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Paul Reaney (16.4K)  Paul Reaney (11.6K)  Paul Reaney (17.1K)  Paul Reaney (22.4K)

Position Right back
Born 22 Oct 1944, Fulham (England)
Height 177 cm
Weight 71 kg
International Caps England: 3 full

Club From To Apps Goals Sold for
Leeds United 01 Oct 1961 01 Jun 1978 745 9 £0
Bradford City 01 Jun 1978 01 Jun 1980 38 0 £0

Leeds Career League FA Cup League Cup Europe Other
Season Apps Goals Apps Goals Apps Goals Apps Goals Apps Goals
1962 - 1963 35   3 1 1   0   0  
1963 - 1964 41   3   2   0   0  
1964 - 1965 41 1 8   0   0   0  
1965 - 1966 41 1 2 1 1   11   0  
1966 - 1967 41 1 7   4   9   0  
1967 - 1968 40(1)   5   7   12   0  
1968 - 1969 42 1 2   3   7   0  
1969 - 1970 37   7   3   7   0  
1970 - 1971 18(1)   4   0   6(3)   0  
1971 - 1972 29(4)   5(1)   3   3   0  
1972 - 1973 29 1 8   2   8   0  
1973 - 1974 36   3   1   4   0  
1974 - 1975 39   7   5   7   0  
1975 - 1976 31(1)   2   1   0   0  
1976 - 1977 34 1 5 1 1   0   0  
1977 - 1978 15   1   5   0   0  
Total 549(7) 6 72(1) 3 39   74(3)   0  

Jabba's Comments

Paul Reaney was born in Fulham in West London, but left at an early age when the family moved to Leeds, attending Cross Green school in the city. He spent a year in various jobs - mainly as a motor mechanic - before joining Leeds' groundstaff at the age of 16. He said: "I always wanted to be a professional footballer - I knew I wouldn't be happy doing anything else."

'Speedy' was a great full-back who had all the qualities needed in both attack and defence. He was quick on the overlap and could produce a pinpoint cross, but he became well-known for his goal-line clearances, appearing out of nowhere to cancel out chance after chance.

A broken leg in a league game against West Ham at the end of the 1970 season ruled him out of the Cup Final against Chelsea - and also put him out of contention for the England World Cup Squad. With a bit more luck he could easily have won more than the three full caps he did collect.

He had a testimonial year in 1975-76, culminating in a match against Newcastle on May 3 1976, and remained with the club for two seasons beyond that. After 18 years at Elland Road, he moved on to Bradford for a couple of years before moving out to Australia to finish his career. He was named Australia's Player of the Year in 1980, and returned to England when his playing days finally ended.

John Briggs says: I played in the goals for the school team Cross Green C.S. Paul played centre forward. We got to the schools cup final. The opposing centre forward was Mike O'Grady who played for Corpus Christi.

Neil Reaney says: I saw Paul Reaney play, too young to go to school with him, he never drinks so wouldn't be found anywhere near a pub, but he has had me decorate his house (for nothing of course) 'Stan' is my Old Man! One quite humurous story went something like this: He was playing a game at Anfield in the late sixties and against his old adversary Ian Callaghan, they used to kick lumps out of each other and as they went for a header Callaghan caught 'Stan' on the nose and broke it. Les Cocker attending to another injured white could not accompany Dad to the dressing room to be seen to so the Liverpool physio at the time had to tend him. When Dad moved his hand from his face the physio was aghast at how much swelling there was on and around the nose. Stan promptly jumped of the treatment table, looked in the mirror, turned to the physio and screamed 'it's always that size you cheeky b*****d!!!!!!

Lesley Sagar (née Yearwood) says: Many years ago at the London Hospital I was the nurse on duty when Paul was brought in with his broken leg. He very kindly asked me if I would like his jersey, not being English I was not quite sure why he thought I would want a smelly shirt, but I accepted it not wanting to offend. Since then I married an English man who informed me of the honour that was bestowed on me! I did keep the shirt for many years. I don't remember much about Paul except that he was very brave. I think they transferred him out of the London the next day. That was many, many years ago, and I hope life has been kind to him.

mark says: sorry if this is an old debate but is Paul mixed race i.e of West indian or African descent? If so then surely Paul was the first 'black man' to play for England ...if Halle Berry is a Black woman or a "woman of colour" then Paul Reaney should hold that honour (for the records) and not Viv Anderson.

Wayne Price says: Im a 22year old Leeds Fan from South Wales so obviously never saw Paul play. My Dad is also a Leeds fan and caught the back end of Pauls leeds career and even now says he was the best right back Leeds ever had. Ive got the the' Leeds United:The glory years ' video and Paul was an ever present in that Great Revie team. What I want to know is how did this guy only play three times for his country ? Who else was around at the time ? We are talking about a guy who was an ever present for one of the best teams in Europe for 10 straight years !! 3 caps is a disgrace. Hope You are well Paul. leeds fans never forget a legend and you are up there with the rest of them.

Paul Skellett a Liverpool Fan says: Jimmy Greenoff was the best players for Leeds United in the early sixties.

Michael Grace says: A great man and player who I had the pleasure to meet and speak to on more than one occasion this weekend (May Day Bank Holiday 2003). He is still very fit and is coaching. He was very happy Sunday evening unlike me a West Ham fan after Leeds beat Arsenal.

A Houston says: I've had the wonderful opportunity up until recently to work with Paul on matchdays down at Elland Road. He is a total lunatic but also one of the nicest guys you will ever meet. Good luck Paul, you are a true legend.

Martin Reaney says: paul reaney is my cousin

Martin Reaney says: he is my grandads cousin

Dan Reaney says: hello my name is dan reaney and paul is my grandad . he is a good cathlic man and i am proud of his doings in the game of football. when he was young he was a caddy at a golf club for a bit of cash .he has only had 1 hair cut in his life and he uses shoe pollish on his head. xx dan reaney xx

lewis parry says: my son Richard had a coaching session with Paul at a Haven holiday centre in the 80's. Paul made Richard captain,and was a good motivator, and a really kind person.

Yorkshrman says: Paul was one of my favourite players, growing up watching the "Revie" team in the 60s / 70s. Iwas lucky enough to meet him in one of the hospitality suites a couple of years ago .... afraid I turned into a gibbering 14 year old again, rather than a professional 40-something! Thanks for all the great memories, Paul ...

david kamasz says: hi there, i had the opportunity to play football with paul for an australian team called newcastle kb united in 1980-81 even then he was so fit for his age.being from leeds myself i used to ask him about the glory days during the revie era it was facinating to listen to the stories,hope your doing well paul,all the best,,kama,,,,

Amefika says: hey paul is one of the best black footballer he even represent england as a black man thats great cause in those days england people hate blacks thank u paul

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