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Jamie McMaster

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Jamie McMaster

Position Midfielder
Born 29 Nov 1982, Sydney (Australia)
Height 177 cm
Weight 75 kg
International Caps England: ? Youth

Club From To Apps Goals Sold for
Leeds United 01 Jun 1999 09 Mar 2005 13 0 £0
Coventry City 19 Nov 2002 17 Dec 2002 2 0 on loan
Chesterfield 07 Jan 2004 22 Feb 2004 6 2 on loan
Swindon Town 27 Sep 2004 24 Oct 2004 4 1 on loan
Peterborough United 21 Jan 2005 21 Feb 2005 4 0 on loan
Chesterfield 04 Mar 2005 09 Mar 2005 1 0 on loan
Chesterfield 09 Mar 2005        

Leeds Career League FA Cup League Cup Europe Other
Season Apps Goals Apps Goals Apps Goals Apps Goals Apps Goals
2000 - 2001 0   0   0   0   0  
2001 - 2002 0   0   0   0   0  
2002 - 2003 0(4)   0   0   0   0  
2004 - 2005 0(7)   0   1(1)   0   0  
Total 0(11)   0   1(1)   0   0  

Jabba's Comments

England Youth international (though he was brought up in Australia) who has impressed in the reserves, but it took some time for him to get closer to the first team than two bench appearances in the Champions League qualifiers in 2000.

Despite the injury crisis in 2001-02, Jamie still only made it as far as the bench, and although he was only 19, he really needed to start turning his promise into first team appearances or face the prospect of continuing his career elsewhere.

In 2002/03 he made a couple of creditable sub appearances notably against Blackburn and was packed off to Cov for a not totally impressive loan spell with Gary McAllister's men.

He's been playing with the both the senior side and the reserves in the 2003-04 pre-season games: it remains to be seen if he can make the breakthrough this year.

IlGino says: Haven't met the bloke but don't like the sounds of him..... No offense to all those Englanders out there but if he turns his back on Australia then Australia turns its back on him!!!

Jabba says: in response to IlGino, the info I have is that Soccer Australia wanted nowt to do with him until he got the chance to take a trial with Leeds - and then they were all over him like a rash. Consequently, when it came to choosing which of the three countries he was qualified to play for, he picked the one where he thought he'd get the most exposure and would cause least problems for his club career. Now if it had been Harry who'd done the same thing, you'd have a point....

Wrighty says: McMaster has made a bad decision not playing for Australia. He will never make the England team, but could have been an integral part of Australia's quest for World cup Qualification for 2006.

The Big Man says: As per usual, the D/Hs are out to put their wee claws into Jamie. For your information, Jamie HAS been capped for international games. He played for England at schoolboy level & scored the winning goal for them against Cyprus in Turkey, at present plays in the under 19s & under 21s for England having just been to France this year prior to the world cup. He also is with the under 19s & reserves at Elland Road. I'm sure this Gino character is from Oz ( I think i have had words with him on this before) & has had it in for Jamie for some time just the same as a certain SBS sports commentatators did back then, and the comments they were making was designed to ruin his career before it even got off the ground.And like I told you before GINO, Jamie never turned his back on Australia, it was Australia that turned it's back on him they knew he had offers & done nothing about it! they showed no interest, so on recieving no offers he took an opportunity. I didn't here you cry out like this when Craig Mustapha Paddy O'McJohnstone decided to play o/seas so why bitch about Jamie. Like you say you have never met Jamie, and for that i am glad, you, like all others who put the boot in when Jamie went o/seas were talking through their arse, had no idea what was going on & had no information on him, certainly none from the family or his friends, so you all made up your own little stories to suit your own egos. Bollocks to the lot of ya'that's what I say, & the best of wishes to Jamie, as he done at the age of 14 what none of you had the balls to do & that was take a chance. Good onya Jamie lad, make it to the top son & maybe then these D/Hs will find some way to extract their feet from their mouths.

The BIG MAN says: WELL. WHERE ARE THE COMMENTS NOW???? Leeds United V Blackburn Rovers 22/09/02 (unfortunately beaten 1-0). Viduka substituted 15 minute into the second half. Who replaced him??? Come on, come on tell me GINO, who replaced him. Hopefully this is just the start for the lad. We all hope there is more of him to be seen on the pitch at ELLAND Rd.

BiLlY bOb says: Jamie was born in Rockhampton, QLD. My home town, and he has it over any of them big leauge tools anyday.

Simon Wingate says: I saw Jamie Mcmaster for Leeds reserves in Septmember and he scored a hat-trick against Newcastle. Bloody brilliant player!

Chris says: Jamie Mcmaster is a future leeds united star i know he needs a slow bringing into the team as he needs time to mature. But he will be a future great player i noticed his talent from 17 yrs old (i dont no where from) hes a star in the making.

Dimaz Bramastya Ak says: Super Talent...!!! he will be a great player next, he is my favorite player when i play Championship Manager 00-01. he become top scorer in season 2002 with 24 goals.

H. McKay says: Gino is wrong and "The Big Man" is correct - Jamie McMaster was ignored by Australia, and incidentally he was also rejected by Scotland after trying for them. However, both Australia and Scotland kicked up a helluva stink as soon as Jamie was selected by England and he started scoring goals What was he supposed to do - wait till he was grey waiting for a better offer? There is not a man on earth who would tell his teenage son to sit tight and wait "just in case" he gets a better offer when teams like Leeds United and England are opening their doors to him. Anyway - what could possibly be better than playing for Leeds United or England? Jamie only needs half a chance and there will be no stopping him.

By the by, as an Australian I can advise you on authority that he is not from Rockhampton in Queensland. He was born in Sydney to Scottish parents and raised in Balmain. He went to High School on the NSW Central Coast - I know because I used to live there and he used to get a log of coverage in the local press because he was so good. The local Soccer fraternity got annoyed because he was picked up by the National Inst of Sport in Canberra and trained by them - and he was also enrolled Westfield High School in NSW because they have soccer on the curriculum. The Gosford Soccer fraternity were annoyed that the only talent they had was being shipped off to NSW, so various clubs have been fighting over him since he was 13. It was at Westfield High that he got his chance to try out for Ipswich and Leeds United, and he went to Leeds when he was barely 15 years of age.

I follow the careers of all the LU Australians, and I hope they all become Superstars. Kewell and Vaduka are already there - McMaster and Cansdell Sherrif are right behind them. They should be every bit as proud of their successes as other Australian sports people like the golf players and tennis players. You don't hear people whinging about them developing their careers overseas. SBS wants to be a bit more fair when commenting on soccer players developing their careers in Europe - especially when some of them have offspring developing their golfing careers in America. Get real guys, everybody wants to reach maximum potential and if that means going overseas - so be it. I for one am proud of all the Australian sports people who make it big abroad.

Best of British to Jamie - and best of luck from Australia.

Brusier says: Jamie is one of my good mates and i asure all of you that he is as Auzzie as Vegimite and he hails from Umina NSW cental coast.Get a clue Gino.

Stephen W Jackson says: Jamie Mcmaster is my mum's cousin, I think he is a fantastic player, and he can come and play for Blackpool,where I live,any time he wants. I hope that one day I will be as good as he is. If he wants to play for England let him,he's as good as Beckham any day. He's my inspiration to be a professional, and I'm onLy 10 yrs old.

Abba says: I think that Australians are more disappointed then anything..Disappointed that our National Federation made another stupid decision in not chasing Jamie, and looking after him more when he was younger. I cant see him playing any full internationals for England, so I think his International career will be wasted. Is anyone sure where he plays? Ive read around the place he is the same as Harry, a LW, CAM, or ST. But then others says he is the smae, but on the Right...Any ideas? I think that if he had his time over, and knew Australia were getting direct entry, his decision may have been different. How come he grew up in Australia, was born in Australia, and has scottish parents, yet he plays for England?

The Big Man says: The BIG MAN again here. So you see, people like to make up their own wee stories. like Billy Bob whatever his name is, Jamie born in Rockhampton Qld eh! Jamies' never been there let alone having born there. in answer to ABBA, in order to live and work in Britain without having any hassles with work permits and visas etc, it is an ideal situation if you have access to a British passport. Jamie having been born to Scottish parents was also entitled to hold a British Passport. Problem solved. having then been born to Scottish parents, and having Scottish grandparents etc means you have a long history and ties to Scotland. Holding a British passport, includes Scotland England Wales and Northern Ireland, this then entitled you to try out for either country (within a country). Whoever would sign you if you were good enuff would win in the end. Oh! And I can confirm.... Bruiser (his comment above) IS a mate of Jamies. Thanks for sticking up for him mate! Real mates always do.

yabbadabbadooo..... says: mmm, what p***s me off most about this guy (mcmaster) is that he nicely uses our tax dollars by going though the australia institute of sport before chosing to align himself with england. i think player like him (and also josip simunic) should have to pay back the costs + plus interest. all i can say is what a f***ing w*****!

Zane Cosgrove says: Jamie McMaster will one day represent Australia unless he wishes to chase the glory like Simunic and Sasa Illic. Simunic is Australian and cannot deny his roots so he is the one who misses out ultimetly. How can I contact Jamie? I'm also an Australian and would never consider representing another country apart from mine but when you do have a football association like Soccer Australia then your bound to be offended, rejected or ignored. Look at Bosnich! I haven't seen anything from the Australian Soccer Association supporting him, welcoming him home to kick start his career again or just plain supporting the champ. It's bullshit, ruins it all for Jamie, myself, football in Australia and our global reputation...

ThUnDeR_fRoM_dOwNuNdEr says: deadset guys, not to be mean or anything, but yous have too much time on your hands to be on this writing about his heritage and family..i know his cousin and i bet he doesn't know as much about him as half your blokes do..

Jamie's mate from Umina says: I have good news for you all Jamie is now allowed to play for Australia and he has chosen to do so.

Zane Cosgrove says: Jamie will be playing for the Australian national team next season... Wait till Leeds get relegated, McMaster will be an integral part of Leeds United's revival next season... I believe Leeds youth can top division 1 so when they are relegated and lose Alan Smith, Viduka, Radebe, Harte, Mills, and Matteo... they will be left with players like Batty, Robinson should stay on a bit longer and McMaster... Go Jamie!!!

Martin Cramer says: Marty: I am a former leeds united youth. I went on trials with jamie at the same time, we signed the same year, I lived next door to him in the academy hostel 4 2years, and then we moved into digs together in a small village called boston spa. So i guess you could say i know him prety well. and i can clear up any quiries anyone has about him. First of all the guy is as australian as they come. And second of all the fella was practically 'bullied' by the then head of the academy (Alan Hill) and by the former educational officier (Dia Jones) into playing for england. He was only about 16 when all this was happening so he was fairly easliy pushed into something he didn't particulary want to do. You have to relise he was just trying to keep his employers happy. But anyway i would be more than happy to help clear up any other grey areas about his background. all I can say is Jamie is a top bloke, a very talented footballer and i wish him all the best in his carear

Nick Shaw says: I think that Jamie is da best young striker around(at Leeds)and since his successful spell at Chesterfield and i think that he will prove vital asset to Leeds in Division 1!

Simon H says: Jamie doesn't seem to have had the best of luck so far, with injuries this season in particular. Let's hope that he gets more first team opportunities next season in Division One; maybe his emergence as a top talent will be one of the good things to come out of the current depressing shambles!

oddball says: saw jamie score two cracking goals for chesterfield can we have him back please

tom says: Jamie come and paly for the spireites again next season yu all but kept us up and changed our team last season gud look anyway

Ausie Fan says: Jamie just scored 2 goals against Darlington bringing the score to Leeds United 4 - Darlington 2. Could this be the start of somthing big? Keep up the good work Jamie - you obviously have more talent than some of the so called stars that just exited the club, owing to poor performance.

abba says: He's pushing hard for a startin spot now. He's an absolutely tremendous footballer. I really hope you'll get in this season

Nichola Jackson says: Jamie McMaster is my cousin. He's my second cousin my mum is his dad Andy's cousin.

Max says: I just wanted to say that the sooner Macca starts playing regularly for us, the better. His scoring run in the Reserves this season (3 in the last 2 games), and in previous campaigns, speaks for itself, he scored 2 in 6 for Chesterfield and netted again on his Swindon début. And if his 20-minute spell in the cup match with Huddersfield is anything to go by, then the length of time he has been left to rot on the fringes of Leeds United is a travesty. He has certainly impressed me far more than Michael Ricketts and Julian Joachim put together. And he should be signed up for a contract extension NOW (if administration really is just round the corner, then we have to re-sign as many of our youngsters as possible before we get a transfer embargo). He should at least be on the bench week-in week-out (and that means giving him more than seven minutes, Mr Blackwell). Who knows, he could be super-sub!

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