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Peter Lorimer (28.0K)  Peter Lorimer (42.0K)  Peter Lorimer (19.2K)  Peter Lorimer (66.3K)  Peter Lorimer (38.4K)  Peter Lorimer (54.0K)

Position Striker
Born 14 Dec 1946, Dundee (Scotland)
Height 177 cm
Weight 70 kg
International Caps Scotland: 22 full, ? Youth

Club From To Apps Goals Sold for
Leeds United 01 May 1962 04 Oct 1978 616 219 £25000
York City 01 Sep 1979 01 Mar 1980 29 8 £0
Leeds United 01 Jan 1984 01 Dec 1985 87 19 £0

Leeds Career League FA Cup League Cup Europe Other
Season Apps Goals Apps Goals Apps Goals Apps Goals Apps Goals
1962 - 1963 1   0   0   0   0  
1963 - 1964 0   0   1   0   0  
1964 - 1965 1   0   0   0   0  
1965 - 1966 34 13 2 3 0   9 3 0  
1966 - 1967 27(2) 9 5(1) 2 2 2 5 1 0  
1967 - 1968 36(1) 16 5 2 6 4 12 8 0  
1968 - 1969 25(4) 9 2 1 3   6(1) 3 0  
1969 - 1970 36(3) 14 8 2 3   7 3 0  
1970 - 1971 37 12 4 2 1   10 5 0  
1971 - 1972 42 23 7 3 4 2 3 1 0  
1972 - 1973 41 15 8 3 5 3 9 2 0  
1973 - 1974 37 12 5 2 0   5   0  
1974 - 1975 35(1) 9 4   5 3 8 4 0  
1975 - 1976 27(2) 10 2   2 1 0   0  
1976 - 1977 21(5) 3 1(1)   0   0   0  
1977 - 1978 26(2) 6 0   4 3 0   0  
1978 - 1979 3   0   0(1)   0   0  
1983 - 1984 20(2) 4 2(1)   0   0   0  
1984 - 1985 40 9 1   3 1 0   0  
1985 - 1986 14 4 0   2   0   2 1
Total 503(22) 168 56(3) 20 41(1) 19 74(1) 30 2 1

Jabba's Comments

"Hot-shot" Lorimer holds the all-time goal-scoring record for Leeds with 238 goals. Making his debut at less than 16 years old, and playing his final game at the age of 39, he'd have probably managed to beat the all-time appearances record as well if he'd stayed at Elland Road all that time - but he spent 5 years away from Elland Road in his 30s, enjoying varying degrees of success with Toronto Blizzard and as player-coach with Vancouver Whitecaps in Canada, as well as a brief stopover at York City.

Lorimer's rocket shots left many a goalie quivering, but he was also an excellent crosser of the ball, and many of the goals scored by Allan Clarke and Mick Jones were set up from Lorimer's well-placed crosses. In his second spell at Leeds, he played more of a midfield role, but still had the skill to outwit many of the 2nd division defences that Leeds found themselves facing in the 1980s.

After a brief spell with Whitby and in Israel with Hapoel Haifa, he finally hung up his boots and retired to run the Commercial - a pub close to the ground which is, naturally enough, very popular with Leeds fans on match days.

Leeds and Scotland Hero: Peter Lorimer with Phil Rostron

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The press clippings above are courtesy of Robert McConnachie - a team-mate of the young Peter Lorimer in the Stobswell U-15 side featured. Some of the comments from the articles:

The Stobswell outfit is very compact and the defence is one of the best I have seen in minor football. Star of the side is captain and centre forward Peter Lorimer who is ever ready to have a go at goal. He carries a terrific shot and his three goals were scored from well out. Peter, who recently scored five goals for Dundee Schoolboys in a Scottish Cup tie is certainly a player to be marked down for the future.... (and in praise of my correspondent...) Robert McConnachie, the left back, is always trying to play good football. He never kicks wildly and is forever attempting to get attacks going with passes to his wing half.

I feel Stobswell lost because four of their forwards thought all they had to do was give the ball to their international centre forward Peter Lorimer and he would do the rest. Time and again they could have cashed in by going through on their own - but always they gave the ball to Lorimer who was so well covered that he could not do much about it. Both his goals were from free kicks from about 30yds and the keeper had no chance with either of them.

Marc Lorimer says: I am a relative of Peter, my Mum's cousin. Peter's dad was Robert and had a brother Gilbert, sister Mary and my name is Marc Lorimer. Would like to meet him , think he was born in Broughty Ferry, Dundee, like me.

Per Flober says: He was my favorite player. I have seen him play and I got his autogragh on an official Leeds picture. My room was decorated with Leeds players from the glory years (early seventies). I visited Elland Road in '75 alone as a 17 year old fan.

Wendy Lorimer (niece) says: Who is Marc Lorimer? Peter's dad was Peter + mum was Janet/ 1 brother Joe 2 son's - simon/jamie. nephew - gary + niece - wendy ( immediate family on lorimer side)

Alan says: Peter Lorimer is my mum's second cousin. Peter's grandfather and my great grandfather were brothers. I dont know if Peter was from Broughty Ferry (as I am), but I think his dad and ancestors were. I have done a lot of genealogical research on the Lorimers of Broughty Ferry. Peter or any other of his relations may be interested as I have traced the family line in the Broughty Ferry/ Monifieth area back into the 1600s (they didn't move much!). Naturally, once you go back 2 or 3 generations from today, all our Lorimer ancestral lines converge and our ancestry is the same. Can any of the other Peter Lorimer relatives tell me, was Peter's great grandad a James Cowie 'Buchan' Lorimer, a fisherman in Broughty Ferry? Peter himself should know.

Russell Baker says: can you tell me how fast Peter lorimer could hit a ball and what is the all time record for the fastest (speed) shot is and by whom

Niels from Denmark says: He was my favourite player. I have met him in his pub twice. On both occasions he gave me his autograph of which I'm very proud. He's such a nice guy.

Albert Presley says: Peter Lorimer comes across as an extremely unpleasant man. Am I correct? (Jabba says: I think I can probably find a few people to disagree with you).

michael kotrc says: I saw Peter Lorimer in the 70 playing fantastic games for Leeds. Special in the european cups. I m from Austria and watched the great Leeds team on television. Lorimer,Bremner, Jordan Giles etc. where one of the greatest player I ever saw. I will never forget them.

Gael Rooney (grants daughter) says: My Dad and Uncle used to play football with Peter when they were kids. My dad is Grant Rooney and Uncle Is James Rooney. They used to play in Broughty Ferry and Peter actually broke my uncle's wrist when taking a shot at him one day. They lost touch when Peter moved down South. He was a great player and had an amazing shot.

Al Thomas says: I remember Peter guesting for Capetown City in the South African National league in 1971. He played for about 6 weeks alongside Francis Lee who was guesting from Man City. They both packed powerful shots and terrorised opposing defences. Tony Coleman formerly of Manchester City also played in that team at the same time, another player with a tremendous shot.

Andrew Lorimer says: i, like many other lorimers claim to be a relative of the great peter lorimer .my father thomas lorimer was born in north berwick scotland and has allways maintained thet peter was a second cousin of mine .i, like peter lorimer had ahard shot,breaking my friends arm and a wooden crossbar with a ball,yours the lorimers

Carole Wilkinson says: e have a fish and chip shop very close to the Commercial pub .we get many fans who are over the moon because they have just spoke to peter they cannot believe it.

anon says: to allan : daughter inlaw of Peters cousin confirms that peter's grandfather was named Joseph, but can't confirm his great grandfather name except that they were also related to the Buchans.

Stephen Mumford says: Does anyone remember Peter Lorimer's last benefit match? I attended it, in November 1985, but have lost my record. It was Leeds v Manchester United and I think it finished 1-1. Does anyone know the attendance, scorers or half-time score? Does anyone know the score of the curtain-raiser, Old Leeds United v Vintage All-Stars? I think it was 2-2. Half-time score and scorers would be gratefully received. I am pretty sure, incidentally, that Peter Lorimer played in both matches, though the first was only about 30 minutes long.

christopher whiteside says: he was a great player one of the best in the world and i heard he had the powerful shot of the division.

My name is Robert McConnachie and I played left back in the same school team as Peter, Dundee Stobswell under 15's. I still have a couple of very old newspaper photo's

David Lorimer says: I have no idea if i am related to him. My father was daniel Richardson Sutherland Lorimer who was one of a big family but as he is no longer with us I cannot find anything out

Chris Whiteside says: 76.8 mile per hour is amazing i wish you was still playing for us now

Jason Docherty says: When I was 16 Years old I was a student at a computer college in Sweet St, (which is same road as the commercial pub) Peter personally barred me and my friends out for underage drinking but up until that point we had no idea that it was the great Peter Lorimers pub!! Needless to say apart from every time we beat man u that is my best memory

Grant Lorimer says: I am a half brother to David Lorimer the son of Daniel Richardson Sutherland Lorimer. Peter was one of our dads cousins. My mum knows a lot about him (Peter)So he is our second cousin.

Dexter Price says: I was "page boy" at Peter's Wedding to Gillian Price. Peter was always my hero then, now that has transferred to my son Adam (ardent Leeds Supporter) who was so pleased to meet one of the real Leeds Legends at the Commercial. A real great guy.

John S says: it was interesting to see Peter on ITV news this evening. He was described as a former Leeds and ENGLAND. I don't suppose the Scots will appreciate that! I am sending ITV an email!

Grant Lorimer says: Spooky what you find when you Google your own name. Another Grant Lorimer here. A cousin fae the Ferry, only person here I recognise is Wendy (hello, I was at the Eastern the year below you and a couple behind Gary). I'm son of John Howie Lorimer, cousin of Peter and Joe's. My Grandfather Willie Lorimer was Peter Snr's Brother. I keep meaning to pop in to the Commercial in Leeds when I'm passing to say hello, hopefully I'll get a chance next time I'm up that way.

james dublin says: when i was 12 i watched peter play... what a player he was when peter was going to take a free kick the fans would scream 90 mph peter was a real quality forward whoscared keepers with his powerful shots

Donna Morfitt says: I met Peter Lorimer in Station Hotel in Hull in the seventies he was a fantastic guy who gave his fans all of his attention. I had my niece with me at the time and he posed for lots of photos

michael says: legend

Arthur Vealad says: Happy 57th birthday today 14th dec! From Arthur Vealad, an old fan from Sogndal, Norway

john lorimer says: most of peter lorimer family came from fintry,kirkton+ tannadice street,dundee, that was in 1929 onwards my father is related to peter/he visited my dad at tannidice home of dundee utd where my fatherwas groundsman

Don Lorimer says: No relation by the way, but I am born and bred a Dundonian and I know for a fact that Peter Lorimer was a Dundee FC fan.

Phil Nichols says: Peter Lorimer was my uncles cousin. The first game (aged 6) I saw was in 1972 - Leeds v Arsenal at Highbury. Lorimer met us outside and gave me, my dad and uncle tickets. We were mobbed! He seemed like a god! His mum gave me a quid to spend on a family day out to Ramsgate!!

Victoria Lorimer says: I've been told, that Peter is my Dads second cousin, don't know if this is true.My dads name is Thomas Lorimer.

Lorrie Lorimer says: Another Lorimer here. Hi Vicky! My dad's dad's brother's son is Peter Lorimer. Went to his pub a few years ago after watching QPR play Leeds. Have heard him quite a few times on radio 5.

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