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Allan Clarke (28.7K)  Allan Clarke (25.8K)  Allan Clarke (38.3K)  Allan Clarke (9.0K)  Allan Clarke (22.9K)  Allan Clarke (20.2K)

Position Striker
Born 31 Jul 1946, Short Heath (England)
Height 182 cm
Weight 70 kg
International Caps England: 19 full

Club From To Apps Goals Sold for
Walsall 01 Aug 1963 01 Mar 1966 72 41 £35000
Fulham 01 Mar 1966 01 Jun 1968 86 45 £150000
Leicester City 01 Jun 1968 01 Jul 1969 36 12 £165000
Leeds United 01 Jul 1969 01 Jun 1978 364 151 £45000
Barnsley 01 Jun 1978 01 Sep 1980 47 15  

Leeds Career League FA Cup League Cup Europe Other
Season Apps Goals Apps Goals Apps Goals Apps Goals Apps Goals
1969 - 1970 28 17 9 7 0   5 2 0  
1970 - 1971 41 19 4 1 1   10 3 0  
1971 - 1972 35 11 6 4 2   0   0  
1972 - 1973 36 18 8 6 4   5 2 0  
1973 - 1974 34 13 2(1)   0   5 3 0  
1974 - 1975 33(1) 14 7 3 3 1 8 4 0  
1975 - 1976 35(1) 11 2 1 1 1 0   0  
1976 - 1977 20 4 5 3 1   0   0  
1977 - 1978 8(1) 3 0(1)   1   0   0  
Total 270(3) 110 43(2) 25 13 2 33 14 0  

Jabba's Comments

'Sniffer' Clarke was signed by Don Revie for a British record fee of £165,000 from relegated Leicester in 1969 to build on the strength of Revie's first championship-winning squad. "Who put the ball in the Arsenal net?" is the question: in May 1972, the answer was most definitely "Allan Allan Clarke", his powerful header being the only score in the FA Cup Final. Clarke was a strong and skilful player and his tally of just 19 caps for England is a shamefully low count for a man who was top scorer with one of the leading clubs in England for four seasons. He linked up with Mick Jones to form the most formidable front line of the early 1970s, and with the addition of "Hot-shot" Lorimer's goals, he provided the powerhouse that drove Leeds on to win so many games.

With his best years as a player behind him, he joined Barnsley as player-manager in 1978 and his efforts in leading them to promotion stood him in good stead when Leeds came looking for somebody to reinvigorate an aging side in 1980. Sadly, Clarke failed to turn the team around and with Leeds relegated, he resigned.

Sudhaman.n says: Allan is a great player, he was my idol. When I played for my schools my favourite jersey no. was 8, because it was Allan's jersey no. at Leeds, which is my favourite club since 1972 and I still support them.

Steve says: Quite simply the most gifted striker I've seen. And I'm from Lancs! Some his elegance when scoring was unbelievable. He was an artist with the ball. Everything about him was class. I'm only 33, but I remember his stunning goal against Zurich on the way to the 75 Euro final, and sod Villa, Whiteside and the rest. The 72 diving header was a masterpiece of football, like oil on canvas. Even the streamlined look with the cold eyes in the white strip was bloody fantastic. I'm surprised a whole video has not been made of him, there are so many classic examples of his goals on film. If England would have got to the 74 finals we would have been talking here about a truly world class player as he never got chance to prove it on the world stage. True, he could be a bit nasty off the ball, but the balance and skill of the man were terrific. I can never understand why Revie, who knew him better than most, didn't pick him for England more than once. Allan would be chuffed to bits if he knew how much he was idolised by us lads from near Manchester when we were kids. Even now I find everything about the guy magnetic, and he should still be involved in the game instead of selling ventilators!! Best goal? Either v Leicester in 75 or against Liverpool in the cup run in 72, when he took the mickey out of Smith and co. A truly classic goal which is hard to find on film. Allan was a true winner. He got the winner in the Fairs cup final, the FA cup final, the 73 Cup winners cup semi final and the 75 Euro semi final. With Bremner and Giles, unquestionably, in my my view, the finest player to play for Leeds United. Even the name and the nickname are bloody marvellous. You look at some of the goals and have to think, how the bloody hell did he manage that one?

Mike Egan says: Allan Clarke was my favourite player at Walsall and I was devastated when he left the Saddlers. Although I probably didn't know what devastated meant then. I remember skipping off from my cousin's wedding just to see Allan and the lads in action. His strike partner at the time was George Kirby who later moved on to Halifax and eventually became their Manager.

Peter Sapsed says: I used to watch Allan play home & away when he played for FULHAM when he moved to LEEDS UTD after LEICESTER CITY, I (much to my Father's Disgust) changed my team (I was 15 at the time) and I have supported LEEDS UTD ever since - though coming from SURREY I don't get to matches so thank whoever for LIVE games on TV. I too used to wear No8 when I played and tried to play like him as he was the GREATEST goal scorer I have ever seen and would give some of today's strikers a run for there money.

Ed Holford says: As a Fulham supporter saw "Twiggy" as we called him (as he was so thin)play at the cottage with the likes of Johnny Haynes, and George Cohen. A truly great player who's distinctive elbows raised and pointing out as he ran with the ball. He terrorised defences and I think he was top scorer one season with 29 goals. Played out of position at Leicester he finally blossomed and hardened at Leeds (well you had to)and was a great servant to them. Happy memories..

Richard Norman says: I will always remember back page photographs of the great Allan Clarke as he was walking off the pitch after an international match having scored a hat trick for England. I believe he was playing alongside Mick Channon and Martin Chivers at the time and the press referred to them as the 'C' Men! The magnificent way in which he scored his goals at all levels and the one fingered salute that generally followed is an inmage that will stay with me forever. Allan was one of my early footballing heros and I remember buying his biography many years ago and being totally absorbed with the inside stories about Leeds United and the tips he included about tucking the ball away into the net. Thanks Allan for for some tremendous memories and although I come from Surrey the Leeds/Liverpool fixture in those days was a meeting my wife and I always looked forward to in the early '70's hoping to see you carrying out your craft superbly. You rarely let us down and it was great to see you tuck that penalty away a few days ago when some re-runs of World Cup matches were shown on the TV. Cool or what!

Chris Lancaster says: My brother-in-law was digging through his garage and found a boxed Allan Clarke Sondico Soccer Ball. The ball was still deflated had never been used and still had the free gifts inside the box of an Allan Clarke Soccer skills wallchart and a carrier bag. Before my son (aged 10) starts to kick the ball around the park is it woth anything ?? contactable at

Laura Clark says: My dad works with the great man himself and I have to say he's a top bloke, as well as being a great (ex) player! I can't believe that someone as good as him still has to work for a living.

Tim Lyttle says: Like some of your other contributors I also had to have number 8 on my back in my school days. Allan Clarke was always my absolute hero. I remember my brother had a fantastic poster on his wall of the moment the ball went over the line in the '72 cup final. The picture was shot from the other end of the ground looking down the pitch & Sniffer is still in mid air ! It's a superb shot & I would love to find a copy of the photograph, anybody seen it ? If you have I would willingly give you my house & all it's belongings for a copy ! (Well maybe !)

Gary Brant says: I come from Walsall and Sniffer was my hero. I remember seeing him score a hat trick v Norwich City at Villa Park in an FA Cup 3rd Replay - he came off injured before half time. What a genius !!! How much would he be worth at todays prices ?

linda says: Allan was my absolute heart-throb when I was 13. I used to buy "Shoot" in case there were any photos of him, amd hide it so my sisters wouldn't tease me. I cried when Leeds lost to Sunderland in the FA Cup final. Later on, when I was at Hull Uni around 76 or 77 I saw him in Clifford Dunns supermarket in Hull with Paul reaney promoting Lyons cakes, and I pushed my trolly past several times but couldn't work up the courage to talk to him and say "You are still the man of my dreams..." He still is...

Mick Ball says: Does anyone have any kind of address where Allan can be contacted. I would like to try and get my Sniffer book autographed if I can.

Dave Brownhill says: Just returned from Leeds v West Brom. We went in the Hospitality club where we met Allan, wot a great bloke, loved to talk to you, being from the midlands he lots of stories to tell, together with Paul Reaney & Peter Lorimer they really made our day. If Mick Ball contacts me I'll give him contact for Allan

Neil Turnham says: As a lifelong Chelsea fan you would not expect me to praise Leeds players but I've always admired quality and he was a bit of a favourite when I was young along with Mick Channon and Pete Osgood. He was ice cool too. Remember that penalty against Poland at Wembley in 1973. What pressure but he bowled it into the top corner. Marvellous.

Logdis "the sniffer" Wonkie says: this guy is my uncle. I am famous

John Harrison says: So many fantastic memories of Allan Clarke. I once saw him score all 4, I think, in a 4-1 win against Burnley in the early 1970s, the last a solo effort from the half way line that no-one was going to stop. You felt it right away. Deadly, but always with such grace. The sculptor Henry Moore described another goal from that game as a work of art, slotted home through a gap no-one else could even see. I've never seen a striker with greater poise. The famous 72 goal against Arsenal: was there even the slightest chance he would miss? He and the tireless Mick Jones, who set up so many of Sniffer's goals, were as great a duo as I've seen in British soccer.

Nick Davies says: Allan now works as a rep for an engineering company - he visits my brother regularly at Immingham Docks. My brother, being a Leeds Utd fan all his life, never gets any work done when Allan is there - all they talk about is football and his Leeds days. A true great of English football - like an artist on the pitch, could score a goal from anywhere - can't honestly think of anyone to match him nowadays! Hey Allan - you must know this website exists, how about a comment?

Chris Gunn says: I'm 40 now, and took my 8 year old son to Elland Road to see Leeds play Southampton for his first ever football match. We were lucky enough to have been invited to sit in an executive box as guests of Peter Lorimer's son, and were even luckier to have Allan Clarke's company throughout the match. My hero as a lifelong fan, and still prepared to make the evening special for my son who only really understood who sniffer was when he was told that he was the Alan Shearer of his day, but that he scored a lot more goals than Shearer ever will. Sniffer's boast, not mine. But it makes you think just what sort of superstar would he be in today's football? A great player, and a pleasure to watch a match with. Thanks Allan. Chris and son Sam.

Mike Taylor says: Saw him play in the 70s on the TV - and met him at a wedding this weekend (Dec '03). He signed my 1972 Leeds v Arsenal FA Cup Programme (twice!) and we had a photo taken. Thanks Allan - a genius and a nice man.

Andy Sage says: Allan Clarke was my favourite manager, at my beloved Barnsley FC. I remember watching a training session with my dad, and "Sniffer" was giving them a real roasting! Also one season Barnsley's half priced season tickets had one ticket void in the book, has the game had already passed, when my dad mentioned this the staff at Oakwell, Mr Clarke himself gave back my dad the money for the ticket out of his own wallett! I'll always remember that!

Salim Baroudi says: I am from Ghana and grew up in England and Allan Clarke was my favourite player and I would still love to meet him one day. I grew up watching him and even went on to become a professional in Germany.I was inspired by him and still am.

Alan warren says: Pure poetry in motion, cool head with a killer instinct

David T. says: Hi, Does anyone knows what he is doing these days? Any news will be good.

Carole Symonds says: Allan Clarke began my interest in Football...........need I say more!!1 Gorgeous..

Jim says: I want to know about him, who can e-mail me and tell me? How come he only got 19 English caps to his name? With the strike rate like his, he should have been a superstar for both club and country... How come not so many people know him? Just looking at his pictures and statistics I think he is both awesomely good looking, and with a magnificent scoring record... e-mail me... sattaravy _at_

Mark says: Sniffer is a Sales Executive for a company selling golf buggies in Wakefield, Met him last week when he delivered a demo for us, Top bloke

Graham says: I never knew he was such a good player. I only visited this site because someone told me that I look like him (which I do)

George says: no i haven't seen him play, but looks like he was a faboulous player. do you have recent picyures with him. please send me some.

Kelly says: Sniffer was the best goal taker Leeds have ever had, i remember so many times watching Sniffer 1 on 1 with the goal keeper to beat, you just knew he would score and that the Goal keeper would not have any chance in saving the shot.I have recently met Allan when i went to the game at Elland Road, we where playing Preston Leeds won 1.0 but what a crap game it was. I thanked Allan for all the years of enjoyment he gave me, and for helping Leeds to be put on the map in the 60s and 70s, he looked at me and said it was a pleasure to play for the great Leeds United and gave me a kiss for my support to him and his team mates. Just has i was about to leave Allan to other keen Leeds supporters, i guy in his 40's asked Allan how many goals the old Leeds team would put past the new team , Allan thought for a moment and said his leeds team of the 70's would win 1.0, the guy sain only 1.0 Allan, Sniffer said yes only 1.0 Sniffer looked at the man and sain you have to appreciate non of us are under 55 years old now, everyone fell apart laughing, he knew the old leeds team has old as they might be would give a game to the present team. Allan was a great footballer but better than that,he is a gentleman and not an over paid and over rated player like they are today.

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