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July 31: Leeds beat Birmingham 1-0 in this afternoon's friendly at St. Andrews with a goal from Alan Smith. The team bus was attacked by Brum 'fans' before and after the game, and JFH was booed every time he touched the ball.

July 31: Quite a few of the Leeds first team could be playing in Doncaster tomorrow as a Leeds XI take on Doncaster Rovers for Steve Beaglehole's testimonial. Beaglehole is Leeds' reserve team coach, and was at Doncaster for 14 years, where the youth team, the reserves and - when Billy Bremner left - the first team.

July 31: The board turned down JFH's transfer request, and he's in the squad for today's game at Birmingham. Quite what sort of reception he's expecting from the fans - and his fellow players - is not known....

July 30: Kevin Dixon has gone to York on a month's loan.

July 30: Michael Bridges scored for the reserves in last night's 4-0 win at Harrogate. The other goals came from Warren Feeney, Derek Lilley and Matthew Jones.

July 30: JFH slapped in a written transfer request after Leeds refused to meet his pay demands. The other players are reported to be furious with his disruptive action at such a crucial time. Jabba says: if he wants that sort of money, he'll have to go abroad. And if Anelka is worth £22 million, the bidding for a man who has scored and created more goals in the last two season should probably start a bit higher...

July 29: Leeds confirmed that they have received a faxed offer of £10.5 million for JFH from Athletico Madrid. They've also made the point that Jimmy is still under a contract they'd like to extend and that the offer was dismissed. Peter Ridsdale also revealed recently that Leeds had received offers for three players during the summer totalling £35 million - again, all were dismissed. JFH is said to have slapped in a pay demand of £45,000 per week - and although we want to keep him there's no way we should countenance paying that sort of money.

July 28: The reserves will play Harrogate Town tomorrow night as the pre-season friendlies start to draw to a close. 11 days to go to the start of the season!

July 28: The first team gave Huddersfield a good pounding tonight, winning 5-0 with 2 goals each from Harry Kewell and JFH, plus one from Alan Smith.

July 26: The reserves beat Whitby Town 2-1 tonight, with a debut goal for Michael Bridges. Matthew Jones scored the other, but Bruno Ribeiro, Eirik Bakke and Wesley Boyle all ended up with injuries. Bridges and Michael Duberry are both likely to figure in Wednesday's game at Huddersfield, where they'll line up against former Leeds players Clyde Wijnhard - who scored a hat-trick in a friendly yesterday - and Scott Sellars.

July 26: Danny Granville is to spend 3 months at Man City on loan. The left-back, who arrived from Chelsea for £1.6 million last summer, has struggled to make an impression, and with Ian Harte in such commanding form is unlikely to see much first team football. At least this way he's off the wage bill and maybe in the shop window.

July 25: The same Grub Street sources that were responsible for the drip-feed of stories around GG's departure are now starting to insist that JFH wants away unless he is paid £2 million per year - and again Athletico Madrid are mentioned as buyers at £10 million - with Juninho possibly thrown in too. If he's going to do a van Hoojidonk, we might as well cash in now - but better business would be to agree a compromise - maybe based on goals scored/silverware won that encourages him to stay and give his best efforts.

July 25: In an interview today, DOL made a point of stressing how much he was his own man - not GG's protege - and of pointing out that many of the players GG bought were gone or for sale - including Derek Lilley and Danny Granville "and Bruno Ribeiro isn't in my team....". Fairly conclusive....

July 25: Derek Lilley has turned down the chance of a loan move to Preston. Despite the arrival of Michael Bridges further reducing his chances of a place on the bench - never mind as a starter - it's surprising, but he clearly wants to try to keep his sights on a slightly higher target than Division 2.

July 25: Lee Bowyer and Jonathon Woodgate both picked up groin strains in yesterday's game, but should be okay for the start of the season.

July 24: Leeds beat Celtic 2-1 at Parkhead in a pre-season friendly. An early goal from Alan Smith gave Leeds the lead, which was extended by an own goal just after half-time. Celtic pulled one back in the 85th minute, but couldn't manage an equaliser.

July 24: The latest batch of rumours about JFH's departure to Athletico Madrid and DOL's threat to quit if he goes have been firmly squashed by all concerned. Jimmy has a further 2 years on his contract, and is being offered improved terms and an extended deal - end of story (for now).

July 23: Leeds completed the signing of Michael Bridges for £4 million (rising to £5 million based on appearances) from Sunderland today. After spending a month saying "No! No! We don't to spend five million quid on him!" I suppose I'd better get behind him now. Good luck mate!

July 22: The bronze statue of Billy Bremner at Elland Road will be formally unveiled before Leeds' first home game against Derby.

July 21: Wesley Boyle equalised for Leeds' second string in tonight's game at York. Also appearing in the game were Danny Hay, Eirik Bakke and Gary Kelly, gaining some more match practice and fitness. The game finished 1-1.

July 21: Talks are well advanced with Lee Bowyer and David Hopkin, as DOL and Peter Ridsdale aim to get the current team all signed up for 4-5 years. Talks with JFH and his agent are also in the offing, and - although the opposition wasn't the strongest - his goals on the Scandinavian Tour will serve as a timely reminder as to what we've got and why we should hold on to it.

July 20: The reserves play their second warm-up match tomorrow at York. A team of Leeds old boys will play in a game before the 'main event' in an evening that will double as a testimonial for Andy McMillan.

July 19: After Granada's recent acquisition of 10% of Liverpool, rumours were circulating that they may make a similar move for Leeds. This seemed logical bearing in mind their media and hotel interests, but Peter Ridsdale today poured cold water on the idea.

July 19: The Bridges saga rumbles on. He's due to have talks with Peter Reid today - Reid still wants him to stay, but he seems set on leaving.

July 19: Leeds concluded their Scandinavian tour with a 4-0 win over Bodens BK, with two goals from Ian Harte and one each from David Hopkin and JFH. Leeds now return for some more serious matches against Celtic and Birmingham before the opener against Derby.

July 17: Leeds won their second friendly of the Scandinavian tour, beating the Finnish side Tervarit 1-0. JFH got the goal, but both Harry Kewell and Gary Kelly missed penalties.

July 16: The reserve squad broke from training at Catterick camp to beat Goole 5-2 this evening. Bruno Ribeiro scored a hat-trick, with Derek Lilley and Lee Matthews grabbing the other two.

July 16: Clyde Wijnhard finally made up his mind and decided to make the move to Huddersfield. The fee was about £750,000 - half what we paid for him a year ago. He was always enthusiastic at Elland Road, but never did enough to make it - he might do well at a slightly lower level.

July 14: Leeds walked away with the first game of their pre-season tour, beating Byske IF 15-0. JFH got a hat-trick, Smithy bagged four, and Martin Hiden played the entire game. It's hard to see what was usefully gained by playing this sort of opposition - maybe the other teams that we're facing in Scandinavia will provide a more meaningful challenge.

July 14: Still no decision from Clyde Wijnhard on his move to Huddersfield, and DOL is quoted as saying that if we get Bridges, we may have to sell someone - which is not what we want to hear, but if we get him that will take the close-season spend to nigh on 13 million - without considering pay rises for the likes of JFH, Smithy and Harry.

July 14: The mystery Kiwi triallist is a chap called Danny Hay who has recently had trials with Stuttgart. In tonight's game and Swedish 4th Division outfit Byske IF, we're likely to see appearances from both Gary Kelly and Martin Hiden - it will be interesting to see how both have come through their long lay-offs.

July 13: Jamie McMaster is a notable name stepping up to join the second string training at Catterick and playing at Goole on Friday. Some of the players left back home include Clyde Wijnhard (pondering over a move to Huddersfield), Bruno Ribeiro (would-be makeweight in so many transfer deals - who could still do a good job for Leeds if he gets his act together), and David Robertson (recovered from an injury but very much behind Harte and Granville in the leftback stakes). The full squad there is: Maybury, Lynch, Boyle, Matthews, Robertson, Dixon, Knarvik, Lilley, Shepherd, Jackson, Evans, Feeney, Watson, Lagan, McCrystal, Wijnhard, Ribeiro, McMaster, Naisbett, Harpur. Quite a few names from the youth ranks who for one reason or another have not made a major impact on the first team: Maybury, Lynch, Boyle, Matthews, Dixon, Knarvik, Shepherd, Jackson are all looking at a make or break year for their future prospects at Elland Road.

July 13: The squad that flew out today was: Martyn, Robinson, Mills, Kelly, Radebe, Hiden, Woodgate, Harte, Granville, Bowyer Hopkin, McPhail, Haaland Batty, Bakke, Jones, Kewell, Smith, Hasselbaink, Duberry (subject to medical) and a Kiwi triallist.

July 12: Leeds fly out to Scandinavia tomorrow for their first pre-season games - two in Sweden and one in Finland.

July 12: Michael Duberry became a Leeds player - subject to medical - after the clubs agreed a fee of £4.5 million, rising to £4.7 million depending on appearances (though why they're quibbling over 200 grand I don't know). And yes, we're supposed to be redoubling our efforts to sign Bridges.

July 11: Spurs move for Michael Bridges seems to have foundered: they've not managed to agree personal terms. But please don't let that mean we go back in for him....

July 10: It is confirmed that Leeds and Chelsea have agreed a staged appearance-based fee for Duberry, so now it's down to negotiations with the player and his agent next week. And then there's the matter of the medical - he has had two long lay-offs for injury.

July 09: The Duberry deal may be back on: reports are circulating that Duberry said goodbye to his Chelsea team-mates at their training ground yesterday after Leeds and Chelsea agreed on a compromise appearance-based fee. A couple of seasons ago I really rated him, but since he was injured my Chelsea-supporting mates tell me he's not really done enough to justify a first-team place.

July 09: Michael Bridges has gone to join Judas George at White Hart Lane for £5 million. And I thought we were paying over the odds...

July 08: Harry Kewell and Stephen McPhail both but pen to paper and signed long-term deals on their return from holiday.

July 08: As expected, Clyde Wijnhard is being looked at by Huddersfield: the clubs have agreed a fee, but he's still got to decide on personal terms.

July 07: Leeds have apparently accepted a bid of about £1 million for Clyde Wijnhard. That's a half-million pound loss, but he's not impressed and at least he'll be off the wage bill rather than in the reserves getting bored. The bidder is only identified as "a 1st Division club" at this stage. Huddersfield or Bradford maybe....?

July 06: News just in contradicts earlier reports that the Michael Bridges deal is off. We've upped the offer, Bob Murray has apparently agreed and he'll be with us by next week.

July 05: Pre-season training starts tomorrow, as does the campaign to keep Jimmy at Elland Road. He'll be offered at least parity with the top earners, and a 4-year deal. Now let's see if he really wants to stay...

July 03: Leeds' game at Watford on October 2 has been put back to the Sunday - October 3.

July 03: Former Leeds striker Terry Connor has taken up a position as coach at Wolves.

July 02: The moves for Michael Bridges appear to be gathering pace, with Bruno Ribeiro's name mentioned as makeweight in a cash plus player deal.

July 02: A total of 21000 season tickets have been sold at the reduced rate available to the end of June.

July 01: Two of Leeds' young players are in the squad for tonight's England U-15 game against France at Northwich. Good luck to David Sherman and Simon Johnson - it will be interesting to see how their careers progress over the next 3-4 years.

July 01: Michael Bridges is now listed at Sunderland and could be on offer at around £4 million. But do we want somebody with a lot of potential but not really that good a goal- scoring record?

July 01: The bizarre UEFA ranking system means that Newcastle were ranked above Leeds. Despite an abysmal showing last season, the fact that they qualified for (and did sod all in) Europe a couple of times in the last few years counts for more than what the current team achieved.

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