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David Harvey

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David Harvey (24.4K)  David Harvey (18.0K)  David Harvey (10.3K)

Position Goalkeeper
Born 07 Feb 1948, Leeds (England)
Height 180 cm
Weight 77 kg
International Caps Scotland: 16 full

Club From To Apps Goals Sold for
Leeds United 01 Feb 1965 08 Oct 1979 363 0 £40000
Leeds United 10 Mar 1983 01 Jan 1985 83 0 £0
Bradford City 01 Jan 1985 01 Jun 1985 6 0 £0
Partick Thistle 01 Feb 1985       on loan

Leeds Career League FA Cup League Cup Europe Other
Season Apps Goals Apps Goals Apps Goals Apps Goals Apps Goals
1965 - 1966 2   0   1   0   0  
1966 - 1967 3   0   2   0   0  
1967 - 1968 6   0   0   4   0  
1968 - 1969 0   0   0   0   0  
1969 - 1970 5   2   2   0(1)   0  
1970 - 1971 8   0   0   3(1)   0  
1971 - 1972 7   2   2   0   0  
1972 - 1973 41   8   5   9   0  
1973 - 1974 39   4   1   4   0  
1974 - 1975 27   3   4   4   0  
1975 - 1976 40   2   2   0   0  
1976 - 1977 26   3   0   0   0  
1977 - 1978 25   1   4   0   0  
1978 - 1979 39   3   6   0   0  
1979 - 1980 9   0   2   1   0  
1982 - 1983 13   0   0   0   0  
1983 - 1984 40   3   4   0   0  
1984 - 1985 20   0   3   0   0  
Total 350   31   38   25(2)   0  

Jabba's Comments

If Leeds had been less successful, David Harvey might have decided to leave a long time before he won a regular place. Signed in 1965, he played over 200 Central League games before breaking through into the first team in 1971-72 and keeping a clean sheet in the FA Cup Final victory over Arsenal.

Born in Leeds to a Scottish father, Harvey won international recognition and was voted best keeper in the 1974 World Cup Finals. A couple of months after taking a penalty - and missing - in the Charity Shield at Wembley, Harvey had a bad car accident that kept him out for the rest of the season and meant that he missed the European Cup Final in Paris.

He was away from Leeds for a couple of years in the early 80s, having two spells at Vancouver Whitecaps in the NASL with a short period playing for Drogheda in between. He returned to play for Leeds in the second division for a couple of years before moving on to Bradford and a couple of other non-league sides. He's now retired from the game and is farming in Sanday in the Orkneys where he is also the local postie.

Kevin Dunne says: I once saw him in a pub in Leeds absolutely legless arguing with a bloke about who had the best moustache!

Drew Harvey says: My name's Drew and I know David Harvey reasonably well! He is my Father!! He's a good Father and is always there when ever you need him. My Dad and Mum nearly named Trevor but my Dad said the Leeds lads would take the mickey out of him as they'd say we named you after Trevor Cherry - but when my mum saw how bloody ugly he was that was that. My Dad said that because they day after I was born Leeds "Drew" 1 all with Liverpool at Elland Road (rather like Posh and Becks with Brooklyn). His second choice for my name was Sheffield Wednesday - Mum's was Trevor (but Dad vetoed that) and Mum rather liked Drew. - better ring than Win or Lose!! Anyway must get back to work.

Hayley Harvey says: Hi, I'm David Harveys daughter Hayley, just wanted to say excellent site keep up the good work!

The Clackson family say: David Harvey is our postie and is NOT SCARED of Gandalf our gander. (We always know when David is not on duty, because the relief postie is not brave enough to come up to the house, and leaves the mail in the car!)

Catherine Harvey says: Hi I am Catherine Harvey I'm going to be 13 in two days time and and I just wanted say how proud I am of my dad

Catherine Harvey says: Hi this is Catherine again and I had a great Birthday, dad's present was cool and I love being 13

jorge colmenares says: i saw him in 1974 world cup against brasil and he was great

David Edge says: Why didnt Revie put him in the side earlier? Only God (and Revie) knows, and theyre not saying... What patience and loyalty he had by waiting so long for a place. A true hero, and a great goalkeeper.

Hayley Harvey says: well I came across this site looking up my own name. Which is Hayley Harvey no relation but you gave your daughter a great name. I'm just an Okie. I love a man with strong legs, it would of been nice to see you play!

Dave says: what number did david harvey play under for leeds and scotland before he was number 1 keeper? Jabba says: in those days, there were no substitute keepers or squad numbers.

Judes Bumby says: HI! so glad I found this page as I was wondering what happened to David after his stint in Vancouver! Great memories (and some sad ones too)...and some really cool pics! Nice to know what you're up to now David. Take care and best wishes to your family.

David Devine, Australia says: David Harvey was my hero as a youngster. I became a goal keeper, not to Davids heights unfortunately. I remember he was reknown for having one of the longest throws in the game. Pity our postie hasnt the background of David.

Michael Wheater says: Hi David, I had Christmas Dinner with you 1967: I was, at that time in love, as I still am, with your sister Maureen. We lost touch some time ago... but that's in the past' I hope or is it, i hope not! Where are you Maureen:; I hope you are very happy. I hope David contacts you with this one - I would dearly love to meet with you again! Love ' as always. Michael

David Grimes says: watched david when i was a kid he was my hero always wondered what he was upto now this is a great site keep up the good work

Kirsty Allan says: Hi my name is kirsty and david is my god father and was my dads best mate in the old days! It aws nice to read about him great site!!!!

David Harvey says: I remember him as a goal keeper in the world cup finals. I was nice as a boy growing up to know of a famous person with the same name. I also played soccer as a boy which kindled my interest in the famous David Harvey's career.

Claire & Hayley Harvey say: Thanks for all the lovely things people have written about our dad, we showed him this site not long ago, and he had a great time looking at what peple had to say.( unfortunatly dad doesn't really understand computers, He carnt get over the fact that you can touch a few keys on a keyboard and it appears on the screen, and the internet just baffels him completly!). Our dad really is a great man, and we are so proud of all that he has acheived in his life. Thanks once again, Claire and Hayley Harvey

Ryan says: Hi Ive got a picture of david harvey conceding a goal to jimmy greaves with martin chivers and jack charlton watching on close by. I just wondered if anyone could give any clues as to the year and result?? Jabba says: There was only one game in which Harvey and Charlton played together against Spurs and Spurs scored - the 2-1 defeat at White Hart Lane on 12 April 1968.

Big Billy says: David Harvey was a great goalie and an absolute hero of mine. I'll never forget an amazing save he made against Cardiff at Elland Road round Xmas 1983 which left Bryan Flynn crying. He came into our pub in Bradford once and I wanted to buy him a drink but sadly I was skint. Next time eh David!

Roger Millward says: he looked great in that shirt.

martin sykes says: y all time favourite goalie, along with Phill parkes West Ham. Work for Shetland Coastguard went to Sanday for a liason visit and forgot all about David Harvey living there was so annoyed.

Heather Harvey and Jenny Rae me best friend says: Hi dad, I've just turned 13 and like me big sister says hes the best dad in the world.I'll always be his little girl love heb . xxxxxx

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