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Position Central midfielder
Born 09 Dec 1942, Stirling (Scotland)
Height 166 cm
Weight 63 kg
International Caps Scotland: 54 full

Club From To Apps Goals Sold for
Leeds United 01 Dec 1959 20 Sep 1976 771 115 £35000
Hull City 20 Sep 1976 01 Nov 1978 61 6 £0
Doncaster Rovers 01 Nov 1978 31 May 1982 5 0 £0

Leeds Career League FA Cup League Cup Europe Other
Season Apps Goals Apps Goals Apps Goals Apps Goals Apps Goals
1959 - 1960 11 2 0   0   0   0  
1960 - 1961 31 9 1   2 1 0   0  
1961 - 1962 39 11 2   4 1 0   0  
1962 - 1963 24 10 0   0   0   0  
1963 - 1964 39 2 3 1 1   0   0  
1964 - 1965 40 6 8 2 1   0   0  
1965 - 1966 41 8 2   0   11 3 0  
1966 - 1967 36(1) 2 6   4   10 1 0  
1967 - 1968 36 2 5   6 1 11 1 0  
1968 - 1969 42 6 2   2   8 1 0  
1969 - 1970 35 4 9 1 2   8 3 0  
1970 - 1971 26 3 2   1   10 4 0  
1971 - 1972 41 5 7   4   2   0  
1972 - 1973 38 4 7 1 5   7   0  
1973 - 1974 42 10 5 1 1   4   0  
1974 - 1975 27 1 8   2   6 3 0  
1975 - 1976 34 5 2   2   0   0  
1976 - 1977 4   0   1   0   0  
Total 586(1) 90 69 6 38 3 77 16 0  

Jabba's Comments

The powerhouse that drove Don Revie's team, Bremner was a great player and an inspirational captain. His Leeds playing career spanned 16 years, from the Division 2 days right through to the European Cup Final. In that time, he led Leeds to 2 League titles, the League and FA Cups and 2 victories in the Inter-City Fairs Cup. On a personal level, he was voted Footballer of the Year in 1970, and won 54 caps for Scotland.

He was rejected by Arsenal and Chelsea for being "too small": but his will to win and skill on the ball more than made up for any lack of stature. Don Revie recognised the value of the youngster, but his fiery temperament resulted in several brushes with the footballing authorities and other players. He was famously sent off for fighting with the saintly Kevin Keegan in the 1974 Charity Shield at Wembley.

After leaving Leeds, he spent a couple of years at Hull before moving on to Doncaster, where he took over the reins of management and got them promoted twice (unfortunately from the same division since he couldn't keep them up). In October 1985, he was called back to Elland Road to try to do what Don Revie had done 25 years before. He nearly made it, but a play-off replay and an FA Cup semi-final were the peaks of his achievement and he was sacked in September 1988. He died just before his 55th birthday, and a statue of the great man now stands outside the ground where he enjoyed so many triumphs.

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Don Mills says: My memory of Mr Bremner was at the end of a game against Arsenal in the late 70's. Leeds were unlucky losers that day. As the teams came off the pitch several handshakes and conversations were taking place between the players. Billy was having none of it. He was chest fallen. It appeared to me that the loss hurt him personally. Perhaps this was one of the reasons he never gave up on a game. Or was it the bookies???

Marc says: Billy was an excellent talent and will always be a leeds legend. P.S. your site is excellent.

Daniel Jeffries says: I never saw Billy play live because I wasn't born but I think that he was one of the most talented players the world has ever seen.

Chris -F- says: I have never seen Billy in my lifetime because I was born 16 years ago, though I am just learning about this unbelievable talent who I respect dearly because of his will to win. I feel I can relate to him because my attitude too winning is exactly the same as his, winning is everything.

Jack Broxholme says: Around 1962 Billy opened an account in the Midland Bank, Halton where I worked to open an account. In those days you had to give two references or be 'introduced' by an existing customer. As an avid young LUFC fan it was my pleasure to write on his specimen signature card, 'introduced by Jack Broxholme'.

Andrew says: Billy Bremner was very considerate to his opponents, He always put iodine on his studs to avoid infection. During one game against Man Utd he said to Norman Hunter "You flick him up and I'll volley him" making sure that Besty overheard. By the way George Best NEVER had a good game against Leeds.

Warren says: I never got to see Bremner play live but he was an inspiration to me and my football. 4 was the number I wore from day one of playing football. If more players today played as he did the game would be better now and there wouldnt be so many actors on the pitch.

Maggie Ryan, Orlando, Florida says: I was fortunate to be a season-ticket holder at Elland Road from 1960 to 1974. I loved to watch Billy - he put his heart and soul into every game. I worked for YTV and we formed a ladies soccer team to play a couple of Charity matches. LUFC lent us the complete strip, Billy and Big Jack handed it to me. Some people thought I was related to Billy, I have the same colour hair, same height, and same temper!

Barry Davis says: I saw Billy Bremner play on many occasions in the 60s and 70s. He was, indeed, the most talented player Leeds had and, with Johnny Giles, made up the best midfield in the country. He had a knack of always being in the right place at the right time. For instance, he scored the winning goal in the 1965 FA Cup semi-final replay against Manchester United and, again, in the 1970 FA Cup second semi-final replay, also against Manchester United. He could shoot from great distances and even head well. I was saddened by his untimely death.

daniel dawson says: biily bremner is a class player

Gerry Brady says: I was a big Billy Bremner and Leeds United fan. I became a Leeds United because of Billy Bremner. When I heard that he died so young I was saddened. I would love to have been able to meet him. I would love to thank him for he great effert he put into winning.

James Old says: Billy was a very good player.

Dane says: Billy Bremner was the best player to ever pull on a Leeds shirt

Nivy says: More Leeds players nowaday should play with pride and passion like Bremner did.

Richard Brown says: I met Billy one evening at a sportmans dinner in walshaw cricket club near Bury. Towards the end of the evening he asked for directions to the M62 which so happened to be near my house. Billy said he would only be too pleased to give me and my two brothers a lift home. We had a good chat and laugh all the way. The following year Billy stood up on the stage and said to me and my brothers that the taxi home was still available. Again we chated and laughed all the way. What a fantastic person he was. I'm sure he will be sorely missed by all who knew him. Rick (Man Utd Fan)

Colin Green says: i went to school with Billy Bremner's son what a guy he was if the current Leeds team played like Billy did we would be winning the league if somebody cut him in half his inside would read LUFC he was the greatest Leeds player of all time if we could get 11 Billy Bremners we would be the greatist team on the face of the earth

May Herrity says: i have been told that Billy's ancesters came from Ireland does anybody know?

Bill Brennan says: I chose to support Leeds United all because of Billy Bremner. One reason was because his name is similar to mine( I was only 5 then) and two because he played for Scotland. I was brought up in Coventry and was glad to endure watching Coventry City play as long as I could watch the Leeds talents of those days. Unforgettable.

Rob Lamb says: Simply when they broke the mould there will never be another BILLY BREMNER. I watched from day one till the great team ended their days and I had years of pleasure every season ,game after game and He gave his all every time,He was and still is LEEDS UNITED.

Jack Bremner says: billy is my uncle

John Philip Bremner says: Although I didn't have the pleasure of seeing billy play, one of my mates from manchester did. He used to call me Billy because I'm the only Bremner he'd met in Canada. Soccer rules in Canada too, thanks to satellite telivision.

Richard O'Hanlon says: I have lived in Ireland for the last twenty six years but was born in headingley and lived there till i was seventeen. I saw Billy play more times than i care to remember, but only met him twice. He was my all time hero, my favourite number is 4 for that reason. I met him the first time when he came to present trophies at my school, St Michael's College, Leeds. I met him again about eighteen months before he died. Allan Clarke and himself were coming out of the West stand at Elland rd and we just happened to bump into them. Allan i think is shy by nature but he was very friendly, the wee man was amazing, regaling us with stories of yesteryear. I haven't been to Elland rd since the statue went up but will be this season. I am hoping i can buy a minutare of it. A brilliant player and a really nice guy.

Dimitris says: Billy was my childhood hero,along with Vic Morrow,when I was living back in Australia.He's the only reason that I support the club for 32 years now.I just wish that we could find a player with his quality.

Nick Harvey says: I think it was 1973. Leeds came to Stoke on an unbeaten run of some 30 odd games. Stoke ran out 3-2 winners in a thrilling and hard fought game. I remember clearly as the final whistle blew the referee walking off the field with Billy Bremner glued to his side arguing and gesticulating. Perhaps he didn't like some decision but I think he just didn't want the game to end until Leeds had saved their unbeaten record. It had to end some time but Billy was having non of it. That was the kind of guy he was. That was his level of commitment. Opposition fans loved to hate him. but in the world of football, that can be the ultimate sign of respect.

Andy Conner says: When as a seven year old, asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, my response was "Billy Bremner". The most inspirational player I have ever seen.

marc leone says: Does Billy have a son who is an off shore oil man in Scotland?

Danny Conner says: Jodie Morris has brought shame to our beloved Billy Bremner's number 4 shirt!!

paddy says: a great player,the best

Tom Ruddy says: When I was a kid I wanted to be Billy Bremner

Fred A says: I saw Billy Bremner play only the once against Man City in 76 at my first ever live game: my main memory from the match was that my grandfather had built Leeds up in my mind to such greatness that I had to turn around in disbelief and ask "Is that a goal?" when Man City went 1 up inside a couple of minutes: Leeds went on to win 2-1. However, my strongest my strongest memories of Bremner were of sitting next to him in the directors' box at Donny Rovers on 2 occasions during his first stint as manager, courtesy of my grandfather being leader of the local council at the time. He struck me as being v quiet on both occassions though I guess that's only to be expected of a focussed manager during the game but guess my fondest memory was to be in his presence as the Rovers beat Bournemouth to virtually assure promotion from Div 3 in 1981, his first success of his managerial career.

daniel bremner says: im his grandson daniel john bremner

Simon Sheppard says: It's quite simple. I've watched football for 37 years now and Billy Bremner was the most complete footballer I have EVER seen - bar none.

paul waterworth says: I ve only seen king billy on video but can honestly say he is what football is all about passion heart and determination long live the king

brian day says: billy was a wonderfull player i liked that man so much. im a gooner(arsenal) i love bremner and the leeds team of the 70s they were a great side.the best i seen since spurs of 61.i love billy he was my hero if i had another team to support its leeds.

billy donnelly says: does anyone know billys connection to ireland ? possibly around the belturbet/cavan area

jim rowson says: yes i saw billy play he was the greatest player ever to wear a leeds shirt.guess he/s turning in his grave right now. relagted unthinkable if he was here right now r.i.p billy. forever leeds and bremner fan.

Les Rowley says: I am writing a new book about Billy (official LUFC book too!) and I was wanting to pick the mind of any readers and fans. What did people say about Billy? Rod Stewert? Zico? Geroge Best? Any famous quotes knocking about?

Jimmy McPhail says: I used to live beside him and he used to kick ball into my garden all the time

Tim Hawkins says: saw billy play .just the best there has been in his position he was and still is leeds united. as he once said "team before self everytime"

billy scobbie says: i never seen billy bremner play even though im related to him hes always drove me on wanting to get better at football i think he is scotlands greatest ever player.

Javaid Mehar says: This page is full of praise for Billy as a player and a man and righly so. What would the likes of Billy,Eddie,Giles,Norman,etc go for nowadays?!! My abiding memory of Billy after his playing days was when he had been sacked by Leeds, as he was getting into his car he spoke to the press with so much dignity and love for the club and without a shadow of bitterness. What a player and man. RIP Billy. We love you.

Hardeep Bubbra says: I am just 14 and i am still learnin about billy bremner and my respect for billy bremner is still incresing every day I learn new things about this considerable talent

Paul Barden says: I was lucky enough to see him play in Championship winning team of 73-74, the man himself was world class-THE KING.Videos of the man make my, 10 and 8 year old, boys appreciate a legend.

rob dowson says: I had the privilege of watching Billy from the Lowfields Road stand - socks around his ankles he'd cover every blade of grass, a more committed player you will never see and he loved the club he always gave 110% A true great!

Todd James says: I never got to see billy play but the videos of the game i have seen he is an insperation to me and im only at the age of 14 i wear the number 4 shirt for my local club billy bremner is a legend

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