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Eddie Gray (15.9K)  Eddie Gray  Eddie Gray (17.5K)  Eddie Gray (11.3K)  Eddie Gray (39.0K)  Eddie Gray (22.0K)  Eddie Gray with brother Frank (23.0K)

Position Left winger
Born 17 Jan 1948, Holyrood (Scotland)
Height 180 cm
Weight 79 kg
International Caps Scotland: 12 full

Club From To Apps Goals Sold for
Leeds United 01 Jan 1965 01 Jun 1984 577 68  

Leeds Career League FA Cup League Cup Europe Other
Season Apps Goals Apps Goals Apps Goals Apps Goals Apps Goals
1965 - 1966 3(1) 1 0   0   2   0  
1966 - 1967 29 4 4   1   6   0  
1967 - 1968 32 6 3   7 1 8 2 0  
1968 - 1969 32(1) 5 2   2   5(1)   0  
1969 - 1970 30 9 6(1)   2   5   0  
1970 - 1971 18 1 0   1   5 3 0  
1971 - 1972 25(1) 6 6   0(1)   0   0  
1972 - 1973 16(1) 1 3   3   2   0  
1973 - 1974 8   0   0   1   0  
1974 - 1975 12 1 6 1 0   2(1)   0  
1975 - 1976 27(2) 1 1   2   0   0  
1976 - 1977 37 5 5 1 0   0   0  
1977 - 1978 24(3) 5 0   4 2 0   0  
1978 - 1979 25(3) 4 1 2 6(1) 3 0   0  
1979 - 1980 30 2 1   0   3   0  
1980 - 1981 38   2   0   0   0  
1981 - 1982 31 1 2 1 2   0   0  
1982 - 1983 20(1)   4   3   0   0  
1983 - 1984 4   0   0   0   0  
Total 441(13) 52 46(1) 5 33(2) 6 39(2) 5 0  

Jabba's Comments

Eddie Gray was a truly great winger and his longevity is a tribute to his own tenacity and the confidence of Jimmy Armfield, who did much to keep him in the game when injury looked set to drive him into retirement.

Gray made a scoring debut just before his 18th birthday in 1966 and went on to torment the best defenders in England and throughout Europe for many years. In the 1970 Cup Final, he left David Webb chasing air - but in the replay found himself the regular target of violent assaults that would bring about instant red cards in these days.

Gray continued playing into his mid-30s, dropping back to play at left-back towards the end of his career. He went on to manage a young Leeds side that didn't get out of Division 2 soon enough for the board's liking and he spent some time away from the club that had been his life for 20 years. In recent times he has returned to the club and worked with the young players, seeing talents like Harry Kewell and Alan Smith come through the ranks and break into the first team just as he had done himself 35 years ago.

Cheers to Rochdale's programme editor Mark Wilbraham for one of the photos.

Marching on Together - My Life with Leeds United: Eddie Gray

Buy this excellent autobiography of Eddie Gray at Amazon now!

Jit Lye says: I'm old enough to remember a game Leeds played against Burnley, where on a muddy pitch, Eddie Gray dribbled past 6 or 7 players before strolling the ball in the net. Anyone remembering this can flesh out the details!

Ian Johnson says: Yes, Jit - I was there. We played with a second string that day as we had the cup final a week later (Chelsea?).It is a goal which I shall always remember. Seeing a couple of Burnley defenders on their backsides was quite something! It is on a TV recording for potserity. But Eddie also put one in the net from 40 yards in the first half I think. A fantastic lob. We won the game despite the "injuries" to the rest of the first team.

Iain Wilson says: Anyone got a video clip of Eddie's dribble goal against Burnley?

Donna says: I remember that goal against Burnley - they showed it on Scottish TV last week when he came to launch his new book. He was an all round good guy, and brilliant to watch - lots of great memories.

malcolm bowden says: Can anybody confirm if eddie gray scored a header at molineaux against wolves in a fa cup quarter final

Alan Johannes says: As an art student at Leeds in the late 60's/early 70's I was lucky enough to watch Eddie play many times; whenever he had the ball the expectation level was so high you could almost hear that proverbial pin drop ! He was a wonderfully gifted player and his performance in the Wembley Cup Final against Chelsea will always stay with me - it was fantastic !!

Lee Meade says: It's impossible for anyone who saw this man play to not rank him among the finest wingers ever to play in the English leagues. His brilliance on the ball was on par with anyone who ever played the game.

Pete Downs says: Eddie's dribble goal is on a video called The Don Revie Story that was originally made by Granada.It may not be available anymore in the shops but you could try Ebay or somewhere like that

Terry Wilson says: Going back to the Burnley game,did EG score 2 goals in that game ? If i remember correctly he scored from just inside his own half, for pure vision alone i think this goal was equally as good as the other.

Colin Green says: i saw eddie gray play for the ex leeds united stars team and he was brill dribbling around the young lads as if they did not exhist eddie is still my hero and if brian kidd left leeds then we could get back to being a a skilled team like before kiddo joined you ask alex fergie if kiddo is so good why does fergie not want him back

Pagey says: I was dead level with Eddie when he chipped the Burnley goalkeeper. BRILLIANT GOAL and one which I remember Eddie quoting as better than the dribble at the other end. My abiding memory of that match was the reaction of the seated fans behind me.[I was in the old Lowfields Road stand] They were all stood up applauding Eddie's second goal well after Burnley had kicked off again.Always my favourite player Eddie Gray to me is the consumate professional . Whilst other geats like Bremner,Clarke,Lorimer and Giles were desevedly lauded.Eddie just got on with it.As for that famous Burnley match it was covered by YTV with commentary by Stuart watsisname.

Mark Weir says: we'll all miss Eddie Gray now that Mr. Reid has had his wicked way! Leeds fans would have together come up with the money to keep this man at the club. I can see Eddie coming back to manage us when reid gets the sack after 6 games!

Sandra says: When i was round about 16 i met him at a youth club. He was going out with my friend called Linda.

Carol says: I met my hero EDDIE GRAY at a book signing in Huddersfield. Good book, great guy, magical footballer. Eddie, LUFC will not be the same without you.

Nick Jenkinson says: Wonderful, wonderful man. I played in the same junior side (Kirk Deighton Rangers) as Eddie's son Stuart. Knowing Eddie for those 4/5 years it's easy to see why he was so successful at bringing through the youngsters. My Mam & Dad got married the same day as the Burnley game (they didn't want to miss the cup final). However, my grandparents were both season ticket holders, and they never forgave my parents for making them miss Eddie's goals!

Andy Conner says: Re Burnley video clip: I do have it on video but not yet digitally. He also scored a 30 yard chip in the same game. Two outstanding goals

Chris says: Was at the Burnley game - not only did he dribble round the Burnley defence but also round Albert Johannson, who was lying flat on the floor in the Burnley box. The less publicised chip shot was just as good. The man was a genius with the football, in my eyes as good, if not better, than George Best, and a better ambassador for the sport. Remember also the Eddiie Gray cup final against Chelsea where he put on another show of pure genius. Malcolm, I think he scored the header at Molineux in a 1-0 quarter final victory Let's hope he can bring back some of the hope and glory of the days when he was a player (Mark Weir - very prophetic, if only it had been 6 games and not 20+)

Jane says: Are Eddie and Andy Gray related? Jabba says: if you mean the Sky Sports/Villa Andy Gray then no. If you mean the Leeds/Forest/Bradford/Scotland young(ish) winger Andy Gray then yes - he's Frank's son so that makes him Eddie's nephew.

Ron Mather says: I saw Eddie Gray play for his school team Our Lady and St Margaret's in 1960. Although his team lost 10-1 to Penilee he was absolutely outstanding-- so much so that I remembered his name as one to follow for the future. He had the best left foot I ever saw in school's football. Ron Mather (Penilee School, Glasgow 1960-69)

Michael Aston says: I was a tortured Spurs fan... I remember Spurs beating Leeds at the height of the their powers (1-0) at Elland Road, it was on match of the day) It's a measure of how GREAT that Leeds team was that I still recall the boyish joy (I was only 12 or 13 years old, I'm now 47)... I remeber seeing many Leeds games as they were so gifted in those days,,, Eddie Gray was a master and equivelant to Best... I remeber being mesmerised by the complete and utter domination of that team over so many teams... The crowd would OLE evry pass as Giles, Bremner, Gray etcetera would tease and taunt the opposition with countles passes and sublime arrogance... Clarke (SAniffr?) seemed to me to be the as good as our Grievesie... I'm getting nostalgic... The real tragedy is that era of players was the greatest team I ever witnessed yet they never won all they deserved... Yes, Eddire Grat was very special in an extraordibary team... God bless you Eddie, you lit up so many lives... What an ubderated talent,,

peter anthony heslop-smith says: mr. eddie man and a real hero for leeds for years.he is a man who loves leeds united,and has served the club with full respect.when people say leeds united they say eddie brother and myself had a photo took with him in doncaster at a pro am golf tourniment at wheatley golf club,and it one of my prize processions(the same day we had a photo with billy bremner)thank you eddie for all your work at leeds.god bless you sir(a knighthood i am sure will be yours)

Corinne says: My grandpa John Barr was the football scout who spotted eddie, billy bremner and many other greats. I am proud of him and of eddie for living up to his expectations!

Javaid Mehar says: My favourite LUFC player of all time. I remember asking Eddie for his autograph in the early 80s and he said something. Truth be told I didn't understand his Glaswegian - I thought he had cracked a joke - so I started laughing. I felt such an idiot when I realised that he had said that my pen wasn't working! Still Jimmy Lumsden who was with him had a good laugh! What a player though! A true genius and gentleman on and off the pitch .Everybody goes on about St Linekar never getting booked - what about Eddie? I can't believe that Eddie is not managing in the Premiership. Edwin Gray we salute you!

Roger Graham says: I wrote a newspaper article about my best ever Scotland team. Eddie Gray was in it. For the record, the team was (4-3-3): Andy Goram (Rangers); Danny McGrain (Celtic), Alex McLeish and Willie Miller (Aberdeen) and Eric Caldow (Rangers); Billy Bremner (Leeds United), Dave MacKay (Spurs) and Jim Baxter (Rangers); Kenny Dalglish (Liverpool), Denis Law (Man United) and Eddie Gray (Leeds United)

Mike Popplewell says: In 1983 I was an unemployed ex-psychiatric nurse who had just failed to successfully complete the first year of a Diploma in Higher Education ( as a mature student). Obviously the ideal qualifications to become a sports writer. Well, it didn't stop me trying and having successfully persuaded Match Weekly to take an article on Bobby Campbell (no one there could understand him when they tried to interview him) I then asked if they'd like a piece on Eddie Gray - who had just been appointed player manager at Leeds United. Having been duly assigned I made my way down to Elland Road, on the bus of course, from Bradford. Eddie had agreed to speak to me and I arrived pretty pleased with myself but, having nipped upstairs from reception to use the toilet, I began to lose my nerve when I was confronted by the huge display cabinet and pictures all around the walls of Eddie and his contemporaries. What the *#!@, am I doing here, I asked myself. I'm an out of work psychiatric nurse and I'm about to INTERVIEW one of soccer's legends. Don't ask me I replied, and was prepared to do a runner when the secretary told me Eddie would now see me. Eddie Gray will always be up there with the best as a player and a person as far as I'm concerned. I'm just really *&%!@# off that I never thought to raise the subject of a ghost written autobigraphy with him myself!

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