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Brighton and Hove Albion

Coca-Cola Football League Championship
Game 14: Saturday 23 October 2004

Brighton and Hove Albion 1 - 0 Leeds United
(Half-time: 0 - 0)
Crowd: 6716
Referee: R Beeby (Northamptonshire)
Leeds United
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Match Facts
Brighton and Hove Albion Team Leeds United
Michel Kuipers   Neil Sullivan Booked - 43 minutes
Goal - 58 minutes Adam Virgo   Gary Kelly Booked - 10 minutes
Guy Butters   Frazer Richardson Subbed - 70 minutes
Adam Hinshelwood   Danny Pugh
Adam El-Abd   Matthew Kilgallon Booked - 48 minutes Sent off - 88 minutes
Daniel Harding   Paul Butler Booked - 90 minutes Sent off - 90 minutes
Darren Currie   Clarke Carlisle
Booked - 13 minutes Richard Carpenter   Sean Gregan
Subbed - 61 minutes Charlie Oatway   Simon Walton Booked - 61 minutes Subbed - 70 minutes
Dean Hammond   Michael Ricketts Subbed - 45 minutes
Leon Knight   Brett Ormerod
Albert Jarrett   Scott Carson
Chris May   Martin Woods
Nathan Jones   Matthew Spring Sub - 70 minutes
Kerry Mayo   Aaron Lennon Sub - 70 minutes
Sub - 61 minutes Gary Hart   Brian Deane Sub - 45 minutes
Match Reports
Matt Gaynor Brighton
Richard Naef Brighton match report
BBC Brighton 1 - 0 Leeds
The Guardian Leeds look up but down is as likely
The Observer Virgo rises to leave Leeds seeing stars Carlisle error sinks dismal Leeds
The Sporting Life Brighton 1 - 0 Leeds
The Electronic Telegraph Virgo header hurts ponderous Leeds
Yorkshire Evening Post Leeds plot their own downfall

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Brighton - Matt Gaynor

Woke up with a cold

Took twice as long as it should do to get to Brighton due to train problems

Got wet standing on not much more than a cardboard box looking across the athletics track

We were sh*t and lost to an own goal and had two sent off

Not a great day out.

I was quite looking forward to a trip to Brighton, but the seafront was pretty miserable in the rain and even though we found a decent pub and met up with Oystein and Mette, it wasn't long before we had to head off to the 2nd worse ground in Britain, according to a survey a couple of weeks ago.

Actually I demand a recount, it was portacabin city and infinitely worse than Gillingham (apparently the worst ground). Indeed it rivals the place in the Ukraine for the worst ground I've ever seen Leeds play at.

Blackwell stuck with a drawing team, so we got to see Ricketts lumber around again. The first half managed to surpass the Preston game for most miserable half of the season, I honestly can't remember us having a decent attempt on goal and a couple of shots from Darren Currie apart nothing really happened, except we all got wet.

Second half we swapped Deane for Ricketts but it didn't really make an awful lot of difference. I think we'd all assumed it would end 0-0, as we couldn't really see either team scoring, then a fairly innocous free-kick was knocked in and via a couple of deflections ended up in the back of the net. An own-goal we concluded as we couldn't see any Brighton players actually celebrating through the drizzle.

We tried to push forward and did have some chances, headers wide from Deane and Carlisle, closest we came was a shot past the post from Ormerod and Walton wasted our best chance when he blasted over the bar from inside the box. Despite the chances we didn't really look much of a team, we had little idea apart from just lump it forward to Deane. Brighton rarely threatened either, so it was upto the ref who'd been dreadful upto that point to liven it up. Firstly Kilgallon got a second yellow (the first was particularly soft) with a couple of minutes to go and then as Brighton tried to play out the 4 minutes injury time in the corner, Butler got frustrated, picked up 2 yellows in quick succession and was sent off. Not exactly a captains example.

Think we probably did enough to deserve a draw - but that doesn't mean we weren't crap - just as crap as Brighton were.

Scores - No-one worth more than 6. Really can't be bothered wasting any more time on this game.

Cold now worse

Brighton match report - Richard Naef

....a pile of steaming crap.

awful conditions, very quiet Brighton crowd, a fair bit of amusing banter, mainly concerning Brightons reputation as a gay hot spot (ooer errr). The lads behind us kept on going for most of the match ("does your boy friend know you are here" "We can see you holding hands")and it got a bit tiresome and i doubt that there was any that the albion fans hadn't heard a million times before. You wonder sometimes about people who keep on with that kind of stuff, are they hiding something? are they sexually repressed, maybe they should give it a go, they might like it?

The ground is crap, but u've got to feel sorry for the albion fans, its not their fault, just a few dozen residents in Falmer who don't want a nasty football ground bringing down house prices - Democracy, dontcha just love it!

I was just above the players tunnel (borrowed for the match from someones vegetable garden?) and was able to point out some of the glaring mistakes in his performance to the referee, I think he got the message, at least his ears went bright red. Pretty poot performances all round, Killa and Sully (who I don't think was a fault for the goal) were the "best" of a bad bunch. Killa must be kicking himself because he has missed his chance to get into central defence for at least one game.

Saw Eddie Gray at half time, but more interestingly heard that wee Gordie was also seen in the Directors Hovel.

Assuming Butler & Killa are banned, here is my suggested team for Pompey:





Leeds look up but down is as likely - Sean Ingle

Copy from Football Unlimited of 25/10/2004.

The faces have changed at Elland Road but the flights of fancy remain. Immediately after a Leeds performance as dismal as the weather, the club's finance director Melvin Helme breezily told supporters that a large cash injection was imminent and promotion was still on the cards.

"I have a dream for Leeds United," he began, eerily echoing Peter Ridsdale, before revealing that the club was in the "advance stages of negotiations" with various potential investors.

"We don't need much to get out of the Championship," he added, warming to his theme. "Just enough for two or three players. The real problems will come if we get promoted - hopefully next May. We would not want to be a yo-yo club."

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Virgo rises to leave Leeds seeing stars - Stuart Barnes

Copy from Football Unlimited of 24/10/2004.

How low can the fortunes of Leeds sink? After this wretched afternoon at a rain-swept Withdean, the answer may be that there is still some way to go.

They were beaten by a side who went above them in the table as a result, then had two players sent off in the final few minutes, after having three others booked, and were told in no uncertain terms by manager Kevin Blackwell that their performance was unacceptable.

If Leeds are to stand any chance of making an impact on this Championship season, they will have to start matching the effort of supposedly inferior teams and keep their frustrations in check. Blackwell will also have to find someone to improve a scoring record inferior to everyone bar rock-bottom Rotherham.

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