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Position Centre forward
Born 05 Aug 1978, North Shields (England)
Height 185 cm
Weight 68 kg
International Caps England: 3 U21, ? Youth

Club From To Apps Goals Sold for
Sunderland 09 Nov 1995 29 Jul 1999 92 21 £4500000
Leeds United 29 Jul 1999 30 Jun 2004 82 21 £0
Newcastle United 02 Feb 2004 16 May 2004 8 0 on loan
Bolton Wanderers 30 Jun 2004 24 Dec 2004 0 0 £0
Sunderland 23 Sep 2004 23 Dec 2004 11 1 on loan
Sunderland 24 Dec 2004 25 Jul 2005 10 0 £0
Bristol City 25 Jul 2005 02 Jan 2006 13 1 £0
Carlisle United 15 Nov 2005 01 Jan 2006 7 3 on loan
Carlisle United 02 Jan 2006 31 Aug 2006 24 12 £350000
Hull City 31 Aug 2006        

Leeds Career League FA Cup League Cup Europe Other
Season Apps Goals Apps Goals Apps Goals Apps Goals Apps Goals
1999 - 2000 32(2) 19 1(1)   2   12 2 0  
2000 - 2001 6(1)   0   0   4   0  
2002 - 2003 1(4)   0   0(1)   1(2)   0  
2003 - 2004 1(9)   0   1(1)   0   0  
Total 40(16) 19 1(1)   3(2)   17(2) 2 0  

Jabba's Comments

Made a very positive start to his first season with a hat-trick at Southampton and kept up a reasonable, if not outstanding, scoring rate. He does hold the ball up well, he works well for the team and has an excellent shot, but could really do with a more experienced partner - when he was paired with one of Kewell, Smith and Huckerby, and the latter two weren't fully fit he found himself carrying most of the attacking burden on his own.

A final goal tally of 21 in his first season at the club was a good achievement - and once again, that was done without Bridges being completely fit: he was the most substituted player in 1999-2000. After a poor start to 2000-01 - with the goals just not coming and his confidence low - he damaged his knee when he caught his studs on the pitch in the Champions League match away at Besiktas and was out for the remainder of the season. Rumours surrounded his possible departure as a part-exchange for Kieron Dyer once he regained his fitness, but he stayed at Leeds to continue his comeback.

2001-02 was another terrible year for Bridges: he came close to a comeback but picked up another ligament injury and was out until the start of the 2002-03 season.

Sure enough, he made it through the pre-season and started to regain match fitness in the reserves, finally getting back onto the pitch as a sub in the first leg of the UEFA Cup tie against Metalurg and made the winner for Alan Smith. Two more months of substitute appearances followed and he finally managed a full game at Fulham at the start of December. But in the very next game - against Malaga at Elland Road - he broke down again and will miss the rest of the season. He deserves a huge amount of sympathy, and nobody could knock him if he decided to throw in the towel rather than face another year of operations, physio, training alone. We all hope he decides to give it another go - he is a great striker and an asset to the team when he is fit, and it would be a great boost to the team if he was fit and ready to go at the start of the new season.

Michael returned early for pre-season training for 2003-04 but played little part in the practice matches as the coaching staff tried to ensure he didn't overdo things and break down again. He made sporadic appearances through the first half of the 2003-04 season showing his customary great touch but still looking well short of match fitness and the sort of robust strength any striker needs. With just a few months remaining on his contract, he was loaned out to Newcastle on deadline day in January 2004. Newcastle were challenging for a Champions League spot, but Bridges didn't get much of a look in until the very end of the season when an injury crisis built up to crisis proportions, and it was no surprise to see Newcastle fail to make an offer to take him on permanently. With his contract due to expire, it was announced that Bolton had agreed terms to take him on: it will be interesting to see just how many games he manages to play for them next season - but if he does stay fit, the goals will surely follow for this talented striker.

Stormin Norman says: I would like to see Bridges stay and Viduka go. People say Viduka was brilliant scoring 20 odd goals last season but it was Bridges' 20 odd goals that fired us into the Champions League.

Vicki Winter says: Hi! I'd just like to add a little story about Michael seeing as no-one else has!! (Or have I just not found them??) About a month or so ago I went to meet Michael as he re-opened a cafe in York and would just like to say that he was a lovely lad! All my friends at work dared me to go and see him (knowing that I am a big Leeds fan and think Michael is class!) and I don't think any of them thought I'd go on my own - but I did! And am very glad too as I now have his autograph and got to meet one of our best players of the last couple of seasons! Just hope he gets playing again for us as soon as possible and gets knocking in those goals again cos I reckon we need him more than Viduka!!!

Charlie Bridges says: Hello, Leeds Fans. Just thought I would Pass a few comments on about Michael Bridges' bottle. I'm Charlie Bridges 37 years old born as Michael was in North Shields. Although we have never met my Dad Charlie now deceased was cousin to Michael's Dad Joe. Our great great Grandad Charlie Bridges served in the Crimea War - he survived the Battle of Balaclava (Charge of the Light Brigade) amongst other battles in that campaign. My Grandad Charlie was captured at Dunkirk and survived the prison camps. Michael's Grandad Joe served as a Royal Marine during the second world war. I'm a Colour Sergeant in the Royal Marines and have now served 16 years. My point is that the lad is bred well, he's got heart and when your team is up against it you want him in your side. By the way I've got a good left foot and the grace of a gazelle. But alas I'm not for sale.

PLA Leeds United FanClub says: He is one of the best striker of Leeds. I hope when he come back he can plays as well as last year. He has good skills and he is a cool man when he plays football.

Ceri Jones says: I've seen Michael play on television and although I'm not a leeds supporter I am a great fan of Bridges. I seen him at Maine Road and can honestly say he has more ability than Viduka. I hope he plays soon as he is what Leeds are missing.

Sam C says: I love Michael Bridges. I've met him loads of times. I started to like Him since he was seventeen. Can't wait to see him play again. Please come back to Sunderland.

David F says: well i met Michael just after he broke his leg - he was in a lot of pain - id seen him score that hat-trick at southampton the day of the total eclipse of the sun!! (Aug 2000) and thought what a gr8 prospect! He sar next to us at a premiership game at Elland Rd and was a very happy and well-mannered player - which is a lot more than can be said about one or two of our 'imports'. Oh please Tel get rid of Viduka - prima donna - sell him to Roma or lazio or somewhere else - give Bowyer away before he does any more spiritual damage but dont sell Micheal or Robbie!!

Katie Thorne says: Hiya, I've been in conctact with michael since I went to the same knee surgeon as him. he has been really supportive and I know it sounds cheesy but he has really helped me cope.he is one of the nicest people i've ever known and probably ever will know.

Andrew Loughran says: The worst news this season is that Michael is injured again! We need class players like him.

Martin Caulton says: Michael is an incredibly talented player who, if injury hadn't stopped him, would be playing for England with Owen. Disappointed to see he is out for then rest of the season, he deserves better than that and would have helped Leeds out of the position they're in without doubt!

Donna smithys number1 says: Micky m8 i was sooooo gutted about wat happened the other day so so gutted iw as crying 4 u and everything! uve worked so so so hard n then this happens but keep strong uve bin thru a hell of alot but i have so much faith in u work even harder U WILL b our highest scorer again 1 day ull see! I remember the time wher every1 hd ure name on their shirts n u were every`s fave playa u work harder then ever 2 get fit for next season m8 well all b w8in 4 ya 2 run bak owt on 2 the pitch and score more n more goals ull b bak just like the cheif always is!

Daniel Woodhouse says: you are my best player at leeds fc . you are my best player please do not leave leeds fc i will be devesteted

Ricky says: i think brigdes is a good forward if leeds united put smith along side brigdes and kewell on the left side,leeds would put all the other teams to shame. so i think tell should do it like how i said when brigdes is fit.

Kim H says: Hiya Michael! Its kim Harte here. hope all is well, say hi to Kate! Ill be over soon so it'll be nice to catch up! Take Care, Kim

Nicky says: Hi Michael, congratulation to you and Kate on getting married!!!! Hope you will continue to be very happy!!!!!!

Isobel Shanks says: Met Michael and his Dad when he played for Mardon Bridge School team just want to send all our Best Wishes to him and his family.from all in Aberdeen

Lorenzo says: i'm french and i saw Michael Bridges a few times, at television, when i was living in Chile from 99 to 2002. I'm 36 years old, i've loved football since ever, and i can say that i saw great players, very famous Cruijf, maradona, platini, van basten, but also other ones less famous like arnesen, mancini, polvsen, futre...I've just known from internet that he had a lot of troubles lately. When he's playing, Michael has something. He must come back. I hope this message could help him to find courage and to come back stronger and healtier.

lee casewell says: Dear Michael Bridges I am one of your big fans I have seen you play football on tv and I just want to say you play fantastic of Leeds United and Iam just woundring if you are going to play in the pre-season

A life long Michael Bridges Fan! says: Hey Michael, I'd just like to say congratulations on your marriage to Kate! I'm so pleased to hear that you are going to be featuring in Peter Reids plans at Leeds!(i was worried when he was appointed manager after what happened at Sunderland!) Good Luck for the Season and i will hopefully see you soon! Love your number 1 fan!

josh hoy says: i like m brides a lot and hope that he scores lots of goals next season and his wife makes him go running every morning.

bunminho says: Michael Bridges' game reminds me of a certain "Sniffer" and we certainly need Bridgey back to spice up competition for places .. Viduka and Chapuis fighting it out for the top nine role, Smudger and Bridges for the foil. Come to think of it, Smudger is a decent center-forward himself ... and could well play alongside Bridges again.

nathan lunn says: i think michael bridges is best striker in the world i just hope he don't get injured again or leave because i would'nt ever dream of selling him if i was in charge best ever supporter of bridges in the world

Laura(natalies sista) says: My sista thinks that Michael Bridges luks like David Flint!!

Sam says: Congrats on getting married, you deserve all the happiness in the World. Please don't go to the Mags, they won't appreciate you, come back to Sunderland, the crowd still loves you up here!

Sam says: I'm very disapointed in you Michael, how could you go to the Scum. Well I suppose its only for three months. You should have come to Sunderland!

Max Harlow says: Just want to say Good Luck for the future, Bridgey. We don't blame you for getting the Hell out of Elland Road, given the misery you've endured in the time you've been here. I just wish you'd had the chance of a decent run in the side with us, instead of having to go through the exit door. Still, with Woody and Bow already up there, you'll have a few friendly faces to greet you. All the best, and please don't score when you play against us!

amanda says: Briges played wkd today i reacon he should stay with newcastle

dave says: ve seen Michael in 42nd street in Whitley Bay numerous times as he is a local lad this must be his favoriate haunt.

stefan says: michael bridges you are a class act good luck at newcastle. i had to stop playing football last year for a spleen op. i hope u never get injured again mike your an inspiration to anyone who has like meself

Gino says: i think bridges should stay if we go down cos he owes us for all the money we have been giving him during his injury plus i think he could become the best player in division one cos it was not long ago that he was a good player in the prem.

Guy says: Michael Bridges will be our top striker next seasona in Division 1 so I hope he gets his contract renewed.

stefan says: congratualtions michael on signing with bolton.everyone supports you we know u can do well keep your head up tough guy

dave says: he never hit it off for leeds and never will have a chance like that again

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