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Position Centre forward
Born 09 Oct 1975, Melbourne (Australia)
Height 187 cm
Weight 86 kg
International Caps Australia: 25 full

Club From To Apps Goals Sold for
Croatia Zagreb 01 Aug 1995 01 Nov 1998 84 40 £3500000
Glasgow Celtic 01 Nov 1998 02 Jul 2000 48 35 £6500000
Leeds United 02 Jul 2000 08 Jul 2004 166 72 £4500000
Middlesbrough 08 Jul 2004        

Leeds Career League FA Cup League Cup Europe Other
Season Apps Goals Apps Goals Apps Goals Apps Goals Apps Goals
2000 - 2001 34 17 2 1 1   16 4 0  
2001 - 2002 33 11 1 1 1 1 7 3 0  
2002 - 2003 29(4) 20 4 2 1   2   0  
2003 - 2004 30 11 1 1 0   0   0  
Total 126(4) 59 8 5 3 1 25 7 0  

Jabba's Comments

Viduka's transfer from Croatia Zagreb to Celtic took looked like one of the great mistakes of all time: the player wasn't sure he wanted to go, there were money problems, and he was injured as soon as he came. To cap it all, Viduka then headed back to Croatia and Australia complaining of stress. On his return he finally settled into the side and had a storming year in 1999-2000, scoring a hatful of goals and being voted Scottish Player of the Year.

After a slowish start at Leeds - not helped by his departure to the Olympics and his lack of match fitness - Vidooks found his form and started scoring. His four goals against Liverpool at Elland Road were one of the highlights of the season, and although he continued to look a little overweight and short of match fitness, he kept on finding enough drive to make space and score goals when it mattered. He was the first choice up front, but with so many good young strikers around he needed to keep the goals coming to keep his place.

In 2001-02 he established himself as the club's first choice striker and has scored some great goals. He also did a fine job holding the ball up and trying to bring other players into the game, and despite the fact that he sometimes looks a bit heavy-footed, his pace over 5 yards has made many a chance. Rumours continue to surround his future at the club, and it's understood that at least one large offer from an Italian club has been turned down. It would be a huge shame to lose him - he's a committed player who will score 20 goals a season and does a lot for the other players in the team. But if his agent keeps on dangling the Lira (sorry, Euros) in front of him - and if Leeds fail to make it into Europe next season - then a change of scenery looks inevitable.

Throughout summer 2003, Viduka's agent touted the player around almost every Champions League club in Europe - but failed to find any who could afford the fee or his wages. He's got three years left on his contract and Leeds could command a substantial amount of compensation if he were to leave. He's told Peter Reid informally (to avoid losing contract compensation) that he wants to move on, and although there are clearly some issues between player and manager, Reid insists that he wants Viduka to stay and play a full part in the coming season's struggle.

Becki says: Mark is such a cute, gorgeous guy. He could score with me anyday!

Ivan says:'re a slapper!!!

Jeremy Davis says: yeh, I've seen Mark play, excellent soccer player. He's got the skill the speed and a f@@@n powerful kick. If he's like reading this I wouldn't say no to an autographed shirt with his number or somethin' which would be cool. It's good to Australians makin it in the soccer world.

Jo says: Mark sent me a signed photo for me on my birthday, he's a god! But he should come to Burnley F.C. instead of being all the way over there!!!

Marie Batinic says: Dooks - you're the man! I follow your steps and look up to you as my greatest players and you're a great role model for all Australian and of course Croatians. You're the best! Keep up the good work. I will always remember you when you scored that famous hat-trick against your old rivals Sth Melbourne when you played for the Melbourne Knights on that cold and rainy night. And of course I would be happy to have one of your soccer shirts with your name and the marvellous number 9 on the back of it.

Jose says: In the middle of a training session at the MCG, three teenage boys asked him for an autograph, he agreed gladly with a smile and asked them "Are you guys coming on Saturday?" They said "Yeah!!" - referring to the ill fated match against Iran in Melbourne, November 1997. I saw Mark training then and followed his progress and because of him and the rest of the Aussies in the squad, Leeds is now my Premier League team. Mark, this time time around the MCG, your home city, will witness Victory!!!!

butt ugly says: I think that he is fu**** ugly but a good Aussie player and Australians rule by the way. He has a good kick but is butt ugly.. ROFLMAO

Jairo Anibal Villalba says: Hello Mark. Greetings From South America (Columbia). You are my favorite soccer player of the Australian Soccer Team (socceroos). During my visit to Australia the past year (Olympic Volunteer) I was visiting a lot of soccer stores but I found not the uniform of Mark Viduka. I fan of the Socceroos and the Leeds United.

Anonymous says: I watched Viduka carry Celtic for a full season and believe him to be the best player in the world.

Jen says: I've always been a fan of Leeds and the fab Mark Viduka is a real winner.

Matthew says: he looks like Grover from Sesame Street honestly! Look up some pics of Grover if you don't believe me.

KC says: When you went on World Cup duty Leeds were pretty crap. Alan Smith is nothing compared to you.

Neil Cordy says: Best player leeds have ever had.

Rachael says: hi - I like him cause he is cool & is good at football. He rocks the planet.

Tom Kosor says: Ever since Mark started playing in the under 9's here in Melbourne, you could tell that he was one out of the box. The match that's already been mentioned above against South Melbourne (the best game of Australian soccer ever) where he scored THAT hat trick announced his arrival as a superstar. I've had the pleasure of knowing Mark since his childhood years, and even played with him at the Melbourne Knights, albeit in the Youth team. I didn't see the V-bomber this time around when he came down for the qualifier, but hopefully next time you're here Mark, we can get together for a drink and catch up. Good luck with your time at Leeds. The Championship has to come soon so you can add another one to the resume.

Anonymous says: Good on you Dukes, You are an inspiration to all Aussies. We love you back here. Keep flying the aussie flag O/s and take us to Germany 2006!!!

Liam says: I think Viduka is a great player i want to be like him.

Anonymous says: Viduka is extremely talented and a great ambassador for Australia!! I've always been a Leeds fan and was ecstatic when Viduka became another Leeds supastar!! Viduka had to work hard to get where he is today, and after all the troubles he went through before Leeds I hope he has a fantastic time at Leeds and all Leeds fans and Australians are proud of him :)

Leeds & Hawthorn fan says: V-Bomber you are the best in the world! Skillful, fast, powerful kick, built like an ox & a good header. Why would the best teams in the world go after you - Juventus, AC Milan, Real Madrid, Roma! Oh also he is a Melbourne boy..

Daz says: 1 word.... GOD

BigBaz says: mark you are a great centre forward but I wish you would be more aggressive in general play - i.e. put it about a bit more controlled aggression. That's what us Leeds fans want to see.

Anonymous says: A true Aussie..always ready for international duty...deserves success at every level...keep it up dukes.

LeedsFanAus says: If one more silly girl comes in here and says how much she "likes Mark Viduka" and who thinks he's "cute and gorgeous" both in the same sentence I think it will do my poor little head in.

John W says: Talented player that he is, Viduka isn't in the same class as compatriot Harry Kewell. His inability to have any real impact in the two games against Uruguay cost Australia dearly...

Jozo says: Mark Viduka Croatian & he should play for the Melbourne Knights.

LeedsFanAus says: Ivan is right Becky you ARE a slapper, a silly little slapper...hehehhe.

Charlie says: anyone who rubbishes Viduka is a complete pillock.

Kate says: Mark Viduka is one of the greatest players of all time and is very good looking.

Carol says: I think Mark is a fantastic player. Cute as well! Haven't got a decent photo of Mark! Would love one! Thanks.

TuB says: I luv Viduka he's so hot and good player but he should take more runs during the game.

Uysal says: hi! How are you Viduka. I am your fan from Turkey and watch your every match and you are REAL SLAPPER. If you send me a message will very happy good luck Viduka

Gav says: The should've made him faster on FIFA 2000 on my Playstation. Kewell is wads faster that Viduka although Mark seems to get in better position. AUSTRALIA RULES.

Pavo says: The Mark Viduka or V-Bomber is a Melbourne Knights Product. The club and the supporters are very proud of his achievements. Keep on scoring those goals, Mark. All the Croatians in Australia wish you all the best for the future.

Tracy says: Hi! Unfortunately for me, Mark broke my heart last year after putting 4, yes 4, past my beloved Liverpool. It was extremely hard to take but, on the day he had an excellent game, and walked away with the match ball.

It's just that I saw Mark on Soccer AM a couple of weeks ago, and he must have had some kind of impression on me, 'cos a few days later I had a dream about him. It was all very tasteful folks. Nothing naughty, but I did end up on a date with his dishyness. He was incredibly charming girls ;), a really nice guy.

Since then, he's been on my mind a bit, as you can imagine :) So, for all you moaning men/boys out there. Don't knock Mark, he really is quite a cute sexy guy, and he can enter my dreams anytime :)

Tracy says: Mark is soooooo sexy. Can I wrap him up and take him home with me? Please! :)

Adam Bekavac says: hi Mark Viduka your the top player in the world. Your the best player in the english premier league later MARK!!!

Akcim says: Mark Viduka is cool

ling says: you r kool

Stef says: leeds united are the best team ever. if you can send me some pics!! thanx

Cat says: If only I had met him at a pub, or a club game, or known him before the game. Alas I am just another person in awe of this amazing Aussie who is definitely watching her team - and player, play next year in 2003. Look out England, here I come!

laga says: listen all readers of this site Mark Viduka is the man with the magic touch ,shot,skill and ability to hold up players and creates plenty of goal scoring opportunities for his team mates he is a BEAST and a SIK ****....

Lee Smith says: Iam 12 years old. I am writing to you because my class is doing a biography on famous Australian sports people and I choose Ned Zelic, Mark Viduka and Harry Kewell and I can't find any information on your family's and photo's and I play Soccer that why I choose you three soccer players.

Tina says: Hands off message to all the girls - Mark is mine!!! Top player, what would Leeds do without him?

Jozo says: Viduka is a true Aussie Croat. Croats rock the world like Viduka does.

Hei says: Viduka is really a great player. Not only he scores, he also sets up others as well. He is the Pat Rafter equivalent of Australian sport. Not only he is talented, but he is a good bloke on/off the field! Keep it up Vidukes. P.S I cant wait to see him play in the 2006 World Cup, when the Socceroos will cause some damage..

V-Bomber says: Mark Viduka should play for croatia as both his parents are born there-he atleast would have the chance to play in the World Cup. Its a pity such a great player will never get the chance to play in a WC.

mike says: my partner thinks hes dead cute.keep knocking them in mark and im happy

Loki says: I think that Mark Viduka is perhaps one of the greatest Australian soccer players of all time but I don't think that he is up to the GREAT HARRY KEWELL but he is close.

Damo says: Vids is a class player, strong and skillfull. He leaves defenders scratchin their heads with his kwik feet. Keep it up big lad Leeds lads are behind you all the way.

donna smithys babe number1 leedsrok4eva! says: Marko m8!! uve gotta keep up the gud work show terry he int gunna kik u out of this football club no matter how in debt we r u or ollie! uve gotta stay w elet keano go we cart do the same wi u!!! ure a good lad number 9 n a gr8 playa CUMON LEEDS!!!!!!

Teri says: Cat, I agree-if only! I am another totally in awe of Mark. What a babe, and he can play a bit.

Pero says: Pls come back to Dinamo Zagreb at the end of your career

kemal muarem says: Mark Viduka is a realy good plajer i am a leeds united fans in macedonia thanks

Loren says: Hey Mark, It looks like you are one good soccer player! Im only 14, but you do look pretty hot! Well, keep up the good work hun!

Tom L says: I think the big aussi is a gud player, however he could do with sheading a few pounds. A bit too many fosters me thinks. But as long as he gets the goals i aint complain.

Danielle says: Congratulations on becoming a dad for the first time!!!!!

"Mark Viduka" says: Thanks guys, that's great feedback. I love yuz all. I'm gonna send signed shirts to everyone.

Renato says: hi i'm from Chile, southamerica, Viduka is my favoriute player with marcelo "el matador" salas, Mark is very strongh and complete player. Leeds united played with Colo-Colo from Chile this my team in Chile, Leeds won 1-0. byeeee

Tim says: Mark Viduka is not only a great player but a good bloke. I met him before the colo colo game at the hotel and he was more than happy to sign my shirt for me as well as many others. If only all players were like him.

U.S. Soccer Fan says: Hi! I'm from Texas and I play forward a lot just like Viduka and when I play up there I try to immitate him as much as possible because like him I am a big and good in the air. I try as much as I can to be like him because he is a great player with a tremendous touch. Also, just to aggrevate all you jealous guys out there he is pretty cute.

eric chambers says: i think that he needs to be more active on the pitch. if i was manager i would tell him that if he doesnt he will be sold

Kirsty says: Seen him train at Chelsea on 27/01/03, very good shape. Unfortunately missed the game as was flying home to Glasgow.

Jessica says: I was there on tuesday wen we beat gillingham n i jus wanna say that dukes, u were fantastic, n u shut their fans up wiv a wonderfully taken goal! :) Lets hope its a new start from now, where we get bk 2 winnin ways. Cya in may, luv jessica x x x

Dougo says: viduka u r leeds last hope...with keaneo gone u have to step up and kick lots of goals like u did with him..u were a great combination

Schirmer says: ur a legend

Marty says: Vids mate, your the best don't let ridsdale get rid of u like he did with keaneo..we need u ,snd i hope u score tons of goals 4 leeds.

Ollie_From_Melbourne says: I have to be one of the biggest Mark Viduka fans on the planet. I've followed his career for a long time, before he was a household name (from the same suburb in melbourne where mark grew up and played football). The guy is a class player, with out doubt. It amazes me how fickle the Leeds fans are sometimes though.. Ive meet him a few times since he 'made it big' and I can tell you he's so down-to-earth its not funny, a genuinely nice guy. The 4 goal demolition was in all honesty the highlight of my life in that year. sad perhaps, but true :) Mark, you're a champ. p.s if you can manage a signed shirt for my kid brother, that would be great. See if you can get Harry and Paul to sign it aswell! :)

Natalie Lucic says: I just wanted to say that Dukes is a legend no matter what anyone says. He always puts in 100%. I remember first seeing Mark as a youngster playing in the Melb. Knights first grade team and I must say he was all class back then as he is now. It was sad seeing Dukes leave Oz but he has gone on to bigger and better things. I had the chance to meet Mark at the Croatian Club, Sydney a couple of years ago when he was playing for the Socceroo's in a friendly. I expected him to be very unfriendly as he is rich and famous. To my surprise he is the most down to earth bloke you could ever meet. Unfortunately, I didn't get a photo or an autograph from him. I'd really love to get my hands on one one day. Mark, keep up the great work your doing and continue to silence your critics. All of us Aussies especially Aussie born Croats will always support you.

viduka wanabe says: dukes is the best player at leeds but doesn't score tonnes of goals because the rest of the team is s**t (besides kewell, okon, bakke, smith

matthew says: wicked, fab, superb, speechless

Ole (Norway) says: I just have to say its a pleasure watching The Duke. Stay with Leeds!

Sarah says: WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! (what else can i say?!?)

Broomster says: Was in Leeds the other day, and i think i saw him in his car.. Reg was something like V14UKA..

jonny says: Viduka is carrying leeds at the moment but as long as we keep him we will be alright for years to come. WHAT A PLAYER!!!!!!!!

Alex Ferguson says: Thanks for scoring the winning goal against the scum.

Lawrence says: you r my fave player ever ever ever.. I would really like to meet you and get a signed shirt .Hope you read this, bye!

Alex Lawrences friend says: Hi Mark say hi to the lads and Peter Reid.

chris mason says: hi mark how r u doin im ure biggiest fan keep scoring goals!!!

adam sanders says: mark you are my fave player in the whole wrold , and pleese stay with leeds!

lee casewell says: All I can say is you are brilliant on the pitch with your skill and your powerful strike I wouldn't like to be a goalkeeper. I've wrote to some of your team mate on internet like eikke bakke, Ian harte and david batty I like to say you are the in every way

johnny says: What a player, skill and power.Thanks for keeping us up, please don't go, we need you. Respect.

"Terry Venables" says: hes too fat for football .....i could beat him in a 10metre sprint to the shops!

Anon says: Viduka is a legend, and he should really come to Dinamo Zagreb before he finish his career. He is the greatest Croat ever.

andy says: go to the gym and loose a few stones then come back and play and when u do dont be so greedy.

robert says: shut up andy

L.w says: Hi Mark i dont support leeds united but i still think you are a good player!

Hartebeat says: When he turns with his back towards goal, just outside the penalty box, you really expects another goal coming. A powerful striker whose shot on goal ratio is simply second to none.

jo says: Mark: please don't leave Leeds u will been truely missed if u do i love u lots my life won't be worth living if u don't play 4 my beloved leeds anymore

James says: viduka - great player, england could do with him.

jo says: I have heard today that mark is happy at leeds and wants to do his best for them. This great news. Thank you Dukes.

kirsty mcewan says: I think mark viduka a brilliant striker nobody will ever beable to compete with him love kirsty from leeds

Steve says: Mark Viduka has always prided himself on his economy of movement, but it is a fine line between nonchalance and apathy and he appears to have placed his sofa over it.

cass says: hey mark u went 2 school with 3 teachers from my skool i am studing u for a project i think u are a real mad player i love soccer and i used 2 play from cass

jo says: Mark please don't give up on us. We need you, keep faith and i am sure you will come good. No matter what happened at the weekend i still luv you and think you are the only one that can keep Leeds up where they belong. PLEASE STAY

Charles says: Why don't you give Viduka a break. He is not one of the people who has stuffed up Leeds United for GOOD!

Jenn in Oxford says: Hey - where have you guys been? you even call him Tha Dooks! Good kids! Mark is the most class player I've ever seen. Solid, strong, AND SMART!! Plays like a real Aussie. When he gets support from the rest of the team, he'll deliver every time. And the man is a complete babe. I'm proud to be Australian - especially when he turns it on for the Internationals! Phew!

jo says: hope all fans get behind dukes on saturday and make him feel wanted. I do think he will have a really great game if he knows we still love him.

Ryan Gardiner says: Mark Viduka is one of the greatest strikers in Europe and his goal against Arsenal last season saved Leeds United! A true united legend.

Leeds United My life says: Mark Just read your interview in Sunday Times 15/2/04.Thanks for your loyalty, keep the faith mate Marching on Together. Hope your Dad gets better and he can enjoy more of your great performances in a white shirt. With you and Smithy fired up for the fight we can stay up, just make sure the other blokes have your spirit.

Robbo says: Reminds me of his compatriot Paul " the joke Okon " , Rubbish ... and anyone who thinks Mark Viduka is hot and wants to go out with him ...well.. they obviously know how much his weekly pay packet is .. no wonder Leeds are up to their necks in Debt...oh and Dukesta next time the Aussie soccer whatever they call themselves threaten to get fifa involved to sanction you just call it quits, they dont deserve your talent which u bring to any side ... turning ur backside to defenders throwing ur weight around and tripping on the ball !

lan hanson says: I think mark viduka is a god and he scores loads of goals. I went to elland road and got a signiture and a photo of me and him. The first words he said was 'good day mate.'

Pero [] says: It would be a nice gesture if you would come home to Dinamo Zagreb when you know you only will play one more season :) We have Branko Strupar with us right know, so please join us you to, when ever you are ready!

Ross says: All u w***e*s dissin the duke shut the hell up!!!! Mark plays a vital role for Leeds & if not for his heroics last season would be in div 1. I only hope that Leeds manage to keep him next season so as not to rely solely on Smithy for goals. If ur readin this duke anychance of takin a pay cut so that u can stay at Elland road??? Ur worth every bit of ur 65,000 a week but thanks to a certain idiot Peter Ridsdale Leeds cant afford it!!!!

jeni says: hey im from melbourne my self your a legend at my soccer club your form is awsome by the way peter ridsdale is a dik head xoxo luv ya VIDA

laura greensmith says: i saw Mark Viduka on a trip with a friend to Thorpe Arch he was really sweet especially to the kids

iain moore says: mark played for shepperton united in oz my son is going out to join them any info please

will says: i played against mark viduka in a national youth tournament. he played for victoria and i for south australia. didn't see much of him coz im a striker too. don't remember how many he scored but we got flogged. hail the v-bomber, cant wait to see him at hindmarsh next month slaying the kiwis

jo says: never got chance to say goodbye to mark on saturday when we played charlton and will probably never see him at elland road again just like to say you are still ther best and i will certainly miss you, but all the best where ever you go so long as it is not man united or galatas.

Rob in Halifax says: Thanks for sticking around as long as you did Mark. You were meant for bigger and better things than Div 1. Good luck wherever you go and thanks for the memories of which there has been quite a few.

Denis Bozic says: Hi viduka u are a great player and u will make a big differnece for middelsbourgh and they will go 2 da top

J says: Legend!!! what more can i say, just a dead set legend. good on ya champ.

fred says: fat arse, glad 2 see u go

Ivo says: "And on the seventh day, God created Viduka" Need i say more?

Tony Ramos says: Hi! I'm from Brazil and since I've started playing Winning Eleven in my Playstation I became a great Viduka's fan. He's a powerfull striker. Here in Brazil we don't have players as him. Now I see him playing in the League and i really like it a lot.

Gaffer says: I will never forget the 4 goals against Liverpool. 2-0 after 12 minutes and I thought my first pint was calling in the Peacock. I stayed and witnessed a magician at work. The swivel in the box for the hat-trick and the little dink over Westerveld will long live in the memory. Hyppia was on his hands and knees!!

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