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Cardiff City

FA Cup
Round 3: Sunday 6 January 2002

Cardiff City 2 - 1 Leeds United
(Half-time: 1 - 1)
Crowd: 22009
Referee: A D'Urso (Billericay)
Leeds United
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Match Facts
Cardiff City Team Leeds United
Neil Alexander   Nigel Martyn
Goal - 87 minutes Scott Young   Danny Mills
Spencer Prior   Gary Kelly
Booked - 44 minutes Andy Legg   Ian Harte Booked - 17 minutes
Goal - 21 minutes Graham Kavanagh   Jonathan Woodgate
Booked - 81 minutes Mark Bonner   Rio Ferdinand Subbed - 10 minutes
Booked - 49 minutes Willie Boland   David Batty
Danny Gabbidon   Lee Bowyer
Subbed - 79 minutes Gavin Gordon   Alan Smith Sent off - 43 minutes
Robert Earnshaw   Robbie Fowler
Paul Brayson   Mark Viduka Goal - 12 minutes
Rhys Weston   Paul Robinson
Josh Low   Frazer Richardson
Jason Bowen   Michael Duberry Booked - 56 minutes Sub - 10 minutes
Leyton Maxwell   Stephen McPhail
Sub - 79 minutes Leo Fortune-West   Jason Wilcox
Match Reports
David Holden Back from Cardiff Alive
BBC Cardiff stun Leeds
The Guardian Cardiff's glorious day spoiled by a shower of missiles
The Independent Violence mars Cardiff's day of delight Late Young guns down Leeds
The Sporting Life Cardiff 2 - 1 Leeds
The Electronic Telegraph Cardiff topple leaders Leeds
The Times
(moved to pay-archive)
Cardiff's Cup of cheer spilt in return to hooligan dark ages
Yorkshire Evening Post Great Scott is United slayer

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Back from Cardiff Alive - David Holden

What a lovely place. If anyone wants to find out about evolution, go to Cardiff, the missing Link is not Missing, Its in Cardiff in a Shell Suit with several Tins of Beer on Street Corners hanging out in Groups looking for Trouble.

Me and Alan Welshman Coles went today and must say we had a thoroughly disagreeable time. Parked up and walked past groups of Neanderthal Welsh Numpties all Peed up looking for Trouble. First Time I wished I had not got My Leeds Coat on, in fact I was in a Minority of One wearing Leeds Kit....

Got to the Ground... Jeeze, Time warp time, this one is stuck in the early 70's, Crappy Terracing, Crappier Food, Crappiest Coffee Ever, and Toilets you would not want to send a Man United Fan to!

Cardiff End full of drunken Neanderthals with Beer, Whiskey, Vodka and other bottled substances steadily getting more and more drunk and violent. This is about the best advert ever for not interbreeding. Your sister should always be your sister, not your mother as well as it seems in this backwater Jurassic throwback town.

Cardiff Seats are even worse.... Police surrounding them and allowing them to constantly throw, Coins, Bottles, both empty with broken edges and full.... Full of Urine that is into the Leeds end, with NO ATTEMPT TO STOP THEM. At Leeds you would get a ban for life, at Cardiff, this is acceptable behaviour.

Sam Hammam comes out and waves to the Cardiff Cave People, comes to the Leeds End and does a Wave, or was it a Wanker sign, who knows, but his presence seems to be a sign from the Sheep God, or whatever pagan deity they worship in that godforsaken place to throw more bottles of Urine at the Leeds End..

Not that many Leeds fans were much better, about a third of them were dressed in those Checked Baseball Caps and Brown tartan Scarves and Jackets, a sort of Uniform for the Neanderthal Element of Leeds united Support... They had this idea (If they are capable of formulating Ideas) that it was good to throw things back at the Cardiff Neanderthals...

And all this before Kick Off...

Kick off came, the Cardiff Players seem to have caught the Cave Man Attitude and were tacking with a ferocity that would have scared Norman Hunter, Billy Bremner and Ron Harris.. Vidooka Scored a peach, which was followed by Synchronised Piss Bottle Throwing from the Cardiff Neanderthal Hoard and lots of Grunting by the Leeds Cave Man Element.. Cardiff Player goes in so late on Rio that he had won the ball, Passed it and was about to tie his boot lace and dam near broke his leg, which in the end turned out to be a very bad ligament damage... Rio replaced by Doobs, Doobs abused for being a Grass by the Cardiff Cave Men, and Applauded (YES APPLAUDED) by the Leeds Support, except for out Cave Dwellers who Grunted a bit..

Harte did his best to look like a Conference Player, and a very fine Conference Player he would make if I say so myself...

Leeds give away a free kick, we have no-one on either post (Harte, Kelly & Mills where were you?) and Cardiff score. Weird response from the Cardiff Jurassic Cave Men, they all start banging their heads and jumping up and down for a while before throwing more coins and bottles of Urine... Thank Goodness they did not throw any of the Pies or Burgers, now that would be dangerous, someone may have eaten them!..

Durso the Ref (I use Ref in the loosest possible sense) sees a Cardiff Player pulling Smith Back and go down holding his face, sends Smith off for not Elbowing anyone, not fowling anyone, but just for being Smith... More Banging of heads, More Bottles of Urine and coins thrown...

Half Time comes along and the Cave Men start doing their Mating Dance (That's what Cave Men Do you know) banging their heads again, but not throwing Urine, I think they were drinking Beer to produce 2nd half ammunition...

Second Half comes around, Leeds are Poor, Cardiff are Slightly better, but still make Chopper Harris look like a Poofta...

Sam Hammam now thinks its a good idea to walk in front of the Leeds fans and make those gestures again, Cardiff Fans start Head Banging mating Dance and Pee Bottle Chucking again, Leeds Cave Man Element have now worked out how to do the Pee Bottle thing (Only took 2/3's of the game) and give Sam a Shower! Durso gets hit by Cardiff Cave Man Coin...

Piddle Bottle Chucked at Harte... it misses....

10 Mins to go and Alan is in a Panic, says we have to go before the Cave Men get out side or we may find our selves Crucified or something similar... So we leave, 1st time I have ever left a ground before the end, and I can only say... THANKS ALAN.. DAM FINE IDEA....

Got outside and was greeted by 99% of the Welsh Police Force (Bet the Robbers had a good day in Cardiff as all the Police were at Jurassic Park. All Dressed up in battle Gear remenisant of that worn by the Checz Police in Prague, Horses, Vans the lot...

Started walking, then Running down the road to where the car was parked... Going the opposite way were Cave Men with Knuckles touching the ground Grunting something about Harlech and Killing.

Got to Car, Took off Leeds Coat, Turned on the Radio... Drive to end of road, see Police running all over, Horses Galloping all over, Radio says Cardiff have scored, Cardiff have invaded Pitch, Sam Hammam is leading Mating Dance and Bottle / Coin Throwing at the Leeds Fans....

Not a Good Day.... and Rio is going to miss the Scum, Newcastle, Loonyplop and Assnil Games.... Woe becomes Leeds...

Cardiff's glorious day spoiled by a shower of missiles - Jon Brodkin

Copy from Football Unlimited of 06/01/2002.

Cardiff are certain to face a Football Association inquiry into the crowd trouble which overshadowed their late victory over the Premiership leaders Leeds United yesterday and could lead to Ninian Park's closure.

Riot police had to use batons and dogs to force back hundreds of Cardiff supporters who invaded the pitch and gathered in front of the away section to taunt the Leeds fans after their giant-killing. Four people were arrested for public disorder offences as a result of the violence and a woman Leeds supporter received head injuries as a result of an incident during the game.

Missiles were thrown by both sets of supporters in the exchange and objects were hurled on to the pitch during a raw, gripping match which was won in the 87th minute by Scott Young's close-range shot.

Read the rest...

Violence mars Cardiff's day of delight - Glenn Moore

Copy from The Independent of 06/01/2002.

There was a bank of fog over most of southern Britain yesterday but, at Ninian Park, there was only a red mist. Alan Smith was the first to see it, incurring the sixth dismissal of his youthful career. Then Cardiff City fans "celebrating" an epic giant-killing act over the Premiership leaders, Leeds United, prompted a police baton charge with dogs that recalled hooliganism's darkest days of the 1980s.

The baton charge, which was necessary to drive Cardiff supporters away from the away end, left many bruised and one man prone on the pitch having apparently collapsed. With the referee Andy D'Urso struck by one of several missiles thrown during the match, and the Leeds players Lee Bowyer and David Batty assaulted on their way off, the inevitable Football Association inquiry will almost certainly order a heavy fine and a closure of Ninian Park.

The post-match violence marred the memory of a thrilling match deservedly won for Cardiff by Scott Young's 86th-minute winner. Behind to Mark Viduka's 12th-minute strike Cardiff had levelled 10 minutes later through an equally stunning Graham Kavanagh free-kick. With half-time approaching Smith was then dismissed for elbowing Andy Legg. It was by no means the most aggressive incident of a red-raw afternoon and the Leeds manager David O'Leary said: "It was a disgraceful decision. To me there is an agenda with some people."

"I am not one of those players who goes down," said Legg. "He made contact with me and cut my mouth."

The match tilted towards Cardiff but Leeds seemed to have forced a replay when Young reacted first in a goalmouth scramble to put Cardiff into the fourth round.

When it was drawn this tie evoked concern about hooliganism as well as eager anticipation about the match and it was a surprise that the local police permitted a 4pm kick-off. However, an efficient pre-match policing operation outside Ninian Park was initially accompanied by a party mood inside.

Although Sam Hammam had been disappointed by the Football Association's refusal to grant his application to move the tie to the Millennium Stadium, those Cardiff fans who had been able to beg, steal or buy a ticket recognised that would have been playing into the hands of the Premiership leaders. Ninian Park, with its recognisably authentic echoes of the Bovril and Brylcreem age, was a much more promising location for a giantkilling.

With O'Leary having had to draft a defender, Gary Kelly, and a forward, Smith, into midfield, that seemed the most obvious area in which Cardiff could ambush Leeds. Kavanagh clearly thought so, the Cardiff captain making his intentions clear by flying into Batty within 15 seconds. Batty, to his credit, got up without fuss.

The next target was Ian Harte, who saw a bottle fly past him as he went to take a throw-in. It was the first of several such missiles and D'Urso, who was struck himself after booking Mark Bonner in the 80th minute, is sure to mention them in his report.

Rio Ferdinand, having made a timely interception to halt a dribble by the pacy Robert Earnshaw, was next in the firing line as Gavin Gordon clattered through the back of his ankles. Incredibly D'Urso gave only a throw-in. Ferdinand, who suffered ligament damage, later said he feared he had broken his ankle. On came Michael Duberry to partner Jonathan Woodgate. The former friends have not spoken to one another since Duberry gave evidence against Woodgate in court.

If Leeds were rattled it was not immediately evident as, a minute later, Bowyer, otherwise quiet in a left-flank role, found Kelly, who released Viduka. He drilled a shot past Neil Alexander from more than 20 yards.

Cardiff, roared on by a fiercely partisan crowd, refused to bow. Lee Mills had to clear from under his own crossbar after Kelly inadvertently flicked on a corner and both Gordon and Paul Brayson had half-chances. Then Legg, tussling with Smith, won a free-kick five yards outside the area. Kavanagh stepped up to whip a shot past Nigel Martyn and the ground exploded into bedlam.

The game remained tightly contested but without major incident until Smith's dismissal. Duelling again with Legg, he appeared to catch the defender with his elbow - though whether there was intent to harm was less clear. Only yesterday morning, in the Independent on Sunday, the 21-year-old had said, when talking of the need to impress Sven Goran Eriksson: "He has got to be able to put his faith in you. I am determined for the rest of the season I can do that."

With Leeds depleted, Cardiff exerted increasing pressure in the second period, though clear chances were rare. Legg's long throws were a constant menace but with Woodgate back to his pre-trial form the threat of Earnshaw was contained. The first real chance fell instead to Leeds when Harte's long ball sent Viduka clear after 75 minutes. Ninian Park held its breath, then cheered with relief as the impressive Young made a clean and vital tackle.

Cardiff swept back onto the attack, forcing a series of corners. The third was swung in by Kavanagh and, though Batty scrambled Leo Fortune-West's header off the line, Young, Rhondda-born and the club's longest-serving player at 25, forced the ball in. Though Harte had a late free-kick, Cardiff were destined to join Colchester in the dark recesses of Leeds' psyche. Unfortunately for Cardiff, the day will be recalled for more than just the result.

The report used to be available online here.

Great Scott is United slayer - Matt Reeder

Copy from Yorkshire Evening Post of 07/01/2002.

THE ugly face of football reared its unwanted head once again yesterday as 10-man Leeds were dumped out of the FA Cup during a controversial afternoon in South Wales.

A goal just three minutes from time by defender Scott Young was enough to give the Bluebirds a shock 2-1 victory over the Premiership leaders.

But it was the appalling scenes from the terraces both during and after the game which overshadowed Cardiff''s heroics and soured the reputation of the World's greatest cup competition.

Football-wise for the neutral this was a classic FA Cup encounter complete with a sucker-punch underdog victory.

Two divisions and 54 places separated the teams before kick-off but Cardiff's pumped-up players produced the game of their lives to come away with a quite sensational victory.

Roared on by their vociferous support it was Cardiff who made the early running through Zambian-born Welshman Robert Earnshaw.

Twice he skipped past Harte only to be stopped in his tracks by skipper Ferdinand. But the writing was on the wall for Leeds in the eighth minute when Ferdinand was clattered from behind by striker Gavin Gordon.

Referee Andy D'Urso amazingly ignored the obvious claims for a free-kick and although Ferdinand tried to play on, he simply could not put any weight on his ankle and his game was over before it had really begun.

It did, however, give Michael Duberry the chance to emerge from the shadows, his introduction seeing him link up with Jonathan Woodgate for the first time in a first team match since being forced to give evidence against him in the recent re-trial at Hull Crown Court.

Just when it seemed everything was going wrong for Leeds, they were gifted an opening goal by some appaling defending from Spencer Prior.

The former Manchester City and Derby defender played an awful ball out of defence straight to Gary Kelly on the United right. The Irishman played the ball into the path of Viduka who steadied himself before firing a rocket of a shot past the left hand of Cardiff keeper Neil Alexander.

For a short while it silenced the home crowd, but their appetites for a cup shock were soon revitalised as the Bluebirds hit right back.

First they saw tricky striker Earnshaw head over from just two yards out, and then they got the goal their endeavour deserved.

Smith pulled down Legg on his route to goal and up stepped Cardiff skipper Graham Kavanagh to curl a wonderful 25-yard free-kick over a disorganised wall and past Martyn's right hand.

It lit the blue touch paper once again as the home side suddenly realised there was no reason to be scared of the Premiership big boys.

Fowler did see a low drive easily saved by Alexander before he then flashed another effort over the bar, but at the other end another great strike from Kavanagh was blocked by Duberry's outstretched foot.

Leeds still had the upper-hand, but with little more than a minute remaining before the half-time whistle, United found themselves down to 10 men.

Smith turned Legg on the halfway line but was prevented from getting away as the Cardiff defender dragged on his arm. In trying to wrestle himself free Smith caught his opponent who crashed spectacularly to ground and D'Urso reached for the red.

It was Smith's sixth career sending off and his second this season for violent conduct and he now faces a four-match ban. But it did look an extremely harsh decision.

The extra man was always going to make life difficult and 10 minutes into the second half Cardiff almost made it count. Woodgate miss-controlled a bobbling ball and Boland rifled the shot goalwards but straight at Martyn.

Gordon, the man who had seen off Ferdinand in the first half, then had a go at Woodgate as he clattered into the back of the big defender, but once again he somehow escaped a booking.

United attempted to take the sting out of the affair, content to play a passing game and keeping the home side very much at arms length.

Their patience in pressing the attack button saw them create very little.

Viduka missed the perfect chance when a Harte up-and-under set him free, but with the goal at his mercy he delayed the shot for too long and allowed Young to make a fantastic clearing tackle from behind in the area.

That, however, was not the start of a concerted Leeds push for the winner. Instead it was Cardiff who did all the pushing - piling on the late pressure before they finally broke through the stubborn United defence.

Kavanagh's deep corner was headed goalwards by Fortune-West, Batty had the chance to clear but miss-controlled the ball which fell invitingly six yards out for Young to slam it low into the net.

It sent the crowd into even more of a frenzy and sent Leeds out of the FA Cup at the round three stage for the first time since 1992 when they lost against Manchester United.

Maybe, just maybe, it's an omen and like that Championship winning season of 1991-92, there are better days around the corner in May.

The report used to be available online here.

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