forward Eiriks Girlfriend)(and yes i do know there are a lot of genuine Leeds and Eirik Bakke fans out there, im not includin u in that) and thats the reason a lot of players have there own web sites that they post messages on themselves to let the fans know about their fitness etc.., and i can tell u for one that they DO NOT include posts from their girlfriends, wives or family members, they keep that side of it private. So the people who reckon they are either datin a footballer of reckon they know a player, shouldnt u know all this stuff about them ? that they are fairly private people (with the exeption of a few) and that their girlfriends etc dont come onto these web sites and give everyone updates that we have already seen in the press and on other web sites. WAKE UP !!!! and Jabba it was a bit too obvious that 'the voice of reason' and 'Eirik Bakkes Girlfriend' are the same person, but thanks for pointin out the facts. Anyone else wanna have a go ? ~Ellie~ xxxxxxxx

Eirik Bakke's Girlfriend says: Hiya! Voice of Reason seems to be the only person besides me who is makin any sense around here! Good result against Chelsea! Shame my baby Eiri wasn't playin though! He'll be back soon don't worry! I'm not too keen on our FA Cup draw with Arsenal though! Anyway, i've gotta go!

The voice of reason says: must just say that the next three paragraphs weren't posted on the same pc. mine was definitely from a different pc, but i do actually know the 'person' who wrote the other two. haha. wat r u like??!! actual person who has a life/Eirik Bakke- thanx 4 stickin up 4 me. neva heard u call yourself that b4, shame i've already written ur xmas card! that reminds me- Happy Christmas everyone!! (and a Happy New Year!!) hope u all get wat u want (Eirik Bakke or not) haha. great match at the weekend- AGAIN! gr8 goal by Pennant, hope that we get 2 keep him. wud be a gr8 prospect 4 the club.

Eirik Bakke's Girlfriend says: I don't eveb know who Voice of Reason is, so what is the point of accusing me of being two people.

The voice of reason says: ok guyz~ how can i prove that I ain't 'Eirik Bakke's Girlfriend' cos seriously I ain't??!! I know that, Eirik Bakke's Girlfriend knows that, Actual person who had a life/Eirik Bakke (hehe) knows that, and I'm sure that u know that as well Jabba. Anyway anova fantabulous match 'gainst Fulham. Gr8! nice 2 c Dubes get a goal- it's bin a looong time, but gud effort all round. must say that I ain't particularly lukin 4ward 2 the FA Cup draw 'gainst Arsenal 2 Eirik Bakke's Girlfriend, but the run we're havin we don't have much cause 2 worry. (and all u guys out there I aint talkin 2 meself now). Anyways Ellie 'cos we cum on this site we're either kids or bloody liars, wats that makin u?! u blatantly dissin this site??! can't be arsed 2 start anova argument spesh @ this time of year- deck the halls wiv boughs of holly + all that lot. it'll have to wait til afta xmas. lol. but can't u take a joke- u seem 2 take all of this way 2 seriously. there's no need 2 get ur knickers in a twist bout the chance me m8 sed u'v p***ed on ur chance 2 meet Eirik + all the stuff bout these ppl sayin that they r whoevas girlfriend. think you'd betta stop b4 u give yourself a nose bleed- ur brains mite leak out. ain't got nowt else 2 say 4 NOW, c ya soon.

Ellie says: Have u ever thought of typing some sense for a change? Im not the one thats lying my backside off here, i have nothing to hide and nothing to prove and i havent dissed this site at all, (read it back to your thick little self and u might see it). I suggest u grow up and quickly, Everyone is laughin at your sad expense.Please carry on amusing us all.

actual person who has a life(merry xmas to everyone) says: so you guessed that im not erikke bakke then!just trying to spice up your fed up of this argument now so just wanna say happy xmas to everyone and have a great new year.good luck to leeds,sure you'll do fine.Keep smithy and milner there and you've got the future sorted.jabba i hope you have a good xmas and if you fancy going out only kidding,i dont even know if your'e a man,plus my boyf wouldnt be to happy that im drinking with a leeds supporter.seriusly good luck to leeds(dirty leeds as they are known as)so i am now officially out of this argument cos i am bored of it.who cares if she is his girlf or not,you dont know her so why should you care.

Ryan Bakke says: Whats up everyone, ya i share the same last name as Eirik, but we arent related at all plus i live in the US, keep the good work up eirik, someday ill be playin in the EPL too.

Mary says: If I was a footballer and my girlfriend was acting like this i would just be so f***ing ashamed. Can you imaginge going into trainig and all the lads thinkinh that your girlfriend is a total gobs***e with no brains! Really just get over it and get a life!

The voice of reason says: ah I'm glad that I amuse u all. hehe. I think you'll find that u r dissin this site seein as ur sayin that any1 who cums on here is "either Kids or bloody liars". y say that I've been lyin my backside off, I ain't sed owt that cud be lied about. my conscience is completely clear bout the fact that I can honestly say that I have never lied on here (take from that wateva u like bout me avin a dig @ u).

The voice of reason says: Ok thought I'd start a new comment or whateva it is that u call it, cos it'll make an easier read. I finally have summat decent 2 actually say bout Bakke on this site. Went 2 the game yesterday (v Villa) + it was actually quite a shock 2 c him. Didn't expect 2 c him back playin until mid-January. He got a great reception when he started warming up, + a good 1 when he replaced Dom. And he played rather well. Nice 2 c David O'Leary get a good reception (standin ovation)- everythin that happened is in the past + we've just gotta focus on what's happenin now. Great match, shame we didn't get a goal. But Steve Bennett is absolutely hopeless- always has been, always will be! Anyway on another good note it was nice 2 meet the legends that are Allan (Sniffer) Clarke, Paul Reaney, Peter Lorimer and John Charles!!!!!!!!!

Eirik Bakke's Girlfriend says: Since none of you seem to be listenin to me anyway, and none of you talk an ounce of sense i've decided not to bother posting my comments on here anymore cos all you people who are dissin me are obviously jealous. Hpoe you guys had a good christmas and it was great to see Eirik back playing against Villa.

Mary says: Jealous my Arse!!!! No offence but Eirik is not good looking and he's not that good a footballer. I'm sure he's very nice though and best of luck for the future!

The voice of reason says: Soz not bin on 4 a while. Ah Eirik Bakke's girlfriend, that's a shame. I'm pretty positive that ur comments on here will be sorely missed. Not sure that u'l read this but thanx 4 the entertainment, + good luck in life. Sure u + Eirik will be very happy 2gether- hehe. Not 2 sure that I wanna be the numba1 target now that u'v 'retired' + actual person who has a life has given up, so think that I mite take a backseat now + all- although special guest appearances will be made in times of worthy occasions~ don't worry! + erm Mary I'd just like 2 express the fact that u'r gonna get off lightly, thort that u shud know that. U seem as dilusional as the others cos it looks like u actually believe this stuff 2, + 4 the record I cud rip ur Internet-surfin butt 2 pieces anyday. oh + wud just like 2 say 1 more thing b4 I go- did any1 hear that Eirik Bakke has a new girlfriend?? apparently her name's Ellie + she works @ Elland Road. hahaha (c ya Ellie "luv" + b4 u begin 2 'think' it, u haven't got 1 ova on me or any of the others + u neva will!!)

SJ Wilson says: Can I just please say that if Mary thinks that Eirik aint nice looking she needs her eyes checked!!!! My god he is probably one of the most stunning looking men i have ever seen! & he aint a good player MY GOD have you been watching the same man since he came back as me!!!! I think you need to go and get you eyes tested and get a good pair of glasses you stupid stupid woman!!!!!

Nat the Leeds Girl says: I absolutely adore Eirik, and i think he is one of the most gorgeous guys on the planet! As well as that he can play some brilliant football, and we can't sell him! He really is 100% fine!!!!! He has the most amazing blue eyes i have ever seen!

Anita_Sogndal_norway says: Hey you Eirik my dear! am your friend from Sogndal! I know Wibecke in Sogndal..=) Big hugg from Anita

Betsy says: now mary we'll have none of that language on here! and by the way SJ Wilson i disagree with you there, eirik's not that fine there are much finer on the team and i think marys sight is fine.

Nat the Leeds Girl says: Ok, i think that Eirik is really fine, and Betsy, i think its also you who needs your eyes tested, cos if you can't see that Eirik is like, one of THE most gorgeous guys on the whole entire planet then you obviously need your eyes testing as well, SJ Wilson i am totally on your side about the whole Eirik thing, he is really gorgeous, and if anyone disagrees with that then they must be blind!

Gill says: hey you stupid Betsy woman, how dare you talk to MY friend like that. Go and get a life stupid, grow up oh and by the way, you're not good enough to talk to my friend, so don't.

Nat the Leeds Girl! says: I read in the paper on Saturday that Eirik is going to be a dad in the summer, does anyone know if he has a girlfriend or a wife cos i always thought he was single! Oh my god! i don't think he's ready to be a dad!!!! Please someone let me know if this is true in any way! (or Jabba, do you know?)

Betsy says: hey Gill the comments i made were not that bad and i was only expressing my opinion and i only said that eirik wasnt as fine as others on the team eg Ian Harte etc. dont tell me to grow up cos i'm not the one who is saying to people they dont even know not to talk to their friends like that sure i could easily tell sj wilson not to talk to mary, my friend, like that either, but incase you havent noticed this is a forum where you discuss things so obviously people are going to respond and voice their opinions. the comments i made are not even that bad, i didnt use foul language, why do you think i told mary to not use that language??, look at some of the other players pages and you'll see far more ludacris language!!

SJ Wilson says: Betsy I think that if you dont think eirik is one of the best looking or best players in the team WHY?! are you commenting on HIS page and not in your case Ian Harte's!!!!!????? I dont think Eirik is the only good player at Leeds I also think Smithy, Harty, Kells, Dom, Robo, Milner, Viduka and Lucas are excellent players BUT my favourite player (for his playing skills) is Eirik! If he aint your fave player then go onto your fave players page and comment on his page. I just dont like people picking on my taste or on my friend Gill! OK!!!

glen a leeds fan, any others? says: u lot are allmad this site is about leeds u no that club we all love enough off this bickering leeds fans need to unite and stay united MARCHING ON TOGETHER WE'RE GUNNA SEE YOU (AVOID RELEGATION)fulham game on saturady what do ya rekon score ill be

Betsy says: I never said eirik wasnt a good player i simply said that he wasnt as fine as others on the team thats my opinion but you might have noticed that if you hadnt jumped to conclusions and started making assumptions without first finding out the facts!

Nat the Leeds Girl! says: Glen, i like your way of thinking!!!! and i like your variation on our chant!!!! I can't believe Eirik didn't play aginst Fulham, and now comes the news that he may be out for the game against Man City!!!! NNNNNOOOOOO!!!! he has only just returned from injury, and now he's injured again!!!! the poor guy!!!!

Simmy says: Bakke greatly under rated!!! Fantastic player truley loyal and fighting for the cause!

Paul says: Who gives a flying roundhouse what he looks like, just that he's a brilliant mid-fielder, responsible for a great number of assists & the odd goal! This isn't Just17 y'know...

Nat the Leeds Girl! says: I am so glad that Eirik will be back in action again soon!!!! Paul you do have a good point, Eirik is a great midfielder and he has scored some wicked goals when the occaision arises, but you can't really ignore the fact that he is fit!!!! but then i suppose you wouldn't notice that sort of thing being a guy and all!!!

Bri Bakke says: how awesome!!! i don't keep up with soccer because i am an american but eirik and i have the same last name! RAD!!! i agree with eirik's girlfriend... i am also a girlfriend of an erik and people call him "eric" all the time!

"Mrs Bakke" says: So hello to my new husbands girlfriend you will be pleased to hear that myself and Eirik got married In Norway and we are pleased to anounce the arrival of our first child xx

The voice of reason says: Told you that I would make a reappearance in times of a special occasion! Think that now is that time. Can not believe that Eirik is out 4 the whooole season!! Must be some bad injury, + just as he was comin bakke (haha, soz couldn't resist!), must be so disappointing. How different does our team look now?! Hopefully we'll have a much better season this year, and startin off with a fantastic result against Derby! This will be of an added bonus for me as it is our local team and my mate supports them. Shame about Smithy going to the scum. Just 1 last thing Get Well Soon Eirik!!!!!!

Alex Myers says: Get well soon Erik cus we no wen ur bk were gonna be a premiership side.

rachel says: there are some real sad cases om this site that need serious professional help!

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